The Life and Love of the Sea


Author: Lewis Blackwell

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

ISBN: 9781419718625

Category: Nature

Page: 216

View: 4126

Showcasing cutting-edge underwater photography from the world's leading marine and nature photographers, The Life & Love of the Sea is a breathtaking visual tour of the ocean's great diversity. Readers will experience land meeting sea with images of dramatic coastlines, barrier reefs, and island chains, as well as the spectacular power of the ocean through a stunning collection of wave photographs. Offering an extensive survey of the ocean's many fascinating inhabitants, Blackwell presents incredible images of everything from whales to manta rays to seals to endless schools of fish to the creatures that reside in the deepest recesses of the ocean floor. The book also makes available bonus footage via a scannable QR code from multi-award- winning underwater cameraman Steven Hathaway.

The Life and Love of the Sea


Author: Lewis Blackwell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780733630910


Page: 216

View: 7902

Showcasing cutting-edge underwater photography from the world s leading marine and nature photographers, "The Life & Love of the Sea" is a breathtaking visual tour of the ocean s great diversity. Readers will experience land meeting sea with images of dramatic coastlines, barrier reefs, and island chains, as well as the spectacular power of the ocean through a stunning collection of wave photographs. Offering an extensive survey of the ocean s many fascinating inhabitants, Blackwell presents incredible images of everything from whales to manta rays to seals to endless schools of fish to the creatures that reside in the deepest recesses of the ocean floor. The book also makes available bonus footage via a scannable QR code from multi-award- winning underwater cameraman Steven Hathaway."

The Life and Love of Cats


Author: Lewis Blackwell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780733629297

Category: Cats

Page: 213

View: 9695

"The Life and Love of Cats "takes us on an unforgettable journey--we travel from the homes of middle-America today, back to the demonized creatures hiding in the alleys of medieval Europe; from wild cousins on the plains of Africa to rare hybrid domestic breeds like the Savannah; and from fashionable show breeds to shelter cats lovingly rescued by volunteers. Starting with the earliest records of domestic cats 9,000 years ago in Africa and the Mediterranean and moving to the present, Lewis Blackwell weaves stories of one of humankind's closest companions with a collection of more than 100 unforgettable images. Praise for "The Life and Love of Cats: " "Fabulous felines." --"People" "As good as Blackwell's text is (and it's quite good--an approachable, informative, and appreciative study of cats of all breeds), the true appeal of the book is the stunning images." --"Publishers Weekly," starred review"" "Filled with gorgeous color photos of domestic and wild felines: Russian blues, Siamese, lions, leopards, Bengal tigers and more." --BookPage "A global tour of one of the world's most popular animals." --"The Charlotte Observer " "This is a gorgeous coffee table book" --"dooce"

Ocean Soul


Author: Brian Skerry

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 1426208162

Category: Photography

Page: 263

View: 7676

A collection of Brian Skerry's ocean photography, including sharks in the Bahamas, leatherback sea turtles in Trinidad, and right whales in the Auckland Islands.

The Ocean of Life

The Fate of Man and the Sea


Author: Callum Roberts

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101583568

Category: Science

Page: 432

View: 5656

A Silent Spring for oceans, written by "the Rachel Carson of the fish world" (The New York Times) Who can forget the sense of wonder with which they discovered the creatures of the deep? In this vibrant hymn to the sea, Callum Roberts—one of the world’s foremost conservation biologists—leads readers on a fascinating tour of mankind’s relationship to the sea, from the earliest traces of water on earth to the oceans as we know them today. In the process, Roberts looks at how the taming of the oceans has shaped human civilization and affected marine life. We have always been fish eaters, from the dawn of civilization, but in the last twenty years we have transformed the oceans beyond recognition. Putting our exploitation of the seas into historical context, Roberts offers a devastating account of the impact of modern fishing techniques, pollution, and climate change, and reveals what it would take to steer the right course while there is still time. Like Four Fish and The Omnivore’s Dilemma, The Ocean of Life takes a long view to tell a story in which each one of us has a role to play.

Gift from the Sea


Author: Anne Morrow Lindbergh

Publisher: Pantheon

ISBN: 0307805174

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 144

View: 6067

Over a quarter of a century after its first publication, the great and simple wisdom in this book continues to influence women's lives. From the Hardcover edition.

The Life and Love of Trees


Author: Lewis Blackwell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780733624667

Category: Forests and forestry

Page: 200

View: 3993

Trees are vital without them we simply wouldn't be here. Not only essential, they have been an inspiration throughout our history. In breathtaking photographs and stories we are taken on a journey from the boreal forest at the edge of the Arctic to the rainforests girdling the planet; from ancient bristlecones to fresh-leaved seedlings; from the charming and familiar to the scary and rare. An elegantly written and highly accessible text is complemented by an extraordinary collection of images created by some of the world's leading nature photographers.

On a Sea of Glass

The Life and Loss of the RMS Titanic


Author: Tad Fitch, J.Kent Layton & Bill Wormstedt

Publisher: Amberley Publishing Limited

ISBN: 1445614391

Category: Transportation

Page: 488

View: 9685

Made special by the use of so many rare survivor accounts from the eye witnesses to that night to remember, the narrative places the reader in the middle of the maiden voyage, and brings the tragic sinking to life as never before.

Smithsonian Ocean

Our Water, Our World


Author: Deborah Cramer

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061343838

Category: Science

Page: 296

View: 8001

Nobel Prize winner Al Gore wrote of Deborah Cramer's previous book Great Waters, "I urge everyone to read this book, to act on its message, and to pass on its teachings." Now Cramer offers a groundbreaking book for an even more urgent time. Our lives depend on the sea. As gifted science writer Deborah Cramer makes clear in this extraordinary volume, the ocean has been earth's lifeline for more than three and a half billion years. Life began in the scalding inferno of deep-sea hot springs. The first cell, the first plant, and the first animal were all born in the sea. Climate changes wrought by the sea created evolutionary pathways for mammals and gave rise to our human ancestors some 200,000 years ago. The one, interconnected sea still sustains us. Invisible plants in the ocean's sunlit surface give us air to breathe. Rushing currents supply water to the atmosphere's protective greenhouse and rain to dry land. But as Cramer reveals in this sweeping look at earth's biography, the vital partnership between earth and the life it nourishes has recently been disrupted. Today, a single terrestrial species, man, has begun to alter the health of the sea itself. The mark of humans on the seas is now everywhere—from the fertile waters of continental shelves to the icy reaches of the poles, from the dazzling diversity of coral reefs to the porous edge of estuaries. Even the open ocean bears clear traces of our harmful ways. Scientists believe human impact may have already sparked a catastrophic event that could change the sea and the earth irrevocably: the sixth mass planetary extinction on a scale unseen since the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. But unlike the forces that caused previous extinctions, humankind can make a choice. We can choose the mark we wish to make and the legacy we leave behind. Written in the passionate tradition of Rachel Carson, Smithsonian Ocean is at once a book for our time and for the ages. Carson wrote: "One way to open your eyes is to ask yourself: What if I had never seen this before? What if I knew I would never see it again?" Cramer's powerful and inspiring message is equally a wake-up call: "We hold earth's life-giving waters—and our future—in our hands." Our lives depend on the sea.

The Breeze of Love and Life


Author: Perumal Muthukumar

Publisher: Partridge Publishing

ISBN: 1482841320

Category: Poetry

Page: 112

View: 4245

The book The breeze of love and life has given birth to the romance of limitless love and love of immeasurable happiness. It may be a challenge for the reader to resist from falling in love after reading itno no... after feeling the breeze of love in this book. So romantic and so lovable the life is while committing to each other says the poem SEED AND SOIL. Born of love or Born out of love, we do not bid farewell, but we fair well to reach other in life is portrayed in the poem FEELINGS. Love remains a Teacher for teaching the compassion of love in infinite measures, declares NUANCES OF LOVE. All challenges in my life have become changes on your arrival says YOUR ARRIVAL. The life of Nature and the Nature of human life is captured vividly in the poem THE EMERALD VALLEY. So beautiful the valley is! I see young leaves adorning the old roots. Sex is a state of yogic bliss, It is a fusion of perspiration and respiration.. a tiring process.. to generate a generation says the poem SEX. Existing is beautiful but existing in style is attraction. A lone grass is beautiful but a grass in group is attraction says the poem GRASS. Despite my love for you all my life, you are contesting me all your life, says the VOICE OF TREE. A class always left to live with the miscarried justice, depicts the condition of the poor in the poem POOR. Left alone on the streets with the taste of tears and with the task of sadness explains the poem PATHOS OF STREET CHILDREN. Unlike the sea farer, only the voyager of great seas knows the depth of the sea and the strength of sea exhibit the poem VOYAGER. So beautiful the voyage of imagination, through the life of love in this book.

The Life and Love of Dogs


Author: Lewis Blackwell

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780733633027

Category: Dogs

Page: 216

View: 4815

Following the successful book The Life and Love of Cats, this beautiful photographic survey of dogs also contains insightful text exploring our unique relationship with dogs throughout history.

Under the Sea Wind


Author: Rachel Carson

Publisher: Open Road Media

ISBN: 1453214739

Category: Nature

Page: 304

View: 2806

New York Times Bestseller: Silent Spring author Rachel Carson’s early masterwork brings to life the elegiac, subtle beauty of birds and the sea, blending her natural storytelling ability with clear-eyed science. In her first book, preeminent nature writer Rachel Carson tells the story of the sea creatures and birds that dwell in and around the waters along North America’s eastern coast—and the delicately balanced ecosystem that sustains them. Following the life cycles of a pair of sanderlings, a mackerel, and an eel, Carson gracefully weaves scientific observation with imaginative prose to educate and inspire, creating one of the finest wildlife narratives in American literature. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Rachel Carson including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University.


In Search of the Soul of the Sea


Author: Philip Hoare

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022656066X

Category: Science

Page: 416

View: 6748

“Every day is an anxiety in my ways of getting to the water. . . . I’ve become so attuned to it, so scared of it, so in love with it that sometimes I can only think by the sea. It is the only place I feel at home.” Many of us visit the sea. Admire it. Even profess to love it. But very few of us live it. Philip Hoare does. He swims in the sea every day, either off the coast of his native Southampton or his adopted Cape Cod. He watches its daily and seasonal changes. He collects and communes with the wrack—both dead and never living—that it throws up on the shingle. He thinks with, at, through the sea. All of which should prepare readers: RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR is no ordinary book. It mounts no straight-ahead argument. It hews to no single genre. Instead, like the sea itself, it moves, flows, absorbs, transforms. In its pages we find passages of beautiful nature and travel writing, lyrical memoir, seams of American and English history and much more. We find Thoreau and Melville, Bowie and Byron, John Waters and Virginia Woolf, all linked through a certain refusal to be contained, to be strictly defined—an openness to discovery and change. Running throughout is an air of elegy, a reminder that the sea is an ending, a repository of lost ships, lost people, lost ways of being. It is where we came from; for Hoare, it is where he is going. “Every swim is a little death,” Hoare writes, “but it is also a reminder that you are alive.” Few books have ever made that knife’s edge so palpable. Read RISINGTIDEFALLINGSTAR. Let it settle into the seabed of your soul. You’ll never forget it.

Secrets of the Seas

A Journey into the Heart of the Oceans


Author: Callum Roberts

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1472927621

Category: Science

Page: 240

View: 8505

Our seas are host to an extraordinary variety of plant and animal life, but much of it remains mysterious and great imagery is surprisingly hard to find. Alex Mustard is one of the world's leading underwater photographers and his images are so crisp and immediate that the animals seem to swim out of the water towards you. This beautiful book gathers together a selection of his award-winning images and a number of new ones to create a vivid picture of the seas and oceans and the animals that inhabit them, each chapter accompanied by a 1500 word essay and extended captions written by leading natural history writer, Professor Callum Roberts. The text addresses the issue of change in the oceans along with tales of oceanography, marine life and human history in the seas and aims to help the reader to get to know the oceans, understand how marine animals live their lives and how they have, are and may well adapt to change.

The Sea of Trolls


Author: Nancy Farmer

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1481443089

Category: Fiction

Page: 496

View: 4696

Now in paperback--a new adventure by the three-time Newbery Honor-winning author and National Book Award finalist. Set in A.D. 793 in the land of the Vikings, this novel is the story of two children swept up on a quest on which they encounter a dragon, a giant spider, and trolls.

The Veins of the Ocean

A Novel


Author: Patricia Engel

Publisher: Grove/Atlantic, Inc.

ISBN: 0802189997

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 9191

In this “profound, daring” tale of loss and faith, a woman haunted by tragedy begins to find healing in the waters—and love—that surround her (San Francisco Chronicle). Reina Castillo’s beloved brother has been sentenced to death for an unthinkable crime that shocked the community—and Reina secretly blames herself. Devastated and grieving, Reina moves to a quiet enclave in the Florida Keys seeking anonymity and a new start, and meets Nesto Cadena, a recently exiled Cuban awaiting the arrival of the children he left behind in Havana. Inspired by Nesto’s love of the sea and capacity for faith, Reina comes to understand her own connections to the life-giving and destructive forces of the ocean that surrounds her, as well as its role in her family’s troubled history. Against a vibrant coastal backdrop that ranges from Miami to Cartagena, Colombia, author Patricia Engel delivers a profound and riveting Pan-American story of fractured souls finding solace and redemption in the beauty and power of the natural world—and in one another. “This is a writer who understands that exile can be as much an emotional state as a geographical one, that the agony of leaving tugs against the agony of being left behind. . . . To immerse oneself in Engel’s prose is to surrender to a seductive embrace, a hypnotic beauty that mingles submersion with submission.” —The New York Times Book Review



Author: Jeanette Winterson

Publisher: HMH

ISBN: 0547541481

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 4710

An orphaned girl is held spellbound by the tales of a lighthouse keeper on the Scottish coast, in a novel by the Costa Award-winning author of The Passion. After her mother is literally swept away by the savage winds off the Atlantic coast of Salts, Scotland, never to be seen again, the orphaned Silver is feeling particularly unmoored. Taken in by the mysterious keeper of a lighthouse on Cape Wrath, Silver finds an anchor in Mr. Pew—blind, as old and legendary as a unicorn, and a yarn spinner of persuasive power. The tale he has to tell Silver is that of a nineteenth-century clergyman named Babel Dark, whose life was divided between a loving light and a mask of deceit. Peopled with such luminaries as Charles Darwin and Robert Louis Stevenson, Mr. Pew’s story within a story within a story soon unfolds like a map. It’s one that Silver must follow if she’s to be led through her own darkness, and to find her own meaning in life, in this novel by a winner of the Costa, Lambda, and E.M. Forster Awards, the author of Oranges are Not the Only Fruit; Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal? and other acclaimed works. “In her sea-soaked and hypnotic eighth novel, Winterson turns the tale of an orphaned young girl and a blind old man into a fable about love and the power of storytelling…Atmospheric and elusive, Winterson's high-modernist excursion is an inspired meditation on myth and language.”—The New Yorker

Pristine Seas

Journeys to the Ocean's Last Wild Places


Author: Enric Sala

Publisher: National Geographic Books

ISBN: 1426216114

Category: Nature

Page: 271

View: 5881

"National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence Enric Sala takes readers on an unforgettable journey to 10 places where the ocean is virtually untouched by man, offering a fascinating glimpse into our past and an inspiring vision for the future. From the shark-rich waters surrounding Coco Island, Costa Rica, to the iceberg-studded sea off Franz Josef Land, Russia, this incredible photographic collection showcases the thriving marine ecosystems that Sala is working to protect. Offering a rare glimpse into the world's underwater Edens, more than 200 images take you to the frontier of the Pristine Seas expeditions, where Sala's teams explore the breathtaking wildlife and habitats from the depths to the surface--thriving ecosystems with healthy corals and a kaleidoscopic variety of colorful fish and stunning creatures that have been protected from human interference. With this dazzling array of photographs that capture the beauty of the water and the incredible wildlife within it, this book shows us the brilliance of the sea in its natural state."--

Life and Loves of Lena Gaunt

A Novel


Author: Tracy Farr

Publisher: Fremantle Press

ISBN: 1922089478

Category: Fiction

Page: 312

View: 1744

Recounting the remarkable life of Dame Lena Gaunt—music’s most modern musician as the first theremin player of the 20th century—this novel about an octogenarian and former junkie is as geographically diverse as it is culturally and musically rich. An offer to play her unusual instrument, where sounds are produced not through touch but instead through hand movements in the air, leads Lena to revisit her life—from her discovery of music to falling in love and from Southeast Asia to Australia and Europe. Vignettes of growing up, the glittering years on the world stage, melancholy, war-time periods, and growing old all compose the story of a woman whose life is made and torn apart by those she gives her heart to.

At the Ocean

Inspiring Coastal Homes Around the World


Author: Mirjam Bleeker,Frank Visser

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789460581236

Category: Architecture

Page: 255

View: 9740

Photographer Mirjam Bleeker and interior designer Frank Visser have enjoyed a friendship and creative partnership for over eighteen years. During this time, they have traveled the world together, often with no particular itinerary, seeking out the people and places that inspire a sense of adventure. During their travels, they have stayed in a range of settings, private homes and 'retreats, ' meeting an eclectic mix of people choosing to make their lives by the sea. The photographs in this collection are beautiful, capturing the imagination, they reflect the colors of water and sky, filled with the bleached driftwood, shells and pebbles found on the shoreline, the 'music' of the ocean, the seabirds and the waves re-created in the internal fabric of the buildings, on porches, under canvas, framed in the windows and through the open doors. This book brings these far-flung places to life, with images of white-washed walls, rusted corrugated iron roofs, strings of faded flags fluttering in the breeze, lazy hammocks, footprints in the sand from Bali to Senegal, Costa Rica, Chile, India and Italy; pure escapism.