Die Israel-Lobby

wie die amerikanische Außenpolitik beeinflusst wird


Author: John J. Mearsheimer,Stephen M. Walt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783593383774

Category: Israel

Page: 503

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The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy


Author: John J Mearsheimer,Stephen M Walt

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141920661

Category: Political Science

Page: 496

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Does America’s pro-Israel lobby wield inappropriate control over US foreign policy? This book has created a storm of controversy by bringing out into the open America’s relationship with the Israel lobby: a loose coalition of individuals and organizations that actively work to shape foreign policy in a way that is profoundly damaging both to the United States and Israel itself. Israel is an important, valued American ally, yet Mearsheimer and Walt show that, by encouraging unconditional US financial and diplomatic support for Israel and promoting the use of its power to remake the Middle East, the lobby has jeopardized America’s and Israel’s long-term security and put other countries – including Britain – at risk.

Barack Obama

Leben und Aufstieg


Author: David Remnick

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783827008930


Page: 976

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Author: N. Nourizadeh

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1491826061

Category: Political Science

Page: 658

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This book is about politics and the close relation between Israel and US foreign policy.

U.S. Foreign Policy Discourse and the Israel Lobby

The Clinton Administration and the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process


Author: Keith Peter Kiely

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319529862

Category: Political Science

Page: 270

View: 421

This book seeks to debunk the popular myth of an all-powerful pro-Israel lobby. Here, Kiely demonstrates how discourses surrounding American Identity and US foreign policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which has deep roots in American historicity, have constructed an understanding of the conflict which is inherently more susceptible to the Israeli narrative. This text argues that the so-called power of what other researchers, such as Mearsheimer and Walt (2006, 2007), call ‘The Israel Lobby’ are limited by these discourses. It is my contention that groups such as The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) serve to amplify and reproduce existing representations within these discourses which align the United States and Israel in terms of cultural, historical and political values while simultaneously reinforcing dominant representations of the Palestinian ‘Other’.

Ich habe den Todesengel überlebt

Ein Mengele-Opfer erzählt


Author: Eva Mozes Kor,Lisa Rojany Buccieri

Publisher: cbj Verlag

ISBN: 3641067014

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 224

View: 9709

Berührend und authentisch – eine der letzten Zeitzeuginnen erzählt Eva Mozes Kor ist zehn Jahre alt, als sie mit ihrer Familie nach Auschwitz verschleppt wird. Während die Eltern und zwei ältere Geschwister in den Gaskammern umkommen, geraten Eva und ihre Zwillingsschwester Miriam in die Hände des KZ-Arztes Mengele, der grausame »Experimente« an den Mädchen durchführt. Für Eva und ihre Schwester beginnt ein täglicher Überlebenskampf ... Die wahre Geschichte einer Frau mit einem unbezwingbaren Überlebenswillen und dem Mut, die schlimmsten Taten zu vergeben.

The Arab Lobby and US Foreign Policy

The Two-State Solution


Author: Khalil Marrar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135970718

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

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The US foreign policy stance on Israel-Palestine has shifted considerably in recent years, from a position of "Israel only" to one which embraces both Israel and Palestine in a call for peace. This volume assesses why the US stance has evolved in the way that it has, concluding that while international factors cannot be overlooked, developments within the United States itself are also crucial. After years of vacillating on Palestinian national aspirations, the majority of Americans, the author notes, have come to favor the establishment of an independent Palestinian state on the West Bank and the Gaza strip. Considering what accounts for changes in US policy on Israel-Palestine, this volume: delivers a thorough assessment of the role of international and domestic factors in shaping US policy in this area considers how US policy has evolved from the Camp David negotiations of the 1970s up to the occupation of Iraq in the mid 2000s explores the significance of American public opinion and the pro-Israel and Arab lobbies in the evolution of US policy The Arab Lobby and US Foreign Policy will be of interest to students and scholars of Foreign Policy and Political Science, Current Affairs and American Studies. Khalil M. Marrar is Professor at DePaul University, USA. He has served in editorial positions at the Arab Studies Quarterly and the Association of Arab-American University Graduates.

Foreign Policy and Ethnic Interest Groups

American and Canadian Jews Lobby for Israel


Author: David Howard Goldberg

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313268502

Category: Law

Page: 197

View: 7514

Goldberg presents a detailed comparison of American and Canadian Jewish lobbying organizations over the past 15 years, offering a careful assessment of their influence on foreign policy decisions affecting the Middle East. He focuses primarily on the two most prominent Jewish foreign policy interest groups: the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and the Canada-Israel Committee. He examines the response of these organizations to a series of crisis issues, beginning with the Arab-Israeli war of 1973 and including the current Palestinian uprising. Using a set of analytical criteria, he correlates their response with the conduct of U.S. and Canadian foreign policy during the same period.

Offene Wunde Nahost

Israel, die Palästinenser und die US-Politik


Author: Noam Chomsky

Publisher: Europa Verlag DE

ISBN: 9783203760179

Category: Arab-Israeli conflict

Page: 358

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Vom Wert der Unwahrheit


Author: John J. Mearsheimer

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593411466

Category: Political Science

Page: 148

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»Meine von mir verfasste Dissertation ist kein Plagiat.« – Wie der Skandal um den ehemaligen Verteidigungsminister Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg wieder einmal gezeigt hat: Die Lüge gilt bei Politikern als Berufskrankheit. Doch werden wir wirklich ständig hinters Licht geführt? Und – so fragt der renommierte Politologe John J. Mearsheimer in seinem provokanten neuen Buch – geschieht das stets zu unserem Nachteil? Mearsheimer wägt ab zwischen dem Wert der Unwahrheit und ihren Gefahren. Seine Darstellung besticht durch einen klaren, illusionslosen Blick auf die Lüge als Werkzeug des politischen Geschäfts. Mearsheimer wartet mit einer Typologie der politischen Lüge auf und belegt sie mit bekannten Beispielen aus dem politischen Alltag der Gegenwart. Dieser neue Blick, der die Lüge nicht als moralisches Problem betrachtet, führt zu einem verblüffenden Ergebnis: Die Lüge muss nichts schlechtes sein – und sie ist weit seltener, als wir denken

Why Leaders Lie

The Truth about Lying in International Politics


Author: John J. Mearsheimer

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199975450

Category: Political Science

Page: 142

View: 9783

Presents an analysis of the lying behavior of political leaders, discussing the reasons why it occurs, the different types of lies, and the costs and benefits to the public and other countries that result from it, with examples from the recent past.

Das jüdische Paradox

Zionismus und Judentum nach Hitler


Author: Nahum Goldmann,Léon Abramowicz

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783434500070

Category: Zionists

Page: 288

View: 3718

Der Schuldkomplex

vom Nutzen und Nachteil der Geschichte für Europa


Author: Pascal Bruckner

Publisher: N.A


Category: Civilization, Western

Page: 254

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Kenneth N. Waltz

Einführung in seine Theorie und Auseinandersetzung mit seinen Kritikern


Author: Carlo Masala

Publisher: N.A


Category: Realism

Page: 149

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The Hell of Good Intentions

America's Foreign Policy Elite and the Decline of U.S. Primacy


Author: Stephen M. Walt

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 0374712468

Category: Political Science

Page: 400

View: 8228

From the New York Times–bestselling author Stephen M. Walt, The Hell of Good Intentions dissects the faults and foibles of recent American foreign policy—explaining why it has been plagued by disasters like the “forever wars” in Iraq and Afghanistan and outlining what can be done to fix it. In 1992, the United States stood at the pinnacle of world power and Americans were confident that a new era of peace and prosperity was at hand. Twenty-five years later, those hopes have been dashed. Relations with Russia and China have soured, the European Union is wobbling, nationalism and populism are on the rise, and the United States is stuck in costly and pointless wars that have squandered trillions of dollars and undermined its influence around the world. The root of this dismal record, Walt argues, is the American foreign policy establishment’s stubborn commitment to a strategy of “liberal hegemony.” Since the end of the Cold War, Republicans and Democrats alike have tried to use U.S. power to spread democracy, open markets, and other liberal values into every nook and cranny of the planet. This strategy was doomed to fail, but its proponents in the foreign policy elite were never held accountable and kept repeating the same mistakes. Donald Trump won the presidency promising to end the misguided policies of the foreign policy “Blob” and to pursue a wiser approach. But his erratic and impulsive style of governing, combined with a deeply flawed understanding of world politics, are making a bad situation worse. The best alternative, Walt argues, is a return to the realist strategy of “offshore balancing,” which eschews regime change, nation-building, and other forms of global social engineering. The American people would surely welcome a more restrained foreign policy, one that allowed greater attention to problems here at home. This long-overdue shift will require abandoning the futile quest for liberal hegemony and building a foreign policy establishment with a more realistic view of American power. Clear-eyed, candid, and elegantly written, Stephen M. Walt’s The Hell of Good Intentions offers both a compelling diagnosis of America’s recent foreign policy follies and a proven formula for renewed success.