The Invention of Judaism

Torah and Jewish Identity from Deuteronomy to Paul


Author: John J. Collins

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 0520967364

Category: Religion

Page: 336

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Most people understand Judaism to be the Torah and the Torah to be Judaism. However, in The Invention of Judaism, John J. Collins persuasively argues this was not always the case. The Torah became the touchstone for most of Judaism’s adherents only in the hands of the rabbis of late antiquity. For 600 years prior, from the Babylonian Exile to the Roman destruction of the Second Temple, there was enormous variation in the way the Torah was understood. Collins provides a comprehensive account of the role of the Torah in ancient Judaism, exploring key moments in its history, beginning with the formation of Deuteronomy and continuing through the Maccabean revolt and the rise of Jewish sectarianism and early Christianity.

The Invention of the Jewish People


Author: Shlomo Sand,Yael Lotan

Publisher: Verso

ISBN: 1844676234

Category: History

Page: 344

View: 1765

"Anyone interested in understanding the contemporary Middle East should read this book." Tony Judt --

The Invention of Jewish Identity

Bible, Philosophy, and the Art of Translation


Author: Aaron W. Hughes

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253004799

Category: Religion

Page: 202

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Jews from all ages have translated the Bible for their particular times and needs, but what does the act of translation mean? Aaron W. Hughes believes translation has profound implications for Jewish identity. The Invention of Jewish Identity presents the first sustained analysis of Bible translation and its impact on Jewish philosophy from the medieval period to the 20th century. Hughes examines some of the most important Jewish thinkers -- Saadya Gaon, Moses ibn Ezra, Maimonides, Judah Messer Leon, Moses Mendelssohn, Martin Buber, and Franz Rosenzweig -- and their work on biblical narrative, to understand how linguistic and conceptual idioms change and develop into ideas about the self. The philosophical issues behind Bible translation, according to Hughes, are inseparable from more universal sets of questions that affect Jewish life and learning.

The Mythmaker

Paul and the Invention of Christianity


Author: N.A

Publisher: Barnes & Noble Publishing

ISBN: 9780760707876

Category: Christianity

Page: 237

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The Invention of the Land of Israel

From Holy Land to Homeland


Author: Shlomo Sand

Publisher: Verso Books

ISBN: 1844679470

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 2543

What is a homeland, and when does it become a national territory? Why have so many people been willing to die for them throughout the twentieth century? What is the essence of the Promised Land?Following the acclaimed and controversial Invention of the Jewish People, Shlomo Sand examines the mysterious sacred land that has become the site of the longest running national struggle of the twentieth-century. The Invention of the Land of Israel deconstructs the age-old legends surrounding the Holy Land and the prejudices that continue to suffocate it. Sand’s account dissects the concept of ‘historical right’ and tracks the invention of the modern geopolitical concept of the ‘Land of Israel’ by nineteenth cntury Evangelical Protestants and Jewish Zionists. This invention, he argues, not only facilitated the colonization of the Middle East and the establishment of the State of israel; it is also what is threatening the existence of the Jewish state today.

The Invention of Religion

Faith and Covenant in the Book of Exodus


Author: Jan Assmann

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400889235

Category: Religion

Page: 424

View: 2351

A groundbreaking account of how the Book of Exodus shaped fundamental aspects of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam The Book of Exodus may be the most consequential story ever told. But its spectacular moments of heaven-sent plagues and parting seas overshadow its true significance, says Jan Assmann, a leading historian of ancient religion. The story of Moses guiding the enslaved children of Israel out of captivity to become God's chosen people is the foundation of an entirely new idea of religion, one that lives on today in many of the world's faiths. The Invention of Religion sheds new light on ancient scriptures to show how Exodus has shaped fundamental understandings of monotheistic practice and belief. Assmann delves into the enduring mythic power of the Exodus narrative, examining the text's compositional history and calling attention to distinctive motifs and dichotomies: enslavement and redemption; belief and doubt; proper worship and idolatry; loyalty and betrayal. Revelation is a central theme--the revelation of God's power in miracles, of God's presence in the burning bush, and of God's chosen dwelling among the Israelites in the vision of the tabernacle. Above all, it is God's covenant with Israel—the binding obligation of the Israelites to acknowledge God as their redeemer and obey His law—that is Exodus's most encompassing and transformative idea, one that challenged basic assumptions about humankind's relationship to the divine in the ancient world. The Invention of Religion is a powerful account of how ideas of faith, revelation, and covenant, first introduced in Exodus, shaped Judaism and were later adopted by Christianity and Islam to form the bedrock of the world's Abrahamic religions.

The invention of the Jew

Jewish-American education novels, 1916-1964


Author: Bernard Sherman

Publisher: N.A


Category: History

Page: 256

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Unheroic Conduct

The Rise of Heterosexuality and the Invention of the Jewish Man


Author: Daniel Boyarin

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780520919761

Category: Social Science

Page: 433

View: 7874

In a book that will both enlighten and provoke, Daniel Boyarin offers an alternative to the prevailing Euroamerican warrior/patriarch model of masculinity and recovers the Jewish ideal of the gentle, receptive male. The Western notion of the aggressive, sexually dominant male and the passive female reaches back through Freud to Roman times, but as Boyarin makes clear, such gender roles are not universal. Analyzing ancient and modern texts, he reveals early rabbis—studious, family-oriented—as exemplars of manhood and the prime objects of female desire in traditional Jewish society. Challenging those who view the "feminized Jew" as a pathological product of the Diaspora or a figment of anti-Semitic imagination, Boyarin argues that the Diaspora produced valuable alternatives to the dominant cultures' overriding gender norms. He finds the origins of the rabbinic model of masculinity in the Talmud, and though unrelentingly critical of rabbinic society's oppressive aspects, he shows how it could provide greater happiness for women than the passive gentility required by bourgeois European standards. Boyarin also analyzes the self-transformation of three iconic Viennese modern Jews: Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis; Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism; and Bertha Pappenheim (Anna O.), the first psychoanalytic patient and founder of Jewish feminism in Germany. Pappenheim is Boyarin's hero: it is she who provides him with a model for a militant feminist, anti-homophobic transformation of Orthodox Jewish society today. Like his groundbreaking Carnal Israel, this book is talmudic scholarship in a whole new light, with a vitality that will command attention from readers in feminist studies, history of sexuality, Jewish culture, and the history of psychoanalysis.

Marketing Identities

The Invention of Jewish Ethnicity in Ost und West


Author: David A. Brenner

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814326848

Category: History

Page: 246

View: 2075

This work analyzes how Ost und West (East and West), the first Jewish magazine (1901-1923) published in Berlin by westernized Jews originally from Eastern Europe, promoted ethnic identity to Jewish audiences in Germany and throughout the world. Using techniques of modern marketing, such as stereotyping, the editors of this successful journal attempted to forge a minority consciousness. Marketing Identities is thus about the beginnings of ethnicity as we know it in the late 20th century.

Die Erfindung des Landes Israel

Mythos und Wahrheit


Author: Shlomo Sand

Publisher: Ullstein eBooks

ISBN: 3843703426

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 400

View: 3714

Gehört Israel den Juden? Was bedeutet überhaupt Israel? Wer hat dort gelebt, wer erhebt Ansprüche auf das Land, wie kam es zur Staatsgründung Israels? Shlomo Sand, einer der schärfsten Kritiker der israelischen Politik gegenüber den Palästinensern, stellt den Gründungsmythos seines Landes radikal in Frage. Überzeugend weist er nach, dass entgegen der israelischen Unabhängigkeitserklärung und heutiger Regierungspropaganda die Juden nie danach gestrebt haben, in ihr „angestammtes Land“ zurückzukehren, und dass auch heute ihre Mehrheit nicht in Israel lebt oder leben will. Es gibt kein „historisches Anrecht“ der Juden auf das Land Israel, so Sand. Diese Idee sei ein Erbe des unseligen Nationalismus des 19. Jahrhunderts, begierig aufgegriffen von den Zionisten jener Zeit. In kolonialistischer Manier hätten sie die Juden zur Landnahme in Palästina und zur Vertreibung der palästinensischen Bevölkerung aufgerufen, die dann nach der Staatsgründung 1948 konsequent umgesetzt wurde. Nachdrücklich fordert Sand die israelische Gesellschaft auf, sich von den Mythen des Zionismus zu verabschieden und die historischen Tatsachen anzuerkennen.

The Invention of Religion

Rethinking Belief in Politics and History


Author: Derek R. Peterson,Darren R. Walhof

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813530932

Category: Religion

Page: 221

View: 1088

Is religion an obstacle to the values of modernity? Popular and scholarly opinion says that it is. In a world gripped in a clash of civilizations, religious absolutism seems to threaten the modern virtues of tolerance, reason, and freedom. This collection of historical essays argues that this popular view--religion versus modernity--is used by the politically powerful to construct the religious as irrational and antimodern. The authors study how nationalists, state officials, missionaries, and scholars in the West and in the colonized world defined and redefined the relationship between the political and the religious --From publisher's description.

The Discipline of Philosophy and the Invention of Modern Jewish Thought


Author: Willi Goetschel

Publisher: Fordham Univ Press

ISBN: 0823244962

Category: Philosophy

Page: 270

View: 3520

Exploring the subject of Jewish philosophy as a controversial construction site of the project of modernity, this book examines the implications of the different and often conflicting notions that drive the debate on the question of what Jewish philosophy is or could be. The idea of Jewish philosophy begs the question of philosophy as such. But "Jewish philosophy" does not just reflect what "philosophy" lacks. Rather, it challenges the project of philosophy itself. Examining the thought of Spinoza, Moses Mendelssohn, Heinrich Heine, Hermann Cohen Franz Rosenzweig, Martin Buber, Margarete Susman, Hermann Levin Goldschmidt, and others, the book highlights how the most philosophic moments of their works are those in which specific concerns of their "Jewish questions" inform the rethinking of philosophy's disciplinarity in principal terms. The long overdue recognition of the modernity that informs the critical trajectories of Jewish philosophers from Spinoza and Mendelssohn to the present emancipates not just "Jewish philosophy" from an infelicitous pigeonhole these philosophers so pointedly sought to reject but, more important, emancipates philosophy from its false claims to universalism.

The Invention of Ancient Israel

The Silencing of Palestinian History


Author: Keith W. Whitelam

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415107587

Category: History

Page: 281

View: 5030

The Invention of Ancient Israelshows how the true history of ancient Palestine has been obscured by the search for Israel. Keith W. Whitelam shows how ancient Israel has been invented by scholars in the image of a European nation state, influenced by the realisation of the state of Israel in 1948. He explores the theological and political assumptions which have shaped research into ancient Israel by Biblical scholars, and contributed to the vast network of scholarship which Said identified as 'Orientalist discourse'. This study concentrates on two crucial periods from the end of the late Bronze Age to the Iron Age, a so-called period of the emergence of ancient Israel and the rise of an Israelite state under David. It explores the prospects for developing the study of Palestinian history as a subject in its own right, divorced from the history of the Bible, and argues that Biblical scholars, through their traditional view of this area, have contributed to dispossession both of a Palestinian land and a Palestinian past. This contoversial book is important reading for historians, Biblical specialists, social anthropologists and all those who are interested in the history of ancient Israel and Palestine.

The Invention of the ''Palestinians''

27 Theses They Won’t Let You Hear Argued at the University on Israelophobia, Judaism, the Middle East, and Related Matters


Author: Emmett Laor

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469151006

Category: History

Page: 288

View: 5478

Who are the “Palestinians”? When did they come into being? Why? And how so? What theological, political, historical, and ethical significance does their invention have? How should we understand the historical and religious significance of the recent invention of the “Palestinian people” and the possible invention of a new country called ‘Palestine’? In this groundbreaking text, 27 myth-shattering theses are put forth and argued in detail using the resources of Psychoanalysis, Talmud and Torah, Philosophy, and History. The author engages in criticisms of key thinkers (Slavoj Zizek, Alain Badiou, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ernesto Laclau, Edward Said, etc.) and relies on the work of writers as diverse as Joan Peters, Shlomo Sand, and Rashid Khalidi. Radical views are put forth on various topics including Judaism, the Middle East, and Theology. The Invention of the “Palestinians” is unlike any book you have read.

The Invention of a Nation

Zionist Thought and the Making of Modern Israel


Author: Alain Dieckhoff


ISBN: 9781850655954

Category: Israel

Page: 297

View: 1234

The vulnerability which is the lot of any nation without a state was experienced in a particularly extreme way by the Jews. With the destitution and persecution of many Jewish communities in the 19th century, especially in Eastern Europe, Jews demanded a solution to their uprootedness. This required a state.

The Invention of God


Author: Thomas Römer

Publisher: Harvard University Press

ISBN: 0674915755

Category: Religion

Page: 315

View: 1174

Who invented God? When, why, and where? Thomas Römer seeks to answer these enigmatic questions about the deity of the great monotheisms—Yhwh, God, or Allah—by tracing Israelite beliefs and their context from the Bronze Age to the end of the Old Testament period in the third century BCE, in a masterpiece of detective work and exposition.

Die Ordensburg des Wüstenplaneten



Author: Frank Herbert

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641139562

Category: Fiction

Page: 656

View: 6329

Stelle dich deinen Ängsten, sonst machen sie mit dir, was sie wollen. Seit Tausenden von Jahren herrst die Schwesternschaft der Bene Gesserit hinter den Kulissen des Imperiums, kontrolliert die genetischen Verflechtungen der Herrscherhäuser und widmet sich der Zucht besonderer Talente. Doch dem Orden ist in der Zeit der großen Diaspora ein Feind erwachsen: die Geehrten Matres. Von Arrakis, dem Wüstenplaneten, vertrieben, bieten die Bene Gesserit den Geehrten Matres Verhandlungen an – und sinnen gleichzeitig auf ihre Vernichtung. Aber sie treffen auf einen gleichwertigen Gegner. Und schließlich stellt sich heraus, dass dieser Konflikt von langer Hand vorbereitet wurde, um den Grundstein für die Zukunft der menschlichen Zivilisation zu legen.