The Happy Cat's Detective


Author: Alex Mahon

Publisher: PublishDrive


Category: Fiction

Page: 123

View: 3150

Cristina Solans falls in love with a forest ranger she meets whilst working in the Canadian wilderness. She assumes it is unrequited love as he does not make a move on her. Then again, she also keeps her distance. But on their last night together he expresses his true feelings. One thing leads to another and the wintry night soon heats up. When she returns to Spain circumstances drastically change and she takes on a job as a private detective. She uses the fees to shore up the cats’ home that her mother helps run. In her first major case she is hired to find a missing cat. It proves to be way more dangerous than she can ever imagine. She can of course just walk away from it all. But who else will keep a roof over the cats’ heads? And, just maybe, she kind of enjoys the challenge. All the while she awaits her lover's promised visit.

Cat Detective


Author: Vicky Halls

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448110661

Category: Medical

Page: 368

View: 3056

Does your cat scratch your carpets? Or soil in the house? Or perhaps your cat's behaviour has changed recently - becoming withdrawn or aggressive towards you or another member of your family? Or perhaps you would just like to understand the way your cat thinks? In this comprehensive guide cat counsellor Vicky Hall helps cat owners identify what is causing their cat's behaviour and provides a clear step-by-step solution to tackling behavioural problems. Fascinating case studies drawn from Vicky's personal and professional experiences are included. Each study is both informative and entertaining and will undoutedly help cat owners understand their cat's behaviour much better. This is essential reading for all cat lovers.

The Real Pet Detective

True Tales of Pets Lost and Found


Author: Tom Watkins

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0241979277

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 288

View: 3986

"'Okay listen up everyone,' I said, zipping up my high visibility jacket. 'It will be most effective to comb the local area by taking a village each.' I told my team as I traced my finger across the map. My experience as a former copper was invaluable for our search. We weren't looking for a missing person though - we had a dog to find." Any pet owner knows the agonising panic when their beloved furry family member goes missing, but Tom Watkins, former policeman turned pet detective, is on hand to reunite our animal companions with their owners. From recording the owner's voice to lure cats from their hiding place, to organising a fly-over to raise the profile of missing Toby the terrier, from emptying the contents of the owner's vacuum to tempt in the missing animal with the scent, to organising a Crimewatch-style reconstruction of a dog-snatching on national TV, Tom will do whatever it takes to get the nation's pets home, safe and sound. The Real Pet Detective is the story of 20 years of missing pets, their owners and Tom's team of expert pet investigators.

A to Zoo: Subject Access to Children's Picture Books, 10th Edition


Author: Rebecca L. Thomas

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 1440834350

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 1636

View: 5760

Whether used for thematic story times, program and curriculum planning, readers' advisory, or collection development, this updated edition of the well-known companion makes finding the right picture books for your library a breeze. • Offers easy subject access to children's picture books • Features a user-friendly organization • Provides in-depth indexing and full bibliographic detail

The Whole Cat and Caboodle


Author: Sofie Ryan

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101625910

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 9952

Meet secondhand shop owner Sarah Grayson and her rescue cat, Elvis, in the first novel in the New York Times bestselling Second Chance Cat Mystery series... Sarah Grayson is the happy proprietor of Second Chance, a charming shop in the oceanfront town of North Harbor, Maine. At the shop, she sells used items that she has lovingly refurbished and repurposed. But her favorite pet project so far has been adopting a stray cat she names Elvis. Elvis has seen nine lives—and then some. The big black cat with a scar across his nose turned up at a local bar when the band was playing the King of Rock and Roll’s music and hopped in Sarah’s truck. Since then, he’s been her constant companion and the furry favorite of everyone who comes into the store. But when Sarah’s elderly friend Maddie is found with the body of a dead man in her garden, the kindly old lady becomes the prime suspect in the murder. Even Sarah’s old high school flame, investigator Nick Elliot, seems convinced that Maddie was up to no good. So it’s up to Sarah and Elvis to clear her friend’s name and make sure the real murderer doesn’t get a second chance.

Crafty cat crimes

100 tiny cat tale mysteries


Author: Robert Weinberg,Martin Harry Greenberg

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780760715826

Category: Fiction

Page: 613

View: 9473

Feline Infectious Diseases

Self-Assessment Color Review


Author: Katrin Hartmann,Julie Levy

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 1840765933

Category: Medical

Page: 224

View: 2409

This book covers all types of feline infectious diseases, including infections caused by viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. 199 clinical cases are presented randomly, as in practice, but the wide range of cases cover infectious diseases which affect all the organ systems of the cat. The illustrated clinical cases contain integrated questions and detailed explanatory answers. The book is designed for professionals in practice and in universities, and to veterinary students, veterinary nurses and technicians.

Occult Investigator


Author: Bob Johnson


ISBN: 1456601865

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 222

View: 5837

"Occult Investigator, Real Cases from the Files of X-Investigations," chronicles author and private detective Bob Johnson's REAL-WORLD experiences investigating all manner of paranormal and occult events. He is the founder of the world's only occult and paranormal investigation firm - X-Investigations, that's affiliated with a licensed New York City private investigations company. Unlike the myriad "ghost busting" teams that garner media attention for their "scary photos and creepy sound recordings," Johnson and X-Investigations first uses its PI resources to verify if a case warrants any kind of actual occult solutions and if so confronts the events face-to-face using clairvoyant and proven ritualistic methods. Their company credo: "We Face Your Fears." He's the Sam Spade of ghosts, witches, demons and things that scare the hell out of you at night who's studied under preeminent ghost hunter Hans Holzer. That's the best way to describe the protagonist and real-life pilgrim of the night as he and his voluptuous Czech sidekick, Silvana recount their adventures into the supernatural around the globe. The author, takes you on a roller coaster ghost busting ride across the country and even into the dark woods of Transylvania (that's right, in Romania). In eleven riveting chapters, written in a hard-boiled detective staccato style, the X-Investigations team reveals the details of their most frightening and in some ways totally unexplained occult cases. Unlike the myriad "paranormal" investigations and ghost hunting books on the market, Occult Investigator tackles more bizarre challenges including a computer cursed by black magick, a vampire teen who has a blood sucking psychic link with his spitting-image cousin, the werewolf of Van Nuys, California, killer cats, Satanic neighbors in a Manhattan apartment, and our favorite, a sexually crazed succubus housewife who blames demons for her insatiable cravings!

The Scariest Tail

A Wonder Cats Mystery Book 4


Author: Harper Lin

Publisher: Harper Lin Books


Category: Fiction

Page: 267

View: 4033

Three witches and their magical cats solve paranormal murder cases in the mystical town of Wonder Falls. From USA TODAY Bestselling Author Harper Lin. Strange things are happening in Wonder Falls before Halloween. Jake and Blake investigate a death that involves black-eyed kids. The detectives want to believe it’s an urban legend until a couple of these creepy children try to enter the homes of Jake and Min, terrifying them both. Cath, Bea, and Aunt Astrid trace the source of these demon kids to a secluded mansion in town, where cruel creatures and mysterious events are festering. Readers are loving this charming and spooky paranormal series. keywords: urban legend mystery, paranormal cozy mystery and suspense, witch craft books witch mysteries series, cat mysteries on kindle, paranormal witch comedy, cozy mystery box set, cat cozy mysteries, Supernatural Psychic Mystery



Author: Melita Kunz

Publisher: Michael Joseph

ISBN: 9780863502637

Category: Cats

Page: 96

View: 9188


Sleepover Girls Go Detective


Author: Louis Catt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780006753933

Category: Children's stories

Page: 90

View: 8924

Vivian French is writing as Louis Catt Sleepover Club No 15 in which the girls Fliss, Lindz, Kenny, Frankie and Rosie turn detective. Lively fun from beginning to end -- mega When Lyndz's cat disappears, the Sleepovers turn detective. In their search for the cat, Frankie ends up buying a kitten that she isn't allowed to keep. Luckily one of the Sleepovers' prime suspects, a neighbour with many cats of her own, saves the day by offering to look after Frankie's kitten. But where is Lyndz's cat? The Sleepovers have little success as detectives... but a happy surprise awaits them at Ryan's party. Even Frankie ends up smiling when she finds out the real reason she couldn't keep the kitten.

A Cat In Wolf's Clothing



Author: Lydia Adamson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101578882

Category: Fiction

Page: 152

View: 9830

Available Digitally for the First Time A cat, a mouse, and two corpses equal a menagerie of murder for actress turned cat-sitting sleuth Alice Nestleton… Dubbed “one of Manhattan’s finest little-known actresses,” beautiful cat-sitter turned sleuth Alice Nestleton has been called into action again. This time the New York City cops have put her onto a case that’s right up her alley. It begins when a routine murder investigation uncovers a string of clues that tie up fifteen years of unsolved homicides. The common thread: a cat-loving serial killer who preys on feline owners, whisks away the startled pet, and leaves a mouse toy at the scene as his calling card. This is enough to put Alice hot on the trail for more clues—a trail that moves from the secretive small towns of the Adirondacks, to the pages of a book of nursery rhymes, to the eerie caverns of Central Park. There Alice finds herself face to face with a mysterious cult whose devotees dabble in cat-worship—and murder. Curl up with A Cat Tells Two Tales, available October 2012 in trade paperback from Obsidian.

Writing: A Manual for the Digital Age, Brief, Spiral bound Version


Author: David Blakesley,Jeffrey L. Hoogeveen

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1133168949

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 640

View: 1309

WRITING: A MANUAL FOR THE DIGITAL AGE, BRIEF 2nd Edition, is the rhetorical handbook for composing in the 21st century. Blakesley and Hoogeveen place students' writing front and center with an innovative page format that keeps students' attention focused on their own writing and on activities, checklists, projects, and visual aids that help them write. The page design and innovative visuals make information about writing, reading, research, documentation, technology, and grammar easy for students to access and understand. To accomplish their writing tasks, students are taught to ground their rhetorical decisions in the specific context in which they are writing. Because writing and reading occur both in print and online, WRITING: A MANUAL FOR THE DIGITAL AGE, BRIEF 2nd Edition, prepares students to work with images, audio, video, and print. Technology Toolbox features throughout, as well as two dedicated parts of the book (Parts 6 and 7), teach students how to compose with technology intelligently. A new chapter on Writing in Online Courses, the first of its kind in a handbook, will guide students in addressing this new but increasingly common context for writing. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Curious Crime Chronicles of :Matty Jones,Detective at Large

Dead Dogs Tell No Tales


Author: P. R. Goodman

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469175436

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 75

View: 2887

With a nostalgic flavor of Sam Spade and vintage noir a four-footed force for justice treads the sidewalks of glittering, glamorous Charm City. Introducing Matty Jones, loyal and devoted pet by day, street-savvy detective by night a ten pound Bichonese with a heart of gold, and a steely determination to get the job done. Mystery and fun abound as Matty always gets his manthe four footed kind that is! A quiet evening at home finds Matty dozing on a favorite pillow. Then a visit from his trusted side-kick Scooter informs him that trouble is on the way; Gang-dogs disembarking at Pier Three with their sights set on Charm City! To make matters worse, Mattys best Friend Sadie-Cat will fi nd herself in the thick of it. Matty must somehow enlist human aid to stop the gang-dog takeover, as well as rescue Sadie while theres still time. Its another exciting case for Matty Jones - Charm Citys most popular Detective at large! Grateful thanks to Rachel Malikow for editing

The Cat Behavior Answer Book

Solutions to Every Problem You'll Ever Face; Answers to Every Question You'll Ever Ask


Author: Arden Moore

Publisher: Storey Publishing

ISBN: 1603421793

Category: Pets

Page: 336

View: 9954

Cats are lovable, funny, attentive listeners, and wonderfully cuddly. They can also be tenacious, persnickety, and maddeningly aloof. Arden Moore explains the mysteries behind your feline friend’s thoughts and actions, from that inexplicable fascination with catnip to kneading blankets, chasing mice, and dozens of other complexities of cat behavior. With a handle on what’s behind your cat’s quirky personality, you’ll be able to maximize quality time with the fuzziest member of the family.