The Game Planners

Transforming Canada's Sport System


Author: Donald Macintosh,David Whitson

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 9780773512115

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 180

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Ben Johnson's performance at the 1988 Olympics and the Dubin Inquiry are engrained in the memory of all Canadians. A common public reaction to the news that some athletes had taken steroids was that they had had to do so to remain competitive in a system where such things are the norm. But how has the Canadian sports system once a strong promoter of the amateur ideal of sport for sport's sake fallen to the point where this is considered the norm? Donald Macintosh and David Whitson address these and other questions regarding policy making in Canadian amateur sport.

Contexts of Canadian Popular Culture


Author: Bart Beaty,Derek Briton

Publisher: Athabasca University Press

ISBN: 1897425597

Category: Social Science

Page: 368

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What does Canadian popular culture say about the construction and negotiation of Canadian national identity? This third volume of How Canadians Communicate describes the negotiation of popular culture across terrains where national identity is built by producers and audiences, government and industry, history and geography, ethnicities and citizenships. Canada does indeed have a popular culture distinct from other nations. How Canadians Communicate III gathers the country's most inquisitive experts on Canadian popular culture to prove its thesis.

The Girl and the Game

A History of Women's Sport in Canada, Second Edition


Author: M. Ann Hall

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442634146

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 424

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In the second edition of this groundbreaking social history, M. Ann Hall begins with an important new chapter on Aboriginal women and early sport and ends with a new chapter tying today's trends and issues in Canadian women's sport to their origins in the past. Students will appreciate the more descriptive chapter titles and the restructuring of the book into easily digestible sections. Fifty-two images complement Hall's lively narrative.

Lords of the Rinks

The Emergence of the National Hockey League, 1875-1936


Author: John Chi-Kit Wong

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 1442659580

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 330

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No sport is as important to Canadians as hockey. Though there may be a great many things that divide the country, the love of hockey is perhaps its single greatest unifier. Before the latest labour unrest in the National Hockey League (NHL), however, it was easy to forget that hockey is also a multi-million dollar business run, not by the athletes or coaches, but by corporate boards and businessmen. The Lords of the Rinks documents the early years of hockey’s professionalization and commercialization and the emergence of a fledgling NHL, from 1875 to 1936. As the popularity of hockey grew in Canada in the late nineteenth century, so too did its commercial aspects, and players, club directors, rink owners, fans, and media had developed deep emotional, economic, and ideological interests in the sport. Disagreement came in the ways and means of how organized hockey, especially at the elite level, should be managed. Hence, some coordination, by way of governing bodies, was required to maintain a semblance of order. These early administrative bodies tried to maintain a structure that would help to coordinate the various interests, set up standards of behaviour, and impose mechanisms to detect and punish violators of governance. In 1917, the NHL held its first games and by 1936 had become the dominant governing body in professional hockey. Having performed extensive research in the NHL archives – including league meeting minutes, letters, memos, telegrams, as well as gate receipt reports – John Chi-Kit Wong traces the commercial roots of hockey and argues that, in its organized form, the sport was rarely if ever without some commercial aspects despite labels such as amateur and professional. The Lords of the Rinks is the only truly comprehensive and scholarly history of the league and the business of hockey. Electronic Format Disclaimer: The image on page 22 has been removed at the request of the rights holder.

Sport in Canada

A History


Author: Don Morrow,Kevin B. Wamsley

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 381

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The second edition of Sport in Canada: A History examines the place of sports and games in Canadian life, mainly from a historical perspective, but also in view of contemporary society. Chapters explore how people have related to one another through sports, games, and pastimes throughout Canada's history. Assessing the broader social context within which particular sports emerged or disappeared and the forces that have shaped them, Sport in Canada is an indispensible volume for those studying the history of sport in this country.

Coaches Report


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Publisher: N.A


Category: Coaching (Athletics)

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Sport Policy in Canada


Author: Lucie Thibault,Jean Harvey

Publisher: University of Ottawa Press

ISBN: 0776620959

Category: Law

Page: 435

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The first and most comprehensive analysis of the new Canadian Sport Policy adopted in 2012.



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Publisher: N.A


Category: Physical education and training

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Sport Ethics

Concepts and Cases in Sport and Recreation


Author: David Cruise Malloy,Saul Ross,Dwight Harry Zakus

Publisher: Thompson Educational Pub.


Category: Sports

Page: 230

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Sport has always presented participants, administrators and observers with a wide and often bizarre array of ethical dilemmas. They take on a special edge, perhaps because the sport personalities are usually well known as are result of the extensive media coverage of sporting events. We look in astonishment and horror at such things as the judging debacle in the pairs figure-skating event at the 2002 Olympic Winter Games, the not-too-distant future possibility of genetically modified athletes, the bribe taking by members of the IOC, the widespread steroid use by athletes, the child sex-abuse cases in hockey, the acceptance of physical assault and violence, the hooligans among British soccer fans, and the drug abusers at the Tour de France. This book is provides an analytical framework to enable readers to explore and understand many of the ethical issues and controversies in sport today. Included for discussion purposes are topical case studies drawn from the world of sport and recreation.



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Publisher: N.A


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Lines Drawn upon the Water

First Nations and the Great Lakes Borders and Borderlands


Author: Karl S. Hele

Publisher: Wilfrid Laurier Univ. Press

ISBN: 1554580978

Category: History

Page: 378

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The First Nations who have lived in the Great Lakes watershed have been strongly influenced by the imposition of colonial and national boundaries there. The essays in Lines Drawn upon the Water examine the impact of the Canadian—American border on communities, with reference to national efforts to enforce the boundary and the determination of local groups to pursue their interests and define themselves. Although both governments regard the border as clearly defined, local communities continue to contest the artificial divisions imposed by the international boundary and define spatial and human relationships in the borderlands in their own terms. The debate is often cast in terms of Canada’s failure to recognize the 1794 Jay Treaty’s confirmation of Native rights to transport goods into Canada, but ultimately the issue concerns the larger struggle of First Nations to force recognition of their people’s rights to move freely across the border in search of economic and social independence.

Long-Term Athlete Development


Author: Istvan Balyi,Richard Way,Colin Higgs

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 1450462359

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 296

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Long-Term Athlete Development offers an in-depth explanation of the long-term athlete development model, an approach to athlete-centered sport that combines skill instruction with long-term planning and an understanding of human development to produce athlete growth.