The Art of John Piper


Author: David Fraser Jenkins,Hugh Fowler-Wright

Publisher: Unicorn Press (CA)

ISBN: 9781910787052


Page: 500

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A major artist of the twentieth century, John Piper (1903 92) was a pioneer of modern abstract art in Britain during the 1930s. Piper captured some of the most iconic moments of his time through his art, never letting himself be penned in by a single mode or method of expression. He painted the ruins of the Blitz in Coventry, London, and Bath; the beauty and loneliness of the summits and panoramas of Snowdonia; as well as quaint rural churches around Britain. He was also the designer of nine of the first productions of the operas and a ballet by Benjamin Britten, and a pioneer of lithography, screenprinting, and the use of color in ceramics. Finally, he was the designer of stained glass for the great cathedrals and churches of Coventry, Eton College, and Plymouth. The first published survey of the whole of John Piper s art throughout his long life, this volume offers a full account of his artistic ouevre with over three hundred beautiful images and supporting text written by two leading experts on Piper. "

The Prodigal's Sister (With the Art of Robert Doares)


Author: John Piper

Publisher: Crossway

ISBN: 143351687X

Category: Poetry

Page: 64

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The Grace of God is so astonishing that we cannot adequately describe it. But Jesus knew how to say it-in a parable. With the drawings of Robert Doares depicting the setting, The Prodigal's Sister poetically and imaginatively retells the parable of the prodigal son with a startling twist. In the poem the younger sister of the prodigal sets out to reclaim her brother's life. The new life the prodigal finds in his father's love is mirrored in the mercy the legalistic elder brother finds when he learns that his slave-like labor is useless in winning his father's love. The Prodigal's Sister, which the author reads on the accompanying CD, rejoices over the incomparable grace of God. For anyone who has ever felt beyond the hope of joy, this poem opens a way home to the Father.

Sehnsucht nach Gott

Leben als "christlicher Genießer"


Author: John Piper

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783935188296


Page: 420

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John Piper in the 1930s

Abstraction on the Beach


Author: David Fraser Jenkins,Frances Spalding,John Piper

Publisher: Merrell Pub Limited


Category: Art

Page: 192

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John Piper was one of the leading Modernist artists of the twentieth century. This in-depth study covers the years of his early career, when he was largely working on the south coast of England. His engagement with the work of Picasso and Braque, his response to the onset of war, and the resulting tension between abstraction and realism in his painting are engagingly explored.

John Piper, Myfanwy Piper

A Biography


Author: Frances Spalding

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780198804826


Page: 624

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This book is about a shared journey made by John and Myfanwy Piper who early on settled down in a small hamlet on the edge of the Chilterns, whence they proceeded to produce work which placed them centre stage in the cultural landscape of the twentieth century. Here, too, they fed andentertained many visitors, among them Kenneth Clark, John Betjeman, Osbert Lancaster, Benjamin Britten, and the Queen Mother. Their creative partnership encompasses not only a long marriage and numerous private and professional vicissitudes, but also a genuine legacy of lasting achievements in thevisual arts, literature and music. Frances Spalding also sheds new light on the story of British art in the 1930s. In the middle of this decade John Piper and Myfanwy Evans (they did not marry until 1937) were at the forefront of avant-garde activities in England, Myfanwy editing the most advanced art magazine of the day and Johnworking alongside Ben Nicholson, Barbara Hepworth, Henry Moore, and others. But as the decade progressed and the political situation in Europe worsened, they changed their allegiances, John Piper investigating in his art a sense of place, belonging, history, memory, and the nature of nationalidentity, all issues that are very much to the fore in today's world. Myfanwy Piper is best known as "Golden Myfanwy", Betjeman's muse and for her work as librettist with Benjamin Britten. John Piper was an extraordinarily prolific artist in many media, his fertile career stretching over six decades and involving him in many changes of style. Having been an abstractpainter in the 1930s, he became best known for his landscapes and architectural scenes in a romantic style. This core interest, in the English and Welsh landscape and the built environment, developed in him a sensibility that took in almost everything, from gin palaces to painted quoins, from ruinedcottages to country houses, from Victorian shop fronts to what is nowadays called industrial archeology. His capacious and divided sensibility made him defender of many aspects of the English landscape and the built environment, while in his art he became an heir of that great tradition encompassingWordsworth and Blake, Turner, Ruskin, and Samuel Palmer. He was torn between the pleasures of an abstract language liberated from time and place and those embedded in the locale, in buildings, geography, and history. Today, this expansive contradictoriness seems quintessentially modern, his dividedresponse finding an echo in our own ambivalence towards modernity. Both Pipers created what seemed to many observers an ideal way of life, involving children, friendships, good food, humour, the pleasures of a garden, work, and creativity. Running through their lives is a fertile tension between a commitment to the new and a desire to reinvigorate certain nativetraditions. This tension produced work that is passionate and experimental. "Only those who live most vividly in the present", John Russell observed of John and Myfanwy Piper, "deserve to inherit the past".

The Prints of John Piper

Quality and Experiment : a Catalogue Raisonné 1923-91


Author: Orde Levinson

Publisher: Lund Humphries Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781848220638

Category: Art

Page: 232

View: 9428

This is an expanded and revised edition of Orde Levinson's definitive catalogue raisonne of the prints of John Piper: an essential reference book for collectors, curators, prints specialists and art historians, and an invaluable visual resource for all those with an interest in Piper's prolific and varied printmaking output. First published in 1987, and reissued with a complete prints catalogue in 1996 following Piper's death, the book has been thoroughly updated for this new edition, incorporating a new essay by David Fraser Jenkins on Piper's extraordinary experimental prints of the mid-1960s; a new Introduction by Orde Levinson; an up-to-date Bibliography and expanded lists of Designs, Exhibitions, Illustrations and Public Collections; unpublished archival photographs; and a completely updated page-design."

John Piper in Wales


Author: Arts Council of Great Britain. Welsh Committee

Publisher: N.A


Category: Painting

Page: 20

View: 1827

The Misery of Job and the Mercy of God


Author: John Piper,Ric Ergenbright

Publisher: Crossway Books

ISBN: 9781581344554

Category: Religion

Page: 78

View: 8847

A moving, interpretive poem about what Job discovered in his tragedy, complemented by stunning photography, creates a remarkable gift book that will stir a passion for God's supremacy in all things.

John Piper and Stained Glass


Author: June Osborne

Publisher: Sutton Pub Limited


Category: Art

Page: 196

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Written in collaboration with his widow, this is the first book to explore and reproduce the magnificent stained glass of this renowned 20th century artist. The internationally renowned artist John Piper (1903-1992) was arguably the greatest 20th century designer in stained glass and this is the first book to explore and reproduce this magnificent work. It establishes Piper's standing as a hugely influential artist beyond the medium of paint. Over 100 examples of Piper's stained glass from around the world are reproduced, allowing the reader to appreciate for the first time the range of the work and providing an illustrated historical catalog. Also reproduced are many original sketches and plans as well as photographs of the artist at work.

Quality and experiment

the prints of John Piper : a catalogue raisonné 1923-91


Author: Orde Levinson,John Piper

Publisher: Lund Humphries Publishers


Category: Art

Page: 192

View: 3148

John Piper (1903-92) was unquestionably one of the most versatile British artists of the twentieth century. A great admirer of Picasso, he was at the cutting edge of many elements of the British art scene. Although best known for his paintings, Piper has achieved the highest respect for his works in stained glass and ceramics, his stage, set and costume designs, art-critical writings, and his large corpus of prints. The prints are innovative, lively and continuously challenge the medium. This book is the first catalogue of Piper's entire graphic work to be published, and completes the record started by Orde Levinson's 1987 catalogue raissone of Piper's prints. This new updated catalogue incorporates prints produced between 1987 and Piper's death in 1992, as well as newly discovered earlier prints. All works are illustrated (with all colour works reproduced in colour), and the corpus of prints includes etchings, aquatints, wood engravings, lithographs and screenprints. In order to show the importance of the prints in the wider context of Piper's life and work, Order Levinson has included a short essay on Piper's prints; biographical notes; and lists of Piper's designs for stage sets, stained glass and tapestries, which often relate to his prints. The reference material is now certainly the most comprehensive ever compiled on Piper, and allows the reader to survey the development of his artistic concerns. This is the definitive study of the prints of John Piper, and will enable all readers to appreciate his mastery anew.

John Piper


Author: Darren Pih

Publisher: Pavilion Books

ISBN: 1911595865

Category: Art

Page: N.A

View: 6009

Set to accompany the John Piper exhibition at the Tate Liverpool and written by its curator, this book presents a comprehensive examination of the English artist’s role as champion of modernism in Britain. John Piper (1903–1992) is renowned for his extraordinarily diverse practice that embraced landscape, architectural and abstract compositions, as well as his theatre and stage sets for Benjamin Britten and his stained-glass windows. The exhibition at Tate Liverpool is the first to examine Piper's role in European modernism, presenting major works by Piper alongside selected works by artists including Jean Hélion and Alexander Calder. The book contains works by Piper including painting, relief, collage and photography and also presents comparative works and information compiling over 70 images. The book is divided into the following sections: 1. Introduction 2. Early Paintings & Drawings 3. Going Abstract 4. Picturesque Landscapes & War Artist 5. The Postwar Landscape Accompanying the exhibition, this book offers an innovative look at the work of an incredibly versatile artist, evidencing how Piper’s work fused the creation of the European avant-garde with a powerful sensitivity to Britain and its history.

Inspirational Preaching


Author: John Piper,Craig Brian Larson

Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers

ISBN: 1598568590

Category: Religion

Page: 163

View: 2851

Here is an opportunity for pastors and seminary students to learn from the best. In this second book of the "Preacher's Toolbox" series, more of today's most popular Christian leaders offer sage advice on "Inspirational Preaching" that will motivate and encourage readers to deliver more effective and inspirational sermons. Teachers like John Piper, Brian Wilkerson, Gordon MacDonald and John Ortberg offer guidance and instruction from both personal and Biblical perspectives. Together with Book 1 of the "Preacher's Toolbox" series on "Prophetic Preaching," pastors and Christian leaders will have a well-spring of knowledge on the art of preaching today. Table of Contents - "The Supremacy of God in Preaching," by John Piper - "The Biggest Idea in Preaching," by Haddon Robinson - "Authentic Inspiration," by John Ortberg - "Helping People Think Higher," by Bryan Wilkerson - "Preaching the Wow Factor," by Lee Eclov - "Inspired and Inspiring," by Jeffrey Arthurs - "Fighting for Your Congregation's Imagination," by Skye Jethani - "Preaching with VIM, Not Just Vigor," by Bryan Wilkerson - "Your Text Has Feelings," by Kenneth Quicke - "Allowing Emotion to Buttress Truth," by Gary Fenton - "Tune My Heart to Sing Thy Grace: Why We Preach from Psalms," by Lee Eclov - "5 Veins of Deep Preaching," by Scott Chapman - "Soul Deep Preaching," by Gordon MacDonald - "Preacher as Advocate," by John Koessler - "Preaching with Childlike Wonder," by Matt Woodley - "Last Sunday You Preached Your Final Boring Sermon," by Michael Quicke - "A Good Mystery," by Richard Hansen - "Red Pill Preaching," by Mark Batterson -" Leading and Preaching," by Paul Borden

Adrian Piper

Race, Gender, and Embodiment


Author: John P. Bowles

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822349205

Category: Art

Page: 335

View: 8414

This in-depth analysis of Adrian Piper s art locates her groundbreaking work at the nexus of Conceptual and feminist art of the late 1960s and 1970s.

Die Lebensfreude

La joie de vivre: Die Rougon-Macquart


Author: Emile Zola

Publisher: Musaicum Books

ISBN: 8027216109

Category: Fiction

Page: 310

View: 7640

Der Roman Die Lebensfreude erzählt die Entwicklung eines jungen Mädchens im Frankreich der 60er und 70er Jahre des 19. Jahrhunderts. Er schildert seine Pubertät, die Liebe zu seinem Vetter und seine Einbindung in die Lebensverhältnisse einer bürgerlichen Familie. Zugleich nimmt er die verdorbenen, von Egoismus und Gier nach persönlichem Vorteil dominierten gesellschaftlichen Strukturen der Zeit unter die Lupe. Zola beschreibt, wie auf diesem Nährboden das junge Mädchen in einer schmerzhaften Entwicklung zu einem demütigen und barmherzigen Menschen wächst, wie es Kraft und Stärke entwickelt und sich so zu einem überlegenen Charakter und personifizierten Gegenentwurf zum Geist der Zeit bildet. Émile Édouard Charles Antoine Zola (1840-1902) war ein französischer Schriftsteller und Journalist. Zola gilt als einer der großen französischen Romanciers des 19. Jahrhunderts und als Leitfigur und Begründer der gesamteuropäischen literarischen Strömung des Naturalismus. Zugleich war er ein sehr aktiver Journalist, der sich auf einer gemäßigt linken Position am politischen Leben beteiligte.

Selected Writings in Art Criticism, 1967-1992


Author: Adrian Piper

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262661539

Category: Art

Page: 360

View: 5064

"Out of Order, Out of Sight is an artistic and intellectual autobiography and ... commentary on mainstream art, art criticism, and American culture of the last twenty-five years"--Cover.

Frances Hodgkins

Paintings and Drawings


Author: Iain Buchanan,Frances Hodgkins

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: 193

View: 4961

In 1941 John Piper wrote to his fellow artist, New Zealand expatriate Frances Hodgkins, 'Congratualtions on the great achievement of your new works....Thank you for the enormous pleasure and instruction that these new works give.' Recognised by her contemporaries in the 1930s and 1940s as a leading member of the British avant garde and exhibiting frequently with artists like Piper, Paul Nash, Graham Sutherland, Ben Nicholson and Winifred Nicholson, Frances Hodgkins has not hitherto received the detailed attention her work deserves. While art historians are indebted to the biographical studies of E. H. McCormick, this book places its focus on the paintings and drawings of this important artist. It builds upon the growing interest in her work indicated by exhibitions in both New Zealand and Britian in recent years; and on reassessments of other British artists of this period. It also gains from recent sympathetic and perceptive approaches to women artists. Three extensive essays by leading New Zealand art historians explore in depth the growth and development of Hodgkins's distinctive artistic practice. They show how a colonial watercolourist endowed with determination and courage as well as considerable talent was able to absorb European influences such as Surrealism and Cubism and was responsive to a variety of other inspirations, from child art to abstraction. Hodgkins is seen experimenting in a variety of mediums and styles, an artist working confidently and with growing maturity towards her unique late phase, at its most brilliant in her still-life landscapes.