The Archaeology of Athens


Author: John M. Camp

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300101515

Category: Social Science

Page: 340

View: 4345

In this definitive book, prominent archaeologist John M. Camp presents an up-to-date survey of the monuments of ancient Athens and Attica to create a complete archaeological tour of the area. Camp's lavishly illustrated work will appeal not only to scholars and students of Greek civilization but also to visitors exploring the ancient sites.

The Archaeology of Athens and Attica Under the Democracy

Proceedings of an International Conference Celebrating 2500 Years Since the Birth of Democracy in Greece, Held at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, December 4-6, 1992


Author: William D. E. Coulson

Publisher: Oxbow Books Limited


Category: History

Page: 250

View: 2946

Contains the proceedings of an international conference celebrating 2500 years since the birth of democracy in Greece, held at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens, December 4-6, 1992. Topics include the date of the old temple of Athena on the Athenian Acropolis.

The Archaeology of Ancient Greece


Author: James Whitley

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521627337

Category: Art

Page: 484

View: 5454

A synthesis of research on the material culture of Greece in the Archaic and Classical periods, first published in 2001.

Autopsy in Athens

Recent Archaeological Research on Athens and Attica


Author: Margaret M. Miles

Publisher: Oxbow Books

ISBN: 1782978577

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 6437

This is an exciting time to study in Athens. The “rescue” excavations of recent years, conducted during construction of the Metro system and in preparation for the 2004 Olympics Games, combined with major restoration projects and a new enthusiasm for fresh examination of old material, using new techniques and applications, brings new perspectives and answers on many aspects of the ancient city of Athens and life, politics and religion in Attica. The 15 papers presented here contribute new findings that result from intensive, firsthand examinations of the archaeological and epigraphical evidence. They illustrate how much may be gained by reexamining material from older excavations, and from the methodological shift from documenting information to closer analysis and larger historical reflection. They offer a variety of perspectives on a range of issues: the ambiance of the ancient city for passersby, filled with roadside shrines; techniques of architectural construction and sculpting; religious expression in Athens including cults of Asklepios and Serapis; the precise procedures for Greek sacrifice; how the borders of Attica were defined over time, and details of its road-system. In presenting this volume the contributors are continuing in a long tradition of autopsy – in the sense of 'personal observation' – in Athens, that began even in the Hellenistic period and has continued through the writings of centuries of travelers and academics to the present day.

Great Moments in Greek Archaeology


Author: Panos Valavanēs

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 9780892369102

Category: History

Page: 379

View: 8192

This beautifully illustrated book offers a wide-ranging overview of the greatest archaeological sites and discoveries from ancient Greece. The contributors include both those who have excavated at the sites in question and scholars who have spent a lifetime studying the monuments about which they write.

Lords of the Sea

The Epic Story of the Athenian Navy and the Birth of Democracy


Author: John R. Hale

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9780670020805

Category: History

Page: 395

View: 767

Presents a history of the epic battles, the indomitable ships, and the men--from extraordinary leaders to seductive rogues--who established Athens' supremacy, taking readers on a tour of the far-flung expeditions and detailing the legacy of a forgotten maritime empire.

Connecting a City to the Sea

The History of the Athenian Long Walls


Author: David Conwell

Publisher: BRILL

ISBN: 9047431332

Category: Social Science

Page: 284

View: 4241

Driven by the proposition that the Athenians would not have relied on the Long Walls when their navy was weak, this comprehensive history of the structures dates each construction phase, examines the walls’ purpose, and chronicles their fluctuating viability.

Theoretical Approaches to the Archaeology of Ancient Greece

Manipulating Material Culture


Author: Lisa Nevett

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 0472122533

Category: Social Science

Page: 338

View: 6565

In the modern world, objects and buildings speak eloquently about their creators. Status, gender identity, and cultural affiliations are just a few characteristics we can often infer about such material culture. But can we make similar deductions about the inhabitants of the first millennium BCE Greek world? Theoretical Approaches to the Archaeology of Ancient Greece offers a series of case studies exploring how a theoretical approach to the archaeology of this area provides insight into aspects of ancient society. An introductory section exploring the emergence and growth of theoretical approaches is followed by examinations of the potential insights these approaches provide. The authors probe some of the meanings attached to ancient objects, townscapes, and cemeteries, for those who created, and used, or inhabited them. The range of contexts stretches from the early Greek communities during the eighth and seventh centuries BCE, through Athens between the eighth and fifth centuries BCE, and on into present day Turkey and the Levant during the third and second centuries BCE. The authors examine a range of practices, from the creation of individual items such as ceramic vessels and figurines, through to the construction of civic buildings, monuments, and cemeteries. At the same time they interrogate a range of spheres, from craft production, through civic and religious practices, to funerary ritual.

Athens, Attica and the Megarid

An Archaeological Guide


Author: Hans Rupprecht Goette

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113454393X

Category: Social Science

Page: 416

View: 870

This exciting new guide is the ideal companion to Greece if you are a traveller with historical and archaeological interests, as it combines practical information with impeccable scholarly research. Written by an expert on Greece's landscape and archaeology, the guide is unique in exploring a wide range of sites off the beaten track. It also tours all the best-known monuments and regions, from the Acropolis to Aegina, from Megara to Marathon and from Sounion to Salamis. Beautifully illustrated with over 200 plates, maps, plans and drawings, it includes: * precise descriptions of routes and individual sites * artistic, historical, social and political background * unprecedented coverage outside Athens * detailed exploration of the post-classical, Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods. Take it with you on your travels or read it at home; either way, you will gain a deeper appreciation and enjoyment of Greece's history and archaeology.

Archaeology of Greece and Rome

Image, Text and Context. Studies In Honour of Anthony Snodgrass


Author: John Bintliff

Publisher: Edinburgh University Press

ISBN: 1474417116

Category: Social Science

Page: 472

View: 9911

Over his long and illustrious career as Lecturer, Reader and Professor in Edinburgh University (1961-1976), Lawrence Professor of Classical Archaeology at Cambridge (1976-2001) and currently Fellow of the McDonald Institute of Archaeology at Cambridge, Anthony Snodgrass has influenced and been associated with a long series of eminent classical archaeologists, historians and linguists. In acknowledgement of his immense academic achievement, this collection of essays by a range of international scholars reflects his wide-ranging research interests: Greek prehistory, the Greek Iron Age and Archaic era, Greek texts and Archaeology, Classical Art History, societies on the fringes of the Greek and Roman world, and Regional Field Survey. Not only do they celebrate his achievements but they also represent new avenues of research which will have a broad appeal.

Ancient Cities

The Archaeology of Urban Life in the Ancient Near East and Egypt, Greece and Rome


Author: Charles Gates

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134676697

Category: History

Page: 464

View: 5115

Well illustrated with nearly 300 line drawings, maps and photographs, Ancient Cities surveys the cities of the ancient Near East, Egypt, and the Greek and Roman worlds from an archaeological perspective, and in their cultural and historical contexts. Covering a huge area geographically and chronologically, it brings to life the physical world of ancient city dwellers by concentrating on evidence recovered by archaeological excavations from the Mediterranean basin and south-west Asia Examining both pre-Classical and Classical periods, this is an excellent introductory textbook for students of classical studies and archaeology alike.


An Oxford Archaeological Guide


Author: Christopher Mee,Antony Spawforth

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780192880581

Category: Social Science

Page: 464

View: 8269

This illustrated Guide written by experts offers up-to-date descriptions and plans of over a hundred major and minor archaeological sites in mainland Greece, dating from the Neolithic to the early Christian eras. There is extensive background information on each site and on the general history and archaeology of Greece in this period.

Sculpture in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens


Author: Nikolaos Kaltsas

Publisher: Getty Publications

ISBN: 9780892366866

Category: Architecture

Page: 375

View: 3707

A superb catalogue of Greek, Hellenistic and Roman sculpture displayed in the National Archaeological Museum in Athens containing some of the finest art works of the ancient world. A short introduction provides the background to the Archaic period through to the end of Antiquity followed by the catalogue of examples classified by period and by type. With more than 700 photographs, this is a stunning visual record of art from the ancient world.

The Topography of Athens

With Some Remarks on Its Antiquities


Author: William Martin Leake

Publisher: N.A


Category: Athens (Greece)

Page: N.A

View: 6478


The Archaeology of Houses and Households in Ancient Crete


Author: Kevin T. Glowacki,Natalia Vogeikoff-Brogan

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1621390039

Category: Social Science

Page: 520

View: 6286

This volume presents the papers of an international colloquium on the archaeology of houses and households in ancient Crete held in Ierapetra in May 2005. The 38 papers presented here range from a discussion of household activities at Final Neolithic Phaistos to the domestic correlates of “globalization” during the early Roman Empire. These studies demonstrate a variety of methodological approaches currently employed for understanding houses and household activities. Key themes include understanding the built environment in all of its manifestations, the variability of domestic organization, the role of houses and households in mediating social (and perhaps even ethnic) identity within a community or region, household composition, and of course, household activities of all types, ranging from basic subsistence needs to production and consumption at a suprahousehold level.

The Complete Archaeology of Greece

From Hunter-Gatherers to the 20th Century A.D.


Author: John Bintliff

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118255208

Category: History

Page: 480

View: 4063

The Complete Archaeology of Greece covers the incredible richness and variety of Greek culture and its central role in our understanding of European civilization, from the Palaeolithic era of 400,000 years ago to the early modern period. In a single volume, the field's traditional focus on art and architecture has been combined with a rigorous overview of the latest archaeological evidence forming a truly comprehensive work on Greek civilization. *Extensive notes on the text are freely available online at Wiley Online Library, and include additional details and references for both the serious researcher and amateur A unique single-volume exploration of the extraordinary development of human society in Greece from the earliest human traces up till the early 20th century AD Provides 22 chapters and an introduction chronologically surveying the phases of Greek culture, with over 200 illustrations Features over 200 images of art, architecture, and ancient texts, and integrates new archaeological discoveries for a more detailed picture of the Greece past, its landscape, and its people Explains how scientific advances in archaeology have provided a broader perspective on Greek prehistory and history Selected by Choice as a 2013 Outstanding Academic Title

The World of the Ancient Greeks


Author: John McK. Camp (II),Elizabeth A. Fisher

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780500288740

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 2365

Previously published: New York: Thames & Hudson, 2002.

Agora Excavations, 1931-2006

A Pictorial History


Author: Craig A. Mauzy,John McK. Camp

Publisher: ASCSA

ISBN: 9780876619100

Category: History

Page: 128

View: 5119

This history relates the archaeological work done by the American School of Classical Studies in Athens on the Agora excavations. Areas covered include the reconstruction of the Church of the Holy Apostles from 1954-1956 and the rebuilding of the Stoa. Each section of photographs is preceded by an introductory text and maps.

Land of Sikyon

Archaeology and History of a Greek City-State


Author: Yannis A. Lolos

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1621390020

Category: Social Science

Page: 664

View: 8600

Ancient Sikyon, in the northeastern Peloponnese, was a major player on the Mediterranean stage, especially in the Archaic and Hellenistic periods. This comprehensive study combines a discussion of the geological and historical background with the results of original research based on many years of archaeological fieldwork. Author Yannis Lolos, drawing upon the limited excavations in Sikyonia, literary sources, and mostly his own extensive survey data, traces the history of the human presence in the territory of Sikyon from prehistory to the early modern period. A series of detailed maps plots the position of many previously unknown roads, fortifications, and settlement sites.

Archaeodiet in the Greek World

Dietary Reconstruction from Stable Isotope Analysis


Author: Anastasia Papathanasiou,Michael P. Richards,Sherry C. Fox

Publisher: American School of Classical Studies at Athens

ISBN: 1621390217

Category: History

Page: 224

View: 2554

Occasional Wiener Laboratory Series 2 The analysis of stable isotope ratios of carbon and nitrogen in bone collagen provides a powerful tool for reconstructing past diets, since it provides the only direct evidence of the foods that were actually consumed. The chapters that comprise this volume describe the application of this methodology to the archaeology of Greece, a country whose archaeobotanical remains have been isotopically studied more extensively than any other place in the world. The archaeological issues that can be addressed using stable isotope methods include the importance of fishing; the possible early introduction of millet; the nature of childrearing including weaning age and weaning foods; temporal shifts in protein consumption; differential access to certain foods associated with social status as well as gender and age; and cultural differences in dietary patterns. Additionally, diet is strongly correlated with health or stress markers in the teeth and bones. Knowing what people ate has vital implications for our understanding of past environments and economies, subsistence strategies, and nutrition.