Story Structure Architect


Author: Victoria Lynn Schmidt

Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

ISBN: 1582976996

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 288

View: 1110

Build a Timeless, Original Story Using Hundreds of Classic Story Motifs! It's been said that there are no new ideas; but there are proven ideas that have worked again and again for all writers for hundreds of years. Story Structure Architect is your comprehensive reference to the classic recurring story structures used by every great author throughout the ages. You'll find master models for characters, plots, and complication motifs, along with guidelines for combining them to create unique short stories, novels, scripts, or plays. You'll also learn how to: Build compelling stories that don't get bogged down in the middle Select character journeys and create conflicts Devise subplots and plan dramatic situations Develop the supporting characters you need to make your story work Especially featured are the standard dramatic situations inspire by Georges Polti's well-known 19th century work, The Thirty-Six Dramatic Situations. But author Victoria Schmidt puts a 21st-century spin on these timeless classics and offers fifty-five situations to inspire your creativity and allow you even more writing freedom. Story Structure Architect will give you the mold and then help you break it. This browsable and interactive book offers everything you need to craft a complete, original, and satisfying story sure to keep readers hooked!

Landmark Architecture of Palm Beach


Author: Barbara D. Hoffstot

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 149304155X

Category: Architecture

Page: 376

View: 5579

Palm Beach is a remarkably small town to be so famous; its population is only a little over 10,000. Nor is it an old town: the oldest extant building dates from about 1885, and the town itself was not incorporated until after 1900. What has granted Palm Beach its fame is the same combination of elements that made Bath famous in the 18th century: a very few clear-sighted men—they can be counted on the fingers of one hand, wealthy families attracted to what these men had to offer, and some remarkable architecture built when wealth and vision intermingled. This book records that architecture. The contents are strategically arranged, so that the visitor can drive or walk the area and see the buildings sequence of location. Within this compendium of photographs and descriptive text, you will find more than 150 Palm Beach buildings written and photographed by a resident active in historic preservation. The book does not attempt to evaluate, but rather to exhibit the richness and diversity of this extraordinary place. The work of famous architects is featured, notably that of Addison Mizner, Marion Wyeth, Maurice Fatio, Howard Major, John Volk and the designer Joseph Urban. Also covered are the famous Breakers Hotel, the Bath and Tennis Club, the Everglades Club, and the shops of Worth Avenue.

Beyond Storytelling

Narrative Ansätze und die Arbeit mit Geschichten in Organisationen


Author: Jacques Chlopczyk

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3662541572

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 332

View: 342

Beyond Storytelling stellt unterschiedliche Ansätze, Methoden, Werkzeuge und konkrete Beispiele für die Arbeit mit Geschichten in Organisationen vor. Dabei hat das Buch zum Ziel, sowohl grundlegende Aspekte und Konzepte narrativer Ansätze in Organisationen zu beleuchten, als auch anhand von konkreten Praxisbeispielen das Potential dieser Ansätze für Marketing, Kommunikation, Organisationsentwicklung, Coaching, Wissensmanagement und Lernen in Organisationen aufzuzeigen. Dieses Buch ist eine Einladung dazu, die Arbeit mit Geschichten weiter zu fassen als das Erzählen attraktiver „Stories“. Im Buch wird in den verschiedenen Beiträgen ein transdisziplinärer Ansatz entwickelt, der Geschichten als grundlegendes Prinzip menschlichen Denkens, Fühlens und Handeln begreift. Die vorgestellten narrativen Methoden und Ansätze ermöglichen es für Organisationen neue Denk- und Handlungsräume zu erschließen. Das Buch ist dabei nicht als Endpunkt einer Geschichte gedacht, sondern als Auftakt fur eine intensive Auseinandersetzung mit dem Potential dieses Ansatzes für Organisationen und Unternehmen.

Book in a Month

The Fool-Proof System for Writing a Novel in 30 Days


Author: Victoria Lynn Schmidt

Publisher: F+W Media, Inc.

ISBN: 1599634317

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

View: 7220

What Can You Accomplish in 30 Days? If you make time to write and put away all of your excuses, could you stay on track and finish your novel in only a month? With a structured plan and a focused goal, yes, you can! Using a combination of flexible weekly schedules, focused instruction, and detailed worksheets, author Victoria Schmidt leads you through a proven 30-day novel-writing system without the intimidation factor. Book in a Month shows you how to: Set realistic goals and monitor your progress Manage your time so that your writing life has room to flourish Select a story topic that will continue to inspire you throughout the writing process Quickly outline your entire story so that you have a clear idea of how your plot and characters are going to develop before you start writing Draft each act of your story by focusing on specific turning points Keep track of the areas you want to revise without losing your momentum in the middle of your story Relax and have fun–you are, after all, doing something you love So what are you waiting for? If you've been putting off your book project, let Book in a Month be your guide and find out just how much you can accomplish.

Lost in Time & Space

Transmediale Universen & Prozesshafte Serialität


Author: Christine Piepiorka

Publisher: tredition

ISBN: 3743930374

Category: Science

Page: 332

View: 9308

Fernsehserien, Second-Screens, Bücher, Comics, Spiele... transmediale Universen! Indem Fernsehserien in der heutigen Zeit über die Grenzen ihres Ursprungsmediums hinaus im Internet, in Büchern, Comics, Spielen (weiter-)erzählt werden können, avancieren sie zu transmedialen Gesamtkonzepten, wodurch sich feststellen lässt, dass serielle Narrationen sich nicht mehr nur temporal, sondern auch spatial entfalten. Einher mit dieser Prämisse gehen Fragen, wie sich Fernsehserie über die Mediengrenzen hinweg verräumlichen und ob sowie in welcher Form sich die Zeitlichkeit verändert. In dieser medienwissenschaftlichen Abhandlung wird die Prozesshaftigkeit ihrer Entstehung, welche einhergeht mit der immanenten Serialität, anhand von den US-amerikanischen Serienproduktionen BREAKING BAD, GAME OF THRONES und THE WALKING DEAD untersucht, indem die Fragen nach der Betrachtungsmöglichkeit ihrer Inhalte als auch ihrer Begrifflichkeiten in einem spatiotemporalen Kontext gestellt werden. Entsteht eine eigene Kategorie zeitlich-räumlicher Prozessualität von Serien? Welche Implikationen lassen sich auf das Konzept der Serialität feststellen, auf die Diffusion oder Performation des Fernsehens selbst? Und nicht zuletzt muss und wird die Frage gestellt werden, wie sich dies auf die Kategorie Zuschauer auswirkt.

Der LEGO®-Architekt

Baustile mit LEGO kennenlernen und nachbauen


Author: Tom Alphin

Publisher: dpunkt.verlag

ISBN: 3960882025

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 192

View: 5481

Werde LEGO®-Architekt! Begebe dich auf eine Reise durch die Architekturgeschichte: Lerne Baustile vom Neoklassizismus über Modernismus bis hin zu High-Tech-Lösungen kennen – verwirklicht mit LEGO. Anleitungen für 12 Modelle in verschiedenen Architekturstilen laden zum Nachbau ein und inspirieren dich zu eigenen Bauwerken. Dieses Buch ist von der LEGO-Gruppe weder unterstützt noch autorisiert worden.

Chicago's Opulent Age

1870s-1940s in Vintage Postcards


Author: Jim Edwards

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738519036

Category: History

Page: 128

View: 866

The fires that destroyed Chicago in the 1870s just happened to be events that have led to the city's importance today. Chicago, after the destruction of its downtown, was free to use new architectural concepts and to examine how to use its crowded land space. It was free to reinvent itself. Soon, new Jenny-inspired "tower" buildings began to claw their way into the sky, enabling the city to concentrate its commercial core. By the turn of the century, Chicago had added many lakefront buildings, parks, and temples of art and music, built an elevated railway system, and hosted a World's Fair. Chicago was the first city to let the inventiveness of industrialism mold the way it went about its business and pastimes. Chicago's Opulent Age examines the buildings, events, parks, and people of the city from the 1870s through the 1940s. Also featured are "funlands," fairs, sculptures, and transportation. More than 200 pictures and colorful narratives provide a fitting tribute to the past history of this great city.

Chicago by Day and Night

The Pleasure Seeker's Guide to the Paris of America


Author: Paul Durica,Bill Savage

Publisher: Northwestern University Press

ISBN: 0810129094

Category: History

Page: 277

View: 8020

Republication with annotations of the title previously published by Thomson and Zimmerman, 1892.


The Story of Practice


Author: Dana Cuff

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 9780262531122

Category: Architecture

Page: 306

View: 4889

Dana Cuff delves into the architect's everyday world in "Architecture" to uncover an intricate social art of design, resulting in a new portrait of the profession that sheds light on what it means to become an architect.

Architectural Temperance

Spain and Rome, 1700-1759


Author: Victor Deupi

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317642481

Category: Architecture

Page: 214

View: 3091

Architectural Temperance examines relations between Bourbon Spain and papal Rome (1700-1759) through the lens of cultural politics. With a focus on key Spanish architects sent to study in Rome by the Bourbon Kings, the book also discusses the establishment of a program of architectural education at the newly founded Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando in Madrid. Victor Deupi explores why a powerful nation like Spain would temper its own building traditions with the more cosmopolitan trends associated with Rome; often at the expense of its own national and regional traditions. Through the inclusion of previously unpublished documents and images that shed light on the theoretical debates which shaped eighteenth-century architecture in Rome and Madrid, Architectural Temperance provides readers with new insights into the cultural history of early modern Spain.

Atlas der nie gebauten Bauwerke

Eine Geschichte großer Visionen


Author: Philip Wilkinson

Publisher: Deutscher Taschenbuch Verlag

ISBN: 3423434430

Category: History

Page: 256

View: 6045

Fantastisch geplant, nie verwirklicht Ein Wolkenkratzer, der 1,6 Kilometer hoch ist und 528 Stockwerke hat, eine Glaskuppel, die den größten Teil Manhattans bedeckt, ein Triumphbogen in Form eines Elefanten, Leonardo da Vincis Stadt auf zwei Ebenen: mit den nicht gebauten Projekten wurden anspruchsvolle neue Ideen erforscht, Konventionen hinterfragt und Wege in die Zukunft gewiesen. Einige von ihnen sind Meisterwerke, andere vergnügliche Fantasien. Manche Ideen erscheinen unglaublich kühn. Aber sie verweisen auch auf Gebäude, die Jahrzehnte später entstanden sind, wie das Eden Projekt, ein botanischer Garten, unter Kunststoffkuppeln in Cornwall, oder das Hochhaus The Shard in London.

Pocket Guide to Miami Architecture (Norton Pocket Guides)


Author: Judith Paine McBrien

Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company

ISBN: 0393733777

Category: Architecture

Page: 144

View: 5591

This guidebook organizes 100 architectural highlights into walkable tours in downtown Miami and Miami Beach. From the tropical vernacular of the Barnacle House to the Art Deco neighborhoods of Miami Beach, from the Midcentury Modernism of Morris Lapidus to the sophisticated rhythms of Arquitectonica, Judith Paine McBrien captures the vibrancy and diversity of architecture in Miami and its environs. Set in a stunning seaside site, the buildings of Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, and Coconut Grove tell a fascinating story of artifice, innovation, charm, and international influence. This masterfully illustrated guide highlights the buildings that visitors will want to see, among them the City Beautiful planning of Coral Gables; the classical glory of Vizcaya; and the New World Symphony, Frank Gehry’s twenty-first-century reinterpretation of the music hall.

Architectural Graphic Standards


Author: Andy Pressman,American Institute of Architects

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0471700916

Category: Architecture

Page: 1080

View: 1905

Since 1932, the ten editions of Architectural Graphic Standards have been referred to as the "architect's bible." From site excavation to structures to roofs, this book is the first place to look when an architect is confronted with a question about building design. With more than 8,000 architectural illustrations, including both reference drawings and constructible architectural details, this book provides an easily accessible graphic reference for highly visual professionals. To celebrate seventy-five years as the cornerstone of an industry, this commemorative Eleventh Edition is the most thorough and significant revision of Architectural Graphic Standards in a generation. Substantially revised to be even more relevant to today's design professionals, it features: An entirely new, innovative look and design created by Bruce Mau Design that includes a modern page layout, bold second color, and new typeface Better organized-- a completely new organization structure applies the UniFormat(r) classification system which organizes content by function rather than product or material Expanded and updated coverage of inclusive, universal, and accessible design strategies Environmentally-sensitive and sustainable design is presented and woven throughout including green materials, LEEDS standards, and recyclability A bold, contemporary new package--as impressive closed as it is open, the Eleventh Edition features a beveled metal plate set in a sleek, black cloth cover Ribbon Markers included as a convenient and helpful way to mark favorite and well used spots in the book All New material Thoroughly reviewed and edited by hundreds of building science experts and experienced architects, all new details and content including: new structural technologies, building systems, and materials emphasis on sustainable construction, green materials, LEED standards, and recyclability expanded and updated coverage on inclusive, universal, and accessible design strategies computing technologies including Building Information Modeling (BIM) and CAD/CAM new information on regional and international variations accessibility requirements keyed throughout the text new standards for conducting, disseminating, and applying architectural research New and improved details With some 8,500 architectural illustrations, including both reference drawings and constructible architectural details, Architectural Graphic Standards continues to be the industry's leading, easily accessible graphic reference for highly visual professionals.

Dynamic Storytelling

Storytelling Archetypes for Novels and Short Fiction


Author: Victoria Schmidt

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 9781599639086

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 256

View: 8132

Architecture and Narrative

The Formation of Space and Cultural Meaning


Author: Sophia Psarra

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134288859

Category: Architecture

Page: 304

View: 6652

Architecture is often seen as the art of a thinking mind that arranges, organizes and establishes relationships between the parts and the whole. It is also seen as the art of designing spaces, which we experience through movement and use. Conceptual ordering, spatial and social narrative are fundamental to the ways in which buildings are shaped, used and perceived. Examining and exploring the ways in which these three dimensions interact in the design and life of buildings, this intriguing book will be of use to anyone with an interest in the theory of architecture and architecture's relationship to the cultural human environment.