Spot the Author


Author: Simon Drew

Publisher: Antique Collectors Club Dist

ISBN: 9781851494538

Category: Humor

Page: 48

View: 4880

Uses inventive drawings of everyday objects, birds, animals, and people along with rhyme and word play to create humorous picture puzzles and nonsensical word games.

Finding the Sweet Spot

The Natural Entrepreneur's Guide to Responsible, Sustainable, Joyful Work


Author: Dave Pollard

Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing

ISBN: 1933392908

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 208

View: 808

"Now what am I going to do?" is a question many people ask—and leave unanswered—at critical potential turning points in their careers. Perhaps you’re a new graduate, but instead of lining up for a boring entry-level job at a big corporation, you wish you could start your own sustainable and responsible business. Or maybe you’ve been stuck in a job you hate for a few years, but you still dream of doing the thing you love and that you’re actually good at. Or maybe you’re a boomer and you’re ready for a second career, a personal venture that will represent a total change from what you’ve spent most of your work life doing. Whatever your situation, this is the book to help you get started. Finding the Sweet Spot explains how sustainable, responsible, and joyful natural enterprises differ from most jobs, and it provides the framework for building your own natural enterprise. You’ll learn how to find partners who will help make your venture successful, how to do world-class market research, how to innovate, how to build resilience into your enterprise, and how to avoid the land mines that sink so many small businesses. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to find the "sweet spot" where your gifts, your passions, and your purpose intersect. And make no mistake: our world needs your talent. The current economic system and the educational system that feeds into it have let us down and are destroying our planet. We need a blossoming of natural enterprises—connected, collaborating, and supporting ventures—to form a dynamic new natural economy. Is such a thing possible? Inventor, entrepreneur, and humanist Buckminster Fuller said: "You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete." Finding the Sweet Spot presents a new model. Use it to find the work you were meant to do, thereby helping to create the world we’re meant to live—and make a living—in.

Spot, the Cat


Author: Henry Cole

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1481442252

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 2807

In this wordless picture book, a cat named Spot ventures out an open window and through a city on a journey, while his owner tries to find him.

Spot the Frog


Author: Mark Heath

Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing

ISBN: 0740756850

Category: Humor

Page: 128

View: 9161

So many of today's comic strips feature edgy characters. "Spot the Frog" is gentler, more whimsical, with a sense of the fantastic. It's about innocence and wisdom and the complete appreciation of what you have." "Spot the Frog" is a wild and gentle strip, an oddball of modern comics. The humor springs from misadventure and friendship, where the characters are more likely to lend a hand than give a push. "Spot the Frog" hops from the page in high spirits, pleasant and good-natured, a refreshing alternative to the daily concerns of a cynical world. The change is like a cool breeze across a pond on a blistering summer day. "Spot the Frog" is the first collection of Mark Heath's charming new comic strip. Through its pages readers meet Spot, an amiable little amphibian; grandfatherly Karl, Spot's favorite two-legged mammal; and Buddy, a bespectacled fellow-frog who is Spot's best pal. This trio finds its way in and out of life's challenges and joys, never needing more than each other and their immediate surroundings to generate plenty of laughs and lighter views of the world at large. "Spot the Frog" is a tribute to Heath's originality, his beautifully rendered characters, and the artist-writer's ability to successfully swim against the stream. Author's web site:

Spot the Terrorist!


Author: Lori Jakiela

Publisher: Turning Point

ISBN: 9781936370696

Category: Poetry

Page: 90

View: 2998

I Can Read You Like a Book

How to Spot the Messages and Emotions People are Really Sending with Their Body Language


Author: Gregory Hartley,Maryann Karinch

Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser

ISBN: 1564149412

Category: Self-Help

Page: 287

View: 2419

Presents an efficient method for reading body language in first encounters, daily encounters, and even watching the news, explaining how the messages and emotions that people are really sending can be spotted and interpreted.

Spot A Lot Vehicle Adventure

And Count a Little, Too!


Author: Steve Smallman

Publisher: Parragon

ISBN: 1474848877

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 2930

This package has to get to town, but the delivery truck has broken down! Sporty cars, rumbling tractors, slow diggers, fast planes… Follow the deliveryman as he hitches a ride on every vehicle imaginable to deliver his very important package. Count and spot all the vehicles on every page along the way in this great adventure. A bright and busy book to keep you and your little one searching, spotting, reading, and counting together again and again! Winner of the Parents’ Choice Fall 2015 Fun Stuff award! Parragon is the largest illustrated non-fiction publisher in the world and a global leader in innovative digital books for children in many languages. Welcome to the world of Parragon!

Spot the Book Title


Author: Simon Drew

Publisher: Antique Collectors Club Dist

ISBN: 9781851493562

Category: Humor

Page: 48

View: 5919

The author uses his inventive drawings of everyday objects to create humorous puzzles.

The Author Murders

A Palm Springs Biblio-Thriller


Author: Eric Meeks

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595422004

Category: Fiction

Page: 328

View: 4302

"The Author Murders is boisterously imagined and vividly written. Eric Meeks's debut thriller is one wild ride." -J.R. Lindermuth, author of Cruel Cuts After the freakish death of famous novelist Woodie Stuart, the literary world shrugs its shoulders. After all, Woodie was drinking, consorting with a woman who wasn't his wife, and sailing in waters prowled by pirates. He got what he deserved, right? But when more bestselling novelists are murdered, a strange thing occurs. The authors' first-edition books appear on online auction sights, garnering a fortune for some lucky individual. Palm Springs rare-book dealer Xanthe Anthony watches the events with interest but is a little disconcerted when he becomes a prime suspect. When Anthony is arrested and jailed on suspicion of murder, he knows it's going to take a lot more than smooth talking to get him out of this one. He asks his friend Milo, an Internet hacker, to help him track down the real murderer. But as the body count continues to rise, Anthony has to act fast if he is to escape the net of justice slowly closing around him

Spot's Birthday Party


Author: Eric Hill

Publisher: Putnam Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780399247705

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 22

View: 6270

Spot plays a lively game of hide-and-seek with the animals that come to his birthday party, in a lift-the-flap book. On board pages.

Blind Spot

The Secret History of American Counterterrorism


Author: Tim Naftali

Publisher: Basic Books

ISBN: 9780786736331

Category: History

Page: 432

View: 1859

In this revelatory new account, national security expert Timothy Naftali relates the full story of America's decades-long attempt to fight terrorism. On September 11, 2001, a long history of failures and missteps came to a head, with tragic results. But, explains Naftali, it didn't have to be so. Blind Spot traces the long history of American efforts to thwart terrorism, from World War II to the Munich Games hostage-taking to the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993. In riveting detail, based on original research and interviews with the key participants, Naftali describes why our early successes in counterterrorism did not translate into success against Osama bin Laden later in the 1990s, and why, until 9/11, the domestic threat of terrorism was the largest blind spot in United States national security.

Spot the Dot


Author: N.A

Publisher: Ruckus Media

ISBN: 9780545500098

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 14

View: 9070

Pop-up master David A. Carter takes preschoolers on a colour adventure! With eye-popping, interactive search-and-finds throughout, toddlers and preschoolers will love this colourful adventure as they Spot the Dot hidden in lift-the-flaps, turn-wheels, pull-tabs, and a giant pop-up that leaps off the page! The bright, graphic illustrations and vibrant colours are sure to keep kids on the hunt as they turn the pages, lift the flaps, pull the tabs, and discover a world of colours - dot-by-dot.

Druidry and the Ancestors

Finding Our Place in Our Own History


Author: Nimue Brown

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 1780996772

Category: Religion

Page: 235

View: 5923

Exploring how we use the past to construct ourselves, and how we imagine the future.

Illustrations of the Author of Waverley

Being Notices and Anecdotes of Real Characters, Scenes, and Incidents, Supposed to be Described in His Works


Author: Robert Chambers

Publisher: N.A


Category: Scotland

Page: 227

View: 4799

Spot Goes on Holiday


Author: Eric Hill

Publisher: Puffin

ISBN: 9780140506990

Category: Beaches

Page: 20

View: 5515

Spot takes a trip to the seaside and discovers all the fun that can be had on the beach and in the water. More pop-up fun with the cute little puppy all children love.

The Most Perfect Spot


Author: Diane Goode

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780060726973

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 32

View: 4926

Jack tries to have a perfect picnic with his mother, but things do not turn out as they expected.