Sportives dans leur genre?

permanences et variations des constructions genrées dans les engagements corporels et sportifs


Author: Monica Aceti,Christophe Jaccoud

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9783034311830

Category: Social Science

Page: 174

View: 6204

Historiquement, le sport s'est construit sur les valeurs de bourgeoisies qui entendaient reproduire dans ce domaine de la vie sociale une vision patriarcale des rapports entre les sexes, comme en temoigne l'exclusion organisee des femmes qui y a longtemps prevalu. Le sport, que l'on peut considerer comme une institution de reference du point de vue des dynamiques de production du genre, a ete interroge precisement quant a cette permanence par les auteur.e.s de ce livre. Par quels processus l'institution sportive contribue-t-elle a organiser la pratique des individus selon leur sexe ? Comment s'y transmettent normes de genre, types de masculinite et de feminite conduisant a perpetuer des rapports de pouvoir genre avec le masculin comme reference ? Mais aussi quels signes de retournement de cette domination hegemonique sont identifiables ? Tels sont les axes de reflexion portes par l'apport du paradigme du genre qui ont organise cet ouvrage collectif, fruit d'une collaboration internationale de sociologues et d'historiens desireux de contribuer a l'etude des engagements corporels dans divers contextes de la vie sportive et dans des periodes historiques differenciees. Les auteur.e.s se sont applique.e.s a deconstruire et reveler ces problematiques dans des activites telles que le twirling-baton, le <I>gouren breton, la capoeira, la gymnastique, l'athletisme ou le parachutisme."

Experiencing Same-Sex Marriage

Individuals, Couples, and Social Networks


Author: Pamela J. Lannutti

Publisher: Peter Lang Gmbh, Internationaler Verlag Der Wissenschaften

ISBN: 9781433121029

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 130

View: 2450

This book provides an understanding of how the legal and cultural debates and advances and limitations on same-sex marriage are experienced by gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) people, same-sex couples, and their social networks. Using data collected from hundreds of GLBT people, same-sex couples, and their social networks over the past decade, the book examines the following topics: same-sex marriages' impact on how GLBT individuals view their relationships and community; same-sex couples' decision making regarding whether to marry or not; the interactions between same-sex couples and members of their families-of-origin regarding same-sex marriage; the same-sex marriage experiences of understudied members of the GLBT community; and the interactions between same-sex couples and members of their social networks in locations with restrictions against legally recognized same-sex marriage. These findings are examined through the lens of the social scientific study of relationships. They are based on a communication studies perspective on personal relationships, and therefore emphasize communication concepts and theories relevant to the understanding of same-sex marriage experiences.

Sport and Violence in Europe


Author: Dominique Bodin,Luc Robène,Stéphane Héas

Publisher: Council of Europe

ISBN: 9287155119

Category: Social Science

Page: 246

View: 2727

This book aims to pull together the main themes relevant to the relationship between sport and violence, using information from the media, court reports, statistics and research. The topics covered include: football grounds and violence; the links between sport, politics and violence; the way it is treated in the media; violence directed at minority groups; and the economic perspective.

Paradoxes of Youth and Sport


Author: Margaret Gatz,Michael A. Messner,Sandra Ball-Rokeach

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791453230

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 277

View: 9740

Highlights the practical benefits and the many problems of youth and sports in the United States.

Swimsuit Issue and Sport, The

Hegemonic Masculinity in Sports Illustrated


Author: Laurel R. Davis

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 1438400551

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

View: 3827

Explores the cultural meanings of the swimsuit issue and shows how Sports Illustrated secures a large audience of men by creating a climate of hegemonic masculinity.

Masculinities, Gender Relations, and Sport


Author: Jim McKay,Michael A. Messner,Donald Sabo

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 145226371X

Category: Social Science

Page: 344

View: 5007

Exploring the more sophisticated and nuanced perspective in the era of sports dominance in America, athletics have become both a metaphor and reality of American masculinity. Edited by three of the leading scholars at the intersection of masculinity and sports studies, this volume offers a fascinating articulation on the state of athletics in modern society. Each part of this volume examines a significant arena and tackles some of the most deeply rooted issues within the field of sports. From the mechanisms by which masculinity is interwoven into sports, to the violence encoded within the field, this book provides an insiders look at the state of gender relations being contested and transformed.

Tween Girls and Their Mediated Friends


Author: Nancy A. Jennings

Publisher: Peter Lang Pub Incorporated

ISBN: 9781433121890

Category: Art

Page: 122

View: 3380

Although parents and teachers are among the numerous socializing agents through which children learn about the world, media, too, has begun to take center stage as a substantial force in children's lives. Media characters are some of the people being integrated into the social lives of children, yet very little is known about the implications of these relationships on child development in a mediated society.<BR> Through in-depth interviews, this book explores how tween girls relate to media characters past and present, what they value in these relationships, and how these relationships have shaped their own identity and friendships.<BR> The characters themselves are also analyzed from a feminist perspective, revealing the shared values of community, agency, and self-determination of the media characters and the girls who call them friends.<BR> Through examining the characters and the text in which their stories take place, the book sheds light on what is important to tween girls, about the traits they value in others, and the traits they value in themselves.

Youth Transforming Conflict


Author: Nadine Lyamouri-Bajja,Yael Ohana,Ruben Markosyan,Osama Abukatta,Ditta Dolejšiová,Aleksandra Vidanovic

Publisher: Council of Europe

ISBN: 9789287167767

Category: Political Science

Page: 290

View: 1844

In 1998, the Council of Europe and the European Commission decided to take common action in the field of youth. Both institutions initiated a partnership agreement with the aim "to promote active European citizenship and civil society by giving impetus to the training of youth leaders and youth workers working within a European dimension". In 2003, additional agreements were signed in the fields of "youth research" and "Euro-Mediterranean youth co-operation". Since 2005, the partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth activities has focused on the following topics: European citizenship, human rights education and intercultural dialogue, quality and recognition of youth work and training, better understanding and knowledge of youth and youth policy development. The partnership between the European Commission and the Council of Europe in the field of youth brings together the two institutions' experience in non-formal education, youth policy, youth research and youth work practice. Activities organised within its framework gather representatives of those areas who share their knowledge and experience for the benefit of enhancing evidence-based policy, practice, quality and recognition of youth work and training. Results and other material are made available on the partnership website ( and in various publications, including the Training Kits (T-Kits). T-Kits are thematic publications written by experienced youth trainers and experts and constitute easy-to-use handbooks for educational activities. All activities and publications enhance the exchange of experience and good practice between the actors involved and contribute to the implementation of the political objectives of both partner institutions.

Society of Individuals


Author: Norbert Elias

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1847142990

Category: Philosophy

Page: 264

View: 3107

Originally published in 1991 and now reissued by Continuum International, this book consists of three sections. The first, written in 1939, was either left out of Elias's most famous book, The Civilizing Process, or was written along with it. Part 2 was written between 1940 and 1960. Part 3 is from 1987. The entire book is a study of the unique relationship between the individual and society--Elias's best-known theme and the basis for the discipline of sociology.

Women in Evidence


Author: Sébastien Japrisot

Publisher: Plume Books

ISBN: 9780452281622

Category: Fiction

Page: 326

View: 7201

A young newlywed, a prostitute, a Hollywood bombshell, a Japanese art student, and a lawyer all fall in love with the same Frenchman, who appears in a very different guise to each. Originally published as The Passion of Women. Reprint.

The Work of Professional Football

A Labour of Love?


Author: Martin Roderick

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134324901

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 9874

A long-term study providing rare insights into the precarious career and ordinary working culture of professional footballers. Away from the celebrity-obsessed media gaze, the work of a professional footballer is rarely glamorous and for most players a career in football is insecure and short-lived. A former professional, Martin Roderick’s familiarity with the world of football is the foundation for this privileged research into a world that is typically closed to the public gaze and ignored by media reportage and academic research which prefers to focus on a small, unrepresentative group of elite players. Key themes explored within the text include: the culture of work in professional football the changing identity, orientation and expectations of players during their careers the fragile and uncertain nature of professional sport careers the performance and dramatic aspects of a career under public scrutiny the role of relationships with managers, owners, support staff and partners players' responses to the insecurities inherent in professional football such as injury, ageing, performance and transfer. The text deals with a wide range of issues of interest to sports students and academics, particularly those with a focus on the sociology of sport but also including sport development, sport management and coaching studies. The text will also be of interest to researchers in the fields of careers, industrial relations and the sociology of work.

The French in the United States

An Ethnographic Study


Author: Jacqueline Lindenfeld

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780897899031

Category: Social Science

Page: 184

View: 2565

Contemporary French immigrants have a high degree of integration into American society in terms of socio-demographic features and behavior patterns. While the foreign-born generation maintains a French identity beneath the surface, acculturation seems inevitable in later generations, due to a variety of social and attitudinal factors. Lindenfeld examines these factors, shedding light on a population that has, until now, remained fairly invisible.

Teaching Physical Education


Author: Muska Mosston,Sara Ashworth

Publisher: Macmillan Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780023841835

Category: Education

Page: 268

View: 4086

The definitive source for the groundbreaking ideas of the "Spectrum of Teaching Styles" introduced by Mosston and Ashworth and developed during 35 years in the field. This book offers teachers a foundation for understanding the decision-making structures that exist in all teaching/learning environments and for recognizing the variables that increase effectiveness while teaching physical education. In this thoroughly revised and streamlined edition, all chapters have been updated to include hundreds of real-world examples, concise charts, practical forms, and concrete suggestions for "deliberate teaching" so that teachers can understand their classrooms' flow of events, analyze decision structures, implement adjustments that are appropriate for particular classroom situations, and deliberately combine styles to achieve effective variations. As in prior editions, individual chapters describe the anatomy of the decision structure as it relates to teachers and learners, the objectives (O-T-L-O) of each style, and the application of each style to various activities and educational goals. For physical education teachers.

Male Roles, Masculinities and Violence

A Culture of Peace Perspective


Author: Ingeborg Breines,Raewyn Connell,Ingrid Eide,Unesco

Publisher: UNESCO


Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 5184

This book is based on an expert group meeting entitled 'Male Roles and Masculinities in the Perspective of a Culture of Peace', which was organised by UNESCO in Oslo, Norway in 1997, the first international discussion of the connections between men and masculinity and peace and war. The group consisted of researchers, activists, policy makers and administrators and the aim of the meeting was to formulate practical suggestions for change. Chapters in the book consist of both regional case studies and social science research on the connections of traditional masculinity and patriarchy to violence and peace building. The Culture of Peace initiatives in this book show how violence is ineffective, and the book contests the views in the socialisation of boy-children that aggressiveness, violence and force are an acceptable means of expression.

Science as Practice and Culture


Author: Andrew Pickering

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 0226668010

Category: Philosophy

Page: 474

View: 363

Science as Practice and Culture explores one of the newest and most controversial developments within the rapidly changing field of science studies: the move toward studying scientific practice—the work of doing science—and the associated move toward studying scientific culture, understood as the field of resources that practice operates in and on. Andrew Pickering has invited leading historians, philosophers, sociologists, and anthropologists of science to prepare original essays for this volume. The essays range over the physical and biological sciences and mathematics, and are divided into two parts. In part I, the contributors map out a coherent set of perspectives on scientific practice and culture, and relate their analyses to central topics in the philosophy of science such as realism, relativism, and incommensurability. The essays in part II seek to delineate the study of science as practice in arguments across its borders with the sociology of scientific knowledge, social epistemology, and reflexive ethnography.

Outdoor Recreation in America


Author: Clayne R. Jensen,Steven Guthrie

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 9780736042130

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 373

View: 6973

Outdoor Recreation in America is back - fully revised and updated, with significant new material based on current statistics from a number of sources, including the latest U.S. Census Bureau and the National Survey on the Environment. Now in its sixth edition, this book continues to lead the way in its comprehensive coverage of issues and challenges in this growing field. Outdoor Recreation in America, Sixth Edition, offers the big-picture view of outdoor recreation, delves into the current issues with the latest statistics, describes the roles of the various natural resource managers, discusses the trends that affect outdoor recreation, addresses economic issues, describes funding options, and provides the most comprehensive coverage available in a single text. In short, it is the book for current and future outdoor recreation professionals to use in learning about the past and present status as well as the future of outdoor recreation in America.

Young People from Lower-income Neighborhoods

Guide to New Policy Approaches


Author: N.A

Publisher: Council of Europe

ISBN: 9789287161307

Category: Social Science

Page: 243

View: 7179

The question of young people from lower-income neighbourhoods is often on the political agenda, and the responses proposed vary according to circumstances and the social visibility of a problem which sometimes translates into violence. Nonetheless this problem is far from being resolved, nor is it approached via a long-term strategy aimed at devising alternatives. This guide proposes food for thought and instruments aimed at bringing to light the stigmatisation and stereotypical ideas that are often the starting point for so-called youth integration initiatives targeting young people from these neighbourhoods.

Guide to Policies for the Well-being of All in Pluralist Societies

Migrants and Their Descendants


Author: Council of Europe

Publisher: Council of Europe

ISBN: 9789287168535

Category: Social Science

Page: 294

View: 2878

This guide offers theoretical and practical tools for an innovative approach to a key political issue: how, along with our immigrant fellow-citizens, can we build a fair and plural society that ensures the well-being or all? By moving beyond rigid categories like "foreigner", "immigrant" and "illegal, and ambiguous concepts like "identity", "diversity, "immigration control and "integration", this guide suggests that policy makers, civil servants and citizens need to question their own vocabulary if they are to grasp the complexity and uniqueness or people's migration paths. Perceiving migrants simply from the host country's point or view - the security, well-being and life-style of its nationals - has limitations. We cannot see people of foreign origin only as a threat or a resource to be exploited. If we see them as stereotypes, we are seeing only a mirror of European fears and contradictory aspirations. This guide helps readers decode and address the structural problems of our society, looking at the accusations made against migrants And The utilitarian view or the advantages that immigrants bring to host societies. In publishing this guide, The Council or Europe is seeking to initiate an in-depth debate on the migration issue, which is so high on the European political agenda

The Role of the Brain


Author: Ronald H. Bailey

Publisher: N.A


Category: Brain

Page: 176

View: 7464

Discusses the structure and functions of the human brain, including its role in sending and receiving messages, memory, learning, creativity and emotions.