Understanding and Preventing Sexual Exploitation in Sport


Author: Celia Brackenridge

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135802076

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 2238

Sexual exploitation in sport is a problem that has beset both male and female athletes privately for decades but which has only recently emerged as a public issue. Spoilsports is the first comprehensive review of this issue, integrating pioneering academic research, theoretical perspectives, and practical guidelines for performers, coaches, administrators and policy-makers. Key topics include: * 'moral panic' * children's rights * masculinity and power * making and implementing policy * leadership in sport. Spoilsports draws extensively on the personal experiences of athletes and those involved in sport. Challenging and controversial, this book represents an important step towards tackling a difficult issue. It is essential reading for coaches, athletes, parents, policy-makers and all those with a personal or professional interest in sport.

Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law


Author: Hazel Hartley

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113435570X

Category: Law

Page: 352

View: 8571

It is important for anybody involved in sport and physical recreation to be aware of the legal context in which their activity takes place, to develop an understanding of their legal responsibilities and to know what might happen if something goes wrong. Sport, Physical Recreation and the Law is the first textbook on this difficult subject for students and practitioners in sport and physical recreation. Covering a wide range of legal principles and cases, this textbook introduces the reader to legal systems, terminology, databases and the use of case law. Designed to encourage analysis, reflection and the application of examples and ideas from the reader’s own experience, the book clearly and comprehensively explains key topics such as: socio-legal aspects of sports violence and criminal liability negligence and defences against negligence manslaughter by individuals and organizations in sport principles of natural justice, disciplinary tribunals and doping discrimination, harassment and child protection risk management, statutory duties, and breaches of health and safety criminal liability – recognized sports, hazing, and cage fighting. Including over 300 exercises, hypothetical scenarios, investigative tasks and seminar activities, this book is an essential course text for all students of sport, recreation and the law, and an invaluable reference for coaches, physical education teachers and those who play, lead or organize sport and physical recreation.

Routledge Handbook of Sports Development


Author: Barrie Houlihan,Mick Green

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113401970X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 672

View: 9718

Sports development has become a prominent concern within both the academic study of sport and within the organization and administration of sport. The Routledge Handbook of Sports Development is the first book to comprehensively map the wide-ranging territory of sports development as an activity and as a policy field, and to offer a definitive survey of current academic knowledge and professional practice. Spanning the whole spectrum of activity in sports development, from youth sport and mass participation to the development of elite athletes, the book identifies and defines the core functions of sports development, exploring the interface between sports development and cognate fields such as education, coaching, community welfare and policy. The book presents important new studies of sports development around the world, illustrating the breadth of practice within and between countries, and examines the most important issues facing practitioners within sports development today, from child protection to partnership working. With unparalleled depth and breadth of coverage, the Routledge Handbook of Sports Development is the definitive guide to policy, practice and research in sports development. It is essential reading for all students, researchers and professionals with an interest in this important and rapidly evolving field.

Sport Studies


Author: Barbara Bell

Publisher: Learning Matters


Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 200

View: 3712

"A comprehensive, useful and informative practical book that draws from a range of disciplines. In particular, the learning activities provides some useful group and reflective discussions." - Heather Allison, London Metropolitan University "This book supports our year undergraduate students. The case studies and links with UK programmes provides relevant information to discuss and investigate. Easily accessible." - Emerick Kaitell, Roehampton University This is an accessible and comprehensive introductory textbook for students on sport studies courses. It brings together perspectives drawn from a range of disciplines, especially sociology, history and philosophy, with detailed information on the key political, legal, economic and vocational issues relating to sport. Written specifically for students based in the UK, the text examines the full range of topics relevant to sport studies and is fully supported with learning activities, suggestions for further study, and guidance on how to progress and succeed in the subject.

Ethics, Knowledge and Truth in Sports Research

An Epistemology of Sport


Author: Graham McFee

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135276161

Category: Philosophy

Page: 240

View: 374

The study of sport is characterised by its inter-disciplinarity, with researchers drawing on apparently incompatible research traditions and ethical benchmarks in the natural sciences and the social sciences, depending on their area of specialisation. In this groundbreaking study, Graham McFee argues that sound high-level research into sport requires a sound rationale for one’s methodological choices, and that such a rationale requires an understanding of the connection between the practicalities of researching sport and the philosophical assumptions which underpin them. By examining touchstone principles in research methodology, such as the contested ‘gold standard’ of voluntary informed consent in the natural sciences and the postmodern denial of ‘truth’ in the social sciences, McFee demonstrates that epistemology and ethics are inextricably linked. Drawing on a wide range of examples, from the laboratory to the sports field, McFee explores the concepts of ‘knowledge’ and ‘truth’ in sports research and makes a powerful case for a philosophical deepening of our approach to method and methodology in sport. This book is important reading for all advanced students and researchers working in sport, exercise and related disciplines.

Doping and Anti-Doping Policy in Sport

Ethical, Legal and Social Perspectives


Author: Mike McNamee,Verner Møller

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136661077

Category: Law

Page: 264

View: 7257

The issue of doping has been the most widely discussed problem in sports ethics and is one of the most prominent issues across sports studies, the sports sciences and their constituent disciplines. This book adds uniquely to that catalogue of discourses by focusing on extant anti-doping policy and doping practices from a range of multi-disciplinary perspectives (specifically ethical, legal, and social scientific). With contributions from a world-class team of scholars and legal practitioners from the UK, Europe and North America, the book explores key contemporary issues such as: sports medicine international doping policy the whereabouts system the criminalization of doping privacy rights, gene doping and ethics imperfection in doping test procedures steroid use in the general population. Doping and Anti-Doping Policy in Sport offers an important critique of contemporary anti-doping policy and is essential reading for any advanced student, researcher or policy maker with an interest in this vital issue.

Research Ethics in Exercise, Health and Sports Sciences


Author: Mike J. McNamee,Stephen Olivier,Paul Wainwright

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134425910

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 232

View: 5007

Research Ethics in Exercise, Health and Sports Sciences puts ethics at the centre of research in these rapidly expanding fields of knowledge. Placing the issues in historical context, and using informative case studies, the authors examine how moral theory can guide research design, education, and governance. As well as theoretical analysis, key practical concerns are critically discussed, including: informed consent anonymity, confidentiality and privacy plagiarism, misappropriation of authorship, research fraud and ‘whistleblowing’ ethics in qualitative research vulnerable populations trans-cultural research. Providing an accessible and robust theoretical framework for ethical practice, this book challenges students, researchers and supervisors to adopt a more informed and proactive approach to ethics in exercise, health and sports research. This insightful text will be of great interest to those taking a kinesiology, human movement, sport science or sport studies degree course.

Sports Coaching E-Book

Professionalisation and Practice


Author: John Lyle,Chris Cushion

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455725226

Category: Medical

Page: 288

View: 9033

Sports Coaching: Professionalisation and Practice is a comprehensive evidence-based textbook of sports coaching theory and practice. The book is edited by leading academics in sports coaching studies and authored by a world-renowned team of experts in sports coaching research. It deals with all aspects of coaching behaviour and practice, including coaches’ decision making, coaching pedagogy, and the development of expertise. Each of the chapters provides an up-to-date position statement on coaching themes, and makes explicit reference to the professionalisation of coaching. Written in an accessible style, and identifying critical ideas and issues, the book will complement and challenge both undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes, and will be an invaluable source of ideas for researchers and academics. Multicontributed chapters follow uniform structure to increase clarity and accessiblity of text 'Snapshots' of critical ideas and issues presented as models or diagrams to facilitate students' understanding Case examples and scenarios illustrate key concepts in each chapter Latest research and current literature summarised for each thematic topic.

Die Simpsons und die Philosophie

Schlauer werden mit der berühmtesten Fernsehfamilie der Welt


Author: William Irwin,Mark T. Conard,Aeon J. Skoble

Publisher: Tropen

ISBN: 3608100512

Category: Philosophy

Page: 256

View: 3999

»Wer sich jetzt noch einmal daran erinnern möchte, warum diese Serie zum Brillantesten gehört, was die nicht so reiche Weltkultur der vergangenen Jahrzehnte hervorgebracht hat, sollte ›Die Simpsons und die Philosophie‹ lesen.« Daniel Kehlmann, Cicero Seit über zwanzig Jahren gilt »Die Simpsons« als beste und beliebteste Fernsehserie der Welt. Der Erfolg zeigt, dass die Simpsons mehr sind, als nur irgendeine Familie. An Marges Küchentisch und in den Straßen von Springfield treten die Grundfragen der Menschheit off en zu Tage. In elf brillanten und komischen Essays denken elf Philosophen über »Die Simpsons« und die Philosophie nach.

Sexual harassment and abuse in sport

international research and policy perspectives


Author: Celia Brackenridge,Kari Fasting

Publisher: Whiting & Birch Ltd.

ISBN: 9781861770417

Category: Education

Page: 171

View: 8294

"This work looks to increase awareness of sexual abuse in sports. Topics covered include the experiences of elite female athletes, sexual harassment of women in athletics as compared to the world of academia, the prevalence of sexual abuse in organized competitive sports in Australia, and defining appropriateness in coachathlete sexual relationships."

The Dome of Silence

Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Sport


Author: Sandra Louise Kirby,Lorraine Greaves,Olena Hankivsky

Publisher: Zed Books

ISBN: 9781856499620

Category: Social Science

Page: 175

View: 8987

This book frames the issue of sexual harassment and abuse in sports within the context of existing research on sexual violence and within the ethic of care, a direction the authors believe sport organizations should adopt. This book investigates sexual violence in sport and examines its underlying values. This is carried out in the context of contemporary experiences of a number of athletes. Issues covered include the emphasis on competition, compulsory heterosexuality, and patriotism.

Encyclopedia of Bioethics: N-S


Author: Stephen Garrard Post

Publisher: MacMillan Reference Library

ISBN: 9780028657783

Category: Bioethics

Page: 3062

View: 8195

This volume, covering entries N-S, presents informative articles on the moral and ethical dimension of modern medicine, science, and technology.

Beyond the Scoreboard

Youth Employment Opportunities and Skills Development in the Sports Sector


Author: Giovanni di Cola

Publisher: International Labour Organisation

ISBN: 9789221179689

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 229

View: 1653

Comprises a collection of papers on the role that sport plays in positevely shaping the lives of youth in both developed and developing countries.

Psychologie der Geschlechter

sexuelle Identität in den verschiedenen Lebensphasen


Author: Eleanor E. Maccoby

Publisher: Klett-Cotta

ISBN: 9783608941838


Page: 444

View: 581

Ernährung im Sport


Author: Georg Neumann

Publisher: Meyer & Meyer Verlag

ISBN: 3898998614

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 424

View: 7520

Leistungssportlich orientiertes Training in jedem Alter erfordert eine spezielle Ernährung zur Sicherung der Belastbarkeit, Leistungsverbesserung und der Regeneration des Sportlers. Dieses Buch weist auf gesicherte Erkenntnisse in der Nahrungs- und Flüssigkeitsaufnahme des Sportlers in unterschiedlichen Sportarten hin. Bewertet wird die Zufuhr von Nahrungsergänzungsmitteln und damit erlaubter Wirkstoffe. Auf die aktuelle Dopingliste wird ebenso hingewiesen. Da es für die Ernährung Sporttreibender keine Patentrezepte gibt, finden sich hier keine üblichen Ernährungstipps oder Kochrezepte, sondern belegte Erkenntnisse aus der Ernährungsphysiologie. Der Sportler wird angehalten, aus den Erkenntnissen zum Energiestoffwechsel für sich selbst eine optimale Variante auszuwählen. Berücksichtigt wird besonders die Ernährung in Sportartengruppen beim Training und Wettkampf unter Normalbedingungen, Hitze, Kälte und in der Höhe. Tipps zur Gewichtsregulation, zu einer vegetarischen und veganen Ernährungsweise und zur Sportausübung bei Diabetes mellitus runden das Buch ab.