An Introduction


Author: P. G. Drazin,R. S. Johnson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521336550

Category: Mathematics

Page: 226

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This textbook is an introduction to the theory of solitons in the physical sciences.

Interdisciplinary Topics in Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science


Author: Monica G. Cojocaru,Ilias S. Kotsireas,Roman N. Makarov,Roderick V. N. Melnik,Hasan Shodiev

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319123076

Category: Computers

Page: 555

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The Applied Mathematics, Modelling, and Computational Science (AMMCS) conference aims to promote interdisciplinary research and collaboration. The contributions in this volume cover the latest research in mathematical and computational sciences, modeling, and simulation as well as their applications in natural and social sciences, engineering and technology, industry, and finance. The 2013 conference, the second in a series of AMMCS meetings, was held August 26—30 and organized in cooperation with AIMS and SIAM, with support from the Fields Institute in Toronto, and Wilfrid Laurier University. There were many young scientists at AMMCS-2013, both as presenters and as organizers. This proceedings contains refereed papers contributed by the participants of the AMMCS-2013 after the conference. This volume is suitable for researchers and graduate students, mathematicians and engineers, industrialists, and anyone who would like to delve into the interdisciplinary research of applied and computational mathematics and its areas of applications.

Applied Asymptotic Analysis


Author: Peter David Miller

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821840789

Category: Mathematics

Page: 467

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"The book is intended for a beginning graduate course on asymptotic analysis in applied mathematics and is aimed at students of pure and applied mathematics as well as science and engineering. The basic prerequisite is a background in differential equations, linear algebra, advanced calculus, and complex variables at the level of introductory undergraduate courses on these subjects."--BOOK JACKET.

Applied Wave Mathematics

Selected Topics in Solids, Fluids, and Mathematical Methods


Author: Ewald Quak,Tarmo Soomere

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642005853

Category: Mathematics

Page: 471

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This edited volume consists of twelve contributions related to the EU Marie Curie Transfer of Knowledge Project Cooperation of Estonian and Norwegian Scienti c Centres within Mathematics and its Applications, CENS-CMA (2005-2009), - der contract MTKD-CT-2004-013909, which ?nanced exchange visits to and from CENS, the Centre for Nonlinear Studies at the Institute of Cybernetics of Tallinn University of Technology in Estonia. Seven contributions describe research highlights of CENS members, two the work of members of CMA, the Centre of Mathematics for Applications,Univ- sity of Oslo, Norway, as the partner institution of CENS in the Marie Curie project, and three the ?eld of work of foreign research fellows, who visited CENS as part of theproject. Thestructureofthebookre?ectsthedistributionofthetopicsaddressed: Part I Waves in Solids Part II Mesoscopic Theory Part III Exploiting the Dissipation Inequality Part IV Waves in Fluids Part V Mathematical Methods The papers are written in a tutorial style, intended for non-specialist researchers and students, where the authors communicate their own experiences in tackling a problem that is currently of interest in the scienti?c community. The goal was to produce a book, which highlights the importance of applied mathematics and which can be used for educational purposes, such as material for a course or a seminar. To ensure the scienti?c quality of the contributions, each paper was carefully - viewed by two international experts. Special thanks go to all authors and referees, without whom making this book would not have been possible.

The Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation

Self-Focusing and Wave Collapse


Author: Catherine Sulem,Pierre-Louis Sulem

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387986111

Category: Mathematics

Page: 350

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Filling the gap between the mathematical literature and applications to domains, the authors have chosen to address the problem of wave collapse by several methods ranging from rigorous mathematical analysis to formal aymptotic expansions and numerical simulations.

An Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations


Author: James C. Robinson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521533911

Category: Mathematics

Page: 399

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This refreshing, introductory textbook covers both standard techniques for solving ordinary differential equations, as well as introducing students to qualitative methods such as phase-plane analysis. The presentation is concise, informal yet rigorous; it can be used either for 1-term or 1-semester courses. Topics such as Euler's method, difference equations, the dynamics of the logistic map, and the Lorenz equations, demonstrate the vitality of the subject, and provide pointers to further study. The author also encourages a graphical approach to the equations and their solutions, and to that end the book is profusely illustrated. The files to produce the figures using MATLAB are all provided in an accompanying website. Numerous worked examples provide motivation for and illustration of key ideas and show how to make the transition from theory to practice. Exercises are also provided to test and extend understanding: solutions for these are available for teachers.



Author: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,Sadao Fujimura,Tammy I. Stein,International Union of Radio Science

Publisher: IEEE

ISBN: 9780780330689

Category: Earth sciences

Page: 2383

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Einführung in die Mechanik und Symmetrie

Eine grundlegende Darstellung klassischer mechanischer Systeme


Author: Jerrold E. Marsden,Tudor S. Ratiu

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642568599

Category: Mathematics

Page: 598

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Symmetrie spielt in der Mechanik eine große Rolle. Dieses Buch beschreibt die Entwicklung zugrunde liegender Theorien. Besonderes Gewicht wird der Symmetrie beigemessen. Ursache hierfür sind Entwicklungen im Bereich dynamischer Systeme, der Einsatz geometrischer Verfahren und neue Anwendungen. Dieses Lehrbuch stellt Grundlagen bereit und beschreibt zahlreiche spezifische Anwendungen. Interessant für Physiker und Ingenieure. Ausgewählte Beispiele, Anwendungen, aktuelle Verfahren/Techniken veranschaulichen die Theorie.