Security, Territory, Population

Lectures at the College De France, 1977 - 78


Author: M. Foucault

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230245072

Category: History

Page: 417

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This book derives from Foucault's lectures at the College de France between January and April 1978, which can be seen as a radical turning point in his thought. Focusing on 'bio-power', he studies the foundations of this new technology of power over population and explores the technologies of security and the history of 'governmentality'.

Security, Territory, Population

Lectures at the Collège de France 1977--1978


Author: Michel Foucault

Publisher: Macmillan

ISBN: 9780312203603

Category: Philosophy

Page: 417

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Marking a major development in Foucault's thinking, this book takes as its starting point the notion of "biopower," studying the foundations of this new technology of power over populations. Distinct from punitive disciplinary systems, the mechanisms of power are here finely entwined with the technologies of security. In this volume, though, Foucault begins to turn his attention to the history of "governmentality," from the first centuries of the Christian era to the emergence of the modern nation state--shifting the center of gravity of the lectures from the question of biopower to that of government. In light of Foucault's later work, these lectures illustrate a radical turning point at which the transition to the problematic of the "government of self and others" would begin.

Geschichte der Gouvernementalität

Sicherheit, Territorium, Bevölkerung : Vorlesung am Collège de France 1977 - 1978 / aus dem Franz. von Claudia Brede-Konersmann und Jürgen Schröder


Author: Michel Foucault

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518583920

Category: French political philosophy

Page: 600

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Die Regierung der Lebenden

Vorlesungen am Collège de France 1979-1980


Author: Michel Foucault

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518586082


Page: 496

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Die Vorlesungen, die Michel Foucault in den Jahren 1979 und 1980 am Collège de France gehalten hat, haben in seinem Werk eine Scharnierfunktion. Nach der Untersuchung der politischen Wahrheitsregime, die im Zentrum der großen Vorlesungen zur Gouvernementalität standen, treten hier nun die ethischen Wahrheitsregime, die Selbsttechnologien, ganz in den Fokus von Foucaults Forschungen. Ein Thema, das ihn bis zu seinem Tod beschäftigt hat. Wie kommt es, so Foucaults zentrale Frage, dass in der christlich-abendländischen Kultur von den Menschen nicht mehr nur Akte des Gehorsams und der Unterwerfung, sondern auch ”Akte der Wahrheit“, des Wahrsprechens über sich selbst, über ihre Fehler, Wünsche und den Zustand ihrer Seele, verlangt werden? Zur Beantwortung dieser Frage unterzieht Foucault zunächst Sophokles' König Ödipus einer neuen Lektüre, wendet sich aber dann dem Urchristentum und dessen Praktiken der Taufe, Gewissensprüfung und Buße zu. In diesen Ritualen wird eine pastorale Ökonomie sichtbar, die um das öffentliche Geständnis kreist. Im Gegensatz zu dieser Ethik der Reinigung war die antike, heidnische Moral noch durch eine ”Kunst der Existenz“ bestimmt, wie sich in einem abschließenden Vergleich zeigt. Mit Die Regierung der Lebenden liegen nun Foucaults erste Untersuchungen zu diesen Fragen der Ethik und Ästhetik der Existenz vor, die den fulminanten Auftakt zu seinem Spätwerk bilden.

Sports and Identity

New Agendas in Communication


Author: Barry Brummett,Andrew Ishak

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317918371

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 328

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This volume of essays examines the ways in which sports have become a means for the communication of social identity in the United States. The essays included here explore the question, How is identity engaged in the performance and spectatorship of sports? Defining sports as the whole range of mediated professional sports, and considering actual participation in sports, the chapters herein address a varied range of ways in which sports as a cultural entity becomes a site for the creation and management of symbolic components of identity. Originating in the New Agendas in Communication symposium sponsored by the University of Texas College of Communication, this volume provides contemporary explorations of sports and identity, highlighting the perspectives of up-and-coming scholars and researchers. It has much to offer readers in communication, sociology of sport, human kinetics, and related areas.

Globalisierung als Auto-Kapitalismus

Studien zur Globalität moderner Gesellschaften


Author: Philipp Hessinger,Markus Pohlmann

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3658177055

Category: Political Science

Page: 300

View: 4608

Die in dem Buch versammelten Beiträge der Festschrift für Gert Schmidt sprechen einzelne Facetten der globalen Wandlungsdynamik des Kapitalismus mit dem Ziel an, den „Wandel des Wandels“ in der Ökonomie greifbar werden zu lassen. Sie begeben sich auf die Suche nach einem neuen Muster der „institutional nestedness“ und der normativen Ordnung von globalen Wirtschaften, kapitalistischen Organisationen und ökonomischen Eliten. Ist fortwährende Globalisierung eine Begleiterscheinung des sich automatisch reproduzierenden Kapitalismus? Die Vorstellung einer Globalisierung als „Auto“-Kapitalismus spielt auf das Spannungsfeld zwischen einem sich selbst reproduzierenden, verselbständigten globalen Kapitalismus und seinen neuen institutionellen Prägungen an.

The Signature of Power

Sovereignty, Governmentality and Biopolitics


Author: Mitchell Dean

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1446293181

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

View: 5691

"When it comes to 'power', it can often feel as if everyone is talking about it, yet no one appears to have given it any thought. Well, not quite. In this original and timely book, Mitchell Dean provides a characteristically thoughtful and incisive analysis that aims to renovate the concept of power through an understanding of its signature and how it works. Through a thorough and intelligent engagement with the work of Foucault, Schmitt, and Agamben, their lacuna and failings, Dean pieces together a clear and precise account of sovereignty, governmentality, and bio-politics, which has much to commend it." - Paul Du Gay, Copenhagen Business School "Dean’s erudite and relentlessly critical reading of Foucault, Schmitt and Agamben extracts from these authors new insights about the signature of power ... Immensely valuable and a major contribution to social and political thought." - William Walters, Carleton University Mitchell Dean revitalized the study of ‘governmentality’ with his bestselling book of the same title. His new book on power is a landmark work. It combines an extraordinary breadth of perspective with pinpoint accuracy about what power means for us today. For students it provides sharp readings of the main approaches in the field. On this level, it operates as a foundational work in the study of power. It builds on this to reframe the concept of power, offering original and exceptionally fruitful reading. It throws new light onto the importance of biopolitics, sovereignty and governmentality. Mitchell Dean has established himself as a master of governmentality. This new book will do the same for how we conceptualize and use power. Mitchell Dean is Professor of Public Governance at Copenhagen Business School, Denmark and Professor of Sociology at the University of Newcastle, Australia.

Managed Lives: Psychoanalysis, inner security and the social order


Author: Steven Groarke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134745451

Category: Psychology

Page: 264

View: 2330

An inherent tension exists in the history of psychoanalysis and its applications between the concepts of freedom and security. In Managed Lives, this tension is explored from the point of view of therapeutic experience. Set against the background of Freud’s contested legacy, the book examines ways of managing oneself under psychiatric supervision, in the analytic encounter and in the emotional and moral contexts of everyday life. Through a series of detailed case studies Steven Groarke addresses therapeutic experience as a formation of managed society, examining the work of Donald Winnicott on types of management, Colin Murray Parkes on bereavement and Anthony Giddens on the sociological appropriation of psychoanalysis. Managed Lives forms an original critical analysis of contemporary managerial culture and its self-reflexive project as well as presenting the idea of management as a source of inner security and vital morality. Presented in three parts, the book addresses: The Criterion of Maturity The Reflexive Norm The Managed Society Together, the book’s arguments provide a fresh and challenging perspective on post-Freudian uses of faith, the risks of critical rationality and the difficulties of living an ethical life under modern conditions. Managed Lives is ideal for academics and research students working on psychoanalytic studies, social theory and mental health studies as well as students and trainees taking courses in psychotherapy, counselling, social work and health and social care.

Finding Augusta

Habits of Mobility and Governance in the Digital Era


Author: Heidi Rae Cooley

Publisher: Dartmouth College Press

ISBN: 1611685230

Category: Social Science

Page: 216

View: 1697

Finding Augusta breaks new ground, revising how media studies interpret the relationship between our bodies and technology. This is a challenging exploration of how, for both good and ill, the sudden ubiquity of mobile devices, GPS systems, haptic technologies, and other forms of media alter individuals' experience of their bodies and shape the social collective. The author succeeds in problematizing the most salient fact of contemporary mobile media technologies, namely, that they have become, like highways and plumbing, an infrastructure that regulates habit. Audacious in its originality, Finding Augusta will be of great interest to art and media scholars alike.


Subjects of Power


Author: S. Fuggle

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 113732340X

Category: Religion

Page: 235

View: 4160

The way which society conceives of power in the twenty-first century determines how it approaches future issues. Placing the twentieth-century French philosopher Michel Foucault into critical conjunction with the apostle Paul, Fuggle re-evaluates the way in which power operates within society and underpins ethical and political actions.

In Verteidigung der Gesellschaft

Vorlesungen am Collège de France (1975 - 76)


Author: Michel Foucault

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783518291856

Category: Gesellschaft - Macht - Krieg

Page: 341

View: 2608

Studying the Agency of Being Governed


Author: Stina Hansson,Sofie Hellberg,Maria Stern

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317624483

Category: Political Science

Page: 210

View: 1583

This edited volume seeks to provide guidance on how we can approach questions of governing and agency—particularly those who endeavour to embark on grounded empirical research— by rendering explicit some key challenges, tensions, dilemmas, and confluences that such endeavours elicit. Indeed, the contributions in this volume reflect the growing tendency in governmentality studies to shift focus to empirically grounded studies. The volume thus explicitly aims to move from theory to practice, and to step back from the more top-down governmentality studies approach to one that examines how one can/does study how relations of power affect lives, experience and agency. This book offers insight into the intricate relations between the workings of governing and (the possibility for) people’s agency on the one hand, and about the possible effects of our attempts to engage in such studies on the other. In numerous ways, and from different starting points, the contributions to this volume provide thoughtful insights into, and creative suggestions for, how to work with the methodological challenges of studying the agency of being governed. This work will be of great interest to students and scholars of international relations, global governance and research methods.

The Silent Revolution

How Digitalization Transforms Knowledge, Work, Journalism and Politics without Making Too Much Noise


Author: M. Bunz

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137373504

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 134

View: 2029

Critically engaging, illustrative and with numerous examples, The Silent Revolution delivers a philosophically informed introduction to current debates on digital technology and calls for a more active role of humans towards technology.

British State Romanticism

Authorship, Agency, and Bureaucratic Nationalism


Author: Anne Frey

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804773485

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 216

View: 7399

British State Romanticism contends that changing definitions of state power in the late Romantic period propelled authors to revisit the work of literature as well as the profession of authorship. Traditionally, critics have seen the Romantics as imaginative geniuses and viewed the supposedly less imaginative character of their late work as evidence of declining abilities. Frey argues, in contrast, that late Romanticism offers an alternative aesthetic model that adjusts authorship to work within an expanding and bureaucratizing state. She examines how Wordsworth, Coleridge, Austen, Scott, and De Quincey portray specific state and imperial agencies to debate what constituted government power, through what means government penetrated individual lives, and how non-governmental figures could assume government authority. Defining their work as part of an expanding state, these writers also reworked Romantic structures such as the imagination, organic form, and the literary sublime to operate through state agencies and to convey membership in a nation.

Starve and Immolate

The Politics of Human Weapons


Author: Banu Bargu

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231538111

Category: Philosophy

Page: 512

View: 2966

Starve and Immolate tells the story of leftist political prisoners in Turkey who waged a deadly struggle against the introduction of high security prisons by forging their lives into weapons. Weaving together contemporary and critical political theory with political ethnography, Banu Bargu analyzes the death fast struggle as an exemplary though not exceptional instance of self-destructive practices that are a consequence of, retort to, and refusal of the increasingly biopolitical forms of sovereign power deployed around the globe. Bargu chronicles the experiences, rituals, values, beliefs, ideological self-representations, and contentions of the protestors who fought cellular confinement against the background of the history of Turkish democracy and the treatment of dissent in a country where prisons have become sites of political confrontation. A critical response to Michel Foucault's Discipline and Punish, Starve and Immolate centers on new forms of struggle that arise from the asymmetric antagonism between the state and its contestants in the contemporary prison. Bargu ultimately positions the weaponization of life as a bleak, violent, and ambivalent form of insurgent politics that seeks to wrench the power of life and death away from the modern state on corporeal grounds and in increasingly theologized forms. Drawing attention to the existential commitment, sacrificial morality, and militant martyrdom that transforms these struggles into a complex amalgam of resistance, Bargu explores the global ramifications of human weapons' practices of resistance, their possibilities and limitations.

Ten Thousand Things

Nurturing Life in Contemporary Beijing


Author: Judith Farquhar,Qicheng Zhang

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 1935408186

Category: History

Page: 347

View: 5735

Examines the myriad ways contemporary residents of Beijing understand and nurture the good life, practice the embodied arts of everyday well-being, and in doing so draw on cultural resources ranging from ancient metaphysics to modern media.


Current Issues and Future Challenges


Author: Ulrich Bröckling,Susanne Krasmann,Thomas Lemke

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136934537

Category: Political Science

Page: 340

View: 2476

Examining questions of statehood, biopolitics, sovereignty, neoliberal reason and the economy, Governmentality explores the advantages and limitations of adopting Michel Foucault's concept of governmentality as an analytical framework. Contributors highlight the differences as well as possible convergences with alternative theoretical frameworks. By assembling authors with a wide range of different disciplinary backgrounds, from philosophy, literature, political science, sociology to medical anthropology, the book offers a fresh perspective on studies of governmentality.

Entanglements, Or Transmedial Thinking about Capture


Author: Rey Chow

Publisher: Duke University Press

ISBN: 0822352303

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 194

View: 9397

This follow-up volume to our book The Age of the World Target collects interconnected entangled essays of literary and cultural theorist Rey Chow. The essays take up ideas of violence, capture, identification, temporality, sacrifice, and victimhood, engaging with theorists from Derrida and Deleuze to Agamben and Rancière.

Fatal Isolation

The Devastating Paris Heat Wave of 2003


Author: Richard C. Keller

Publisher: University of Chicago Press

ISBN: 022625643X

Category: History

Page: 240

View: 6047

In a cemetery on the southern outskirts of Paris lie the bodies of nearly a hundred of what some have called the first casualties of global climate change. They were the so-called abandoned victims of the worst natural disaster in French history, the devastating heat wave that struck in August 2003, leaving 15,000 dead. They died alone in Paris and its suburbs, and were then buried at public expense, their bodies unclaimed. They died, and to a great extent lived, unnoticed by their neighbors--their bodies undiscovered in some cases until weeks after their deaths. Fatal Isolation tells the stories of these victims and the catastrophe that took their lives. It explores the multiple narratives of disaster--the official story of the crisis and its aftermath, as presented by the media and the state; the life stories of the individual victims, which both illuminate and challenge the ways we typically perceive natural disasters; and the scientific understandings of disaster and its management. Fatal Isolation is both a social history of risk and vulnerability in the urban landscape and a story of how a city copes with emerging threats and sudden, dramatic change.