Ruslan Russian 1: Audio CD


Author: John Langran,Natalia Veshneva

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781899785841

Category: Russian language

Page: N.A

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Ruslan Russian Grammar

An Interactive Russian Grammar Course


Author: John Langran

Publisher: Ruslan

ISBN: 9781899785742

Category: Russian language

Page: 256

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A History of the Soviet Union from the Beginning to the End


Author: Peter Kenez

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139451022

Category: History

Page: N.A

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An examination of political, social and cultural developments in the Soviet Union. The book identifies the social tensions and political inconsistencies that spurred radical change in the government of Russia, from the turn of the century to the revolution of 1917. Kenez envisions that revolution as a crisis of authority that posed the question, 'Who shall govern Russia?' This question was resolved with the creation of the Soviet Union. Kenez traces the development of the Soviet Union from the Revolution, through the 1920s, the years of the New Economic Policies and into the Stalinist order. He shows how post-Stalin Soviet leaders struggled to find ways to rule the country without using Stalin's methods but also without openly repudiating the past, and to negotiate a peaceful but antipathetic coexistence with the capitalist West. In this second edition, he also examines the post-Soviet period, tracing Russia's development up to the time of publication.

Morality and War

Can War Be Just in the Twenty-first Century?


Author: David Fisher

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN: 019161582X

Category: Political Science

Page: 320

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With the ending of the strategic certainties of the Cold War, the need for moral clarity over when, where and how to start, conduct and conclude war has never been greater. There has been a recent revival of interest in the just war tradition. But can a medieval theory help us answer twenty-first century security concerns? David Fisher explores how just war thinking can and should be developed to provide such guidance. His in-depth study examines philosophical challenges to just war thinking, including those posed by moral scepticism and relativism. It explores the nature and grounds of moral reasoning; the relation between public and private morality; and how just war teaching needs to be refashioned to provide practical guidance not just to politicians and generals but to ordinary service people. The complexity and difficulty of moral decision-making requires a new ethical approach - here characterised as virtuous consequentialism - that recognises the importance of both the internal quality and external effects of agency; and of the moral principles and virtues needed to enact them. Having reinforced the key tenets of just war thinking, Fisher uses these to address contemporary security issues, including the changing nature of war, military pre-emption and torture, the morality of the Iraq war, and humanitarian intervention. He concludes that the just war tradition provides not only a robust but an indispensable guide to resolve the security challenges of the twenty-first century.


From Intermediate to Advanced


Author: Olga E. Kagan,Kudyma S. Anna,Frank J. Miller

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317661540

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 448

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Russian: From Intermediate to Advanced is a vibrant and modern course designed to help students achieve advanced proficiency in Russian. Offering a flexible modular approach structured around contemporary themes, the course further develops reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills while also expanding the student’s cultural literacy. Key features include: Structured chapters presenting a wide assortment of readings that include blogs, forums and surveys as well as opinion pieces and commentaries. Each text is accompanied by assignments with increasing levels of difficulty. Authentic and up-to-date readings, video and audio excerpts covering a range of relevant social and cultural topics, including Demography, Youth Culture, Politics and Society, Economics and Globalization. Video clips from news programs that are used not only to develop listening comprehension but also introduce students to contemporary Russian society. Particular attention to helping students acquire advanced vocabulary and the ability to converse, discuss and argue about issues with extended paragraph-length discourse. Special focus on the development of strong listening and reading comprehension skills, ensuring that students understand the ideas and supporting details in narrative and descriptive texts and connected discourse. A free companion website at offering student and instructor video and audio resources, sample syllabi and tests as well as additional materials. Written by a highly experienced author team that has co-authored the first year Russian textbook Beginner’s Russian (2010) and the second-year textbook V Puti (2005). Russian: From Intermediate to Advanced will be an essential resource for undergraduate students in their third and fourth year of Russian language study. It is also suitable for heritage learners of Russian who have mastered literacy and are familiar with the grammatical structure of Russian.

Ruslan Russian

A Communicative Course for Beginners in Russian


Author: John Langran,Natalia Veshneva

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781899785834

Category: Russian language

Page: 175

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Survival Russian


Author: Mikhail Ivanov

Publisher: Russian Information Service

ISBN: 1880100568

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 260

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The New Penguin Russian Course


Author: Nicholas J. Brown

Publisher: Circassian

ISBN: 9780140120417

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 514

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David Dyer's astonishing novel The Midnight Watchis based on the true story of the SS Californian, the ship that sawtheTitanic'sdistress rockets and yet, unfathomably, did nothing. A psychological thriller. Sometimes the smallest of human failings can lead to the greatest of disasters On a wretchedly cold night in the North Atlantic, a steamer stopped in an icefield sees the glow of another ship on the horizon. Just after midnight the first of eight distress rockets is fired. Why did theCalifornian look on while theTitanicsank? As soon as Boston Americanreporter John Steadman lays eyes on the man who stood the midnight watch on the Californian, he knows there's another story lurking behind the official one. Herbert Stone must have seen something, and yet his ship did nothing while the calamity took place. Now Stone, under his captain's orders, must carry his secret in silence, while Steadman is determined to find it out. So begins a strange dance around the truth by these three men. Haunted by the fifteen hundred who went to their deaths in those icy waters, and by the loss of his own baby son years earlier, Steadman must either find redemption in the Titanic's tragedy or lose himself. Based on true events, The Midnight Watchis at once a heart-stopping mystery and a deeply knowing novel - about the frailty of men, the strength of women, the capriciousness of fate and the price of loyalty.

Ruslan Russian 1

supplementary reader with texts, translations, poems and songs


Author: John Langran,Vassily Bessonoff

Publisher: N.A


Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 32

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The Meaning of Space in Sign Language

Reference, Specificity and Structure in Catalan Sign Language Discourse


Author: Gemma Barberà Altimira

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 1501500554

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 290

View: 8866

Bringing together sign language linguistics and the semantics-pragmatics interface, this book focuses on the use of signing space in Catalan Sign Language (LSC). On the basis of small-scale corpus data, it provides an exhaustive description of referential devices dependent on space. The book provides insight into the study of meaning in the visual-spatial modality and into our understanding of the discourse behavior of spatial locations.

Molotov's Magic Lantern

Travels in Russian History


Author: Rachel Polonsky

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9781429974905

Category: Travel

Page: 416

View: 8992

When the British journalist Rachel Polonsky moves to Moscow, she discovers an apartment on Romanov Street that was once home to the Soviet elite. One of the most infamous neighbors was the ruthless apparatchik Vyacheslav Molotov, a henchman for Stalin who was a participant in the collectivizations and the Great Purge—and also an ardent bibliophile. In what was formerly Molotov's apartment, Polonsky uncovers an extensive library and an old magic lantern—two things that lead her on an extraordinary journey throughout Russia and ultimately renew her vision of the country and its people. In Molotov's Magic Lantern, Polonsky visits the haunted cities and vivid landscapes of the books from Molotov's library: works by Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, Akhmatova, and others, some of whom were sent to the Gulag by the very man who collected their books. With exceptional insight and beautiful prose, Polonsky writes about the longings and aspirations of these Russian writers and others in the course of her travels from the Arctic to Siberia and from the forests around Moscow to the vast steppes. A singular homage to Russian history and culture, Molotov's Magic Lantern evokes the spirit of the great artists and the haunted past of a country ravaged by war, famine, and totalitarianism.

Myself When Young


Author: Daphne du Maurier

Publisher: Little, Brown

ISBN: 0316254371

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 224

View: 8393

"An intimate view of a creative richly evocative as any of her novels." --Los Angeles Times Both in her novels and her memoirs, Daphne du Maurier revealed an ardent desire to explore her family's history. In Myself When Young, based on diaries she kept between 1920 and 1932, du Maurier probes her own past, beginning with her earliest memories and encompassing the publication of her first book and her marriage. Often painfully honest, she recounts her difficult relationship with her father, her education in Paris, her early love affairs, her antipathy towards London life, and her desperate ambition to succeed as a writer. The resulting self-portrait is of a complex, utterly captivating young woman.

Russian-English, English-Russian


Author: Oleg Beniukh,Ksana Beniukh

Publisher: Hippocrene Books

ISBN: 9780781802802

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 230

View: 6219

This dictionary will help you speak on any topic or translate any material. The common-sense phonetics in the Russian-English section are romanized. Phonetics in the English-Russian section are in Cyrillic.To assist travelers to Russia, the dictionary includes a detailed menu from a Moscow restaurant with English translation.

Intelligent Language Tutors

Theory Shaping Technology


Author: V. Melissa Holland,Michelle R. Sams,Jonathan D. Kaplan

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135446466

Category: Computers

Page: 408

View: 6570

The techniques of natural language processing (NLP) have been widely applied in machine translation and automated message understanding, but have only recently been utilized in second language teaching. This book offers both an argument for and a critical examination of this new application, with an examination of how systems may be designed to exploit the power of NLP, accomodate its limitations, and minimize its risks. This volume marks the first collection of work in the U.S. and Canada that incorporates advanced human language technologies into language tutoring systems, covering languages as diverse as Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, and English. The book is organized into sections that express the levels of analysis dealt with in learning and teaching a language and with the tasks of the student as writer, reader, conversant, and actor in the world. These sections bring together research by specialists in linguistics, artificial intelligence, psychology, instructional design, and language teaching. In addition to providing detailed descriptions of working systems, amply illustrated with screens from lesson and authoring interfaces, the contributors address a spectrum of common issues: * What can current NLP technology contribute to computer-assisted language instruction and to research on language learning? * How can this technology meet the demands of pedagogical theory for communicative language teaching in authentic contexts? * How can designers constrain tutoring environments to ensure accurate analysis of learners' language? * What can NLP-based systems teach us about language acquisition, about linguistic theory, and about theories of language pedagogy? * What lessons have been learned in using these systems to date? Discipline-specific issues are illuminated as well: the relative merits of the major syntactic frameworks for NLP-based language tutoring; the adaptation of theories like lexical conceptual structure to support semantic interpretation; the integration of input language with visual microworlds and dialogue games; the pragmatics of the tutoring discourse; the selection of instructional principles to guide system design; and the accomodation of design to individual differences and learner styles. A concluding section assesses this work from larger theoretical and practical perspectives -- experimental psychology and psycholinguistics, linguistics, language teaching, and second language acquisition research.

Russian Grammar


Author: Mark E. Kiken

Publisher: Quickstudy

ISBN: 9781572226982

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 6

View: 5459

Basics of the Russian language in our quick-access format.

Oxford Essential Russian Dictionary


Author: Della Thompson

Publisher: OXFORD University Press

ISBN: 0199576432

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 629

View: 5267

This new dictionary offers up-to-date coverage of essential Russian and English, and extra help with Russian and English verbs and pronunciation, all in a compact and affordable format.

Russian Stories

A Dual-Language Book


Author: Gleb Struve

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486120287

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 416

View: 2068

Twelve tales by such masters as Chekhov, Tolstoy, Dostoevsky, Pushkin, others. Excellent word-for-word English translations on facing pages, plus teaching and study aids, Russian/English vocabulary, biographical/critical introductions, more.

French Cinema

The Student's Book


Author: Alan J. Singerman

Publisher: Focus Pub R Pullins & Company

ISBN: 9781585102051

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 392

View: 2570

In English, this text is an introduction to French cinema and includes the history of the origins of French film, an explanation of how to analyze a film, a lexicon of French cinema terms, and an analysis of major masterpieces of French filmmaking.