A Sociological Theory


Author: Niklas Luhmann

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 135149290X

Category: Psychology

Page: 236

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A great deal of attention has been devoted to risk research. Sociologists in general have limited themselves to varying recognitions of a society at risk and have traced out the paths to disaster. The detailed research has yet to be undertaken. In Risk, now available in paperback, Niklas Luhmann develops a theoretical program for such research. His premise is that the concept of risk projects essential aspects of our description of the future onto the present. Risk is conceived as the possibility of triggering unexpected, unlikely, and detrimental consequences by means of a decision attributable to a decision maker.

Playing on the edge

sadomasochism, risk, and intimacy


Author: Staci Newmahr

Publisher: Indiana Univ Pr


Category: Psychology

Page: 228

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Representations of consensual sadomasochism range from the dark, seedy undergrounds of crime thrillers to the fetishized pornographic images of sitcoms and erotica. In this pathbreaking book, ethnographer Staci Newmahr delves into the social space of a public, pansexual SM community to understand sadomasochism from the inside out. Based on four years of in-depth and immersive participant observation, she juxtaposes her experiences in the field with the life stories of community members, providing a richly detailed portrait of SM as a social space in which experiences of "violence" intersect with experiences of the erotic. She shows that SM is a recreational and deeply gendered risk-taking endeavor, through which participants negotiate boundaries between chaos and order. Playing on the Edge challenges our assumptions about sadomasochism, sexuality, eroticism, and emotional experience, exploring what we mean by intimacy, and how, exactly, we achieve it.

Contemporary Sociological Thinkers and Theories


Author: Mr Sandro Segre

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.

ISBN: 147240310X

Category: Social Science

Page: 390

View: 1374

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the major theoretical perspectives in contemporary sociology, covering schools of thought or intellectual movements within the discipline, as well as the work of individual scholars. The author provides not only a rigorous exposition of each theory, but also an examination of the scholarly reception of the approach in question, considering both critical responses and defences in order to reach a balanced evaluation. Chapters cover the following theorists and perspectives: • Alexander • Bourdieu • Ethnomethodology • Exchange Theory • Foucault • Giddens • Goffman • Habermas • Luhmann • Merton • Network and Social Capital Theory • Parsons • Rational Choice Theory • Schutz and Phenomenalism • Structuralism • Symbolic Interactionism An accessible and informative treatment of the central approaches in sociology over the course of the last century, this volume marks a significant contribution to sociological theory and constitutes an essential addition to library collections in the areas of the history of sociology and contemporary social theory.

Consumer Safety Regulation

Putting a Price on Life and Limb


Author: Peter Asch

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195364200

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 190

View: 1089

Advocates of consumer safety regulation, an active and controversial area of public policy in the United States, contend that markets do not adequately protect the interests of vulnerable consumers; market traditionalists respond that public agencies increasingly make risk/safety decisions that individual citizens ought to be making for themselves. This book, written by an economist, critically assesses the rationales for, and the effects of, our major consumer safety programs. Addressed to a general audience, and incorporating relevant literature on cognitive psychology as well as economics, the author argues that although legitimate reasons for public protection of consumers exist in some markets, the particular programs we adopt often produce results that fall far short of what their advocates desire, and at least occasionally yield perverse outcomes.

Risk and Sociocultural Theory

New Directions and Perspectives


Author: Deborah Lupton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521645546

Category: Social Science

Page: 191

View: 8393

This 1999 book presents a variety of exciting perspectives on the perception of risk and the strategies that people adopt to cope with it. Using the framework of recent social and cultural theory, it reflects the fact that risk has become integral to contemporary understandings of selfhood, the body and social relations, and is central to the work of writers such as Douglas, Beck, Giddens and the Foucauldian theorists. The contributors are all leading scholars in the fields of sociology, cultural and media studies and cultural anthropology. Combining empirical analyses with metatheoretical critiques, they tackle an unusually diverse range of topics including drug use, risk in the workplace, fear of crime and the media, risk and pregnant embodiment, the social construction of danger in childhood, anxieties about national identity, the governmental uses of risk and the relationship between risk phenomena and social order.


Performativität, Performanz und Polittheater Seit 1990


Author: Birgit Haas

Publisher: Königshausen & Neumann

ISBN: 9783826030406

Category: Power

Page: 305

View: 5650

Social Theories of Risk and Uncertainty

An Introduction


Author: Jens O. Zinn

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1444301497

Category: Social Science

Page: 264

View: 2542

Written by leading experts in the field, Social Theories of Risk and Uncertainty is an introduction to mainstream theorizing on risk and uncertainty in sociology. Provides an overview of the historical developments and conceptual aspects of risk Identifies why theorizing on risk is necessary and highlights specific sociological contributions to this field of research Explores key topics including risk society and reflexive modernization, culture and risk, governmentality and risk, systems theory and risk, and edgework and voluntary risk taking Offers a comprehensive look at the promises, pitfalls, and perspectives of risk theorizing

Policing the Risk Society


Author: Richard Victor Ericson,Kevin D. Haggerty

Publisher: University of Toronto Press

ISBN: 9780802079671

Category: Political Science

Page: 487

View: 8945

Ericson and Haggerty contend that the police have become information brokers to institutions such as insurance companies and health and welfare organizations that operate based on a knowledge of risk.

Der neue Chef


Author: Niklas Luhmann

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518744747

Category: Political Science

Page: 120

View: 8997

Jede Organisation, und sei sie noch so behäbig, erfährt eine gewisse Erschütterung durch die Nachricht, dass ein neuer Chef oder eine neue Chefin ins Haus steht. Flurgespräche häufen sich, mit Wissensvorsprüngen wird gepunktet, Ungewissheit liegt in der Luft. Aber auch nach vollzogenem Wechsel gibt es Probleme, etwa wenn der, der »von oben« überwachen soll, »von unten« angelernt werden muss. Kurzum: Die Beziehung zwischen Vorgesetzten und Untergebenen ist kompliziert. Niklas Luhmann hat sie unter die soziologische Lupe genommen und zeigt, wodurch sie strapaziert wird: durch Kommunikationsschwierigkeiten und Selbstdarstellungsinteressen, Rollenfindungsprobleme und Wertvorstellungsdissonanzen. Der Schatten des Vorgängers kann lang, der Einfluss innerbetrieblicher Cliquen schwer zu durchbrechen sein. Und über allem schwebt die Frage: Wer hat die Macht? Es ist, soviel ist sicher, nicht per se der Chef – vorausgesetzt, so Luhmann, die Untergebenen beherrschen die Kunst, ihren Vorgesetzten zu lenken. »Unterwachung« ist sein Stichwort und Takt das wichtigste Mittel zum Zweck. Aber Vorsicht: Wer es darin zur Meisterschaft bringt, der wird nicht selten – der neue Chef.

Critical Theory and Social Media

Between Emancipation and Commodification


Author: Thomas Allmer

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317612310

Category: Social Science

Page: 214

View: 9761

Social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter are enormously popular: they are continuously ranked among the most frequently accessed websites worldwide. However there are as yet few studies which combine critical theoretical and empirical research in the context of digital and social media. The aim of this book is to study the constraints and emancipatory potentials of new media and to assess to what extent digital and social media can contribute to strengthen the idea of the communication and network commons, and a commons-based information society. ? Based on a critical theory and political economy approach, this book explores: the foundational concepts of a critical theory of media, technology, and society users’ knowledge, attitudes, and practices towards the antagonistic character and the potentials and risks of social media whether technological and/or social changes are required in order to bring about real social media and human liberation. Critical Theory and Social Media examines both academic discourse on, and users’ responses to, new media, making it a valuable tool for international scholars and students of sociology, media and communication studies, social theory, new media, and information society studies. Its clear and interesting insights into corporate practices of the global new media sector will mean that it appeals to critical social media users around the world.

Organization and Decision


Author: NIklas Luhmann

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108623158

Category: Business & Economics

Page: N.A

View: 4156

Translated into English for the first time, Luhmann's modern classic, Organization and Decision, explores how organizations work; how they should be designed, steered, and controlled; and how they order and structure society. Luhmann argues that organization is order, yet indeterminate. In this book, he shows how this paradox enables organizations to embed themselves within society without losing autonomy. In developing his autopoietic perspective on organizations, Luhmann applies his general theory of social systems by conceptualizing organizations as selfreproducing systems of decision communications. His innovative and interdisciplinary approach to the material (spanning organization studies, management and sociology) is integral to any study of organizations. This new translation, edited by one of the world's leading experts on Luhmann, enables researchers and graduate students across the English-speaking world to access Luhmann's ideas more readily.

Reflexive Modernization

Politics, Tradition and Aesthetics in the Modern Social Order


Author: Ulrich Beck,Anthony Giddens,Scott Lash

Publisher: Stanford University Press

ISBN: 9780804724722

Category: Social Science

Page: 225

View: 1892

Three prominent social thinkers discuss how modern society is undercutting its formations of class, stratum, occupations, sex roles, the nuclear family, and more. Reflexive modernization, or the way one kind of modernization undercuts and changes another, has wide ranging implications for contemporary social and cultural theory, as this provocative book demonstrates.

Taming Risk

Uncertainty, Trust and the Sociological Discourse of Modernity


Author: Jan Burzynski,Tomasz Burzynski

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443856088

Category: Social Science

Page: 175

View: 4937

This interdisciplinary and multifaceted work investigates the traumatic character of (late) modernity from the perspectives of risk and trust regarded as correlates to human actions, as well as forms of social consciousness and cultural production in contemporary, post-industrial societies. In this way, the book gestures towards an interpretative framework in which modern social structures and systems may be effectively conceptualised in an overtly phenomenological context that entails the understanding of risk and trust as significant elements of human experience, social knowledge and a personal motivation to take goal-oriented actions. Being focused upon searching for inter-subjective mechanisms fostering the inherent societal dynamism of risk societies, the volume offers an integrative perspective in risk studies in which risk and trust-related considerations are perceived in terms of sociological theories aiming to reconcile the dimensions of agency and structure. Methodologically speaking, the text advances a comfortable theoretical vantage point for observing the ontology of late modernity in the context of an interplay between agential experiences of uncertainty, as well as systemic and structural frameworks of exposures to technological risks. Needless to say, the work is a must-read for scholars and researchers in the fields of theoretical sociology, risk studies, modernization theories, and cultural studies.


Auf dem Weg in eine andere Moderne


Author: Ulrich Beck

Publisher: Suhrkamp Verlag

ISBN: 3518750658

Category: Social Science

Page: 396

View: 7509

»Arm an geschichtlichen Katastrophen war dieses Jahrhundert wahrlich nicht: zwei Weltkriege, Auschwitz, Nagasaki, dann Harrisburg und Bhopal, nun Tschernobyl. Das zwingt zur Behutsamkeit der Wortwahl und schärft den Blick für die historischen Besonderheiten. Alles Leid, alle Not, alle Gewalt, die Menschen Menschen zugefügt haben, kannt bisher nur die Kategorien der ›anderen‹ - Juden, Schwarze, Frauen, Asylanten, Dissidenten, Kommunisten usw.«


Man-made Hazards to Man


Author: M. G. Cooper

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA


Category: Environmental health

Page: 141

View: 2958

Modern science and industry have prolonged human life and expanded its scope to an almost incalculable degree, but the disaster in Bhopal, India, is only the latest and most horrible reminder that a balanced view of benefits and dangers and a wise application of risk-control measures are vital to any large human undertaking. In this timely and easy-to-read book, eight distinguished scientists examine the issues involved in risk management, focusing on the psychology of risk and on actual and potential risks in medicine, biological research, industry (especially in energy production), and environmental change. They show what careful analysis reveals about many well-publicized dangers and about some much larger risks that make no headlines, and describe the skilled efforts devoted to minimizing risk and maximizing benefits in many fields. While providing a balanced overview for researchers in risk management, this book will be of immediate interest to politicians, industrialists, and lay readers who wish to understand the most pressing issues in an area of great controversy.

Partnership and Pragmatism

The German Response to AIDS Prevention and Care


Author: Rolf Rosenbrock,Michael Wright

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134549741

Category: Social Science

Page: 272

View: 6199

This book provides a comprehensive overview of the most important themes in German HIV/AIDS prevention and care from the beginning of the epidemic to the present. Multidisciplinary in approach, it highlights the unique contributions of Germany to AIDS work, making available for the first time knowledge which can be applied to other countries as well as to other fields of public health practice. Topics discussed include: *structural prevention, a concept which unites political and behavioural change *the synchronistic relationship between AIDS policy and gay politics *the dominance of love and intimacy over other 'risk factors' *an approach to prevention among drug users which emphasis human rights and accepts the using behaviour *a unique partnership between public authorities and the voluntary sector *services for women working in cross-national border prostitution *an AIDS survivor syndrome among gay men *HIV in the context of emotional risks taken by women in relationships. In addition, specifically German themes are described, including special needs of gay men from the former East Germany, the difficulties of providing adequate outpatient care for people with HIV/AIDS and the history of the AIDS prevention debate in Germany. The book offers medical, nursing, public health, sociological, psychological and social work perspectives on the German response to AIDS.

Participation, Citizenship and Trust in Children's Lives


Author: H. Warming

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137295783

Category: Social Science

Page: 215

View: 1723

This book critically analyzes and theorizes trust dynamics in children's lives and how they impact upon children's participation, citizenship and well-being, drawing on a wealth of empirical evidence that examines trust in various institutional and cultural contexts.



Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Environmental sciences

Page: N.A

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The Penguin Dictionary of Sociology


Author: Nicholas Abercrombie,Stephen Hill,Bryan S. Turner

Publisher: Penguin Group USA


Category: Reference

Page: 449

View: 9133

This fourth edition of the well established dictionary has been substantiallyrevised to reflect the newest trends and challenges within a rapidly evolvingdiscipline. Charts.