Reservoir Simulation

Mathematical Techniques in Oil Recovery


Author: Zhangxin Chen

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 0898717078

Category: Oil reservoir engineering

Page: 219

View: 2519

Model Calibration and Parameter Estimation

For Environmental and Water Resource Systems


Author: Ne-Zheng Sun,Alexander Sun

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1493923234

Category: Mathematics

Page: 621

View: 5145

This three-part book provides a comprehensive and systematic introduction to these challenging topics such as model calibration, parameter estimation, reliability assessment, and data collection design. Part 1 covers the classical inverse problem for parameter estimation in both deterministic and statistical frameworks, Part 2 is dedicated to system identification, hyperparameter estimation, and model dimension reduction, and Part 3 considers how to collect data and construct reliable models for prediction and decision-making. For the first time, topics such as multiscale inversion, stochastic field parameterization, level set method, machine learning, global sensitivity analysis, data assimilation, model uncertainty quantification, robust design, and goal-oriented modeling, are systematically described and summarized in a single book from the perspective of model inversion, and elucidated with numerical examples from environmental and water resources modeling. Readers of this book will not only learn basic concepts and methods for simple parameter estimation, but also get familiar with advanced methods for modeling complex systems. Algorithms for mathematical tools used in this book, such as numerical optimization, automatic differentiation, adaptive parameterization, hierarchical Bayesian, metamodeling, Markov chain Monte Carlo, are covered in details. This book can be used as a reference for graduate and upper level undergraduate students majoring in environmental engineering, hydrology, and geosciences. It also serves as an essential reference book for professionals such as petroleum engineers, mining engineers, chemists, mechanical engineers, biologists, biology and medical engineering, applied mathematicians, and others who perform mathematical modeling.

High Performance Computing and Applications

Third International Conference, HPCA 2015, Shanghai, China, July 26-30, 2015, Revised Selected Papers


Author: Jiang Xie,Zhangxin Chen,Craig C. Douglas,Wu Zhang,Yan Chen

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319325574

Category: Computers

Page: 229

View: 7142

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed proceedings of the Third International Conference on High Performance Computing and Applications, HPCA 2015, held in Shanghai, China, in July 2015. The 24 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 50 submissions. The papers cover the following research areas: numerical algorithms and solutions; high performance and grid computing; novel approached to high performance computing; massive data storage and processing; hardware acceleration; applications.

The Finite Element Method

Its Fundamentals and Applications in Engineering


Author: Zhangxin Chen

Publisher: World Scientific Publishing Company

ISBN: 9813100656

Category: Mathematics

Page: 348

View: 3314

This Finite Element Method offers a fundamental and practical introduction to the finite element method, its variants, and their applications in engineering. Every concept is introduced in the simplest possible setting, while maintaining a level of treatment that is as rigorous as possible without being unnecessarily abstract. Various finite elements in one, two, and three space dimensions are introduced, and their applications to elliptic, parabolic, hyperbolic, and nonlinear equations and to solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and porous media flow problems are addressed. The variants include the control volume, multipoint flux approximation, nonconforming, mixed, discontinuous, characteristic, adaptive, and multiscale finite element methods. Illustrative computer programs in Fortran and C++ are described. An extensive set of exercises are provided in each chapter. This book serves as a text a for one-semester course for upper-level undergraduates and beginning graduate students and as a professional reference for engineers, mathematicians, and scientists.

Numerical Treatment of Multiphase Flows in Porous Media

Proceedings of the International Workshop Held at Beijing, China, 2–6 August 1999


Author: Zhangxin Chen,Richard E. Ewing,Zhong-Ci Shi

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3540454675

Category: Science

Page: 446

View: 2488

The need to predict, understand, and optimize complex physical and c- mical processes occurring in and around the earth, such as groundwater c- tamination, oil reservoir production, discovering new oil reserves, and ocean hydrodynamics, has been increasingly recognized. Despite their seemingly disparate natures, these geoscience problems have many common mathe- tical and computational characteristics. The techniques used to describe and study them are applicable across a broad range of areas. The study of the above problems through physical experiments, mat- matical theory, and computational techniques requires interdisciplinary col- boration between engineers, mathematicians, computational scientists, and other researchers working in industry, government laboratories, and univ- sities. By bringing together such researchers, meaningful progress can be made in predicting, understanding, and optimizing physical and chemical processes. The International Workshop on Fluid Flow and Transport in Porous - dia was successfully held in Beijing, China, August 2{6, 1999. The aim of this workshop was to bring together applied mathematicians, computational scientists, and engineers working actively in the mathematical and nume- cal treatment of ?uid ?ow and transport in porous media. A broad range of researchers presented papers and discussed both problems and current, state-of-the-art techniques.

A Unified Approach to Boundary Value Problems


Author: Athanassios S. Fokas

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 0898716519

Category: Mathematics

Page: 336

View: 8227

A novel approach to analysing initial-boundary value problems for integrable partial differential equations (PDEs) in two dimensions, based on ideas of the inverse scattering transform that the author introduced in 1997. This method is unique in also yielding novel integral representations for linear PDEs. Several new developments are addressed in the book, including a new transform method for linear evolution equations on the half-line and on the finite interval; analytical inversion of certain integrals such as the attenuated Radon transform and the Dirichlet-to-Neumann map for a moving boundary; integral representations for linear boundary value problems; analytical and numerical methods for elliptic PDEs in a convex polygon; and integrable nonlinear PDEs. An epilogue provides a list of problems on which the author's new approach has been used, offers open problems, and gives a glimpse into how the method might be applied to problems in three dimensions.

The Radon Transform and Medical Imaging


Author: Peter Kuchment

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 1611973295

Category: Geometric tomography

Page: 240

View: 5424

This book surveys the main mathematical ideas and techniques behind some well-established imaging modalities such as X-ray CT and emission tomography, as well as a variety of newly developing coupled-physics or hybrid techniques, including thermoacoustic tomography. The Radon Transform and Medical Imaging emphasizes mathematical techniques and ideas arising across the spectrum of medical imaging modalities and explains important concepts concerning inversion, stability, incomplete data effects, the role of interior information, and other issues critical to all medical imaging methods. For nonexperts, the author provides appendices that cover background information on notation, Fourier analysis, geometric rays, and linear operators. The vast bibliography, with over 825 entries, directs readers to a wide array of additional information sources on medical imaging for further study.

The Theory of Gauge Fields in Four Dimensions


Author: H. Blaine Lawson

Publisher: American Mathematical Soc.

ISBN: 0821807080

Category: Mathematics

Page: 101

View: 2109

Lawson's expository lectures, presented at a CBMS Regional Conference held in Santa Barbara in August 1983, provide an indepth examination of the recent work of Simon Donaldson, and is of special interest to both geometric topologists and differential geometers. This work has excited particular interest, in light of Mike Freedman's recent profound results: the complete classification, in the simply connected case, of compact topological 4-manifolds.Arguing from deep results in gauge field theory, Donaldson has proved the nonexistence of differentiable structures on certain compact 4-manifolds. Together with Freedman's results, Donaldson's work implies the existence of exotic differentiable structures in $\mathbb R^4$-a wonderful example of the results of one mathematical discipline yielding startling consequences in another. The lectures are aimed at mature mathematicians with some training in both geometry and topology, but they do not assume any expert knowledge. In addition to a close examination of Donaldson's arguments, Lawson also presents, as background material, the foundation work in gauge theory (Uhlenbeck, Taubes, Atiyah, Hitchin, Singer, et al.) which underlies Donaldson's work.



Author: Luxe City Guides

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789888132966

Category: Travel

Page: 22

View: 1780

Tastier than a Clooney-Pitt sarnie and more ambitious than a forgotten Kardash. SE Asia's youngest capital boasts a fabulously mixed heritage and riot of culture, colour, fashion and art. Pack a hearty and adventurous appetite for the manifold scents and spices. Stretchy pants on, sleeves up, chow down! /////////////////////////////// LUXE Kuala Lumpur & Penang. Chic with a capital C

Combinatorial Optimization

Packing and Covering


Author: Gerard Cornuejols

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 0898714818

Category: Mathematics

Page: 132

View: 6285

New and elegant proofs of classical results and makes difficult results accessible.

Books in Print


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

Page: N.A

View: 3266

Computational Methods for Multiphase Flows in Porous Media


Author: Zhangxin Chen,Guanren Huan,Yuanle Ma

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 0898716063

Category: Computers

Page: 531

View: 4806

This book offers a fundamental and practical introduction to the use of computational methods. A thorough discussion of practical aspects of the subject is presented in a consistent manner, and the level of treatment is rigorous without being unnecessarily abstract. Each chapter ends with bibliographic information and exercises.


Discrete and Random Processes in Evolution


Author: Mike Steel

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 161197447X

Category: Science

Page: 293

View: 3397

Phylogenetics is a topical and growing area of research. Phylogenies (phylogenetic trees and networks) allow biologists to study and graph evolutionary relationships between different species. These are also used to investigate other evolutionary processes?for example, how languages developed or how different strains of a virus (such as HIV or influenza) are related to each other. This self-contained book addresses the underlying mathematical theory behind the reconstruction and analysis of phylogenies. The theory is grounded in classical concepts from discrete mathematics and probability theory as well as techniques from other branches of mathematics (algebra, topology, differential equations). The biological relevance of the results is highlighted throughout. The author supplies proofs of key classical theorems and includes results not covered in existing books, emphasizes relevant mathematical results derived over the past 20 years, and provides numerous exercises, examples, and figures.

Sid the Homeless Hermit Crab

Tagalog and English Dual Text


Author: Stacey Marie Johnston

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781683040200


Page: 30

View: 2578

Poor Sid was getting too big for his shell, so he sets off on an adventure in search of a new one. During this time he discovers all of the shells are missing and in their place remains only garbage. Stacey Marie Johnston has created a book that is not only heartfelt and humorous but one that shows the effects of pollution on the environment. Follow Sid's journey to find a new home as he runs into a few surprise's, along with exciting and interesting encounters.

Mathematical Aspects of Geometric Modeling


Author: Charles A. Micchelli

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 0898713315

Category: Mathematics

Page: 256

View: 4580

Examines concepts that are useful for the modeling of curves and surfaces and emphasizes the mathematical theory that underlies them.

Finite Element Methods and Their Applications


Author: Zhangxin Chen

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540280782

Category: Science

Page: 410

View: 6536

Introduce every concept in the simplest setting and to maintain a level of treatment that is as rigorous as possible without being unnecessarily abstract. Contains unique recent developments of various finite elements such as nonconforming, mixed, discontinuous, characteristic, and adaptive finite elements, along with their applications. Describes unique recent applications of finite element methods to important fields such as multiphase flows in porous media and semiconductor modelling. Treats the three major types of partial differential equations, i.e., elliptic, parabolic, and hyperbolic equations.

Wine Tasting

A Professional Handbook


Author: Ronald S. Jackson

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080921099

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 512

View: 1897

Wine Tasting: A Professional Handbook is an essential guide for any professional or serious connoisseur seeking to understand both the theory and practice of wine tasting. From techniques for assessing wine properties and quality, including physiological, psychological, and physicochemical sensory evaluation, to the latest information on types of wine, the author guides the reader to a clear and applicable understanding of the wine tasting process. Including illustrative data and testing technique descriptions, Wine Tasting is for professional tasters, those who train tasters and those involved in designing wine tastings as well as the connoisseur seeking to maximize their perception and appreciation of wine. Revised and updated coverage, notably the physiology and neurology taste and odor perception Expanded coverage of the statistical aspect of wine tasting (specific examples to show the process), qualitative wine tasting (examples for winery staff tasting their own wines; more examples for consumer groups and restaurants), tripling of the material on wine styles and types, wine language, the origins of wine quality, and food and wine combination Flow chart of wine tasting steps Flow chart of wine production procedures Practical details on wine storage and problems during and following bottle opening Examples of tasting sheets Details of errors to be avoided Procedures for training and testing sensory skill

15-Minute Cover Letter

Write an Effective Cover Letter Right Now


Author: J. Michael Farr,Louise M. Kursmark

Publisher: Jist Works

ISBN: 9781593576615

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 183

View: 7443

This popular guide demystifies the process of crafting cover letters by providing revolutionary advice in six brief chapters. Readers will find a collection of dozens of professionally written cover letter samples and step-by-step guidance to empower them to create attention-getting letters of their own. New content for this edition includes 16 more pages of sample cover letters and all new job search tips.

A Primer on Radial Basis Functions with Applications to the Geosciences


Author: Bengt Fornberg,Natasha Flyer

Publisher: SIAM

ISBN: 1611974046

Category: Science

Page: 221

View: 7171

Adapted from a series of lectures given by the authors, this monograph focuses on radial basis functions (RBFs), a powerful numerical methodology for solving PDEs to high accuracy in any number of dimensions. This method applies to problems across a wide range of PDEs arising in fluid mechanics, wave motions, astro- and geosciences, mathematical biology, and other areas and has lately been shown to compete successfully against the very best previous approaches on some large benchmark problems. Using examples and heuristic explanations to create a practical and intuitive perspective, the authors address how, when, and why RBF-based methods work. The authors trace the algorithmic evolution of RBFs, starting with brief introductions to finite difference (FD) and pseudospectral (PS) methods and following a logical progression to global RBFs and then to RBF-generated FD (RBF-FD) methods. The RBF-FD method, conceived in 2000, has proven to be a leading candidate for numerical simulations in an increasingly wide range of applications, including seismic exploration for oil and gas, weather and climate modeling, and electromagnetics, among others. This is the first survey in book format of the RBF-FD methodology and is suitable as the text for a one-semester first-year graduate class.