Research in Service to Society

The First Fifty Years of the Institute for Research in Social Science at the University of North Carolina


Author: Guy Benton Johnson,Guion Griffis Johnson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Education

Page: 442

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Research in Service to Society: The First Fifty Years of the Institute for Research in Social Science at the University of North Carolina

Habits of Industry

White Culture and the Transformation of the Carolina Piedmont


Author: Allen Tullos

Publisher: UNC Press Books

ISBN: 1469620588

Category: History

Page: 435

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Habits of Industry provides a richly descriptive social, historical, and cultural account of the Carolina Piedmont -- the area between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Coastal Plain -- over the course of 150 years. By examining the social and religious culture of the region, Allen Tullos illuminates the lives of the working men and women whose "habits of industry" shaped their world. Tullos combines archival research with an extensive collection of oral histories to shed new light on the essentially all-white textile industry in the era before World War II. He examines such topics as workers' transition from an agrarian folk culture to an industrial working class, the changing patterns of employers' paternalistic relations, and the contrasting and complimentary meanings of "industry." Using biographies and autobiographies of both mill owners and mill workers, Tullos juxtaposes the entrepreneurial narratives of the Belks, Hammetts, Tompkinses, Dukes, and Loves with the equally remarkable stories of such workers as Ethel Hillard, Alice and Grover Hardin, and Nigel League.

North Carolina Women

Their Lives and Times--Volume 2


Author: Michele Gillespie,Sally G. McMillen

Publisher: University of Georgia Press

ISBN: 0820347566

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 424

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By the twentieth century, North Carolina's progressive streak had strengthened, thanks in large part to a growing number of women who engaged in and influenced state and national policies and politics. These women included Gertrude Weil who fought tirelessly for the Nineteenth Amendment, which extended suffrage to women, and founded the state chapter of the League of Women Voters once the amendment was ratified in 1920. Gladys Avery Tillett, an ardent Democrat and supporter of Roosevelt's New Deal, became a major presence in her party at both the state and national levels. Guion Griffis Johnson turned to volunteer work in the postwar years, becoming one of the state's most prominent female civic leaders. Through her excellent education, keen legal mind, and family prominence, Susie Sharp in 1949 became the first woman judge in North Carolina and in 1974 the first woman in the nation to be elected and serve as chief justice of a state supreme court. Throughout her life, the Reverend Dr. Anna Pauline "Pauli" Murray charted a religious, literary, and political path to racial reconciliation on both a national stage and in North Carolina. This is the second of two volumes that together explore the diverse and changing patterns of North Carolina women's lives. The essays in this volume cover the period beginning with women born in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries but who made their greatest contributions to the social, political, cultural, legal, and economic life of the state during the late progressive era through the late twentieth century. Contributors: Jane Becker on Lucy Morgan; Eileen Boris on Ellen Black Winston; Heather Bryson on Ella Josephine Baker; Ann Short Chirhart on Charlotte Hawkins Brown; M. Anna Fariello on Olive Dame Campbell; Joey Fink on Crystal Lee Sutton; Rebecca Godwin on North Carolina Women Writers; Anna Ragland Hayes on Susie Marshall Sharp; Amy Hill Hearth on the Delany Sisters; Lu Ann Jones on North Carolina's Farm Women; Sally G. McMillen on Gladys Avery Tillett; Elizabeth Gillespie McRae on Nell Battle Lewis; Sarah C. Thuesen on Guion Griffis Johnson; Melissa Walker on Margaret Jarman Hagood; Jessica Wilkerson on Ella May Wiggins; Emily Herring Wilson on Gertrude Weil; Lauren F. Winner on Pauli Murray.

Policy Making in an Era of Global Environmental Change


Author: R.E. Munn,J.W.M. la Rivière,N. van Lookeren Campagne

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792338727

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 224

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Major international, interdisciplinary research programmes are now underway to increase our understanding of how the Earth System operates and how it is changing through the effects of human activities. Although understanding and predictive capacity are still limited, scientists already agree that significant global changes must be expected in the next 50 years that will affect the capacity of the Earth to sustain life. Governments, business and industry have, therefore, come to recognize that scientific knowledge about the changing global environment - as yet incomplete but rapidly evolving - is becoming indispensable for wise long-term policy making, the goal being to design preventive, adaptive and remedial measures. Thus global change science and policy making are engaged in a process of forming a new partnership that is taking shape as further insights evolve. Effective continuous interactions between the partners requires mutual understanding: decision-makers need to understand the unique potential but also the limitations of the results of scientific research in progress while scientists must take into account the priorities and constraints of policy-makers in designing and implementing policies that will promote long-term sustainability of life on this planet. This book contributes in a unique manner to this mutual understanding: It gives an overview of the ongoing relevant research focusing on the two major international programmes, the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme and the World Climate Research Programme. These are described in terms understandable to the interested lay reader. The results of the latest review of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) are included. This is followed by an analysis of the response process that is in progress with respect to governments - singly and multilaterally - by business and industry and by public interest groups. This process is leading to interactive structures, assessment procedures and legislation, nationally and internationally. Business and industry are changing from mere watchfulness to recognition of new opportunities for products and processes. Six interviews with prominent figures from business and government circles in the Netherlands provide a vivid illustration of the questions at issue. The appendices provide overviews of methods for incorporating the results of global change science into policy-making and development of long lasting projects. Adaptation to climate change serves as an example. Thus, for the first time, one book describes both ongoing research work in global change and the response processes that the research results are evoking. It is of interest to all stake-holders in the scientific community as well as to decision-makers in industry, business and government.

Engineers for Change

Competing Visions of Technology in 1960s America


Author: Matthew Wisnioski

Publisher: MIT Press

ISBN: 0262304260

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 304

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In the late 1960s an eclectic group of engineers joined the antiwar and civil rights activists of the time in agitating for change. The engineers were fighting to remake their profession, challenging their fellow engineers to embrace a more humane vision of technology. In Engineers for Change, Matthew Wisnioski offers an account of this conflict within engineering, linking it to deep-seated assumptions about technology and American life. The postwar period in America saw a near-utopian belief in technology's beneficence. Beginning in the mid-1960s, however, society--influenced by the antitechnology writings of such thinkers as Jacques Ellul and Lewis Mumford--began to view technology in a more negative light. Engineers themselves were seen as conformist organization men propping up the military-industrial complex. A dissident minority of engineers offered critiques of their profession that appropriated concepts from technology's critics. These dissidents were criticized in turn by conservatives who regarded them as countercultural Luddites. And yet, as Wisnioski shows, the radical minority spurred the professional elite to promote a new understanding of technology as a rapidly accelerating force that our institutions are ill-equipped to handle. The negative consequences of technology spring from its very nature--and not from engineering's failures. "Sociotechnologists" were recruited to help society adjust to its technology. Wisnioski argues that in responding to the challenges posed by critics within their profession, engineers in the 1960s helped shape our dominant contemporary understanding of technological change as the driver of history.

Theology in Service to the Church

Global and Ecumenical Perspectives


Author: Allan Hugh Cole

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1630873578

Category: Religion

Page: 242

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As a global religion with growing numbers of expressions, Christianity calls for deepening relationships across traditions while also formulating collaborative visions. A thriving church will require Christians from various traditions and on varying trajectories to become familiar with one another, appreciate one another, and work in common service to God in Jesus Christ. In this book, a group of thirteen distinguished scholars from around the world and representing a range of Orthodox, Catholic, and Protestant perspectives demonstrate how theological reflection and broad-based ecumenical conversations may serve the church. Reflecting on numerous salient matters facing the global church, these scholars model what may be accomplished in ecumenical conversations that recognize the gifts that come with unity across diversity among those who seek to be faithful to Jesus Christ.

Polyphenylene Oxide and Modified Polyphenylene Oxide Membranes

Gas, Vapor and Liquid Separation


Author: Geeta Chowdhury,Boguslaw Kruczek,Takeshi Matsuura

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1461514835

Category: Science

Page: 334

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Fluid-membrane material interfaces, morphologies of membrane surface and the sub-layer underneath the membrane surface, and fluid transport through the membrane governed by the above interface and morphology parameters, and driving forces involved in process operatio- all these three aspects together constitute the fundamental physico-chemical and engineering basis for the practical success of Membrane Separation Technology (MST) in all its applications. Quantitative data on the above interface and morphology parameters and applicable transport equations involving the above parameters, are needed for membrane design, specification of membranes, modules and systems, and prediction of their performance for any given separation application. Even though more than 40 years have elapsed since the emergence of the field of MST, there are very few books which deal with all the above three aspects of the subject in an integrated manner. This simply shows that the field of MST is still in its early stages of development and only a small fraction of its vast potential has been practically realized to-date. Still, what has already accomplished is extraordinary both in its scope, and in its impact, on scientific research and service to society at large.

Space of Service to Humanity

Preserving Earth and Improving Life


Author: G. Haskell,Michael J Rycroft

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401156921

Category: Science

Page: 320

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G. Haskell, Symposium Convenor & Vice President for Academic Services and Outreach, International Space University By taking "Space of Service to Humanity" as the theme for the inaugural event in its series of annual symposia, the International Space University (ISU) is asserting that this application of space technology requires special attention at this time. Future symposia will examine the issues of the day from different perspectives. In keeping with the fundamental principles of ISU, the symposium took a global perspective, as distinct from national or regional perspectives, and treated both technical and non-technical topics. Oral and poster presentations were delivered in the scientific, engineering, economic, legal, political and philosophical domains. All oral papers were delivered in plenary session to encourage cross fertilization between specialities, and posters were readily available for viewing throughout the three-day event. As an international and interdisciplinary forum for the sharing of experience and for discussion and debate, the symposium proved to be a stimulating and worthwhile event for the 135 participants from 25 countries and 5 international organizations with backgrounds in industry, government and academia.

Motorcoach Industry Hours of Service and Fatigue Management Techniques


Author: John F. Brock

Publisher: Transportation Research Board

ISBN: 0309088224

Category: Bus drivers

Page: 24

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TRB's Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program (CTBSSP) Synthesis 7: Motorcoach Industry Hours of Service and Fatigue Management Techniques identifies and documents the unique features of the extended workday that typifies motorcoach operations and identifies techniques that motorcoach managers, front-line employees, and drivers use to reduce fatigue-related incidents resulting from the irregular on-duty conditions facing the motorcoach driver. The synthesis also identifies current and emerging technologies that may be appropriate for motorcoach operations to offset the effects of the extended workday and fatigue-inducing environment.

The Distinctive Character of the Free University in Amsterdam, 1880-2005

A Commemorative History


Author: Arie Theodorus van Deursen,Herbert Donald Morton

Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing

ISBN: 0802862519

Category: Education

Page: 538

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"The central theme of this history is the Free University in Amsterdam as a special and private institution founded to provide distinctively Christian higher education. Arie Theodorus van Deursen he recounts the engrossing history of this unique university at its 125th year, using fully documented archival sources to detail the school's ups and downs over the years. He succeeds admirably in fulfilling the task of a historian: making complexity comprehensible."--BOOK JACKET.

Trends and Research in the Decision Sciences

Best Papers from the 2014 Annual Conference


Author: Decision Sciences Institute,Merrill Warkentin

Publisher: FT Press

ISBN: 0133925536

Category: Computers

Page: 400

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Decision science offers powerful insights and techniques that help people make better decisions to improve business and society. This new volume brings together the peer-reviewed papers that have been chosen as the "best of the best" by the field's leading organization, the Decision Sciences Institute. These papers, authored by respected decision science researchers and academics from around the world, will be presented at DSI's 45th Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida in November 2014. The first book of papers ever assembled by DSI, this volume describes recent methods and approaches in the decision sciences, with a special focus on how accelerating technological innovation is driving change in the ways organizations and individuals make decisions. These papers offer actionable insights for decision-makers of all kinds, in business, public policy, non-profit organizations, and beyond. They also point to new research directions for academic researchers in decision science worldwide.

The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education

Engaging Ideas and Enriching Inquiry


Author: Clifton F. Conrad,Ronald C. Serlin

Publisher: SAGE Publications

ISBN: 141297335X

Category: Education

Page: 624

View: 5835

The SAGE Handbook for Research in Education: Engaging Ideas and Enriching Inquiry, edited by Clifton F. Conrad and Ronald C. Serlin, invites and stimulates students, faculty, and policymakers to become more self-reflective in their inquiry. Placing the pursuit of ideas at the epicenter of research, distinguished K–12 and higher education scholars advance myriad ideas for enhancing educational inquiry, relying extensively on narratives, vignettes, and examples of key episodes in inquiry. These exemplars illuminate past, present, and emerging approaches across fields and domains of inquiry to research in education.

Advances in The Human Side of Service Engineering


Author: Louis Freund,Wojciech Cellary

Publisher: AHFE Conference

ISBN: 1495120910


Page: 660

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If there is any one element to the engineering of service systems that is unique, it is the extent to which the suitability of the system for human use, human service, and excellent human experience has been and must always be considered. An exploration of this emerging area of research and practice, Advances in the Human Side of Service Engineering covers a broad spectrum of ergonomics and human factors issues highlighting the design of contemporary service systems.

Strangers at the Bedside

A History of How Law and Bioethics Transformed Medical Decision Making


Author: David J. Rothman

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9780202369327

Category: Social Science

Page: 313

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This study of the transformation of the relationship between doctors and patients from the mid-Sixties to the mid-Seventies has acquired the status of a minor classic. In this paperback edition the author has added an afterword on patient autonomy that encompasses some more recent changes in the practice of medicine and the evolving field loosely, but inexactly, characterized as bioethics. He has left intact his portrayal of the earlier, epochal changes that are the subject of the book.

Medicine and Society in America, 1660-1860


Author: Richard Harrison Shryock

Publisher: Cornell University Press

ISBN: 9780801490934

Category: History

Page: 182

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First published in 1960, Richard Harrison Shryock's Medicine and Society in America: 1660–1860 remains a sweeping and informative introduction to the practice of medicine, the education of physicians, the understanding of health and disease, and the professionalization of medicine in the Colonial Era and the period of the Early Republic. Shryock details such developments as the founding of the first medical school in America (at the College of Philadelphia in 1765); the introduction of inoculation against smallpox in Boston in 1721; the creation of the Marine Hospital Service in 1799, under which all merchant marines were required to take out health insurance; and the state of medical knowledge on the eve of the Civil War.

International Review of Research in Mental Retardation


Author: N.A

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 9780080857985

Category: Psychology

Page: 263

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This serial was established under the editorship of Dr. Norman R. Ellis in 1966. As a result of his editorial effort and the contributions of many authors, the serial is now recognized as the area's best source of reviews of behavioral research on mental retardation. From its inception, active research scientists and graduate students in mental retardation have looked to this serial as a major source of critical reviews of research and theory in the area.

Tool-Supported Innovation Management in Service Ecosystems


Author: Christoph Riedl

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783834968029

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 311

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Christoph Riedl elaborates conceptual solutions and tool support for networked environments. The author draws on the fields of new service development and open innovation, in particular building on online communities. Based on the design science paradigm, the author offers guidelines how tool support for online innovation communities can be developed.

Computers in the Service of Society


Author: Robert Lee Chartrand

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483147436

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

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Computers in the Service of Society examines the role of computers in contemporary society. Based on a seminar series given in the spring of 1969 and co-sponsored by The American University, the book discusses the different societal problems that may be ameliorated by the application of computer technology. The focus of the book is on man’s response to computers, whether the multiple roles of the computer can be comprehended by the decision makers of our times, and whether the vast potential as well as limitations of automatic data processing can be conveyed to the public at large. The book consists of 10 chapters and begins with an overview of the evolution and impact of systems methodology and computer technology; their application to the management of information; and Congress’s increasing awareness of the potential of systems technology, especially the electronic computer. The text then turns its attention to the development of policies for national scientific and technical information systems; systems management in government; how computers help the government in serving society; and acceptance and use of computer technology by corporate management. The possibility of computer-utility services evolving as regulated services is also considered. The book concludes by assessing where the computer is likely to take us in the last third of the 20th century, paying particular attention to the possibility of applying computer technology to the operations of Congress and the legislative process. The text will be of interest to planners, decision makers, professionals, and students working in the field of computer technology.

Research in Information Studies

A Cultural and Social Approach


Author: W. Bernard Lukenbill

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 146917961X

Category: Social Science

Page: 422

View: 1479

Research is integrated into the whole fabric of modern-day society and culture. It affects our lives in so many waysfrom finding a job to knowing how to manage our health. Information studies designed to understand this array of information encompasses a wide expanse of disciplines. Many of these areas draw their philosophical and research bases from a mixture of disciplines within the social sciences and the humanities. This book takes a holistic view of these diverse areas and shows how they are united through the common thread of enhancing our knowledge of and understanding the world in which we all live.