Guide to Plymouth

And Recollections of the Pilgrims


Author: William Shaw Russell

Publisher: N.A


Category: Massachusetts

Page: 382

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Author: Diane Ney

Publisher: Dramatic Publishing

ISBN: 9781583423608

Category: American drama (Comedy)

Page: 32

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Performing the Pilgrims

A Study of Ethnohistorical Role-Playing at Plimoth Plantation


Author: Stephen Eddy Snow,Barbara Kirshenblatt-Gimblett

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781604731811

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 241

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A scholarly inquiry into how portrayals of the Pilgrims evolved from glorification to more accurate reconstruction of history through performance The various ways in which the Pilgrims have been represented over the past three hundred years reflect important changes in American culture. This study of a phenomenon at Plimoth Plantation reveals a pattern created by progressive cultural forces in the United States to establish historical accuracy. It traces the transformation in the styles of portraying the cultural history of one of America's earliest immigrant groups, the Pilgrims of Plymouth, Massachusetts. In the nineteenth century the Pilgrim story was romanticized in poetry and paintings. The purpose of such portrayals was glorification, not historical accuracy. After the fourth Thursday of every November was designated by President Lincoln as Thanksgiving Day, the Pilgrim image became ubiquitous in American popular culture. Those simple, hardworking settlers of one of America's first towns began to assume mythic proportions.This study of how the Pilgrims have been represented in American cultural life mainly focuses on the development of the performances in the Living Museum of Seventeenth Century Plymouth at Plimoth Plantation.After World War II a plan was devised to replicated the First Street of Plymouth. By the late 1950s Pilgrim houses were reconstructed, and mannequins depicted scenes of Pilgrim life. Docents, dressed in somewhat inauthentic period garb, described the historical significance of the tableaux. The cultural revolution of the 1960s brought also a revolution in the style of representing the Pilgrims. In an attempt to define the real Pilgrims, the idea of sainted ancestors was eradicated. James Deetz, an anthropologist from Harvard, established a new approach to ethnohistorical research. In portraying the Pilgrims in this era, reenactors made no attempt to glorify but instead to give earnest assessment of all ethnographic data available and to re-create an authentic Pilgrim. Deetz and his colleagues established a living museum in which history was no longer described and discussed, but, rather, reenacted.This book documents and analyzes the momentous shift in the style of representing the history at Plimoth Plantation. It closely examines the emergence of the first-person, role-playing re-creation that is based upon performing ethnography.An important work in the field of performance studies, it explores postmodern cultural forces at work in the late twentieth century. Stephen Snow, Ph.D., RDT-BCT, is Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Creative Arts Therapies at Concordia University in Montreal. Most recently, he completed a three-year project (2005-2008) in Performance Ethnography with adults with developmental disabilities at Concordia's Centre for the Arts in Human Development, of which he is a Co-Founder.

The Arrival of the Pilgrims


Author: John Franklin Jameson

Publisher: N.A


Category: Pilgrims (New Plymouth Colony)

Page: 40

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The England and Holland of the Pilgrims


Author: Henry Martyn Dexter,Morton Dexter

Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com

ISBN: 0806307943

Category: Reference

Page: 673

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Comprised of six books, this work constitutes an encyclopedic history of Pilgrim affairs in England and Holland, a systematic examination of every facet of Pilgrim life from the shaping of the Protestant conscience, to the history of the Separatists, to summaries and particulars of those who set out to America. of inestimable value to the researcher is the appendicized register of all those in the Pilgrim company who resided in Holland up to the end of the 17th century, some of whom may never have voyaged to America. The entries, typically, give place of origin, occupation, names of wives (with dates of betrothal), references to contemporary Dutch records, and a variety of incidental matter-in all, a successful attempt at enumerating the whole company of Pilgrims in Holland.



Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1408808773

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

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The cowboys, strippers, labourers and magicians of Pilgrims are all on their way to being somewhere, or someone, else. Some are browbeaten and world-weary, others are deluded and naïve, yet all seek companionship as fiercely as they can. A tough East Coast girl dares a western cowboy to run off with her; a matronly bar owner falls in love with her nephew; an innocent teenager falls hopelessly for the local bully's sister. These are tough heroes and heroines, hardened by their experiences, who struggle for their epiphanies. Yet hope is never far away and though they may act blindly, they always act bravely. Sharply drawn and tenderly observed, Pilgrims is filled with Gilbert's inimitable humour and warmth.

Akte X, Staffel 10 - Band 3: Pilgrims


Author: Joe Harris,Chris Carter

Publisher: dani books

ISBN: 3944077520

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 128

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Die zehnte Staffel des Mysteryserien-Kulthits, exklusiv als Comic! Die Wüsten Saudi-Arabiens haben im Laufe der Jahre Pilger angelockt, Armeen verschlungen und mit ihren Ölfeldern einigen Menschen unvorstellbaren Reichtum eingebracht. Mulder und Scully bringt der ewige Treibsand des Mittleren Ostens hingegen ausschließlich Ärger ein. Denn eine unheilvolle Substanz, die bei Bohrarbeiten freigesetzt wird, ist nicht die einzige Gefahr, mit der sie es plötzlich zu tun bekommen. Der Band enthält die Season-10-Einzelhefte 11 bis 15.


New World Settlers & the Call of Home


Author: Susan Hardman Moore

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 9780300117189

Category: History

Page: 316

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This book uncovers what might seem to be a dark side of the American dream: the New World from the viewpoint of those who decided not to stay. At the core of the volume are the life histories of people who left New England during the British Civil Wars and Interregnum, 1640–1660. More than a third of the ministers who had stirred up emigration from England deserted their flocks to return home. The colonists’ stories challenge our perceptions of early settlement and the religious ideal of New England as a "City on a Hill." America was a stage in their journey, not an end in itself. Susan Hardman Moore first explores the motives for migration to New England in the 1630s and the rhetoric that surrounded it. Then, drawing on extensive original research into the lives of hundreds of migrants, she outlines the complex reasons that spurred many to brave the Atlantic again, homeward bound. Her book ends with the fortunes of colonists back home and looks at the impact of their American experience. Of exceptional value to studies of the connections between the Old and New Worlds, Pilgrims contributes to debates about the nature of the New England experiment and its significance for the tumults of revolutionary England.

Pilgrims: Sinners, Saints, and Prophets

Sinners, Saints, and Prophets


Author: Marty Stuart

Publisher: Thomas Nelson Inc

ISBN: 1418559180

Category: Music

Page: 200

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Marty Stuart, one of the most popular country artists, portrays well-known and not-so-well-known pilgrims through spectacular photographs and well-written words. Marty portrays in the book "a life that ain't easy, but one that I understand".

One Small Candle: The Pilgrims’ First Year in America


Author: Thomas Fleming

Publisher: New Word City

ISBN: 1612301460

Category: History

Page: 372

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This vivid, deeply moving book begins in London in 1620 as Pilgrim representatives sign a contract to purchase the freighter Mayflower. We accompany them on their harrowing voyage across the Atlantic, through the rigors of the first New England winter and the threat of Indian attack as they desperately search for the home they eventually find at Plymouth. Once there, they must continue the struggle against brutal weather and disease. With masterly skill, New York Times bestselling historian Thomas Fleming gives us life-size portraits of the Pilgrim leaders. The Pilgrims' unique achievements - the Mayflower Compact, their tolerance of other faiths, the strict separation of church and state - are discussed in the context of the first year's anxieties and crises. Fleming writes admiringly of the younger men who emerged in that year as the real leaders of the colony - William Bradford and Miles Standish. And he provides new insights into the humanity and tolerance of the Pilgrims' spiritual shepherd, Elder William Brewster. On the first Thanksgiving, the Pilgrims are already aware that they are the forerunners of a great nation. It is implicit in William Bradford's words, "As one small candle may light a thousand, so the light kindled here has shone unto many. . . ."

The Story of the Pilgrims


Author: Fran Newman-D'Amico

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486444309

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 30

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Thirty easy-to-color pictures of the Pilgrims leaving England, establishing a settlement at Plymouth, building their homes, and sharing a Thanksgiving feast with their Native American neighbors.


A Lake Wobegon Romance


Author: Garrison Keillor

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 9781101144947

Category: Fiction

Page: 304

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Lake Wobegon goes to Italy in Garrison Keillor's latest Twelve Wobegonians fly to Rome to decorate a war hero's grave, led by Marjorie Krebsbach, with radio host Gary Keillor along for the ride. The pilgrimage is inspired by a phone call from an Italian woman seeking her Lake Wobegon roots and by a memoir O Paradiso by a farm wife who found the secret of life and love in Italy. And by marjorie's longing to win back the love of her husband Carl. Far from home, sitting in the rain in the Piazza Navona, the pilgrims talks about themselves, as they never could do in the Chatterbox Café. "You're not going to write about this, I hope," says Irene Bunsen. "Of course I am. I invented this town," says Mr. Keillor. "Oh my, aren't you something," she replies.

Pilgrims and Travellers in Search of the Holy


Author: René Gothóni

Publisher: Peter Lang

ISBN: 9783034301619

Category: Religion

Page: 306

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"Papers ... delivered at an international symposium entitled "Pilgrims and travellers in search of the holy" convened in Helsinki in 2008"--Introd.


Complete Theme Unit Developed in Cooperation with the Pilgrim Hall Museum


Author: Susan Moger

Publisher: Scholastic Inc.

ISBN: 9780590497879

Category: Massachusetts

Page: 64

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Includes background information, rare artifacts, book links, and reproducible activities: Mayflower mini-book, Squanto play, ship-at-sea science experiment, and more. With a BIG, full-color Mayflower cut-away poster. For use with Grades K-3.

You shall not wish to kill your fellow pilgrims!

Was mich sechs Wochen auf dem Jakobsweg gelehrt haben


Author: Maren Kopper

Publisher: BoD – Books on Demand

ISBN: 3746004144

Category: Travel

Page: 344

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Das Leben des Pilgers auf dem Jakobsweg besteht darin, den Rucksack ein- und auszupacken. Tag für Tag. Dieser Teil der Wahrheit stellt sich schon auf den ersten 100 Kilometern ein. Der spirituelle Teil einer Pilgerreise auf dem Jakobsweg zeigt sich erst später: beispielsweise darin, dass das geographische Ziel, Santiago de Compostela, gar nicht so wichtig ist. Zumindest nicht für Maren Kopper, die sich von der Schwäbischen Alb aus 2014 für sechs Wochen auf den Weg gemacht hat. Viel essentieller war für sie, welche Gefährtinnen sie unterwegs getroffen hat und welche Erfahrungen sie mit ihnen machen durfte. Den einen Camino de Santiago gibt es nicht, es gibt viele. Jeder Pilger geht auf der vorgezeichneten Strecke seinen eigenen, individuellen Weg. Der Camino eröffnet dem Pilgernden die Möglichkeit für tiefsinnige, ehrliche Gespräche; aber auch für Heiterkeit und bewegende landschaftliche Eindrücke. Er bietet unterwegs genügend Zeit, um über sich und andere nachzudenken: Wohin soll mich mein Leben führen? Der Camino ist kein Zwang, Wettstreit und keine Pflicht. Er hält viele Chancen bereit, um tief in sich hineinzuhören: ungeschminkt, offen, neugierig. Er ist kein Allheilmittel für sämtliche Probleme, aber er kann, wie bei der Autorin dieses Buches, zu der Erkenntnis führen, dass das Wesentliche im Leben nicht unbedingt bunt oder bombastisch sein muss. Und dass es wichtig ist, Ballast abzulegen, bevor er einen erschlägt. Der Camino kann dem Pilgernden auf seiner Wanderschaft immer wieder ein überwältigendes, tiefgreifendes Gefühl schenken: das alles besänftigende Gefühl von Freiheit.