Permanent Sample Plots, More Than Just Forest Data

Proceedings of International Workshop on Promoting Permanent Sample Plots in Asia and the Pacific Region : Bogor, Indonesia, 3-5 August 2005


Author: Priyadi, H., Gunarso, P., Kanninen, M., eds.

Publisher: CIFOR

ISBN: 979244632X


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Resource Assessment of Non-wood Forest Products

Experience and Biometric Principles


Author: Jennifer Ley Gn Wong,Kirsti Thornber,Nell Baker,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.

ISBN: 9789251046142

Category: Biometry

Page: 109

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This publication is intended as reference material for practitioners considering inventory of non-wood forest product (NWFP) resources. Through review and analysis of experience it provides an overview of biometric issues in the design of NWFP inventory in the following areas: a description of the range of approaches used and developed to date and their biometric adequacy; and a suggested method for selecting appropriate biometric methods for resource quantification in different situations and for different products.

Plant Biodiversity

Monitoring, Assessment and Conservation


Author: Abid A Ansari,Sarvajeet Singh Gill,Zahid Khorshid Abbas,M Naeem

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 1780646941

Category: Nature

Page: 628

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Results of regular monitoring of the species diversity and structure of plant communities is used by conservation biologists to help understand impacts of perturbations caused by humans and other environmental factors on ecosystems worldwide. Changes in plant communities can, for example, be a reflection of increased levels of pollution, a response to long-term climate change, or the result of shifts in land-use practices by the human population. This book presents a series of essays on the application of plant biodiversity monitoring and assessment to help prevent species extinction, ecosystem collapse, and solve problems in biodiversity conservation. It has been written by a large international team of researchers and uses case studies and examples from all over the world, and from a broad range of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The book is aimed at any graduate students and researchers with a strong interest in plant biodiversity monitoring and assessment, plant community ecology, biodiversity conservation, and the environmental impacts of human activities on ecosystems.

The Sustainable Forestry Handbook

A Practical Guide for Tropical Forest Managers on Implementing New Standards


Author: Sophie Higman

Publisher: Earthscan

ISBN: 1849773319

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 350

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The Sustainable Forestry Handbook is widely considered to be the essential aid to understanding and implementing sustainable forest management. Providing a clear and concise guide to the practicalities of implementing international standards for sustainable forest management, this fully updated second edition covers new Forest Stewardship Council requirements, High Conservation Value Forests, clearer requirements on pesticides and developments in policy and forest governance. Aimed at forest managers, and employing extensive cross referencing and easy-to-understand illustrations, this highly practical handbook explains in clear terms what the standards require forest managers to do and how they might go about implementing them.

Sustaining the Yield

Improved Timber Harvesting Practices in Belize, 1992-1998


Author: Neil M. Bird

Publisher: N.A


Category: Forests and forestry

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Étude FAO



Author: N.A

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Category: Forest management

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Modelling forest growth and yield

applications to mixed tropical forests


Author: Jerome K. Vanclay,C.A.B. International

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9780851989136

Category: Computers

Page: 312

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This book provides an introduction to growth modeling in mixed forests, with emphasis on the tropics. It is not intended as a 'how-to' manual with step-by-step instructions, as there is no single best way to model such forests. Rather it reviews different approaches, highlighting their strengths and limitations. It emphasizes empirical-statistical models rather than physiological-process type models, because of the proven utility of the former in forest management. Each chapter includes exercises that can be completed manually or on PC and spreadsheet. The book will serve as a reference manual for practitioners and as a text for advanced level students taking courses in forest modeling.

Tropical moist forest silviculture and management

a history of success and failure


Author: H. C. Dawkins,Michael S. Philip

Publisher: CABI

ISBN: 9780851992556

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 359

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Silviculture in tropical forests has a long history going back many centuries and active management for timber production began about 200 years ago. There is therefore a considerable body of evidence regarding both sustainable and destructive forestry practices in these forests, the future of which is the subject of one of the great scientific and public debates of the late 20th century. Based on 50 years' experience by each author and extensive research of the literature, this book provides information, much of which was previously not widely available, on the development of silvicultural systems in tropical moist forest (a broad term which encompasses many forest types). The book begins by tracing the early history and goes on to describe the later, more technical phases and the growth of global exploitation. Examples from many countries are described in detail, considering all aspects including the economic, ecological and social implications. It is the aim of the authors to demonstrate that sustainable timber production in many of these forests is not only possible, but the techniques necessary have been known to foresters for many decades. This book is essential reading for forest managers in the tropics, advanced students and researchers in forestry and ecology concerned with natural resource management and will also be of interest to economists, policy makers and environmentalists



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