Large Print Password Logbook

Internet Login & Password Organizer: Denim


Author: Brilliant Large Print Books

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781944633592


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Here's a large print password book with spaces to list nearly 400 websites -- their names, internet addresses (URLS), logins, passwords and any other notes. The clear, big type makes it especially easy to use for seniors or the vision-impaired. A great gift! Discreet cover helps protect your privacy and doesn't mention the book's purpose. 400+ spaces: Every site journal page has room for four entries, so there's room to store information for more than 400 sites Bonus features: Extra space to list your favorite sites for quick reference/Internet (modem) & email setup details/Network (router) & wifi access information/Software license registry numbers, logins & download info Alphanumeric: A-Z pages and space for sites starting with numbers -- even includes an index Plenty of room: This book is professionally-designed, with plenty of space to write Large type: Big, clear type to make it easy to read (font size 16 and larger) Format: Letter paper size (8-1/2 x 11"), bright white paper, and a sturdy glossy paperback cover Large index letters: This paperback (softcover) book does not have tabs. Instead, bold letters on the side of all the entry pages make its easy to sort by name. Space for updates: There are two lines for your passwords so you have space to change them periodically. (There's also extra room under "Notes.") Clean and organized: There are between 2 and 6 pages for every letter, except for U&V and X, Y & Z, which share pages. And, unlike in most other internet password journals, there are also two pages at the beginning of the index for website addresses that start with numbers. There are also other large print address books in this series with different covers -- search for "Brilliant Large Print Books" to see them all.

Password Journal

Password Keeper / Map Gifts ( Internet Address Logbook / Diary / Notebook )


Author: smART smART bookx

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781523469765


Page: 94

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Small Gifts for Map Lovers - Softback Password Journal [$5.50 / £3.59] A discrete password journal with a Dutch 17th century world map on the cover; it's got sensible sized print, spacious log boxes, and a few added extras, including password setting advice, at the back. We've put a lot of thought in to this book, it's perfect for a small, simple gift: Dimensions: 20.3 x 12.7 cm / 5 x 8 inches. (A touch smaller than A5 but much bigger than A6. It's small enough to tuck away easily in a bag, drawer or shelf, but it's not tiny, it's much bigger than most pockets.) Interior: -95 pages of good quality white paper to minimize ink bleed-through. -Just under 400 log boxes, including a few extra at the back for the storage of online purchase reference numbers. -An advice section on how to set strong, safe passwords is easily accessible at the back. -Plenty of space. We've allowed the whole page width for writing internet addresses & usernames, and extra space to write your own notes with each record; particularly useful for extra security details such as memorable words. There's also a general notes space at the back for recording modem details or wifi codes for example. So no more cramming! -A date record box. To prevent confusion if you change a password you can easily keep track of which one is the latest by using the entry date prompt in each log. -Easy to read with font size 12 or larger throughout. Cover: Tough matte paperback. Properly bound, so pages won't fall out with use. Matching Products: Our Antique Map design is also available on smART bookx notebooks in a variety of sizes and an address book, so if you're shopping for gifts you could consider buying a matching set. Search 'map' and 'bookx' on Amazon (don't forget the 'x'). Similar Products: We publish several password journals with the same interior as this one but with other popular cover designs. Search 'password' and 'bookx' on Amazon. Thanks for looking, The smART bookx design team Buy With Confidence Because Our Customers Love Our Stationery: ***** Gorgeous Notebook ... I am very pleased with this purchase. The picture on the cover is lovely and the paper inside takes the pen beautifully ... ideal for jotting down ideas and shopping lists. I would buy this brand again. (30 Jun 2014) ***** Very Nice ... Beautiful. My daughter loved them!!! (August 17, 2014) ***** Love the Van Gogh Notebook ... Loved it, keep it in my purse incase of creative impulses. (November 8, 2013) **** Beautiful Book ... Awesome pictures on front and back ... It will be a nice journal (December 31, 2013) ***** Five Stars ... Great artwork, perfect size. (August 16, 2014) ***** Really Pretty Notebook ... My mom loved it ... Going to get The Best Dad in the World one for my dad at Christmas ... highly recommend. (July 1, 2014)

Password Book Small

Password Book Small / Diary / Notebook Lock and Key


Author: Password Book Small, LLC

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781537270685


Page: 150

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Password Book Small - We now live in a world where keeping track of electronic passwords for websites and email accounts and social media outlets is not simply a good idea, but a necessity. However, at times being able to remember each specific password for each website or email account can be rather difficult, especially if you use alphanumeric codes or other algorithms to generate passwords rather than simple words or phrases where cats birthday. It has become necessary to have more complicated passwords and while it is true the more complicated your password the more secure your information will be. It is also true that the more complicated your password the more difficult it will be to remember. This is where the forget me not password keeper comes in handy. This nifty little notebook is filled with 150 pages that are specifically designed to help keep all of your passwords and other personal information safe from prying eyes. These books are organized alphabetically similar to the way one of those old pocket address books was designed with specifically labeled slots for the password. The name of the corresponding website email account or other business information has its own separate slot which means all you have to do is put the appropriate information in the appropriate space and it will be safely and securely organized for easy access at any time. The forget me not password keeper is also discrete. It has a unique and artistically designed cover so that it will look like any other personal notebook or address book should be found on your desk or accidentally glimpsed in your purse. The forget me not password keeper will also give you peace of mind knowing that you no longer have to remember all of your passwords or risk for getting them because they are all safely categorized and secure in this handy little book that is sure to become a trusted companion. Plenty of room to record password changes, security questions, and notes Extra pages to record information about your home network configuration, Internet Service Provider, and other notes and in alphabetical order. Store: Websites, usernames and passwords Credit Card Information Home Network Information WiFi Password and Network ID Guest WiFi Password and Network ID Software License Keys Notes And More! Features: Alphabetically organized pages Discreet cover design 150 pages! Spacious 5.5x8.5 This book is proudly Made in the USA

Over-the-Road Wireless For Dummies


Author: E. Phil Haley

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470105429

Category: Computers

Page: 364

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Do you roam the road making a living, or are you enjoying the nomadic life of a retiree with a motor home? Either way, life goes on no matter where you're hanging your hat tonight. Bills still need to be paid, grandchildren grow up way too fast, and you've gotten pretty dependent on your e-mail. How do you stay connected to the rest of the world while you're on the road? For a growing number of over-the-road drivers, business travelers, and RV enthusiasts, the answer is a wireless Internet connection. With a laptop and wireless access, you can Pay bills, check accounts, and handle banking online Send and receive e-mail Surf the Web Access your home PC Make inexpensive phone calls with VoIP Watch TV, download movies, and listen to satellite radio "So," you say, "I see people in movies popping open their laptops and getting online wherever they happen to be. It looks awfully easy—why do I need a book?" Well, lots of things are easy once you know how. Over-the-Road Wireless For Dummies tells you how in plain English, so you can take advantage of all those cool opportunities safely and easily. You'll discover how to Choose the best Wi-Fi access service for your needs and locate hotspots Assess cellular data services and satellite access to make informed choices about service Adapt your laptop or PDA for wireless, set up an external antenna, and install an external amplifier Use your cell phone as a modem Identify security threats, protect your data with strong passwords and encryption, and set up a personal firewall Install and use Skype and make phone calls with your laptop Make your truck or RV your office with online freight-finding services, a GPS receiver, a travel printer, and software to keep logs and expense records Access streaming TV and radio on the road With Over-the-Road Wireless For Dummies to help, you can send online birthday cards, watch video of the grandchildren, do your banking, pay bills, keep records, connect to your home PC, and even file your taxes, no matter how far away you roam!

Internet Fraud Casebook

The World Wide Web of Deceit


Author: Joseph T. Wells

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9780470875506

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 432

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Real case studies on Internet fraud written by real fraud examiners Internet Fraud Casebook: The World Wide Web of Deceit is a one-of-a-kind collection of actual cases written by the fraud examiners who investigated them. These stories were hand-selected from hundreds of submissions and together form a comprehensive, enlightening and entertaining picture of the many types of Internet fraud in varied industries throughout the world. Each case outlines how the fraud was engineered, how it was investigated, and how perpetrators were brought to justice Topics included are phishing, on-line auction fraud, security breaches, counterfeiting, and others Other titles by Wells: Fraud Casebook, Principles of Fraud Examination, and Computer Fraud Casebook This book reveals the dangers of Internet fraud and the measures that can be taken to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Computer Forensics: Investigating Network Intrusions and Cybercrime (CHFI)


Author: EC-Council

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1337015709

Category: Computers

Page: 50

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The Computer Forensic Series by EC-Council provides the knowledge and skills to identify, track, and prosecute the cyber-criminal. The series is comprised of four books covering a broad base of topics in Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation, designed to expose the reader to the process of detecting attacks and collecting evidence in a forensically sound manner with the intent to report crime and prevent future attacks. Learners are introduced to advanced techniques in computer investigation and analysis with interest in generating potential legal evidence. In full, this and the other three books provide preparation to identify evidence in computer related crime and abuse cases as well as track the intrusive hacker’s path through a client system. The series and accompanying labs help prepare the security student or professional to profile an intruder’s footprint and gather all necessary information and evidence to support prosecution in a court of law. Network Intrusions and Cybercrime includes a discussion of tools used in investigations as well as information on investigating network traffic, Web attacks, DoS attacks, corporate espionage and much more! Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Automated Peritoneal Dialysis


Author: Claudio Ronco

Publisher: Karger Medical and Scientific Publishers

ISBN: 3805569343

Category: Medical

Page: 274

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While continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) has been the standard peritoneal procedure since the seventies, different schedules of automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) have emerged during the eighties. Today, APD is considered a valuable tool in the management of ESRD patients, together with CAPD and hemodialysis. However, despite its frequent use, APD has not yet been well assessed, and most pathophysiological and clinical studies on PD refer to CAPD. In this book, major experts in the field therefore discuss and evaluate the insights gained on APD up to now, presenting a comprehensive review of all experimental, technical and clinical aspects related to the various treatments grouped under the definition of APD. The recent developments presented are divided into four sections: membrane permeability, transport mechanisms and kinetic modeling applied to APD; prescription and adequacy of different APD treatment schedules; dialysis machines and solutions for APD, and, lastly, different clinical aspects such as the possibility to maintain APD program and residual renal function. Physicians involved in ESRD care, renal fellows and scientists both in the academic world and in the hospital setting will undoubtedly profit from this timely publication.

Excel Accounting


Author: Carol Yacht,Michael Fujita

Publisher: Irwin/McGraw-Hill

ISBN: 9780072964424

Category: Accounting

Page: 452

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Excel Accounting shows professionals how to apply many of today's most complex, necessary accounting procedures using Excel. Written to be used with Windows/Excel 98 and higher, this well-organized and comprehensive book covers principles of accounting, financial accounting, managerial accounting, and more. The accompanying CD-ROM contains Excel data files and templates with readers can use to record and analyze data.

Wireless All In One For Dummies


Author: Sean Walberg,Loyd Case,Joel Durham, Jr.,Derek Torres

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470619562

Category: Computers

Page: 504

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Link up, connect, or create a network-with no wires attached! With such an amazing abundance of electronic devices available in our daily lives, wouldn't it be nice to eliminate getting wrangled by all those wires? With this guide by your side, a team of technical authors walks you through creating a network in your home or office-without the expense and hassle of stringing cable or paying a network administrator. Eight self-contained minibooks answer your questions about wireless devices and wireless networks and address everything from hardware security to wireless hobbies and GPS. Clear, step-by-step instructions show you how to link your TV, computers, PDAs, laptops, TiVo, and sound systems to your wireless network. Discover how to configure networks and create a completely wireless environment Incorporate various hardware into your wireless network, such as notebook computers, handheld devices, sound systems, and printers Tackle common security issues and best troubleshooting practices Learn all the basics of wireless computing and how to make it work for you With this book, it's easier than ever to to create an office or home network on a Windows platform. Don't be a bird on a wire-become a part of a wireless world!

Analyzing the Social Web


Author: Jennifer Golbeck

Publisher: Newnes

ISBN: 0124058566

Category: Computers

Page: 290

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Analyzing the Social Web provides a framework for the analysis of public data currently available and being generated by social networks and social media, like Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare. Access and analysis of this public data about people and their connections to one another allows for new applications of traditional social network analysis techniques that let us identify things like who are the most important or influential people in a network, how things will spread through the network, and the nature of peoples' relationships. Analyzing the Social Web introduces you to these techniques, shows you their application to many different types of social media, and discusses how social media can be used as a tool for interacting with the online public. Presents interactive social applications on the web, and the types of analysis that are currently conducted in the study of social media. Covers the basics of network structures for beginners, including measuring methods for describing nodes, edges, and parts of the network. Discusses the major categories of social media applications or phenomena and shows how the techniques presented can be applied to analyze and understand the underlying data. Provides an introduction to information visualization, particularly network visualization techniques, and methods for using them to identify interesting features in a network, generate hypotheses for analysis, and recognize patterns of behavior. Includes a supporting website with lecture slides, exercises, and downloadable social network data sets that can be used can be used to apply the techniques presented in the book.

Signal Processing and Information Technology

First International Joint Conference, SPIT 2011, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December 1-2, 2011, Revised Selected Papers


Author: Vinu Das,Ezendu Ariwa,Syarifah Bahiyah Rahayu

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3642325734

Category: Computers

Page: 301

View: 4223

This book constitutes the thoroughly refereed post-conference proceedings of the First International Joint Conference on Advances in Signal Processing and Information Technology (SPIT 2011) and Recent Trends in Information Processing and Computing (IPC 2011) held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in December 2011. The 50 revised full papers presented were carefully selected from 298 submissions. Conference papers promote research and development activities in computer science, information technology, computational engineering, image and signal processing, and communication.

IT Security Risk Control Management

An Audit Preparation Plan


Author: Raymond Pompon

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1484221400

Category: Computers

Page: 311

View: 8598

Follow step-by-step guidance to craft a successful security program. You will identify with the paradoxes of information security and discover handy tools that hook security controls into business processes. Information security is more than configuring firewalls, removing viruses, hacking machines, or setting passwords. Creating and promoting a successful security program requires skills in organizational consulting, diplomacy, change management, risk analysis, and out-of-the-box thinking. What You Will Learn: Build a security program that will fit neatly into an organization and change dynamically to suit both the needs of the organization and survive constantly changing threats Prepare for and pass such common audits as PCI-DSS, SSAE-16, and ISO 27001 Calibrate the scope, and customize security controls to fit into an organization’s culture Implement the most challenging processes, pointing out common pitfalls and distractions Frame security and risk issues to be clear and actionable so that decision makers, technical personnel, and users will listen and value your advice Who This Book Is For: IT professionals moving into the security field; new security managers, directors, project heads, and would-be CISOs; and security specialists from other disciplines moving into information security (e.g., former military security professionals, law enforcement professionals, and physical security professionals)

Multiplatform E-Learning Systems and Technologies: Mobile Devices for Ubiquitous ICT-Based Education

Mobile Devices for Ubiquitous ICT-Based Education


Author: Goh, Tiong Thye

Publisher: IGI Global

ISBN: 1605667048

Category: Computers

Page: 406

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"This book addresses technical challenges, design frameworks, and development experiences that integrate multiple mobile devices into a single multiplatform e-learning systems"--Provided by publisher.

Data Literacy in the Real World

Conversations & Case Studies


Author: Kristin Fontichiaro,Amy Lennex,Kelly Hovinga,Jo Angela Oehrli

Publisher: Michigan Publishing Services

ISBN: 9781607854524

Category: Education

Page: 292

View: 301

Knowing how to recognize the role data plays in our lives is critical to navigating today's complex world. In this volume, you'll find two kinds of professional development tools to support that growth. Part I contains pre-made professional development via links to webinars from the 2016 and 2017 4T Virtual Conference on Data Literacy, along with discussion questions and activities that can animate conversations around data in your school. Part II explores data "in the wild" with case studies pulled from the headlines, along with provocative discussion questions, professionals and students alike can explore multiple perspectives at play with Big Data, data privacy, personal data management, ethical data use, and citizen science.

For the Win


Author: Cory Doctorow

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007362110

Category: Employee rights

Page: 475

View: 1527

A provocative and exhilarating tale of teen rebellion against global corporations from the New York Times bestselling author of Little Brother -- a call to arms for a new generation.

Introduction to Excel


Author: David Kuncicky,Ronald W Larsen

Publisher: Pearson Higher Ed

ISBN: 0133083659

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 336

View: 1637

This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. A highly visual, step-by-step approach to solving engineering problems with Excel. Specifically targeted at first-year engineering students, this text seeks to teach the basic Excel skills that undergraduates will use in the first few years of engineering courses. This book was written with the understanding that students get frustrated by multi-step procedures that illustrate only the final outcome. Ron Larsen, in his hallmark approach, provides screen images for each and every step allowing students to easily follow along as they try to perform each task.