Bilder der Wandlung

Visualisierung charakterlicher Wandlungsprozesse im Spielfilm


Author: Andrea Gschwendtner

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3531927345

Category: Social Science

Page: 424

View: 435

In diesem Band werden acht Spielfilme untersucht, deren Hauptfiguren in kurzer Zeit, d.h. über wenige Wochen bis zu eineinhalb Jahren, einen grundlegenden charakterlichen Wandlungsprozess erleben. Es wird eine Palette typologischer, filmischer Gestaltungsmittel herausgearbeitet, die als Visualisierungsmuster für Prozesse des Scheiterns und der Reifung eingesetzt werden. Spezifische Gestaltungsweisen von z.B. Kostüm, Schauplätzen und Blickweisen der Kamera, aber auch in der narrativen Konstruktion, der Wissensgabe und Zeitdarstellung zählen zu den typologisierbaren Visualisierungselementen für charakterliche Wandlungsprozesse. Die zentralen Erkenntnisse dieser Studie eröffnen innovative Perspektiven auf filmische Gestaltung - sowohl für die Filmpraxis (Drehbuchautoren, Regisseure, Kameraleute, Szenografen, Produzenten u.a.) als auch für die Film- und Medienwissenschaft.

Time Out Paris


Author: Editors of Time Out

Publisher: Time Out Guides

ISBN: 1846703557

Category: Travel

Page: 416

View: 2231

Time Out's resident team helps you get the best from the fascinating French capital in this annual guide. Along with detailed coverage of the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower and all the major attractions, Time Out Paris gives you the inside track on local culture, with illuminating features and independent reviews throwing the spotlight on everything from ancient street-corner cafés to vital new nightclubs. The 20th edition of Time Out Paris, written by a resident team of journalists, will help you get through the maze of tiny streets and the seemingly endless range of choices.

The Problem with Pleasure

Modernism and Its Discontents


Author: Laura Frost

Publisher: Columbia University Press

ISBN: 0231526466

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 304

View: 8896

Aldous Huxley decried "the horrors of modern 'pleasure,'" or the proliferation of mass produced, widely accessible entertainment that could degrade or dull the mind. He and his contemporaries, including James Joyce, T. S. Eliot, Gertrude Stein, D. H. Lawrence, and Jean Rhys, sought to radically redefine pleasure, constructing arduous and indirect paths to delight through their notoriously daunting work. Laura Frost follows these experiments in the art of unpleasure, connecting modernism's signature characteristics, such as irony, allusiveness, and obscurity, to an ambitious attempt to reconfigure bliss. In The Problem with Pleasure, Frost draws upon a wide variety of materials, linking interwar amusements, such as the talkies, romance novels, the Parisian fragrance Chanel no. 5, and the exotic confection Turkish Delight, to the artistic play of Joyce, Lawrence, Stein, Rhys, and others. She considers pop cultural phenomena and the rise of celebrities such as Rudolph Valentino and Gypsy Rose Lee against contemporary sociological, scientific, and philosophical writings on leisure and desire. Throughout her study, Frost incorporates recent scholarship on material and visual culture and vernacular modernism, recasting the period's high/low, elite/popular divides and formal strategies as efforts to regulate sensual and cerebral experience. Capturing the challenging tensions between these artists' commitment to innovation and the stimulating amusements they denounced yet deployed in their writing, Frost calls attention to the central role of pleasure in shaping interwar culture.

Experimental Film and Anthropology


Author: Arnd Schneider,Caterina Pasqualino

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 0857858211

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 8719

Experimental Film and Anthropology urges a new dialogue between two seemingly separate fields. The book explores the practical and theoretical challenges arising from experimental film for anthropology, and vice versa, through a number of contact zones: trance, emotions and the senses, materiality and time, non-narrative content and montage. Experimental film and cinema are understood in this book as broad, inclusive categories covering many technical formats and historical traditions, to investigate the potential for new common practices. An international range of renowned anthropologists, film scholars and experimental film-makers engage in vibrant discussion and offer important new insights for all students and scholars involved in producing their own films. This is indispensable reading for students and scholars in a range of disciplines including anthropology, visual anthropology, visual culture and film and media studies.

Tripping the World Fantastic

A Journey Through the Music of Our Planet


Author: Glenn Dixon

Publisher: Dundurn

ISBN: 1459706560

Category: Music

Page: 312

View: 4231

A fascinating journey through the world’s musical cultures. Every culture on Earth has music. Every culture that’s ever existed has had it, but we don’t exactly know why. Music is not like food, shelter, or having opposable thumbs. We don’t need it to live, and yet we can’t seem to live without it. Glenn Dixon travels the globe exploring how and why people make music. From a tour of Bob Marley’s house to sitar lessons in India, he experiences music around the world and infuses the stories with the latest in brain research, genetics, and evolutionary psychology. Why does music give us chills down the backs of our necks? What exactly are the whales singing about and why does some music stick in our minds like chewing gum? Through his adventures, Dixon uncovers the real reasons why music has such a powerful hold on us – and the answers just might surprise you.

The Index


Author: H. Hotze

Publisher: Рипол Классик

ISBN: 5882187672

Category: History

Page: N.A

View: 9539

Devoted to the exposition of the mutual interests, political and commercial, of Great Britain and the Confederate States of America


Biographien, Werkbeschreibungen, Filmographien


Author: Thomas Koebner

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783150104552

Category: Motion picture producers and directors

Page: 776

View: 8213

Michael Brein's Guide to Vienna by the U-Bahn

Top 50 Sights by the U-Bahn & S-Bahn


Author: Michael Brein, Ph.D.

Publisher: Michael Brein, Inc.

ISBN: 1886590125

Category: Travel

Page: 28

View: 626

This is the ‘full’ expanded desktop PDF version of MIchael Brein's Travel Guide to Vienna which includes an ultra-large, zoomable official map of Vienna's subway (U-Bahn) and S-Bahn (suburban rail) system with embedded links to visitor attractions. This version of the Vienna guide is optimized for desktops and tablets. A 'lite' version ($3.99) for mobile devices is also available but without these special features of the 'full' expanded edition. Michael Brein’s Vienna Travel Guide helps you get to the city's top 50 visitor attractions easily and cheaply using Vienna’s excellent U- and S-Bahn subway/rail system. From the giant ferris wheel to the Schonbrunn Palace, with this ultra simple guide you have all you need to discover and get to Vienna’s 50 top points of interest or Vienna’s top 10 "Must See" attractions if you have limited time. The guide also helps you find the nearest subway/rail station and which lines to take; see how to exit the station and walk to the attraction; note other nearby points of interest; view the attraction's location on the official Vienna U- and S-Bahn system map; and get to attractions without needing wireless internet access. Michael Brein’s Vienna Travel Guide is compact, concise, and comprehensive and is so simple and convenient to use--it is really all you need on your mobile device to get to all of Vienna’s top sights. And since it's based on Michael Brein’s acclaimed travel guide series to sightseeing by public transportation, it's the simplest way to get around the world's big cities. Similar guides to London, Los Angeles, Honolulu, Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Washington, DC, and other cities are also available, and others are planned.

Therapy in Sleep Medicine E-Book


Author: Teri J. Barkoukis,Jean K. Matheson,Richard Ferber,Karl Doghramji

Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences

ISBN: 1455723304

Category: Medical

Page: 816

View: 5288

Therapy in Sleep Medicine, by Drs. Teri J. Barkoukis, Jean K. Matheson, Richard Ferber, and Karl Doghrami, provides the clinically focused coverage you need for rapid diagnosis and effective treatment of sleep disorders. A multidisciplinary team of leading authorities presents the latest on sleep breathing disorders (including obstructive sleep apnea), neuropharmacology, parasomnias, neurologic disorders affecting sleep, sleep therapy for women, sleep therapy in geriatric patients, controversies, and future trends in therapy in a highly illustrated, easy-to-follow format. Diagnose and treat patients effectively with complete coverage of the full range of sleep disorders. Find diagnostic and treatment information quickly and easily thanks to a highly illustrated, easy-to-read format that highlights key details. Stay current on discussions of hot topics, including sleep breathing disorders (including obstructive sleep apnea), neuropharmacology, parasomnias, neurologic disorders affecting sleep, sleep therapy for women, sleep therapy in geriatric patients, controversies, and future trends in therapy. Tap into the expertise of a multidisciplinary team of leading authorities for well-rounded, trusted guidance.

Der goldene Handschuh


Author: Heinz Strunk

Publisher: Rowohlt Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3644050813

Category: Fiction

Page: 256

View: 613

Dieser phantastisch düstere, grell komische und unendlich traurige Roman ist der erste des Autors, der ohne autobiographische Züge auskommt. Ein Strunk-Buch ist es trotzdem ganz und gar. Sein schrecklicher Held heißt Fritz Honka – für in den siebziger Jahren aufgewachsene Deutsche der schwarze Mann ihrer Kindheit, ein Frauenmörder aus der untersten Unterschicht, der 1976 in einem spektakulären Prozess schaurige Berühmtheit erlangte. Honka, ein Würstchen, wie es im Buche steht, geistig und körperlich gezeichnet durch eine grausame Jugend voller Missbrauch und Gewalt, nahm seine Opfer aus der Hamburger Absturzkneipe «Zum Goldenen Handschuh» mit. Strunks Roman taucht tief ein in die infernalische Nachtwelt von Kiez, Kneipe, Abbruchquartier, deren Bewohnern das mitleidlose Leben alles Menschliche zu rauben droht. Mit erzählerischem Furor, historischer Genauigkeit und ungeheurem Mitgefühl zeichnet er das Bild einer Welt, in der nicht nur der Täter gerichtsnotorisch war, sondern auch alle seine unglücklichen Opfer. Immer wieder unternimmt der Roman indes Ausflüge in die oberen Etagen der Gesellschaft, zu den Angehörigen einer hanseatischen Reederdynastie mit Sitz in den Elbvororten, wo das Geld wohnt, die Menschlichkeit aber auch nicht unbedingt. Am Ende treffen sich Arm und Reich in der Vierundzwanzigstundenkaschemme am Hamburger Berg, zwischen Alkohol, Sex, Elend und Verbrechen: Menschen allesamt, bis zur letzten Stunde geschlagen mit dem Wunsch nach Glück.

A Dictionary of Practical Surgery

Comprehending All the Most Interesting Improvements, from the Earliest Times Down to the Present Period ... Forming a Catalogue of Surgical Literature Arranged According to Subjects


Author: Samuel Cooper

Publisher: N.A


Category: Medicine

Page: 1518

View: 6402

Valode & Pistre Architects


Author: Philip Jodidio

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3764379073

Category: Architecture

Page: 240

View: 8994

The firm of Denis Valode and Jean Pistre, which has been practicing for 25 years, entered upon a new phase of its career in 1992, when the architects — in cooperation with the landscape architect Kathryn Gustafson — received the Equerre d’argent prize of the journal Le Moniteur for the L’Oréal corporate headquarters outside Paris. Their predominantly large-scale projects are distinguished by their high degree of diversity. For some years, Valode & Pistre have not only been practicing in France, their native country, but also maintain offices in Germany, Italy, Great Britain, Russia, Mexico, China, and elsewhere. This book contains detailed presentations of 18 projects by Valode & Pistre, with documentation focusing on the specific working and design methods of the architects. Projects presented include the Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt, France; the Las Mercedes business park in Madrid, Spain; a group of office and hotel towers in Beijing, China; and the Hyatt Hotel in Ekaterinburg, Russia. Die Karriere des seit 25 Jahren praktizierenden Büros von Denis Valode und Jean Pistre trat 1992 in eine neue Phase, als die Architekten – in Kooperation mit der Landschaftsarchitektin Kathryn Gustafson – für den Firmensitz von l Oréal bei Paris den Equerre d argent-Preis erhielten, den bedeutendsten Architekturpreis Frankreichs. Ihre zumeist großmaßstäblichen Projekte zeichnen sich durch eine weite Vielfalt aus. Seit einigen Jahren praktizieren Valode & Pistre nicht nur in ihrem Mutterland Frankreich, sondern unterhalten Büros in Spanien und Polen und sind mit ihren Projekten u.a. auch in Deutschland, Italien, Großbritannien, Rußland, Mexiko und China vertreten. Das Buch stellt etwa 18 Projekte von Valode & Pistre ausführlich dar, wobei die spezifische Arbeitsweise und die Entwurfsmethoden im Mittelpunkt der Dokumentation stehen. Zu den vorgestellten Projekten gehören u.a das Renault-Technozentrum in Guyancourt, Frankreich, der Büropark Cristalia in Madrid, Spanien, ein Büro- und Hotelturm in Peking, China und ein Handelszentrum in Sankt Petersburg, Rußland.