Out of Sight


Author: Elmore Leonard

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780140269642

Category: Brigands and robbers

Page: 296

View: 3803

At 48, Jack Foley may be a bit tired but he's clever enough to escape when someone else is released from prison - straight into the arms of Deputy US Marshall Karen Sisco. Sisco, a blonde with a .38 pistol, follows Foley to Detroit.

Out of Sight

The Long and Disturbing Story of Corporations Outsourcing Catastrophe


Author: Erik Loomis

Publisher: New Press, The

ISBN: 1620970775

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 256

View: 4187

When jobs can move anywhere in the world, bosses have no incentive to protect either their workers or the environment. Work moves seamlessly across national boundaries, yet the laws that protect us from rapacious behavior remain tied to national governments. This situation creates an all-too-familiar “race to the bottom,” where profit is generated on the backs of workers and at the cost of toxic pollution. In Out of Sight, Erik Loomis—a historian of both the labor and environmental movements—follows the thread that runs from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire in New York in 1911 to the collapse of the Rana Plaza factory building outside of Dhaka, Bangladesh, in 2013. The truth is that our systems of industrial production today are just as dirty and abusive as they were during the depths of the industrial revolution and the Gilded Age, but the ugly side of manufacturing is now hidden in faraway places where workers are most vulnerable. Today, American capitalists threaten that any environmental regulations will drive up the cost of production and force them to relocate our jobs to a country where they don’t face such laws and can re-create their toxic work conditions. It wasn’t always like this. In his insightful book, Loomis shows that the great environmental victories of twentieth-century America—the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, the EPA—were actually union victories. This history is a call to action: when we fight for our planet, we fight for our own dignity as workers and citizens.

No Summit Out of Sight

The True Story of the Youngest Person to Climb the Seven Summits


Author: Jordan Romero

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476709629

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 368

View: 7885

"The story of Jordan Romero, who at the age of 13 became the youngest person ever to reach the summit of Mount Everest. At age 15, he reached the summits of the world's 7 highest mountains"--

Out of Sight


Author: Francesco Pittau,Bernadette Gervais

Publisher: Chronicle Books

ISBN: 9780811877121

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 16

View: 3995

In this big, beautiful, astonishing book, more than 50 animals are hiding. In elegant drawings and graphic, eye-catching layouts, Out of Sight will enthrall children with the amazing variety of the animal kingdom.

Out of Sight

Pictures of Hidden Worlds


Author: Seymour Simon

Publisher: StarWalk Kids Media

ISBN: 1936503891

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 6558

From deep within the human body to distant nebulae in outer space, there are worlds all around us that are smaller, faster, and farther than the unaided eye can see. In these thirty-six amazing images, you can see the invisible: from a white blood cell attacking E. coli bacteria, to the delicate splash from a falling drop of water captured by a high-speed strobe. With pictures that astound and fascinating explanations of how each image was captured, award-winning author Seymour Simon takes readers on a fantastic voyage that's truly out of sight.

Out of Sight

The Rise of African American Popular Music, 1889-1895


Author: Lynn Abbott,Doug Seroff

Publisher: Univ. Press of Mississippi

ISBN: 9781604730395

Category: Music

Page: 510

View: 7899

The early 1890s witnessed over a thousand lynchings of African Americans. At the same time this brutalised community gave birth to the phenomenon of ragtime & the popular entertainment industry. 'Out of Sight' examines this apparent contradiction.

Out of Sight, Out of Time


Author: Ally Carter

Publisher: Disney Electronic Content

ISBN: 1423148088

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 304

View: 3822

Celebrate the 10th anniversary of the New York Times best-selling Gallagher Girls series with this new edition, f eaturing an exclusive new epilogue from Ally Carter ! The last thing Cammie Morgan remembers is leaving the Gallagher Academy to protect her friends and family from the Circle of Cavan—an ancient terrorist organization that has been hunting her for over a year. But when Cammie wakes up in an alpine convent and discovers that months have passed, she must face the fact that her memory is now a black hole. The only traces left of Cammie's summer vacation are the bruises on her body and the dirt under her nails, and all she wants is to go home. Once she returns to school, however, Cammie realizes that even the Gallagher Academy now holds more questions than answers. Cammie, her friends, and mysterious spy-guy Zach must face their most difficult challenge yet as they travel to the other side of the world, hoping to piece together the clues that Cammie left behind. It's a race against time. The Circle is hot on their trail and willing stop at nothing to prevent Cammie from remembering what she did last summer.

Out of Sight

Blind and Doing All Right


Author: Art Schreiber

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1936745607

Category: Self-Help

Page: 93

View: 1972

A high level radio news broadcast executive, Art Schreiber suddenly lost his eyesight. At the top of his career as a radio station general manager, Art awoke one morning at a resort near Santa Fe, New Mexico, unable to see. His world was in complete darkness. After facing total despair, Art plotted his return to the top while learning to live life in a new way in a new world. Art’s refusal to fold his tent when his eyesight failed and his struggle to live life to the fullest will inspire any person who reads his story. Art’s greatest reward in life is encouraging and motivating others who face similar challenges. This slim volume contains stories of courage and compassion, illustrating Art Schreiber’s willingness to reach out to those who have lost their eyesight and say to them: ‘Follow me. I know the road you need to take. I’ll show you how to get there.’—Jim Belshaw, author and former newspaper columnist for the Albuquerque Journal. There are many stories of courage in the face of adversity; however, Art’s is one of the most compelling. Out of Sight is a story of human resilience and the powerful role humor plays in turning tragedy into a manageable part of life. This is inspiring and deeply moving, and so is Art.—Fredric Schroeder, First Vice President, National Federation of the Blind. Schreiber writes with humor and models how to deal with great challenges without being preachy.—Allen R. Gilmore, Ph.D., retired clergyperson and clinical psychologist. With incisive understanding, captivating inspiration and wit, Art Schreiber has surmounted the obstacles created by blindness and given directions to thousands. His life stands as a monument to the spirit of America.—Marc Maurer, President, National Federation of the Blind.

Out of Sight - Out of Murder

A Mystery Comedy


Author: Fred Carmichael

Publisher: Samuel French, Inc.

ISBN: 9780573613609

Category: Drama

Page: 111

View: 2905

Mystery Comedy / Characters: 4 males, 5 females Set Rewuirements: Interior Peter Knight is grinding out a murder story in an old mansion where another author was murdered years before. A weird electrical storm effects a cosmic snafu and his characters come to life. There's the lovely ingenue, the trusty butler, a feisty character woman, a dauntless hero, a fascinating "other woman," the always pregnant serving girl, and the wily lawyer waiting for midnight to read the will. Peter looses control of his characters and there is a murder; the intended victim is Peter. Other murders follow and the culprit is among characters who, having also worked for other authors, know a great deal about the subject. Can Peter find the killer before the killer gets his author? Is romance with the ingenue leading anywhere? Where is the fortune mentioned in the will? All is solved ingeniously with romance, suspense and cosmic wit. "Refreshing, witty parody." Sharon Patroit Leader. "Uproariously funny." Greenwich Press Post.

Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Homeless Children and Families in Small-Town America


Author: Yvonne Vissing

Publisher: University Press of Kentucky

ISBN: 0813148901

Category: Social Science

Page: 288

View: 3362

"Homelessness in small towns and rural areas is on the rise. Drawing on interviews with and case studies of three hundred children and their families, with supporting statistics from federal, state, and private agencies, Vissing illustrates the impact this social problem has upon education, health, and the economy."

Out of Sight

Urban Art, Abandoned Spaces


Author: RomanyWG.,David Stuart,Patrick Potter

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780955912177

Category: Street art

Page: 192

View: 3008

Not all art craves attention, some of it hides in the secret places. Some of it is buried treasure, out in the urban wilderness, left scattered in empty rooms of derelict buildings like strange markings left by an unknown tribe. These works are gifts given only to the occasional explorer, found in abandoned factories, warehouses, industrial sites and deconsecrated churches. This is art you have to earn by leaving the designated areas and heading out past the No Entry signs of the urban environment. A diverse range of artists find themselves attracted to these twilight zones and in recent years something of a movement has come to light, huddled around the idea of urban decay and abandonment as the ultimate canvas. This burning curiosity to see what is behind the fence exists to a greater or lesser degree in most people, but for some it is irresistible. Urban ruins are like the woods in the old fairy tales, they are the place where the ordered reality of modern city life gives way to the irrational, the ambient and the surreal. If the estate is the village, then the industrial wasteland is the woods into which the babes go laying crumbs behind them to find their way back. the intervention of street art in these places ranges from walled spaces saturated with layer upon layer of tagging to strange little installations intended to mess with your head. Surreal comments scrawled on windows can be found alongside hidden characters, placed to surprise you as you turn a corner. Is there some universal human urge to say 'I was here'? So next time you think about placement, why not look a little off the beaten track? Visibility is good for certain projects but the delightful, terrible intimacy available to you in the urban woods is just begging to be explored. Just remember to take some breadcrumbs with you to help find your way home.

Out of Sight


Author: T.J. MacGregor

Publisher: Crossroad Press


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 9314

Ambitious scientist George Nash and Luis Manteles, an Ecuadoran shaman, have finally created the technology to make humans and objects invisible, but their project gets out of hand when an experiment with Tyler and Logan Griffin, their first ever human test subjects, goes awry. Three years later, Logan, who escaped shortly after becoming invisible, sneaks into Nash's Florida compound to free her husband, whom Nash has confined in a glass house. With the help of her visible roommate, Logan shuts down the computer system at the same time that the Townsends, a family of three, wander into the test site. Consequently, the Townsends, along with a super intelligent Labrador retriever, turn invisible. Now targets of an effort by the National Security Bureau (NSB) to capture them, family and dog are forced on the run. After numerous close calls, a killing and a miraculous healing, all characters converge in a heady conclusion that hinges on Nash. Will he end the project or hand the Griffins, the Townsends and his life's work over to the NSB?

Out of Sight

What You Can't See Can be Murder


Author: Bob Weir

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595308015

Category: Fiction

Page: 216

View: 1681

When a man wanders into an antique shop to get out of the rain, he discovers a way to satisfy his every desire. He soon learns that even unlimited power has drawbacks if recklessly used. As he gets accustomed to his newfound ability to influence the world, he finds challenges that even he can't overcome. He also learns that his lust for life can result in death. Each time the mysterious force is transferred to another, the owner becomes obsessed with its possibilities. When the unseen power reaches to the highest levels of government, it collides head-on with the two most famous names in politics, and together, this unlikely couple, forms an alliance to defeat the sinister plot that targeted them in a scheme to rule the country.

Out of Sight!

From Quarks to Living Cells


Author: Sven Kullander,Börje Larsson

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521350440

Category: Science

Page: 278

View: 6275

This book is a popular introduction to modern natural science and provides an insight into the advanced technology that is required in the exploration of the universe too small for the eye to see. This is the domain of the living cell, and even smaller, the basic building blocks of all matter: quarks, atoms and molecules.

Out of Sight

Endemic Abuse and Impunity in Papua's Central Highlands


Author: N.A

Publisher: Human Rights Watch


Category: Human rights

Page: 79

View: 8614

A Government Out of Sight

The Mystery of National Authority in Nineteenth-Century America


Author: Brian Balogh

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521820979

Category: History

Page: 414

View: 5393

A Government Out of Sight revises our understanding of the ways in which Americans turned to the national government throughout the nineteenth century.

Out of Sight

New and Selected Poems


Author: Eamon Grennan

Publisher: Graywolf Press

ISBN: 9781555975647

Category: Poetry

Page: 272

View: 5227

THE RETROSPECTIVE COLLECTION BY EAMON GRENNAN, WHOSE POETRY "ILLUMINATES, CLARIFIES, AND DIRECTS OUR GAZE TOWARD WHAT IT IS WE LOVE BUT OFTEN OVERLOOK" (THE NEW YORKER) Out of Sight collects poetry from across Eamon Grennan's decorated career, with generous selections from his seven previous books and more than thirty new poems. This is the definitive book by one of contemporary poetry's most sensuous and shimmering voices.

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind

Personal and Professional Perspectives on Age-related Macular Degeneration


Author: Lindy Bergman,The Chicago Lighthouse,Jennifer E. Miller

Publisher: American Foundation for the Blind

ISBN: 0891284850

Category: Medical

Page: 226

View: 3268

Out of Sight, Not Out of Mind presents a personal account of living successfully with age-related macular degeneration (AMD), combined with powerful new information on effective service delivery. Ninety-three-year old Lindy Bergman illustrates the ways in which life with low vision can be lived with independence, dignity, and personal satisfaction. Also included are highly informative chapters, written by the world-renowned experts from The Chicago Lighthouse for People Who are Blind or Visually Impaired, encompassing the latest information about the causes and treatment of AMD; a concise, informative overviews of the effects of aging on vision, the emotional and psychological components of vision loss and the integration of the individual's psychological recovery into low vision service delivery; and a cutting-edge model of rehabilitation that meets the challenges of service provision today. Foreword by Jonathan Safran Foer, award-winning author of Everything Is Illuminated and Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The Royal Australian Navy in Vietnam


Author: John Carroll

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 1922013757

Category: Electronic books

Page: 573

View: 5899

Out of Sight, Out of Mind identifies and dispels various myths which have developed around the importance of sea transport and logistical support, and argues for a new appreciation of the service of the 13,000 members of the RAN who participated in this vitally important task. Many of the illustrations were taking by serving military personnel which gives them an immediacy and poignancy lacking in official photographs.