Operations Research

Deterministische Modelle und Methoden


Author: Stephan Dempe,Heiner Schreier

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3835190555

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 383

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In Theorie, Beispiel und Übung werden Aufgaben der linearen, diskreten und kontinuierlichen Optimierung vorgestellt. Darüber hinaus wird der Leser in verständlicher und anschaulicher Form in die Themengebiete Optimierung über Graphen und Netzwerke, Transportoptimierung und Logistik sowie Spieltheorie eingeführt.

Mathematische Optimierungsverfahren des Operations Research


Author: Matthias Gerdts,Frank Lempio

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110249944

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 527

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This book is an introduction into the optimization methods of operations research - and beyond. With its clear presentation, easy-to-read notation and exercises, it provides a solid foundation and serves as a reference work even after graduation from university.

Operations Research


Author: Col. D. S. Cheema

Publisher: Firewall Media

ISBN: 9788170087557

Category: Operations research

Page: 923

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Operations Research: Fallstudie zu genetischen und evolutionären Algorithmen

Optimierung der Losgrößen und der Auftragsreihenfolge eines Automobilzulieferers


Author: M. Hommel,M. Joos,D. Jauss

Publisher: GRIN Verlag

ISBN: 3640282310


Page: 68

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Studienarbeit aus dem Jahr 2008 im Fachbereich BWL - Unternehmensforschung, Operations Research, Note: 1,0, Fachhochschule Esslingen Hochschule fur Technik Esslingen (Betriebswirtschaft), Veranstaltung: Operations Research, 11 Quellen im Literaturverzeichnis, Sprache: Deutsch, Abstract: Die vorliegende Studienarbeit befasst sich im theoretischen Teil mit dem Einsatz von genetischen und evolutionaren Algorithmen im Fachbereich Operations Research. Praktische Anwendung findet die mathematische Herangehensweise an betriebswirtschaftliche Problemstellungen in einer ausfuhrlichen Fallstudie die mit Microsoft Excel gelost wurde.

Optimization Methods in Operations Research and Systems Analysis


Author: K V Mital

Publisher: New Age International

ISBN: 9788122408737

Category: Linear programming

Page: 385

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The Mathematical Aspects Of Operations Research And Systems Analysis Concerned With Optimization Of Objectives Form The Subject Of This Book. In Its Revised, Updated And Enlarged Third Edition, Discussion On Linear Programming Has Been Expanded And Recast With Greater Emphasis On Duality Theory, Sensitivity Analysis, Parametric Programming, Multiobjective And Goal Programming And Formulation And Solution Of Practical Problems. Chapters On Nonlinear Programming Include Integer Programming, Kuhn-Tucker Theory, Separable And Quadratic Programming, Dynamic Programming, Geometric Programming And Direct Search And Gradient Methods. A Chapter On Theory Of Games Is Also Included. A Short Note On Karmarkars Projective Algorithm Is Given In The Appendix.The Book Keeps In View The Needs Of The Student Taking A Regular Course In Operations Research Or Mathematical Programming, And Also Of Research Scholars In Other Disciplines Who Have A Limited Objective Of Learning The Practical Aspects Of Various Optimization Methods To Solve Their Special Problems. For The Former, Illustrative Solved Examples And Unsolved Examples At The End Of Each Chapter, Small Enough To Be Solved By Hand, Would Be Of Greater Interest, While For He Latter, Summaries Of Computational Algorithms For Various Methods Which Would Help Him To Write Computer Programmes To Solve Larger Problems Would Be More Helpful. A Few Computer Programmes In Fortran Iv Have Also Been Given In The Appendix.




Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8120329287

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 620

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The second edition of this well-organized and comprehensive text continues to provide an in-depth coverage of the theory and applications of operations research. It emphasizes the role of operations research not only as an effective decision-making tool, but also as an essential productivity improvement tool to deal with real-world management problems. This New Edition includes new carefully designed numerical examples that help in understanding complex mathematical concepts better. The book is an easy read, explaining the basics of operations research and discussing various optimization techniques such as linear and non-linear programming, dynamic programming, goal programming, parametric programming, integer programming, transportation and assignment problems, inventory control, and network techniques. It also gives a comprehensive account of game theory, queueing theory, project management, replacement and maintenance analysis, and production scheduling. NEW TO THIS EDITION Inclusion of quantity discount models for transportation problem. Updated inventory control model and detailed discussion on application of dynamic programming in the fields of cargo loading and single-machine scheduling. Numerous new examples that explain the operations research concepts better. New questions with complete solutions to selected problems. This book, with its many student friendly features, would be eminently suitable as a text for students of engineering (mechanical, production and industrial engineering), management, mathematics, statistics, and postgraduate students of commerce and computer applications (MCA).




Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 8120346343

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 608

View: 2481

This comprehensive book provides the students with the basic knowledge of the processes involved in operations research and discusses the techniques of solutions to problems and their applications in daily life. Beginning with an overview of the operations research models and decision-making, the book describes in detail the various optimization techniques such as linear and non-linear programming, integer linear programming, dynamic programming, genetic programming, and network techniques such as PERT (program evaluation review technique) and CPM (critical path method). It also explains the transportation and assignment problems, queuing theory, games theory, sequencing, replacement and capital investment decisions and inventory. Besides, the book discusses the Monte Carlo simulation techniques for solving queuing, demand forecasting, inventory and scheduling problems and elaborates on genetic algorithms. Each mathematical technique is dealt with in two parts. The first part explains the theory underlying the methodology of solution to problems. The second part illustrates how the theory is applied to solve different kinds of problems. This book is designed as a textbook for the undergraduate students of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, production and industrial engineering, computer science and engineering and information technology. Besides, the book will also be useful to the postgraduate students of production and industrial engineering, computer applications, business administration, commerce, mathematics and statistics. KEY FEATURES : Includes a large number of solved problems to help students comprehend the concepts with ease. Gives step-by-step explanation of algorithms by taking problems. Provides chapter-end exercises to drill the students in self-study.

Operations Research

Methoden und Modelle. Für Wirtschaftsingenieure, Betriebswirte, Informatiker


Author: Hans-Jürgen Zimmermann

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 383480455X

Category: Mathematics

Page: 482

View: 7537

In diesem Buch finden Sie die Brücke zwischen klassischem Operations Research und den modernen Gebieten der Heuristik und der Theorie unscharfer Mengen. Klassische und moderne Verfahren und Modelle der Unternehmensforschung sind didaktisch geschickt dargestellt. Das Buch ist entscheidungs- und EDV-orientiert. Mit besonderen Kapiteln über Heuristiken, ganzzahlige Programmierung und die Modellierung schlecht strukturierter Systeme dient es Ihnen als modernes Lehr- und Nachschlagewerk. In der Nachauflage wurde der Text durchgesehen und an einigen Stellen verbessert.

Operations Research


Author: A. M. Natarajan,P. Balasubramani

Publisher: Pearson Education India

ISBN: 9788131700006

Category: Linear programming

Page: 738

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Deterministic Operations Research

Models and Methods in Linear Optimization


Author: David J. Rader

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470484519

Category: Mathematics

Page: 632

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Thoroughly classroom-tested over the past eight years, this book focuses on the study of linear optimization (both continuous and discrete), and it also emphasizes the modeling of real problems as linear optimization problems and designs algorithms to solve them. Topics in linear programming, network optimization, and integer programming are discussed, and three aspects of deterministic operations research are emphasized: modeling real-world problems as linear optimization problems; designing algorithms (both heuristic and exact methods) to solve these problems; and using mathematical theory to improve the understanding of the problem, to improve existing algorithms, and to design new algorithms. These three aspects are important for both researchers and practitioners of operations research. Such topics are not always in the forefront of operations research textbooks, and while it is true that many books highlight optimization modeling and algorithms to solve these problems, very few, if any, explicitly discuss the algorithm design process used to solve problems. This book successfully fills this gap in the literature and incorporates these components into the study of linear and integer programming, currently the two most-used optimization models in business and industry. Each chapter of the book is designed to be the continuation of the “story” of how to both model and solve optimization problems by using the specific problems (linear and integer programs) as guides. This enables the reader (and instructors) to see how solution methods can be derived instead of just seeing the final product (the algorithms themselves). Numerous examples and problems as well as relevant historical summaries can be found throughout the text. Each chapter contains at least 20 problems per chapter, with some chapters having many more problems.




Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.

ISBN: 9788120329669

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 304

View: 9427

Primarily intended for postgraduate students of management and computer applications, this book presents the theory and applications of operations research in an easy-to-read style. It introduces the readers to various models of operations research, such as transportation model, assignment model, inventory model, queuing model, replacement model, sequencing model, and integer programming model. The various methods to solve real-life problems faced by managers are also fully analyzed. Separate chapters are devoted to Linear Programming, Decision Theory, Game Theory, Dynamic Programming, and Project Management, which greatly help the decision-making process. The text features numerous fully worked-out examples, a fairly large number of exercises, and end-of-chapter theoretical questions which enhance the value of the text. Besides postgraduate students of management (MBA), computer applications (MCA), commerce, mathematics, and statistics, students of engineering will also find this text extremely useful.

Operations Research in the Airline Industry


Author: Gang Yu

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780792380399

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 473

View: 594

260 2 Crew Legalities and Crew Pairing Repair 264 3 Model and Mathematical Formulation 266 4 Solution Methodology 271 5 Computational Experiences 277 6 Conclusion 285 REFERENCES 286 10 THE USE OF OPTIMIZATION TO PERFORM AIR TRAFFIC FLOW MANAGEMENT Kenneth Lindsay, E. Andrew Boyd, George Booth, and Charles Harvey 287 1 Introduction 288 2 The Traffic Flow Management (TFM) Problem 289 3 Recent TFM Optimization Models 292 4 The Time Assignment Model (TAM) 302 5 Summary and Conclusions 307 REFERENCES 309 11 THE PROCESSES OF AIRLINE SYSTEM OPERATIONS CONTROL Seth C. Grandeau, Michael D. Clarke, and Dennis F.X. Mathaisel 312 1 Introduction 313 2 The Four Phases of Airline Schedule Development 315 The Airline Operations Control Center (OCC) 3 320 4 Analysis of Operational Problems 331 5 Areas For Improvement 352 6 Case Study: PT Garuda Indonesia Airlines 357 REFERENCES 368 12 THE COMPLEX CONFIGURATION MODEL Bruce W. Patty and Jim Diamond 370 1 Introduction 370 Problem Description 2 371 Problem Formulation 3 375 4 Model Implementation 379 ix Contents 383 5 Summary REFERENCES 383 13 INTEGRATED AIRLINE SCHEDULE PLANNING Cynthia Barnhart, Fang Lu, and Rajesh Shenoi 384 1 Introduction 385 2 Fleet Assignment and Crew Pairing Problems: Existing M- els and Algorithms 388 3 An Integrated Approximate Fleet Assignment and Crew Pa- ing Model 393 4 An Advanced Integrated Solution Approach 395 5 Case Study 396 6 Conclusions and Future Research Directions 399 REFERENCES 401 14 AIRLINE SCHEDULE PERTURBATION PROBLEM: LANDING AND TAKEOFF WITH

Operation Research


Author: Iyer

Publisher: Tata McGraw-Hill Education

ISBN: 9780070669024

Category: Operations research

Page: 288

View: 492

Operations Research



Author: Frederick S. Hillier,Gerald J. Liebermann

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3486792083

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 868

View: 2612

Aus dem Inhalt: Was ist Operations Research? Überblick über die Modellierungsgrundsätze des Operations Research. Einführung in die lineare Programmierung. Die Lösung linearer Programmierungsprobleme: Das Simplexverfahren. Stochastische Prozesse. Warteschlangentheorie. Lagerhaltungstheorie. Prognoseverfahren. Markov-Entscheidungsprozesse. Reliabilität. Entscheidungstheorie. Die Theorie des Simplexverfahrens Qualitätstheorie und Sensitivitätsanalyse Spezialfälle linearer Programmierungsprobleme. Die Formulierung linearer Programmierungsmodelle und Goal-Programmierung. Weitere Algorithmen der linearen Programmierung. Netzwerkanalyse einschließlich PERT-CPM. Dynamische Optimierung. Spieltheorie. Ganzzahlige Programmierung. Nichtlineare Programmierung Simulation. Anhang. Lösungen für ausgewählte Übungsaufgaben.

Problems in Operation Research (Principles & Solution)

Principles and Solutions


Author: D S Hira

Publisher: S. Chand Publishing

ISBN: 8121909686

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 1078

View: 6247

We take great pleasure in presenting to the readers the second throughly revised edition of the book after a number of reprints.The suggestions received from the readers have been carefully incorporated in this edition and almost the entire subject matter has been reorganised,revised and rewritten.

Grundlagen des Operations Research

2 Graphen und Netzwerke Netzplantechnik, Transportprobleme Ganzzahlige Optimierung


Author: Tomas Gal

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3642581218

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 509

View: 2084

Operations research


Author: N.A

Publisher: Krishna Prakashan Media

ISBN: 9788182830875

Category: Nature-Definition

Page: 626

View: 8860

Grundlagen in Operations Research für Ökonomen


Author: Thomas Bradtke

Publisher: Oldenbourg Verlag

ISBN: 9783486272789


Page: 274

View: 8176

Das Buch stellt einige elementare Verfahren auf dem Gebiet des Operations Research vor. Es ist zugleich ein Arbeitsbuch, das mit Hilfe von Beispielen Vorgehensweisen verdeutlicht.