Opening Doors to Quality Writing

Ideas for Writing Inspired by Great Writers for Ages Six to Nine


Author: Bob Cox

Publisher: Crown House Publishing

ISBN: 9781785830136

Category: Education

Page: N.A

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Following on from "Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose"(978-184590896-6), this companion book is packed with ideas for using our literary heritage to enhance literacy skills and inspire high quality writing. The 15 units of work in each book cover poetry and prose, and each unit comes with exciting stimulus material and creative suggestions to help develop learners' writing skills, in line with the new national curriculum focus. The books include resources to support deeper learning and inventive writing. Discover 100 ready-to-use writing ideas, inspired by classic literature and great writers' works, along with plenty of new strategies and advice. There are two books in this series one designed to cover the age ranges 69 and the other 1013, enabling teachers to select the resources that are most suitable for their students.

Opening Doors to Quality Writing 10-13

Ideas for writing inspired by great writers


Author: Bob Cox

Publisher: Crown House Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 1785831267

Category: Education

Page: 300

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In Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose, Bob Cox introduced teachers to engaging strategies which use literary heritage texts as the stimulus for excellent learning. This new companion book, Opening Doors to Quality Writing, for ages 10 to 13, puts the focus on pupils producing quality writing – developing their literacy skills and a love of reading in the process. In the course of his educational consultancy work, Bob has seen many teachers successfully use the scope and depth which literature can offer to inspire high standards, mastery learning and, above all, a love of language in its many forms. Schools using the ‘opening doors’ strategies told Bob they led to: more teacher empowerment and confidence; more knowledge building for pupils and teachers; a growing confidence with literature, including poetry; planning from the top becoming a norm; planning for mastery learning becoming a norm; improved comprehension skills; improved quality writing and associated excitement. They also asked Bob for further examples of inspiring, quality texts, and more ways in which all abilities can access them. Bob was only too happy to oblige. These 15 units of work cover poetry and prose: each unit provides exciting stimulus material, creative ideas for writing projects, and differentiation and support strategies, meaning all pupils can achieve the quality writing objectives. All the units should help teachers facilitate understanding of the challenging texts and maximise the huge potential for quality writing. Discover a multitude of ready-to-use ideas, inspired by classic literature and great writers’ works, along with plenty of new strategies and advice. Units include: Part 1: Opening doors to prose 1. Night Encounter – The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins 2. Spooky Scientists! – The Phantom Coach by Amelia B. Edwards 3. The Strongest Looking Brute in Alaska – That Spot by Jack London 4. Mr Knickerbocker’s Notes – Rip Van Winkle by Washington Irving 5. The Portrait of Doom – Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy 6. The Hell Hound – The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle 7. Sinister Spaces – Metamorphosis and The Castle by Franz Kafka 8. The Mirror and the Window – Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë Part 2: Opening doors to poetry 9. All in This House is Mossing Over – From ‘Mementos’ by Charlotte Brontë 10. Dancing the Skies – ‘High Flight’ by John Gillespie Magee, Jr 11. The Mystery of the Lonely Merman – ‘The Forsaken Merman’ by Matthew Arnold 12. Making Magic Talk – ‘The Magnifying Glass’ by Walter de la Mare 13. The Spirit in the Garden – ‘A Garden at Night’ by James Reeves 14. A Shropshire Lad – ‘Blue Remembered Hills’ by A. E. Housman 15. The Silver Heel – ‘I Started Early – Took My Dog’ by Emily Dickinson

Opening Doors

Gender Equality and Development in the Middle East and North Africa


Author: The World Bank

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 0821397648

Category: Social Science

Page: 206

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The report analyzes key challenges for improving gender equality in the MENA region and provides policy priorities that Governments could consider to address these challenges. By and large the critical areas are in improving economic and political participation of females.

Opening Doors

What Happens in Gestalt Therapy


Author: Daniel Rosenblatt

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780939266333

Category: Medical

Page: 157

View: 3317

First published in 1975 and revised and updated in 1989, Opening Doors was the first book to offer insight into what takes place in the consulting room of a Gestalt therapist during both individual and group sessions. In the first edition the author offered clinical vignettes detailing more than thirty of his patients. In the revised edition, published fifteen years later, he includes a brief "update," writing of how Gestalt therapy impacted each of their lives. The author was one of the first to provide therapeutic services to AIDs victims from Manhattan's Gay Community and shares some of his moving experiences with his gay clients. In her forward, Gestalt therapy founder Laura Perls wrote: "This book is a strong gestalt, a successful integration of theory and practice, of explanation and expression, into an intensely personal style of communication. Daniel Rosenblatt's precise and, at the same time, imaginative and flowing use of language in dialogue and metaphor makes exciting and enjoyable reading. Opening Doors offers a profound insight into Gestalt therapy. I recommend this book to all serious students and practitioners of psychotherapy as well as to the general public."

Opening the Doors to Hollywood

How to Sell Your Idea, Story, Screenplay, Manuscript


Author: Carlos De Abreu,Howard J. Smith

Publisher: Potter Style

ISBN: 0307558843

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 432

View: 913

Finally! A step-by-step guide to the keys that unlock the doors to Hollywood. Opening the Doors to Hollywood has all the information you'll ever need in order to tap into the $500 million spent yearly in Hollywood on acquiring and developing projects. Discover how to: Find a story Rewrite it Option it Package it Pitch it Write it Sell it to film and television companies Complete with a reference section that includes guilds/unions, libraries, sample contracts, seminars and workshops, trade publications, and writers' organizations, Opening the Doors to Hollywood is invaluable to any writer. From the Trade Paperback edition.

Opening Doors Wider

Women's Political Engagement in Canada


Author: Sylvia Bashevkin

Publisher: UBC Press

ISBN: 0774858710

Category: Political Science

Page: 236

View: 568

From the days of the fur trade through the contemporary period, women have played important roles in the public life of Canada. Until the 1970s, however, these contributions were generally overlooked. This book focuses on two questions: are the doors to participation presently open wider than they were in the past? How can these doors be opened wider, both in terms of real-world participation and our scholarly understanding of public engagement? These tightly argued essays shed new light on the public involvement of women. Sophisticated discussions of both solutions and problems make this book an indispensable resource for students and practitioners of politics at all levels.

Diversity in Youth Literature

Opening Doors Through Reading


Author: Jamie Campbell Naidoo

Publisher: Amer Library Assn

ISBN: 9780838911433

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 219

View: 1503

When planning services, collections, and programs for children and teens from diverse populations, many librarians and teachers fail to fully embrace the fully spectrum of diversity within the United States as well as the scope of considerations for developing inclusive library and classroom practices. These essays help you understand that your offerings should represent all of the cultural expressions that are often overlooked.

Opening Doors


Author: Joe Cortina,Janet Elder

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780077350789

Category: College readers

Page: 813

View: 5492

Opening Doors is an intermediate college reading improvement text that presents a systematic way for students to approach their college reading assignments. Its 27 reading full-length reading selections and 2 chapter-length selections, which come from textbooks and other college appropriate materials, provide ample opportunities for integrated, recursive practice of essential reading comprehension skills, critical reading and thinking skills, and study strategies.

Essential Questions

Opening Doors to Student Understanding


Author: Jay McTighe,Grant Wiggins

Publisher: ASCD

ISBN: 1416615709

Category: Education

Page: 119

View: 6206

What are "essential questions," and how do they differ from other kinds of questions? What's so great about them? Why should you design and use essential questions in your classroom? Essential questions (EQs) help target standards as you organize curriculum content into coherent units that yield focused and thoughtful learning. In the classroom, EQs are used to stimulate students' discussions and promote a deeper understanding of the content. Whether you are an Understanding by Design (UbD) devotee or are searching for ways to address standards--local or Common Core State Standards--in an engaging way, Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins provide practical guidance on how to design, initiate, and embed inquiry-based teaching and learning in your classroom. Offering dozens of examples, the authors explore the usefulness of EQs in all K-12 content areas, including skill-based areas such as math, PE, language instruction, and arts education. As an important element of their backward design approach to designing curriculum, instruction, and assessment, the authors *Give a comprehensive explanation of why EQs are so important; *Explore seven defining characteristics of EQs; *Distinguish between topical and overarching questions and their uses; *Outline the rationale for using EQs as the focal point in creating units of study; and *Show how to create effective EQs, working from sources including standards, desired understandings, and student misconceptions. Using essential questions can be challenging--for both teachers and students--and this book provides guidance through practical and proven processes, as well as suggested "response strategies" to encourage student engagement. Finally, you will learn how to create a culture of inquiry so that all members of the educational community--students, teachers, and administrators--benefit from the increased rigor and deepened understanding that emerge when essential questions become a guiding force for learners of all ages.

Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose

Ideas and resources for accessing literary heritage works


Author: Bob Cox

Publisher: Crown House Publishing

ISBN: 1845909208

Category: Education

Page: 200

View: 1495

Opening Doors provides 20 units of work which includes poetry and prose from our literary heritage. Each unit of work has exciting stimulus material with creative suggestions for ways in which the material can be used for outstanding learning possibilities. Visuals and innovative ideas to help pupils' access the meaning and wonder of the text which will add to the appeal. Pupils are encouraged, throughout the units of work, to engage with language, invent questions and write with flair and accuracy, bringing literature from the past alive for them and opening doors to further reading and exploration. Also included is an introduction to the concepts used in the book and suggestions about a range of methods and pathways which can lead to language development and literary appreciation. Although the units are all different and have a range of poetry and prose for teachers to use, each unit will have some common sections to give a coherent and ambitious approach. Opening Doors both informs and excites, it gives fresh resources and suggests new ways of going on the journey to outstanding literacy achievement. For 7-11 year olds.

Opening Up by Writing It Down, Third Edition

How Expressive Writing Improves Health and Eases Emotional Pain


Author: James W. Pennebaker,Joshua M. Smyth

Publisher: Guilford Publications

ISBN: 1462524923

Category: Self-Help

Page: 210

View: 4127

"Expressing painful emotions is hard--yet it can actually improve our mental and physical health. Distinguished psychologist James W. Pennebaker has spent decades studying what happens when people take just a few minutes to write about deeply felt personal experiences or problems. This lucid, compassionate book has introduced tens of thousands of readers to an easy to use self help technique that has been proven to heal old emotional wounds, promote a sense of well being, decrease stress, improve relationships, and boost the immune system. Updated with findings from hundreds of new studies, the significantly revised second edition now contains practical exercises to help readers try out expressive writing. It features extensive new information on specific health benefits, as well as when the approach may not be helpful"--

Opening Doors to Equity

A Practical Guide to Observation-Based Professional Learning


Author: Tonya Ward Singer

Publisher: Corwin Press

ISBN: 1452292221

Category: Education

Page: 248

View: 8805

The transformative professional learning model that advances equity in your school! How do we make educational equity a reality, lesson by lesson? Author Tonya Singer shows how team observation and learning can strengthen schools and support educational achievement by all students. Including video clips of actual teams, this book helps to: Implement best practices for observation-based professional learning Work as a team to create a culture of deep collaboration that closes opportunity gaps among students Use observation-based data to better reach culturally and linguistically diverse learners Develop and implement strategies that build students’ skills for future success

Opening the Door to Major Gifts

Mastering the Discovery Call


Author: John Greenhoe

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781938077104

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 114

View: 6672

If you are not feeding new prospective major gift donors into your pipeline on a regular and systematic basis, sooner or later your efforts are going to stall. So, whether you are new to fundraising or have been active in the profession for years, this is a resource that can help you build new relationships and add good prospects to your portfolio. The book provides specific strategies that will increase your odds for success when you are ready to meet your donors. You will learn to "warm" your prospects so they are receptive to your outreach, to make allies of the gatekeepers who control access to the decision makers, and to conduct a qualification call that is both casual and purposeful. All of these methods are designed to initiate a comfortable and meaningful relationship that will one day result in a significant philanthropic investment.

Opening the Door to Your God-Sized Dream

40 Days of Encouragement for Your Heart


Author: Holley Gerth

Publisher: Revell

ISBN: 1441244751

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 5385

With the encouraging help of Holley Gerth, women are discovering and recovering their God-sized dreams. But between taking those first steps in pursuit of your dream and reaching your goal is a bumpy road of second-guessing, doubt, and fear. For the dreamer who wants a helping hand and a heartfelt friend along the way, Holley graciously offers this inspiring devotional journey to greater trust, joy, and confidence. Rather than the typical quiet devotional, this 40-day journey is an invitation and a challenge, a soul-soother and a game-changer. Through honest self-reflection and positive action, readers will not be the same on the last page as they were on the first--and neither will their view of God or the dreams he's placed within their hearts. Any woman who is ready to take that next step in making her God-sized dream a reality will cherish this confidence-building devotional.

Opening the Door

Jan Frazier Teachings on Awakening


Author: Jan Frazier


ISBN: 1456610996

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 57

View: 7551

Jan Frazier experienced a radical transformation of consciousness at age fifty, in 2003. Her first book, "When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening" (Weiser Books, 2007), is an account of her awakening, as it unfolded over the first eighteen months. "The Freedom of Being: At Ease with What Is" (Weiser Books, 2012) offers guidance toward the reduction of suffering and the prospect of radical freedom. Both books are available in paperback and eBook. "Opening the Door: Jan Frazier Teachings on Awakening" is an eBook collection of essays on the nature of spiritual awakening. The book opens the reader's awareness to the possibility of a richly human life, beyond what appears possible to the ego and the mind. The teachings point to unresisting present-moment attention, where the truth of existence is known. Jan Frazier's teachings are drawn from direct experience, relying on no particular tradition or set of beliefs.

Opening the doors of learning

changing schools in South Africa


Author: Pam Christie

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780796225085

Category: Education and state

Page: 235

View: 5018

The Open Door


Author: Latifa Al-Zayyat,Laṭīfah Zayyāt

Publisher: American Univ in Cairo Press

ISBN: 9789774246982

Category: Literary Collections

Page: 364

View: 5180

This novel explores a middle-class Egyptian girl's coming of sexual and political age, in the context of the Egyptian nationalist movement preceding the 1952 revolution. It traces the pressures on young men and women of that time and class as they soughtto be free of family control.

Opening the Door of Your Heart

And Other Buddhist Tales of Happiness


Author: Ajahn Brahm

Publisher: Hodder Headline

ISBN: 9780733623110

Category: Buddhism

Page: 228

View: 2714

Born and educated in the West but trained in the Thai forest tradition, Ajahn Brahm has gathered many poignant, funny and profound stories in his nearly thirty years as a Buddhist monk. In this collection there are many true-to-life tales which are used to launch into a deeper exposition of mindfulness, wisdom, love and compassion. Ajahn Brahm also relates wise words from his renowned teacher, Ajahn Chah. In each story the raw edge of truth is evident. These modern tales of hope, forgiveness, freedom from fear and overcoming pain cleverly relate the timeless wisdom of the Buddha s teachings and the path to true happiness in a warm and accessible way.

The Grace Factor: Opening the Door to Infinite Love


Author: Alan Cohen

Publisher: Alan Cohen Publications

ISBN: 9780910367035

Category: Self-Help

Page: 208

View: 8137

While you have been told about the many factors determining why you can t have what you want, the one factor that outweighs them all has been sorely overlooked and even hidden: the grace factor. In this bold progression of liberating essays, Alan Cohen brings to center stage the truth that you deserve far more than you have been settling for. Rather than hardship, you are heir to boundless love, forgiveness, prosperity, and healing. Alan s down-to-earth approach offers a wealth of compelling practical examples of how grace is trying to reach you and most important how to let it work on your behalf. Open now to receive what has been offered you. The good that has seemed beyond your reach is now yours for the asking.