No Borders

A Journalist's Search for Home


Author: Jorge Ramos

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 9780061750816

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 352

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From his childhood days in Mexico, to his experience of censorship in government–owned Mexican media companies, his student years in LA, and his early beginnings as a journalist in the USA, Ramos gives us a personal and touching account of his life. With a series of intimate portraits of the leading political figures he has interviewed over the years (Castro, George W. Bush, Chavez, Clinton) and the places he has been, he reflects on world events and how they have changed, not only humanity, but his own life.

The Rise of the Hispanic Market in the United States

Challenges, Dilemmas, and Opportunities for Corporate Management


Author: Louis E. V. Nevaer

Publisher: M.E. Sharpe

ISBN: 9780765612915

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 255

View: 6734

Not only are Hispanics the largest minority group in the United States, but Mexico is fast becoming our major trading partner, surpassing even Japan. In fact, the U.S. now has the fourth largest Spanish-speaking population in the world, after Mexico, Spain, and Argentina. How has this demographic group transformed the U.S. into a bi-lingual nation within the span of a generation? Why do Hispanics resist assimilation and insist on speaking Spanish in public life? And how can businesses effectively reach the emerging Hispanic consumer market with its estimated puchasing power of USD1 trillion by 2010? These questions constitute the single-most important marketing challenge for corporate America in the twenty-first century. This book examines the Hispanic worldview and how it informs people's economic decisions, both in the United States and across North America. It challenges the viewpoint that American culture will soon dominate its NAFTA trading partners, looks carefully at the market for Hispanic goods in the U.S. and the market for our goods throughout the Spanish-speaking world, and shows how marketeers are now reaching the Hispanic community domestically. The information and insights found here are essential for teachers, students, and professionals in the fields of international finance and world trade, as well as almost all areas of business, marketing, and strategic planning.

You Should Really Write a Book

How to Write, Sell, and Market Your Memoir


Author: Regina Brooks,Brenda Lane Richardson

Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin

ISBN: 1250015669

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 304

View: 614

Even if you don't happen to be a celebrity, this book will teach you methods for striking publishing gold—conceptualizing, selling, and marketing a memoir—while dealing with the complicated emotions that arise during the creation of your work. If you've ever been told that "You should really write a book" and you've decided to give it a try, this book is for you. It hones in on the three key measures necessary for aspiring authors to conceptualize, sell, and market their memoirs. Written especially for those who don't happen to be celebrities You Should Really Write a Book reveals why and how so many relatively unknown memoirists are making a name for themselves. With references to more than four hundred books and six memoir categories, this is essential reading for anyone wanting to write a commercially viable memoir in today's vastly changing publishing industry. The days are long gone when editors and agents were willing to take on a manuscript simply because it was based on a "good" idea or even because it was well written. With eyes focused on the bottom line, they now look for skilled and creative authors with an established audience, too. Brooks and Richardson use the latest social networking, marketing, and promotional trends and explain how to conceptualize and strategize campaigns that cause buzz, dramatically fueling word-of-mouth and attracting attention in the publishing world and beyond. Full of current examples and in-depth analysis, this guide explains what sells and why, teaches writers to think like publishers, and offers guidance on dealing with complicated emotions—essential tools for maximizing memoir success.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2008: Vols. I and II

Joint Committee Print, U. S. House of Representatives and U. S. Senate


Author: Jeffrey T. Bergner

Publisher: DIANE Publishing

ISBN: 1437905226


Page: N.A

View: 4870

Report submitted to the Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate, and the Committee on International Relations, U.S. House of Representatives, by the U.S. Dept. of State. These country reports on human rights cover the human rights practices of all nations that are members of the United Nations and a few that are not. They are printed to assist members of Congress in the consideration of legislation, particularly foreign assistance legislation

No Man's Land

Leben an der mexikanischen Grenze


Author: Francisco Cantú

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446261419

Category: Political Science

Page: 240

View: 1540

Was Francisco Cantú an der amerikanisch-mexikanischen Grenze erlebt, bringt ihn fast um den Verstand. Cantú hat Politik studiert und wollte am eigenen Leib erfahren, was an der Grenze wirklich geschieht. Als Mitglied der United States Border Patrol rettet er Verdurstende aus der Wüste, deportiert aber auch illegale Einwanderer oder erlebt, wie Familien auseinandergerissen werden. In seiner persönlichen Reportage zeigt er, was Grenzen für die Menschen wirklich bedeuten. No Man’s Land mutet wie eine Tragödie an und bildet doch die Realität wahrheitsgetreu ab, unverzerrt, grausam und zutiefst berührend.

Dances with Devils

A Journalist’s Search for Truth


Author: Jacques Pauw

Publisher: Penguin Random House South Africa

ISBN: 177020119X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 400

View: 4518

For more than a decade, Jacques Pauw has traversed his native continent in pursuit of warlords and drug traffickers, child soldiers and charlatans, adventure and anarchy. What he found was a rich array of personalities and a panoply of stories, ranging from the profoundly tragic to the intensely personal. Pauw’s stories range from South Africa to Rwanda, from Sierra Leone and the Sudan to Mozambique. Readers are taken behind the scenes of sensational news reports with compassion, humour and occasional cynicism and emerge in the knowledge that, even if it’s true that there is nothing new out of Africa, the writer has found fresh ways to present time-honoured tales of love, life, misery and mortality.

Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

Report Submitted to the Committee on Foreign Affairs, U.S. House of Representatives and Committee on Foreign Relations, U.S. Senate by the Department of State in Accordance with Sections 116(d) and 502B(b) of the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, as Amended


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Civil rights

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Key Readings in Journalism


Author: Elliot King,Jane Chapman

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113576767X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 424

View: 2806

Key Readings in Journalism brings together over thirty essential writings that every student of journalism should know. Designed as a primary text for undergraduate students, each reading was carefully chosen in response to extensive surveys from educators reflecting on the needs of today’s journalism classroom. Readings range from critical and historical studies of journalism, such as Walter Lippmann’s Public Opinion and Michael Schudson’s Discovering the News, to examples of classic reporting, such as Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward’s All the President’s Men. They are supplemented by additional readings to broaden the volume’s scope in every dimension, including gender, race, and nationality. The volume is arranged thematically to enable students to think deeply and broadly about journalism—its development, its practice, its key individuals and institutions, its social impact, and its future—and section introductions and headnotes precede each reading to provide context and key points for discussion.

Forthcoming Books


Author: Rose Arny

Publisher: N.A


Category: American literature

Page: N.A

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IPI Global Journalist

The Magazine of the International Press Institute


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Foreign news

Page: N.A

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Congressional Record

Proceedings and Debates of the ... Congress


Author: United States. Congress

Publisher: N.A


Category: Law

Page: N.A

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M.V. Kamath, a Journalist at Large


Author: M. V. Kamath

Publisher: Jaico Publishing House

ISBN: 9788179925775

Category: Foreign correspondents

Page: 256

View: 4208

M.V. Kamath, with four decades of rich and varied experiences, has traveled the world with an eye for people and a nose for news. He has met an amazingly wide range of characters from all walks of life from royalty to Nobel laureates, from film and theatre personalities to statesmen and politicians. His meetings have resulted in this collection of anecdotes some sad, some outright funny, and some simply staid. His writing in no way borders on gossip, but rather delves into the humanity of each subject. Journalism opened up vast avenues for M.V. Kamath. He lived a life of pleasant surprises, wondering what the next day held for him. The short pieces in this book are a minute collection of material that would probably fill up 10 such books. However, this collection powerfully conveys his experiences of pain and joy that run through all his encounters. He views both these universal experiences as ephemeral. This fleeting aspect of life binds each anecdote to the other, thus elevating story-telling to a fine art, that doesn t sound forced or acquired, and comes straight from the heart.