New Beginnings

Holocaust Survivors in Bergen-Belsen and the British Zone in Germany, 1945-1950


Author: Hagit Lavsky

Publisher: Wayne State University Press

ISBN: 9780814330098

Category: History

Page: 311

View: 2402

A sociohistorical analysis of the construction of Jewish life and national identity in post-Holocaust Germany.

New Beginnings


Author: Eunice Ghent

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595300898

Category: Fiction

Page: 132

View: 5785

New Beginnings depicts the struggles of a young English girl during World War II. It leads you through the trials of leaving friends and familiar places when her family emigrates to America. Her struggles as a young airforce sergeant, and mother of five young children. How the family copes with tragedy when their house is destroyed by fire and their two youngest children are taken.

Chinese New Year

Festival of New Beginnings


Author: Terri Sievert

Publisher: Capstone

ISBN: 9780736869294

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 24

View: 4654

"A brief description of what Chinese New Year is, how it started, and ways people celebrate this cultural holiday"--Provided by publisher.

New Beginnings - Big and Small


Author: Lynn Hall

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1412032962


Page: 100

View: 3951

Deemed by New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, as 'profound', new beginnings big & small offers inspiration, encouragement and light to each and every one of us, as we face the challenges, changes and transitions that life inevitably brings our way. At any given time, be it the end of a relationship or a change in jobs, a heartfelt loss or the pursuit of budding dreams, the new beginnings collection uplifts and affirms, spurring us on in joyfully and courageously taking steps in positive new directions. Whether for oneself, a loved one or a friend, the gift of new beginnings extends an arm around the shoulder, a smile to light the way and a gentle little push, to send us faithfully in search and celebration of what's to come. It assures us that our lives are orchestrated with purpose and meaning, and that out of our greatest adversities are often discovered our greatest blessings. It also reassures us that whatever our current circumstance, new beginnings, bright with promise and hope, await.

Home and Away: New Beginnings


Author: Sophie Green

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 0349413835

Category: Fiction

Page: 206

View: 9575

WORLD EXCLUSIVE. In this continuation of a major Home and Away storyline, Ricky and Brax leave Summer Bay to start a new life with their son, Casey. Leaving behind her devastated husband, Nate, Ricky gambles her future on her reunion with Brax and their new beginning away from Summer Bay in the coastal town of Palm Cove. For Brax, however, this is the future he's always dreamed of: the woman he loves and their son are with him again - for good. But even though Brax has put his past behind him, he can't stop it haunting him. Mistakes he made as a young man will appear in Palm Cove to threaten the life he and Ricky are building - and always the spectre of what Ricky has given up for him remains ... Home and Away: New Beginnings contains exclusive material that will never appear on screen. It is the only way to find out what happens to Ricky and Brax when they leave Summer Bay! *Contains a free bonus chapter of HOME AND AWAY: AN EYE FOR AN EYE*

New Beginnings

A Bipolar's Journey to Regain Her God-Given Identity


Author: Faith Bonyak

Publisher: Strategic Book Publishing

ISBN: 1618970828

Category: Psychology

Page: 98

View: 1908

New Beginnings: A Bipolar's Journey to Regain Her God-Given Identity presents a bird's-eye view of the author's life. Faith Bonyak penned this memoir over a seven-year period as an overview of her life dealing with bipolar and borderline personality disorder, before there was a name for it. The first part of the book is about all the different identities I lived under to help myself deal with the issues I was undergoing. The final part is the journey to my New Beginning. It is all the things I've learned along the way to help me see what God really had planned for me. Faith's story was written to help others overcome what she has experienced. I wanted to show others that you can lead a normal life and have this disorder. I want to be open and honest about how this disorder affects me on a daily basis and how I make my marriage and parenting work, even with the limitations it provides to me. Once again, I want to show others like me that they're not alone! I've been in their shoes when I've been manic. I understand the physical pain the cycle of depression brings.This is not something to be ashamed of, and it's something that can be treated if they let themselves get the help that is out there.

New beginnings

foreign policy priorities in the Obama administration : hearing before the Committee on Foreign Affairs, House of Representatives, One Hundred Eleventh Congress, first session, April 22, 2009


Author: United States. Congress. House. Committee on Foreign Affairs

Publisher: Government Printing Office


Category: Political Science

Page: 219

View: 558

Inspire My Soul For New Beginnings

Contemporary Poetry


Author: Tatita Maria Sanchez

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 1440138613

Category: Poetry

Page: 152

View: 4662

Do you aspire to become a better person? How do you restore your spirit? Do you deserve to be renewed? If you are like most people, you have asked similar questions. Perhaps you simply want to redefine your life. Your very existence is a journey of ups and downs. No one is perfect. Each individual journey is different. The number eight represents new beginnings in the bible. This book embody by eight chapters will intrigue you to manifest your inner spirit. No one is alone in the passage of life. You are God’s greatest creation. You are a possibility with God. These poems are straightforward expressions of life. There is something for you that exist within this book!

The Fifth Dimension

New Beginnings


Author: Messages from Jesus,Joan Wallace

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1452574847

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 7519

Learn how to be your true self in ways you may not have thought possible. Become what you did not know was conceivable for you. We have only just begun to tap the resources that are now available to us. The human experience is changing in ways that only a few can imagine. Learn how to live as advanced beings in advanced societies, so that you can have the life that up until now has only been in your dreams. Use this loving guide as a means of becoming who you were meant to be. Follow your path, and pursue your real purpose in life. Everyone is called upon to grow spiritually, and historically few have answered. At this time in history, millions of people around the world are now answering the call. Find out how and why it is occurring now.

New Beginnings

Writing with Fluency


Author: Diane Fitton

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780618004942

Category: Education

Page: 358

View: 3770

This is an introductory level writing worktext with integrated readings which provides a step-by-step approach. Through a sentence-combining approach, students learn to rearrange and combine sentences and write paragraphs.

The Queen of New Beginnings


Author: Erica James

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1409107531

Category: Fiction

Page: 432

View: 9308

If you've ever dreamed of starting over, then this bestselling novel from Erica James is just what you need... Alice Shoemaker habitually goes to great lengths to avoid telling the truth about herself and her past. After agreeing to help out a friend by shopping and cleaning for the unknown man staying at Cuckoo House, she soon becomes suspicious that her strange and obnoxiously rude client has something to hide... Clayton Miller's life is a mess. His career as one of the country's best comedy scriptwriters has stalled and his long-term girlfriend has left him for his ex-best friend and ex-writing partner. Just when he thinks his life couldn't get any worse, he commits a spectacularly public fall from grace and with the press hounding him, his agent banishes him to the middle of nowhere until the dust has settled. And there he meets Alice... When Alice and Clayton discover the truth about each other they form an unlikely friendship - until Alice discovers Clayton has betrayed her in the worst possible way.

New Beginnings


Author: Patti Ann Bengen

Publisher: Book Worm Pub

ISBN: 9780977405909

Category: Fiction

Page: 424

View: 1312

When the beatings began, Heather continued to blame herself for her husband's unhappiness, his excessive drinking, and not coming home at night. She believes that if she changes, maybe he would change. It is not until tragedy strikes that Heather is forced to make decisions for the first time. She must choose between the comforts of allowing others to lead her, or learn how to regain control of her own life.

New Beginnings


Author: Fern Britton

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

ISBN: 0007383800

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 9020

A warm, witty and wise debut about the ups and downs of life as a TV presenter

New Beginnings

The Skirball Museum Collections and Inaugural Exhibition


Author: Skirball Museum,Grace Cohen Grossman

Publisher: Univ of California Press

ISBN: 9780965164016

Category: Art

Page: 207

View: 1702

The Skirball Museum in Los Angeles houses one of the most significant Judaica art collections in the world. Curatorial and academic scholars come together in this volume to discuss the museum's origins and it's collections, which encompass 4000 years of Jewish historical experience. Colour illustrations showing objects from each of the museum's collection categories are accompanied by essays explaining the significance of the art. The two final chapters document the museum's inaugural presentation, Visions and Values: Jewish Life from Antiquity to America, and the ancient Near Eastern history and archaeology exhibits of the Discovery Center.

New Beginnings


Author: Dorothy Hale

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595268277

Category: Fiction

Page: 180

View: 8940

Dorothy Lee Hale states: "I am slightly embarrassed that the title of my book is New Beginnings. This expression is used everywhere, but the idea and the title were in my mind for many years. The time is four hundred years ago and the places England and Virginia. Most of the characters have new beginnings in place or understanding. I was working at the Orlando Public Library at the time I planned this story, surrounded by many biographies of the historical characters of the time, and visited England and Jamestown more than once. Indiana University courses in European and American history, with English composition helped me greatly." She wrote the following to her nephew who edited her manuscript. "I could not have written this when I began planning. It needed my own growth in our faith. Now I want to share it with others. I tried to show our need to come to an understanding in families and with other races and nationalities. I think you and your siblings are a wonderful example, with your bonding and re-unions. I wish all families could accomplish this. What a wonderful world it would be!"

New Beginnings #13


Author: Laurie Halse Anderson

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101566949

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 144

View: 6872

An all-new, original book featuring two new Vet Volunteers! Meet Jules and Josh, the new twins in town! While Josh adapts quickly to Ambler, Jules accidentally makes an enemy of Maggie. Hoping a pet will help her feel better, Jules adopts the class rabbit, Chewie, but things go downhill when there are complications with Chewie's spay surgery. With Dr. Mac out on a call, it's up to Jules to work with Maggie to help the rabbit - and maybe even prove that she and Josh are worthy of becoming Vet Volunteers. This brand-new book in the beloved Vet Volunteers series brings all the kids together for another exciting animal adventure!

Christian Witness Between Continuity and New Beginnings

Modern Historical Missions in the Middle East


Author: Martin Tamcke,Michael Marten

Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster

ISBN: 9783825898540

Category: History

Page: 254

View: 8685

Missions to, from and within the Middle East have shaped the region in multitudinous ways since the 19th century. This collection of sixteen essays from a range of international scholars explores this immensely significant subject using a range of disciplines, including theology, history, and geography. This interdisciplinary approach helps to provide a thorough overview of the often complex and multi-layered topic of missions and the Middle East in contemporary research, and will be of interest to all who seek to improve their understanding of the role of religion in the Middle East. Martin Tamcke is professor of Theology at the Department of Theology at the Georg-August University, Goettingen (Germany). Michael Marten is affiliated with the Department of Politics and International Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, London (UK).

New Beginnings

A Notebook of Infinite Possibilities


Author: Running Press

Publisher: Running Press

ISBN: 9781561380664

Category: Philosophy

Page: 96

View: 2851

Printed on deluxe recycled parchment paper, the bestselling Running Press journals are enhanced by lovely two-color illustrations. Nearly all journals are highlighted by thoughtful, provocative, often witty quotes. Ample space is provided in each, allowing the writer to record personal reflections and practical notes on special themes.

New Beginnings


Author: Julie A. Witt

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 146202260X

Category: Fiction

Page: 192

View: 8332

Are the end times upon us? The signs may be all around us, visible to those who are looking: outbreaks of horrific diseases, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, tsunamis, monsoons, hurricanes, crime and lawlessness, a lack of compassion for others, fallen religions, corrupt governments, and the general degradation of society. In a world growing increasingly less safe and certain, one woman steps up to make a difference, one lost soul at a time. Cathy Burrows knows what it’s like to be alone in the world. At the age of five, she was orphaned. She was eventually adopted and raised by an older couple. Then, for the second time in her life, she loses her parents. After her adoptive parents pass away, Cathy decides to open her ranch to anyone looking for a safe haven. She creates a place far from the rampant lawlessness of the land and the diseases that are killing hundreds of thousands of people. Little does she know that, in so doing, her life will be transformed, bringing her more joy than she ever thought possible.