Commercial Real Estate Leases

Preparation, Negotiation, and Forms


Author: Mark A. Senn

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 1454805307

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 1522

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In the fast-changing world of commercial real estate, terms like and“fair rental value, and” and“net lease, and”or and“duty of good faithand”can mean many different things depending on the circumstances of the deal. So, when negotiating and drafting complex leasing agreements, itand’s imperative you know what these provisions can mean, have alternate provisions readily available, and know when and how to use them properly Commercial Real Estate Leases: Preparation, Negotiation, and Forms, Fifth Edition can make it easier. Written by nationally recognized real estate attorney Mark Senn, this highly acclaimed guide: Explains the legal principles behind each lease provision in clear, user-friendly terms. Offers balanced discussion of the practical applications of the law from the landlord, tenant and the lender perspectives (where applicable). Provides specific examples of alternate clauses that address each partyand’s precise needs. Logically organized to follow the typical commercial real estate lease, each chapter takes you clause-by-clause through all of the issues you need to understand in order to represent clients effectively in commercial real estate transactions, including: Rentand—fixed, market and percentage Operating expenses Options to expand, buy or extend Space measurementand—and resulting economics Subordination, non-disturbance and attornment agreements Drafting exclusive provisions Understanding insurance provisions Tax provisions and federal income tax consequences Use issues Condemnation Commercial Real Estate Leases: Preparation, Negotiation, and Forms, Fifth Edition includes a free companion CD-ROM containing all of the leasing forms discussed in the guide.

Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals For Dummies


Author: Dale Willerton,Jeff Grandfield

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118502523

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 368

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Negotiate commercial leases and renewals like a pro Renting space for businesses and navigating a commercial leasecan be a daunting task for those without expertise, as errors oroversights can cost thousands of dollars. Thankfully,Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals For Dummiestakes the mystery out of the commercial leasing process and offersexpert tips and advice to help small business owners successfullynegotiate their leases???without losing their cool, or theircash. From one of the industry's most respected and experiencedconsultants, Negotiating Commercial Leases & Renewals ForDummies provides tenants with tips and advice on finding thebest location and amenities for a business; understanding spaceneeds and maximizing lease space; ensuring fair operating costs andkeeping rent fees at a manageable level; minimizing the depositrequirement; mastering and executing negotiation strategies andtactics; and much more. Discover the rights and responsibilities associated withcommercial leases Find out how much negotiability and flexibility you can expectin commercial leases and renewals Get to know which laws protect you and your business Negotiating Commercial Leases For Dummies is essentialreading for the more than 10 million business owners,entrepreneurs, retailers, restaurants, doctors, and franchisetenants who lease commercial, office, and retail space across NorthAmerica.

The Commercial Lease Formbook

Expert Tools for Drafting and Negotiation


Author: Ira Meislik,Dennis Horn

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781604429459

Category: Law

Page: 726

View: 1888

An authoritative resource to all aspects of negotiating and drafting effective commercial property leases, this book features an array of state-of-the-art lease forms that can be quickly tailored for a particular transaction. Expert commentary is woven into the text to clarify and explain each provision of the leases included: office leases, retail leases, industrial and warehouse leases, and specialized leases, plus lease-related documents. Features 21 lease forms and six lease-related documents; 14 in the book and CD-ROM, an 13 only on CD-ROM.

The Art Of Commercial Real Estate Leasing

How To Lease A Commercial Building And Keep It Leased


Author: R. Craig Coppola

Publisher: RDA Press, LLC

ISBN: 0991110439

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 160

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Why wait another day? Make the most of your commercial property. A commercial building is just a building; but, it's an investment once it's leased with positive cash flow. Sounds easy? It's not. To invest and lease right you need the help of an expert who has spent his professional life as a commercial real estate broker and investor. You need the decades-long master of commercial real estate on your side. You need Craig Coppola. Before you make your next commercial real estate investment move, read this book. In it you'll find Craig's wisdom, insights and how-to's - the very techniques he uses to maximize his clients' and his own investments. Thinking of taking on leasing by yourself? This book will guide you. Considering hiring a broker to represent your properties? This book will make you a better buyer of those services. It's fast, easy, indispensable!

Negotiating and Drafting Office Leases


Author: John Busey Wood,Alan M. Di Sciullo

Publisher: Law Journal Press

ISBN: 9781588520616

Category: Law

Page: 750

View: 4577

It reviews the clauses of a typical complex modern lease in detail, with explanation and commentary, examining the legal, economic and financial accounting ramifications.

The Lease Manual

A Practical Guide to Negotiating Office, Retail, and Industrial Leases


Author: Rodney J. Dillman

Publisher: American Bar Association

ISBN: 9781590317266

Category: Law

Page: 359

View: 1643

Do you ever wonder if there's something you're missing in negotiating a lease? This book is your answer, providing effective guidance from negotiation to execution for office, retail and industrial lease transactions. It examines the concerns landlord, tenant, and lender to help facilitate and complete lease negotiations. Each lease paragraph is given a risk rating along with a brief summary of the clause and scope. Includes text and ancillary materials on CD-ROM.

State-by-State Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leases, Sixth Edition


Author: Mark A. Senn

Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Law & Business

ISBN: 1454862947


Page: 2820

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State-by-State Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leases is the only reference that cuts through the tangle of state laws and gathers togetherand—in one two volume setand—the essential information you need to know. It's all presented in a unique instant-access format that's quick and easy to use. With the new Sixth Edition of State-by-State Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leases, your days of fumbling through multiple titles for the valuable information you need are over. Built around 51 comprehensive charts, State-by-State Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leases reviews the relevant statutes in each state that regulate every facet of commercial real estate leasing. It gives you the statutes themselves, plus commentary explaining how they are used, case law, citations of authority, and more. Whether you're in private practice or part of an in-house legal group, this ready reference to relevant statutes is sure to help you: Cut down research time Spot possible problems early and correct or work around them Avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes Protect yourself, your company, and/or your clients at every step State-by-State Guide to Commercial Real Estate Leases is written by the top real estate lawyers in each stateand—pre-eminent practitionersand—so you can be sure itand’s authoritative and accurate. Each expert contributor has researched over 100 specific aspects of commercial real estate leasingand—from assignments and subleases to tenant's obligations and attorneys' feesand—to bring you the most complete and up-to-date coverage available anywhere today.

Office Leasing

Drafting and Negotiating the Lease


Author: Margaret I. Adams,Anton N. Natsis

Publisher: N.A


Category: Business & Economics

Page: N.A

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Geh nie alleine essen!

Und andere Geheimnisse rund um Networking und Erfolg


Author: Keith Ferrazzi

Publisher: books4success

ISBN: 3941493345

Category: Self-Help

Page: 387

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Wollen Sie im Leben vorankommen? Wollen Sie auf der Karriereleiter empor klettern? Das Geheimnis dafür liegt laut Networking-Guru Keith Ferrazzi darin, sich mit anderen Menschen zusammenzutun. Ferrazzi erkannte schon früh, dass sich sehr erfolgreiche Menschen von der breiten Masse in puncto Networking in einem Punkt unterscheiden: Sie nutzen die Macht von "Vitamin B" so, dass jeder dabei gewinnt. In "Geh nie alleine essen!" zeigt Ferrazzi die Schritte, die er benutzt, um mit den Tausenden von Menschen in seinem Adressbuch in Kontakt zu bleiben. Es sind Kollegen, Freunde und Partner - Menschen, denen er geholfen hat und Menschen, die ihm geholfen haben. Ferrazzis Art des Networkings basiert auf Großzügigkeit - er hilft seinen Freunden, miteinander in Kontakt zu kommen. Er unterscheidet stark zwischen dem echten Aufbau von Beziehungen und dem hektischen Visitenkartentausch, den viele heute als Networking bezeichnen. Schließlich destilliert er sein System in anwendbare und erprobte Prinzipien.

Commercial Real Estate Transactions Handbook


Author: Mark A. Senn

Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online

ISBN: 0735580782

Category: Law

Page: 223

View: 9170

With the number and complexity of commercial real estate transactions reaching unprecedented levels, professionals in this high-stakes industry face a daunting task: keeping up with the constant legal and regulatory changes that can impact every phase of a deal. Commercial Real Estate Transactions Handbook, Fourth Edition will help you plan, negotiate and close deals using the insights and strategies of nationally recognized real estate attorney Mark Senn and over 20 experts in the field. Collectively, the editor and contributors have handled virtually every possible variation of commercial real estate transactions. Their clear, concise discussions will guide you step-by-step through each phase: Land and space acquisition Creating the owning entity, design and construction, due diligence, interim and term financing, and occupancy leases The ultimate sale or disposition of the project In addition, Commercial Real Estate Transactions Handbook is logically organized by topic, so you always find the information you need quickly and easily. Each chapter covers one broad topic area. Major subjects are then distilled into highly informative sections that focus on specific practice-oriented suggestions from the unique perspective of the and“less experiencedand” or and“disadvantagedand” party.

Systems for Success

The Complete Guide to Selling, Leasing, Presenting, Negotiating & Serving in Commercial Real Estate


Author: Michael J. Lipsey,Mike Lipsey,Karen L. Poirier,Rusty Fischer

Publisher: Pelican Publishing

ISBN: 9781589803114

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 379

View: 6039

Real-estate tips from a proven seller. Presented in a succinct, easy-to-use format, this guide is an entire real-estate seminar in book form, written by an expert with more than thirty years in the industry. From prospecting and presentations to negotiations and customer service, these instructions provide a clear map to success in today's real estate market. Includes sample letters, checklists, and other useful resources.

Commercial Leasing

A Transactional Primer


Author: Daniel B. Bogart,Celeste M. Hammond

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781594601057

Category: Law

Page: 489

View: 8803

This book is the first among legal textbooks to examine a crucial component of real property practice: commercial lease law. Commercial leasing is the lifeblood of commercial real property development in the United States. Real property lawyers regularly represent landlords, tenants and lenders in the leasing of commercial space. This area of practice is transactional and centers on a single negotiated document — the commercial lease. By the end of a course based on this book, students will have developed a genuine understanding of the major terms of the commercial office lease, the goals and objectives of parties to the transaction, and the skills crucial to effective representation.Bogart and Hammond have crafted a book uniquely suited to teaching this important area of practice. The book utilizes a sophisticated commercial office lease form promulgated by the ABA. Each chapter focuses on a particular lease provision. Chapters pull apart contractual language and terms of art, reveal the motivations of the parties to the deal, and finally, examine the underlying substantive law. In addition to presenting interesting case opinions, each chapter provides numerous challenging, real-world problems. Chapters typically conclude by asking students to apply what they have learned to provisions taken from the much-publicized “Killer Lease.” The book includes a chapter explicitly discussing professionalism, ethics and negotiations, and contains drafting and negotiation exercises that force students to pull together skills and substantive law lessons. This book will form the basis of an exciting elective real estate transactions course.

Henning's general laws of California

as amended and in force at the close of the forty-third session of the Legislature, 1919, including initiative and referendum acts adopted at the general election of 1920


Author: California,Wilbur Fisk Henning

Publisher: N.A


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