Meter As Rhythm


Author: Christopher Hasty

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195356533

Category: Music

Page: 328

View: 2010

In this book Christopher Hasty presents a striking new theory of musical duration. Drawing on insights from modern "process" philosophy, he advances a fully temporal perspective in which meter is released from its mechanistic connotations and recognized as a concrete, visceral agent of musical expression. Part one of the book reviews oppositions of law and freedom, structure and process, determinacy and indeterminacy in the speculations of theorists from the eighteenth century to the present. Part two reinterprets these contrasts to form a highly original account of meter that engages diverse musical repertories and aesthetic issues.

Musical Forces

Motion, Metaphor, and Meaning in Music


Author: Steve Larson

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 0253005493

Category: Music

Page: 390

View: 9757

Steve Larson drew on his 20 years of research in music theory, cognitive linguistics, experimental psychology, and artificial intelligence—as well as his skill as a jazz pianist—to show how the experience of physical motion can shape one’s musical experience. Clarifying the roles of analogy, metaphor, grouping, pattern, hierarchy, and emergence in the explanation of musical meaning, Larson explained how listeners hear tonal music through the analogues of physical gravity, magnetism, and inertia. His theory of melodic expectation goes beyond prior theories in predicting complete melodic patterns. Larson elegantly demonstrated how rhythm and meter arise from, and are given meaning by, these same musical forces.

Rhythm and Meter

Phonetics and Phonology


Author: Paul Kiparsky,Gilbert Youmans

Publisher: Academic Press

ISBN: 1483218538

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 412

View: 493

Phonetics and Phonology: Volume 1, Rhythm and Meter compiles original articles by 12 linguists and literary critics who have made important contributions to current theories of phonology, verse meter, and music. This book mainly focuses on English poetry—on the meters of Shakespeare, Milton, Blake, Longfellow, Hopkins, Auden, and other Renaissance dramatists. Poetry in other languages that include Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, and German are also examined. This publication emphasizes metrical theory, formulating and illustrating metrical principles within the tradition of generative metrics and competing traditions. The relationships between rhythm in language and music are likewise analyzed. This volume is useful to linguists, literary critics, and specialists conducting work on rhythm and meter.

Unlocking the Groove

Rhythm, Meter, and Musical Design in Electronic Dance Music


Author: Mark Jonathan Butler

Publisher: Indiana University Press

ISBN: 9780253346629

Category: Music

Page: 346

View: 2029

Unlocking the Groove is a groundbreaking, award-winning, music-driven analysis of electronic dance music (EDM). Author Mark Butler interweaves traditional and non-traditional musical analysis with consideration of the genre's history and social significance, deconstructing several typical examples of electronic dance music and focusing on the interaction of beat and rhythmic structure in creating an overall musical design. Interviews with DJs, listeners, and producers flesh out the book, providing insight into the perceptions and performance world of EDM, and making a vivid case for the musical artistry of EDM disc jockeys. The CD included with the book illustrates the analysis with multiple musical examples, both in excerpts and full songs. Butler's work propels the study of popular music in exciting new directions, and will impact the range from popular music studies, music theory, ethnomusicology, and musicology.

Playing with Something That Runs

Technology, Improvisation, and Composition in DJ and Laptop Performance


Author: Mark J. Butler

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199912262

Category: Music

Page: 280

View: 3039

Winner of the 2015 PMIG Outstanding Publication Award from the Society of Music Theory The DJs and laptop performers of electronic dance music use preexistent elements such as vinyl records and digital samples to create fluid, dynamic performances. These performances are also largely improvised, evolving in response to the demands of a particular situation through interaction with a dancing audience. Within performance, musicians make numerous spontaneous decisions about variables such as which sounds they will play, when they will play them, and how they will be combined with other sounds. Yet the elements that constitute these improvisations are also fixed in certain fundamental ways: performances are fashioned from patterns or tracks recorded beforehand, and in the case of DJ sets, these elements are also physical objects (vinyl records). In Playing with Something That Runs, author Mark J. Butler explores these improvised performances, revealing the ways in which musicians utilize seemingly invariable prerecorded elements to create novel improvisations. Based on extensive interviews with musicians in their studios, as well as in-depth studies of particular mediums of performance, including both DJ and laptop sets, Butler illustrates the ways in which technologies, both material and musical, are used in performance and improvisation in order to make these transformations possible. An illuminating look at the world of popular electronic-music performance, Playing with Something that Runs is an indispensable resource for electronic dance musicians and fans as well as scholars and students of popular music.

Computational Models of Rhythm and Meter


Author: Georg Boenn

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 3319762850

Category: Computers

Page: 187

View: 1365

This book presents the latest computational models of rhythm and meter that are based on number theory, combinatorics and pattern matching. Two computational models of rhythm and meter are evaluated: The first one explores a relatively new field in Mathematics, namely Combinatorics on Words, specifically Christoffel Words and the Burrows-Wheeler Transform, together with integer partitions. The second model uses filtered Farey Sequences in combination with specific weights that are assigned to inter-onset ratios. This work is assessed within the context of the current state of the art of tempo tracking and computational music transcription. Furthermore, the author discusses various representations of musical rhythm, which lead to the development of a new shorthand notation that will be useful for musicologists and composers. Computational Models of Rhythm and Meter also contains numerous investigations into the timing structures of human rhythm and metre perception carried out within the last decade. Our solution to the transcription problem has been tested using a wide range of musical styles, and in particular using two recordings of J.S. Bach's Goldberg Variations by Glenn Gould. The technology is capable of modelling musical rhythm and meter by using Farey Sequences, and by detecting duration classes in a windowed analysis, which also detects the underlying tempo. The outcomes represent human performances of music as accurate as possible within Western score notation.

Rhythm and Metre

Towards a Systematic Description of Greek Stichic Verse


Author: Marlein Van Raalte

Publisher: N.A


Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 463

View: 4234

A History of Ancient Greek

From the Beginnings to Late Antiquity


Author: Maria Arapopoulou,Maria Chritē

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 0521833078

Category: Foreign Language Study

Page: 1617

View: 6622

Comprehensive, authoritative but highly accessible reference work essential for all those interested in the history of Greek.

Proceedings of the 1993 Connectionist Models Summer School


Author: Michael C. Mozer,Paul Smolensky,David S. Touretzky,Jeffrey L. Elman,Andreas S. Weigend

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 1317780523

Category: Psychology

Page: 424

View: 5437

The result of the 1993 Connectionist Models Summer School, the papers in this volume exemplify the tremendous breadth and depth of research underway in the field of neural networks. Although the slant of the summer school has always leaned toward cognitive science and artificial intelligence, the diverse scientific backgrounds and research interests of accepted students and invited faculty reflect the broad spectrum of areas contributing to neural networks, including artificial intelligence, cognitive science, computer science, engineering, mathematics, neuroscience, and physics. Providing an accurate picture of the state of the art in this fast-moving field, the proceedings of this intense two-week program of lectures, workshops, and informal discussions contains timely and high-quality work by the best and the brightest in the neural networks field.

The Ghost of Meter

Culture and Prosody in American Free Verse


Author: Annie Finch

Publisher: University of Michigan Press

ISBN: 9780472087099

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 178

View: 5177

A groundbreaking study of the connections among meter, the poetic unconscious, and wider literary and cultural forces

Poetic Rhythm

An Introduction


Author: Derek Attridge

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521423694

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 274

View: 5633

This is the first introduction to rhythm and meter that begins where students are: as speakers of English familiar with the rhythms of the spoken word, nursery rhymes, song and rap. Poetic Rhythm builds on this knowledge and experience, moving from basic questions about the rhythms of spoken English to the elaborate achievements of past and present poets. Terminology is straightforward and there are frequent practical exercises. Poetic Rhythm will help readers of English poetry experience and enjoy its power, subtlety and diversity, and will serve as an invaluable tool for those who write or discuss poetry in English.

Taboo and Transgression in British Literature from the Renaissance to the Present


Author: S. Horlacher,S. Glomb,L. Heiler

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230105998

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 269

View: 9177

Taboo and Transgression in British Literature from the Renaissance to the Present develops an innovative overview of the interdisciplinary theoretical approaches to the topic that have emerged in recent years. Alongside exemplary model analyses of key periods and representative primary texts, this exciting new anthology of critical essays has been specifically designed to fill a major gap in the field of literary and cultural studies. This book traces the complex dynamic and ongoing negotiation of notions of transgression and taboo as an essential, though often neglected, facet to understanding the development, production, and conception of literature from the early modern Elizabethan period through postmodern debates. The combination of a broad theoretical and historical framework covering almost fifty representative authors and uvres makes this essential reading for students and specialists alike in the fields of literary studies and cultural studies.

From the Stage to the Studio

How Fine Musicians Become Great Teachers


Author: Cornelia Watkins,Laurie Scott

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199911479

Category: Music

Page: 320

View: 1968

"The fact is, you will teach." from the Foreword by Stephen Clapp, Dean Emeritus, The Julliard School. Whether serving on the faculty at a university, maintaining a class of private students, or fulfilling an invitation as guest artist in a master class series, virtually all musicians will teach during their careers. From the Stage to the Studio speaks directly to the performing musician, highlighting the significant advantages of becoming distinguished both as a performer and a pedagogue. Drawing on over sixty years of combined experience, authors Cornelia Watkins and Laurie Scott provide the guidance and information necessary for any musician to translate his or her individual approach into productive and rewarding teacher-student interactions. Premised on the synergistic relationship between teaching and performing, this book provides a structure for clarifying the essential elements of musical artistry, and connects them to such tangible situations as setting up a studio, teaching a master class, interviewing for a job, judging competitions, and recruiting students. From the Stage to the Studio serves as an essential resource for university studio faculty, music pedagogy teachers, college music majors, and professionals looking to add effective teaching to their artistic repertoire.



Author: Euripides

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199880816

Category: Drama

Page: 160

View: 8941

Regarded by many as Euripides' masterpiece, Bakkhai is a powerful examination of religious ecstasy and the resistance to it. A call for moderation, it rejects the temptation of pure reason as well as pure sensuality, and is a staple of Greek tragedy, representing in structure and thematics an exemplary model of the classic tragic elements. Disguised as a young holy man, the god Bacchus arrives in Greece from Asia proclaiming his godhood and preaching his orgiastic religion. He expects to be embraced in Thebes, but the Theban king, Pentheus, forbids his people to worship him and tries to have him arrested. Enraged, Bacchus drives Pentheus mad and leads him to the mountains, where Pentheus' own mother, Agave, and the women of Thebes tear him to pieces in a Bacchic frenzy. Gibbons, a prize-winning poet, and Segal, a renowned classicist, offer a skilled new translation of this central text of Greek tragedy.

Joyce and the Science of Rhythm


Author: William Martin

Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

ISBN: 1137275472

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 223

View: 7212

Joyce and the Science of Rhythm situates the modernist writings of James Joyce within the context of the scientific discourse on 'rhythm' that emerged in the late nineteenth century. Drawing on a number of new sources, each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of rhythm, including the meters of Chamber Music, the dialogues of Dubliners, the narrative 'tension' of Joyce's Portrait and the periodic movements of city in Ulysses. Concluding with an analysis of Joyce recording the Wake, this book will interest those working in the fields of Joyce studies, Irish studies, prosody and literary modernism.

The Concepts of Criticism


Author: L. Aschenbrenner

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9401022542

Category: Art

Page: 551

View: 7665

Tbis inquiry may be thought of as a sequel to The Concepts of Value and as an extension of the brief core-vocabulary of aesthetic concepts found in one of the appendices to it. In terms of sheer numbers, most of the value concepts of our language are to be found in the area of human relations and of the aesthetic. There are also other value vocabularies, shorter but equally important, for example, the cognitive and logical. These and other objects of pbilosopbical study (for example, the question of "other minds") deserve the kind of empirical survey that has been made of moral and aesthetic notions, if only to test a priori approaches to them. In the present studyan even more determined empirical approach than that adopted for the first has been found necessary. Once the moral or human value vocabulary has been identified, sentential contexts for the use of the terms readily come to mind. In a study of the language of criticism, however, the vocabulary has first to be sought in the utterances of critics themselves and quoted in sufficient context to make their critical intentions clear. The outcome is that the present study is of great length, about half of it being quotations from critics. The rule adopted for arriving at tbis length go on collecting quotations as long as new types of appraisal came was to to light.

Structural Functions in Music


Author: Wallace Berry

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 9780486253848

Category: Music

Page: 447

View: 1547

A brilliant investigation into musical structure through a systematic exploration of tonality, melody, harmony, texture, and rhythm. Discusses early madrigals and Gregorian chants through Bach, Beethoven, and Brahms to Ravel, Bartok, and Berg."

Meter and Meaning

An Introduction to Rhythm in Poetry


Author: Thomas Carper,Derek Attridge

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415311748

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 156

View: 720

"This is the essential guide to meter for anyone who wants to study, write, better appreciate or simply enjoy poetry."--Jacket.


Contrasting the Implications of Audiation and Notation


Author: Edwin Gordon

Publisher: GIA Publications

ISBN: 9781579997847

Category: Music

Page: 189

View: 9067

"... Provides a thorough framework for examining rhythm ... includes expanded sections on movement, improvisation, and curriculum development ... also incorporates new research on audiation and several new rhythm syllables ... covers topics such as definition of rhythm, audiation, the meaning of tempo, movement, rhythm solfege, notation, usual and unusual meters, improvisation, and many other related subjects"--Jacket.

Language and Metre

Metrics and the Metrical System of Finnish


Author: Pentti Leino

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9789517174558

Category: Finnish language

Page: 171

View: 2957

This study seeks to describe the metrics of Finnish as clearly and precisely as possible. It was, however, written primarily for the reader with no knowledge of Finnish or of Finnish poetry, and it mainly concentrates on general metrical theory and associated phenomena. Starting with metrical theory to date and generative metrics in particular the work constructs a general theory of metrics to describe in detail the structure of the metrical system, its variations, possible changes and factors controlling its use. The main theme is thus the relationship between metre and language, and metrics is seen as an integral part of linguistics.