Loulou & Yves

The Untold Story of Loulou de La Falaise and the House of Saint Laurent


Author: Christopher Petkanas

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

ISBN: 1250161428

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 512

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No one interested in fashion, style, or the high-flying intrigues of café society will want to miss the exuberantly entertaining oral biography Loulou & Yves: The Untold Story of Loulou de La Falaise and the House of Saint Laurent, by Christopher Petkanas. Dauntless,“in the bone” style made Loulou de La Falaise one of the great fashion firebrands of the twentieth century. Descending in a direct line from Coco Chanel and Elsa Schiaparelli, she was celebrated at her death in 2011, aged just sixty-four, as the “highest of haute bohemia,” a feckless adventuress in the art of living—and the one person Yves Saint Laurent could not live without. Yves Saint Laurent (1936-2008) was the most influential designer of his times; possibly also the most neurasthenic. In an exquisitely intimate, sometimes painful personal and professional relationship, Loulou de La Falaise was his creative right hand, muse, alter ego and the virtuoso behind all the devastatingly flamboyant accessories that were a crucial component of the YSL “look.” For thirty years, until his retirement in 2002, Yves relied on Loulou to inspire him with the tilt of her hat, make him laugh and talk him off the ledge—the enchanted formula that brought him from one historic collection to the next. “Her presence at my side is a dream,” Yves declares in Loulou & Yves. “I trust her reactions. Sometimes they are violent but always positive... I bounce ideas off her and they come back clearer and things begin to happen.” Yves’s many tributes shape Loulou’s memory, as if everything there was to know about this fugitive, Giacometti-like figure could be told by her clanking bronze cuffs, towering fur toques, the turquoise boulders on her fingers and her working friendship with the man who put women in pants. But parallel to this storyline runs another, darker one, lifting the veil on Loulou, a classic “number two” with a contempt for convention, and exposing the underbelly of fashion at its highest level. Behind Yves’s encomiums are a pair of aristocrat parents—Loulou’s shiftless French father and menacingly chic English mother—who abandoned her to a childhood of foster care and sexual abuse straight out of “Les Misérables”; Loulou’s recurring desperation to leave Yves and go out on her own; and the grandiose myths surrounding her family. Loulou felt that her life had been kidnapped by the operatic workings of the House of Saint Laurent, and in her last years danced with financial ruin. Delving beyond the “official” version of her life, Loulou & Yves unspools an elusive fashion idol—nymphomaniacal, heedless and up to her bracelets in coke and Boizel champagne—at the core of what used to be called “le beau monde.” On the theory that everyone loves a cocktail party, Loulou & Yves traces her life chronologically through the charming literary device of oral biography, in which the spoken memories of more than two hundred “voices”—husbands, lovers, extended family, friends, enemies, slightly less bitter detractors, colleagues, groupies, pundits, and hangers-on—are seamlessly interwoven with those of Yves and Loulou themselves. Readers mingle at the party as invited guests, listening in on Andy Warhol and Karl Lagerfeld and collecting clues from Mick Jagger and Tom Ford as the narrative unfolds. Topping the A-list of figures who tell Loulou’s story in their own words, uncensored, are Cecil Beaton, Diana Vreeland, Thadée Klossowski, Robert Mapplethorpe, Helmut Newton, Hubert de Givenchy, Manolo Blahnik, Diane von Furstenberg, Elsa Peretti, Betty Catroux, John Richardson, Alber Elbaz, Christian Louboutin, Grace Coddington, Ben Brantley, Bruce Chatwin, Lady Annabel Goldsmith, André Leon Talley, and Pierre Bergé. In a fluent round of sparkling conversation, author Christopher Petkanas brings them all together for a party that swirls around one of the most scintillating women the fashion world has ever known. “She’s the sounding board,” Yves rhapsodizes of his second self in Loulou & Yves, a sweeping, waspish work of fashion and social history. “She’s never wrong.”

Aristocracy and the Modern Imagination


Author: Charles A. Riley

Publisher: UPNE

ISBN: 9781584651512

Category: Art

Page: 258

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Modernism generally signifies the efforts of late 19th century European painters, writers, musicians and philosophers who consciously broke with tradition. This is an examination of what that meant for those aristocrats who were also modernists.

Yves Saint-Laurent


Author: Laurence Benaïm

Publisher: Grasset

ISBN: 2246817064

Category: Social Science

Page: 720

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« Au 5 avenue Marceau, toutes les formes du silence pouvaient s'écouter : le silence des lignes, le silence crème des toiles, le doux silence des ateliers, le silence heureux des mains, le silence minéral de l'attente, quand il n'était pas là, le silence d'un sourire esquissé dans le miroir, la beauté, comme une histoire d'amour entre lui et les mannequins, son studio de création... Et puis le silence de la peur, du doute – son école. J'ai rencontré Yves Saint Laurent en 1986 à travers son métier, et c'est seulement un an plus tard que nous avons été présentés. Publiée en 1993, cette biographie a été rééditée en 2002 lors de la fermeture de la maison Yves Saint Laurent, puis en 2010. Un jour il m'avait lancé: "Mais vous connaissez bien mieux ma vie que moi...." Faux, évidemment. Car écrire la vie de cet homme de son vivant, c'est refuser de tomber dans certains pièges. " Je n'ai jamais cherché à éviter ses zones d'ombres, mais à privilégier sa lumière, ce qui l'a rendu si différent. Yves Saint Laurent est à la fois l’astéroïde et le noyau d’une vieille comète, une planète monstre ayant modifié la perception du système solaire de la mode. Du soleil cher à Chanel, et de l’étoile - talisman de Dior, Yves Saint Laurent a fait une boule de feu, il est ce météore qui continue à éclairer la galaxie, bien après sa mort. » L.B. Le 1er juin 2008, Yves Saint Laurent laissait derrière lui bien plus qu’un nom et une maison de couture... A l’occasion du dixième anniversaire de sa mort, Laurence Benaïm nous confie l’édition définitive de sa légendaire biographie : l’ascension d’un jeune garçon né en 1936 à Oran, qui s’écriait à l’âge de treize ans : « Un jour, j’aurai mon nom gravé en lettres de feu sur les Champs-Elysées. » L’itinéraire d’un peintre de la vie moderne, oeil à vif, traversant les époques pour en habiller l’ambiguïté dans un parfum de luxe, de vertiges et de décadence. La vie d’un homme libre, provocateur, secret, malheureux, génial, toujours échappé vers d’autres vies... La biographie du dernier des classiques. Le roman de la mode de 1958 aux débuts des années 2000.

Yves Saint Laurent

a biography


Author: Alice Rawsthorn

Publisher: Nan A. Talese


Category: Art

Page: 405

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Explores the life and career of the prominent French designer


ihr Leben


Author: Justine Picardie

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783869301792


Page: 428

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Yves Saint Laurent


Author: Jéromine Savignon,Bernard Blistène,Florence Müller,Farid Chenoune,Musée du Petit Palais (Paris, France)

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams


Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 385

View: 1661

Yves Saint Laurent was an artist who worked in the sphere of fashion, and whose entire life was devoted to a quest for perfection. His entire creative output is featured in this book

Costume Jewelry for Haute Couture


Author: Florence Müller,Patrick Sigal,Grand-Hornu (Firm)

Publisher: Vendome Pr


Category: Antiques & Collectibles

Page: 271

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This sumptuously illustrated book surveys the exquisite range of costume jewelry produced by haute couture fashion houses, a subject until now overlooked by historians and fashion cognoscenti alike. The term "costume jewelry" was coined in the twentieth century for the use of non-precious metals and jewels for human adornment. This book showcases the extraordinary diversity and exceptional craftsmanship of this jewelry in hundreds of beautifully reproduced pieces from such fashion houses as Chanel, Balenciaga, Dior, Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Schiaparelli, and Givenchy. "A time capsule of creativity." ~ Dallas Morning News


the Making-of


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783899105131


Page: 382

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Das kleine Buch der Mode


Author: Christian Dior

Publisher: Edel:Books

ISBN: 3944296788

Category: Design

Page: 128

View: 3574

Christian Diors zeitloses ModeABC – nach über 50 Jahren erstmals wieder in deutscher Sprache erhältlich! 1954 veröffentlichte Christian Dior erstmals sein persönliches Mode-Handbuch. Von A bis Z werden darin alle wichtigen Stichworte aus dem Bereich der Mode abgehandelt, über die jede stilbewusste Frau Bescheid wissen sollte – seien es Schnitte, Farben oder Materialien. Auch heute, 60 Jahre später, hat Diors Modebibel nichts von ihrer Gültigkeit verloren. Der klassische Look, der Dior berühmt machte, überzeugt durch seine zeitlose Eleganz und liegt nach wie vor voll im Trend. Das liebevoll gestaltete Büchlein mit Vintage-Charme ist daher ein Muss für alle Frauen, die sich für Mode interessieren.

Naughty, Sexy, Love


Author: Kylie Scott


ISBN: 3736302851

Category: Fiction

Page: 320

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Wenn ein Bad Boy sein Herz verliert ... Eric Collins ist ein Bad Boy, wie er im Buche steht. Keine Frau landet zweimal in seinem Bett, und eine feste Beziehung kommt für ihn nicht infrage - bislang zumindest. Denn als ein schwerer Schicksalsschlag sein Leben auf den Kopf stellt, beschließt er, sich zu ändern. Doch ausgerechnet da zieht die junge Jean Antal in die Wohnung nebenan ein. Sie ist wunderschön und schlagfertig, und sie bringt Erics Entschluss augenblicklich gehörig ins Wanken ... "Eine bezaubernde Liebesgeschichte!" Romantic Times Der Abschlussband der Dive-Bar-Reihe von Spiegel-Bestseller-Autorin Kylie Scott!


A Biography


Author: Nicholas Fox Weber

Publisher: Knopf

ISBN: 038535276X

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 656

View: 4727

The first full-scale biography of one of the most elusive and enigmatic painters of our time -- the self-proclaimed Count Balthus Klossowski de Rola -- whose brilliantly rendered, markedly sexualized portraits, especially of young girls, are among the most memorable images in contemporary art. The story of Balthus's life has been shrouded by contradiction and hearsay, most of it his own invention; over the years he created for himself a persona of mystery, aristocracy, and glamour. Now, in Nicholas Fox Weber's superb biography, Balthus, the man and the artist, stands revealed as never before. He was born in Paris in 1908 to Polish parents. At age twelve he first stepped into the spotlight with the publication of forty of his drawings illustrating a story about a cat by Rainer Maria Rilke, who was then Balthus's mother's lover and a crucial influence on the young boy. From that moment, Balthus has never been out of the public eye. In 1934 his first exhibition, in Paris, stunned the art world. The seven canvases drew attention to his extraordinary technique -- a mix of tradition and imagination informed by the work of Piero della Francesca, Courbet, and Joseph Reinhardt, but unique to the twenty-six-year-old artist -- and to their provocative content; one of the paintings, The Guitar Lesson, was so powerful in its sadomasochistic imagery that it was deemed necessary to remove it from public display. Continuously since then, Balthus's work has provoked both great opprobrium and profound admiration -- as has the artist himself, whether collaborating with Antonin Artaud on his Theater of Cruelty, transforming the Villa Medici into the social center of Fellini's Rome in the 1950s, or competing for the artistic limelight with his friends Picasso and André Derain. The artist's complexities are clarified and his genius understood in a book that derives its particular immediacy from Weber's long and intense conversations with Balthus -- who never previously consented to discuss his life and work with a biographer -- as well as his interviews with the painter's closest friends, members of his family, and many of the subjects of his controversial canvases. Weber's critical and human grasp (he acutely analyzes the paintings in terms of both their aesthetic achievement and what they reveal of their maker's psyche), combined with his rich knowledge of Balthus's life and his insight into the ideas and forces that have helped to shape Balthus's work over the past seven decades, gives us a striking, illuminating portrait of one of the most admired and outrageous artists of our time.

Eve’s Hollywood


Author: Eve Babitz

Publisher: Heyne Verlag

ISBN: 3641226449

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 5061

Kennen Sie Eve Babitz? Journalistin, Partygirl, Künstlerin, Muse: Bis zu ihrem dreißigsten Lebensjahr hatte Eve Babitz bereits jede dieser Rollen inne. Schon als Kind war sie Teil der kulturellen Bohème Kaliforniens. Zu erster Berühmtheit gelangte sie als nackte Schönheit am Schachtisch mit Marcel Duchamps und als eine von Ed Ruschas Five 1965 Girlfriends. Doch ihr erstes Buch zeigt Babitz als Schriftstellerin mit eigener Stimme und eigenen Geschichten. So erzählt sie von entzückenden Highschool-Schönheiten, beneidenswert tätowierten Chicanas und Rockstars, die ihren Rausch im Chateau Marmont ausschlafen. In ihren scheinbar beiläufigen Anekdoten verdichten sich Glamour, Witz und Tragik auf einzigartige Weise. Hier lernen wir die wahre Schönheit von Los Angeles kennen: Zitrusbäume wiegen sich im Wind, immer bis zum nächsten Erdbeben.

Annuaire du spectacle de la Communauté française de Belgique, 2000-2001


Author: Nancy Dubois,Dominique Dewind,Collectif,

Publisher: Editions Lansman

ISBN: 9782872823741


Page: 745

View: 2011

Répertoire thématique et descriptif de plus de 1.500 spectacles (opéra, danse, théâtre, arts du cirque, etc.) présentés au cours de la saison 2000-2001 en Belgique francophone. Offre en outre un répertoire d'adresses : compagnies, lieux de programmation, centres d'information, organismes de promotion et d'aide.