And how to love them


Author: Sophie Sabbage

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473637996

Category: Self-Help

Page: 416

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HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED IF LIFE IS TRYING TO TELL YOU SOMETHING? This is a book about all the unwanted and unexpected moments in our lives. They surprise us, they blindside us. They shock us. They command our attention. Some bounce off us, other strike deep into our being. These moments are collision points between how we see life and how life actually is. These are lifeshocks. In her new book Sophie explains how lifeshocks awaken us. She offers her own deeply personal story as well as other case studies as a vehicle for bringing the theory and teachings to life. She focuses on three kinds of lifeshocks we all receive: limiting lifeshocks which challenge our arrogance and appetite for control; exposing lifeshocks which challenge our affectations and pretences; and evoking lifeshocks which challenge our closed-heartedness. This groundbreaking new book reveals how these lifeshocks can bring healing, transformation and peace.

Lifeshocks Out of the Blue

Learning from Your Life's Experiences


Author: Ann Mcmaster

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781503146808

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 80

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Have you ever wondered what life is trying to tell you? Why the same events keep happening despite your being with new people or in new places? Lifeshocks – Out of the Blue by Ann McMaster will give you the key to keep unlocking the mystery of lifeshocks, those relentless messages from life inviting you to transform yourself. to BE MORE of the best within you... to BE MORE connected with those you love... to BE MORE satisfied with your place in our world.

Life Shocks Romances Collection 4


Author: Jade Kerrion

Publisher: Jade Kerrion

ISBN: 197778898X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

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Continue your journey through the alphabet of love with Maligned, Nurtured, Owned, and Prized. Meet the girl-next-door who hides a devastating secret, join a war veteran's struggle to find happiness in spite of PTSD, and unravel the tangle of deception between two people who are not what they seem in this "perfect blend of heartache, humor, heat, and happiness..." MALIGNED Tom Lancaster, a single father not looking for a relationship, is reluctantly roped into investigating an escort responsible for wrecking his sister’s marriage, but instead of a sly and seductive siren, he meets the pretty girl-next-door. Sheridan is an aspiring college graduate and influential fashion blogger. She also has secrets—shameful secrets, precious secrets—and a past that could shatter her carefree present and promising future. When Tom discovers Sheridan’s secrets, will he trust only the facts he can see, hear, and touch, or will he be the first and only man to accept her for anything and everything she is? NURTURED High-flying corporate lawyer, Nicole Lefton, does not have any space or time in her life for distractions, but a car accident saddles her with the unexpected company of a large dog and the attentions of a handsome vet. She refuses to allow her casual fling with Dr. Rico Vargas to blossom into something deeper, but Rico wears down her formidable emotional defenses with his wit and his gentleness. Nicole is on the cusp of saying yes to love when a crisis in Rico’s family awakens the trauma of Nicole’s past and shatters her growing trust in Rico. Will the fragile foundations of their love survive the lingering shadows of Nicole’s broken childhood? OWNED Marie Vargas had always believed that her love for Phil Casteen was meant to last forever, but that was before he divorced her. Not even winning a $1,000,000 lottery fills the emptiness in her life. Eager for a new beginning, she takes a long-awaited Key West vacation, but Phil is already there, and he’s carved a new life for himself—a life that would be even better if he got his hands on his share of her winnings. Vulnerable and still in love, Marie is easy prey, but what does Phil really want from her? Will their unexpected reunion offer Marie the emotional closure she needs, reopen wounds that haven’t fully healed, or shatter her heart beyond repair? PRIZED Rio Loren, scion of the jet-setting Loren family, is too elegant and civilized for revenge. All he wants from his erstwhile girlfriend, Cixi, is the blue diamond pendant she stole from him, even if he has to personally hunt her down and snatch it out of her thieving, faithless hands. Cixi, the street-waif-turned-supermodel, is too busy fending off dozens of admirers to pander to the wounded egos of former boyfriends. Unless, of course, that boyfriend happens to own the diamond ring and earrings that complement her blue diamond pendant, the prize of her jewelry collection. The precious gems, however, are the lowest stakes in a game of wits, which rapidly escalates into a battle to stay alive, for Cixi is more than a feel-good Cinderella story, and Rio is more than a spoiled billionaire’s son. When the facades crumble and layers peel back, when nothing is left between them except the raw, ugly truth of mutual betrayal, will they survive?

The Cancer Whisperer

Finding Courage, Direction, and the Unlikely Gifts of Cancer


Author: Sophie Sabbage

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 0735212384

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 5969

The self-published sensation and UK bestseller that has helped thousands touched by cancer. “I have cancer. Cancer does not have me.” Sophie Sabbage was forty-eight years old, happily married, and mother to a four-year-old daughter when she was diagnosed with late-stage lung cancer. Since that shocking diagnosis, she has been on a remarkable journey of healing and renewal that has reshaped her life—for the better. The Cancer Whisperer chronicles Sophie’s extraordinary relationship with cancer and the very effective methods she has used for dealing with her fear, anger, denial, and grief. The Brené Brown of cancer, Sophie empowers readers to reject the traditional adversarial relationship with cancer by teaching us how to listen to it; how to be healed by it as well as how to seek to cure it; and how to be emotionally free even when we are physically curtailed. Beautifully and poignantly written, The Cancer Whisperer encourages cancer patients to: • Direct their own treatment while preserving their personhood in a system that tends to see them as patients more than people. • Engage with fear, anger, and grief in healthy and healing ways instead of toughing it out, trying to be falsely positive, or collapsing into despair. • Radically shift from being a cancer victim to a cancer listener—fostering an understanding of cancer as a symptom of other underlying causes and engaging with whatever changes it calls on them to make. As authentic as it is revolutionary, The Cancer Whisperer calls for an end to “the war on cancer” and the start of a more transformative dialogue with the disease.



Author: Jade Kerrion

Publisher: Jade Kerrion

ISBN: 194864200X

Category: Fiction

Page: 114

View: 794

"... the perfect blend of heartache, humor, heat, and happiness." – Give Me Books Journey through the alphabet of love with USA Today bestselling author Jade Kerrion’s Life Shocks Romances series – sexy contemporary romances perfect for Nora Roberts fans! Recently divorced, Dr. Vera Rios is too busy navigating the potholes of single parenthood to look for Mr. Right, but along comes a man who cherishes her, adores her daughter, and helps her find her sexy groove. The only problem: Mr. Perfect is an escort. Rowan Forrester conceals many other secrets, one of which threatens the happiness he finds with Vera. Can love find a way, or will Vera have to choose between her beloved daughter and the man of her dreams? Check out all the Life Shocks Romances Collections ** 16 novellas in 4 boxsets **

Quicklet on Ruby K. Payne's A Framework for Understanding Poverty (CliffNotes-like Summary)


Author: Jeff Davis

Publisher: Hyperink Inc

ISBN: 1614649677

Category: Study Aids

Page: 22

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ABOUT THE BOOK A Framework for Understanding Poverty provides important insight into the nation’s ongoing difficulty educating poor children. Students from impoverished backgrounds at all levels of America’s education system achieve success at lower rates than students who are not impoverished. The author, Ruby Payne, suggests that individuals who have experienced generational poverty—that is, individuals whose parents also grew up in poverty—behave in certain characteristics ways that put them at a disadvantage in institutional settings like public school. Payne defines generational poverty as different from “situational poverty,” that is the condition of poverty caused by lack of resources due to a particular event like death, chronic illness, or divorce. The idea is that raising oneself out of situational poverty is easier that raising oneself out of generational poverty. MEET THE AUTHOR Jeff Davis is a life long educator with a Ph.D. in English Studies who has taught at both the high school and university levels. He is also an artist and an amateur anthropologist who is a proponent of “First Art,” that art which our ancient ancestors practiced some 30,000 years ago and even earlier. His most recent book, The First-Generation Student Experience, expanded the college student-affairs field describing the challenges of contemporary nontraditional students. Related to his interest in evolutionary biology, he is currently working on a writing pedagogy book that argues that motivation is the most important dimension of the creative process, even more important than skill and native ability. EXCERPT FROM THE BOOK Payne establishes her working definition of poverty as “the extent to which an individual does without resources” such as financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, support systems, relationships/role models, and knowledge of hidden rules (8). The challenge for the school or work setting is to analyze and understand the available resources before problem solving and to utilize opportunities that impact the non-financial resources. She describes “three aspects of language: registers of language, discourse patterns, and story structure (27). Registers of language include frozen, formal, consultative, casual, and intimate. Dropping down one register in the same conversation is socially acceptable; dropping down two registers is socially offensive. Buy a copy to keep reading!

Report of the Sixty-eight[h] Round Table on Transport Economics, Held in Paris on 8th and 9th November 1984 on the Following Topic--changes in Transport User's Motivations for Modal Choice

Passenger Transport


Author: European Conference of Ministers of Transport. Economic Research Centre

Publisher: Paris, France : European Conference of Ministers of Transport ; [Washington, D.C. : Sales agents, OECD Publications and Information Center]


Category: Choice of transportation

Page: 102

View: 2723

The Inflamed Collection: Inflamed, Jilted, Kindled, Lured


Author: Jade Kerrion

Publisher: Jade Kerrion

ISBN: 1948642034

Category: Fiction

Page: 324

View: 3586

Continue your Life Shocks Romances journey through the alphabet of love with Inflamed, Jilted, Kindled, and Lured. Meet sexy firefighters, brooding ballet dancers, and travel through Italy's romantic wine country in this "perfect blend of heartache, humor, heat, and happiness..." INFLAMED Debra Martinez doesn’t believe in happy endings and can't escape her reputation as "the other woman" but will Sean's arrival in town offer a fresh start for her and her son? "It is one of those books that you cook dinner with it in your hand because it is too good to put down." — Phylis Carpenter JILTED Cultural expectations of love and marriage clash; Anjali is compelled to choose between the perfect man she does not know and the imperfect one she does. And why would Anjali — brilliant, talented, and an overachiever from birth — settle for anything less than perfection? "This might be the first book I have read where I would have been genuinely okay with whichever man the woman chose, and you will just have to read it yourself to find out who the lucky man is." — Minnesota reader KINDLED Injured premier danseur, Nicholas, is forced to confront his first dance partner -- the woman he loved and whom he left behind when he sought the spotlight and the stage. "An unusual theme for romance, done well." — Dave Parker LURED Will Shannon and Brandon's unexpectedly picture-perfect Tuscan romance survive the return to reality when they find themselves on opposite sides of the courtroom? "It was funny, heart melting, loving, had just enough give and take in conflict!" — Verified review ** Check out all the Life Shocks Romances ** 16 novellas in 4 boxsets **

The Ensnared Collection: Ensnared, Flawed, Graced, Haunted


Author: Jade Kerrion

Publisher: Jade Kerrion

ISBN: 1948642026

Category: Fiction

Page: 364

View: 1019

Continue your Life Shocks Romances journey through the alphabet of love with Ensnared, Flawed, Graced, and Haunted. Meet lonely heiresses and sexy beach volleyball players, indulge in a heart-warming second chance romance between the nerd and the flirt, and enjoy an enchanting spin on the Christmas Carol in this "perfect blend of heartache, humor, heat, and happiness..." ENSNARED Lily, the woman Michael loved – and lost to his brother – has returned to his hometown, to the place of many shared and painful memories. Has she come, like a vengeful angel, to destroy what's left of Michael's shamed and ruined family? "I was hooked immediately on page one and devoured it in one sitting." – Amazeballs Book Addicts FLAWED Hollywood fame and Olympic medals sounds like the perfect pairing – except when it's built only on hope and lies. Can Ariel and Jake's scorching mutual attraction overcome the complications of false impressions and clashing expectations? "This emotionally, sexually charged relationship had a pull to it that wouldn't let me put it down." – Vickie Raynor GRACED Noelle returns home to finds the town little changed, except that Connor, the high school nerd, is now the town’s doctor, a Grade-A hunk, and a widower with two young children. She can save Christmas for Connor's motherless daughters, but can she also find her way into Connor's guarded heart? "The story is so lovely. I truly didn't put it down till it was finished...But be warned have a tissue." – Michelle Baldwin HAUNTED Holly has given up on love, but the Christmas season unexpectedly ignites her bleak and solitary life with three men who represent her past, her present, and her future. Which man offers the gift of true love and happily ever after? "Haunted is a play on the Christmas Carol, with the heroine torn between three amazing men. Who wouldn't love being in her shoes, right?" – Sultry Steamy Reading ** Check out all the Life Shocks Romances ** 16 novellas in 4 boxsets **

The Bradshaw Variations

A Novel


Author: Rachel Cusk

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

ISBN: 9781429931779

Category: Fiction

Page: 240

View: 3025

Since quitting work to look after his eight-year-old daughter, Alexa, Thomas Bradshaw has found solace and grace in his daily piano study. His pursuit of a more artistic way of life shocks and irritates his parents and in-laws. Why has he swapped roles with Tonie Swann, his intense, intellectual wife, who has accepted a demanding full-time job? How can this be good for Alexa? Tonie is increasingly seduced away from domestic life by the harder, headier world of work, where long-forgotten memories of ambition are awakened. She soon finds herself outside their tight family circle, alive to previously unimaginable possibilities. Over the course of a year full of crisis and revelation, we follow the fortunes of Tonie, Thomas, and his brothers and their families: Howard, the successful, indulgent brother, and his gregarious wife, Claudia; and Leo, lacking in confidence and propped up by Susie, his sharp-tongued, heavy-drinking wife. At the head of the family, the aging Bradshaw parents descend on their children to question and undermine them. The Bradshaw Variations reveals how our choices, our loves, and the family life we build will always be an echo—a variation—of a theme played out in our own childhood. This masterful and often shockingly funny novel, Rachel Cusk's seventh, shows a prizewinning writer at the height of her powers.


Die geheimen Eigenleben unseres Gehirns


Author: David Eagleman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783570552230


Page: 329

View: 627

Glücksregeln für den Alltag


Author: Dalai Lama Bstan-vdzin-rgya-mtsho XIV.,Howard C. Cutler

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783451058431

Category: Buddhism

Page: 221

View: 1514

Der Körper vergißt nicht

Gehirn, Geist & Körper bei der Heilung von Traumata


Author: Bessel van der Kolk

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783944476131


Page: 480

View: 2773


Wie die Finanzelite und ihre Netzwerke die Welt regieren


Author: Sandra Navidi

Publisher: FinanzBuch Verlag

ISBN: 3862488691

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 320

View: 3454

Gewinner der Silver Medal des Axiom Business Book Award 2016 Auf der Liste der Bloomberg Best Books 2016 Mit einem exklusiven Vorwort von Star-Ökonom Nouriel Roubini $uper-hubs enthüllt, wie die Finanzelite und ihre mächtigen Netzwerke das Weltgeschehen – und damit unser aller Leben – beherrschen. Super-hubs sind die am besten vernetzten Knotenpunkte innerhalb des Finanznetzwerks, wie Milliardär George Soros, JP-Morgan-Chef Jamie Dimon und Blackrock-Boss Larry Fink. Ihre persönlichen Beziehungen und globalen Netzwerke verleihen ihnen finanzielle, wirtschaftliche und politische "Super-Macht". Mit ihren Entscheidungen bewegen sie täglich Billionen auf den Finanzmärkten und haben somit direkten Einfluss auf Industrien, Arbeitsplätze, Wechselkurse, Rohstoffe oder sogar den Preis unserer Lebensmittel. Als Insiderin der Hochfinanz nimmt Sandra Navidi Sie mit hinter die Kulissen dieses Mikrokosmos der Macht: zum Weltwirtschaftsforum in Davos, zum Internationalen Währungsfonds, zu Thinktanks, Benefizgalas und glamourösen Partys. Sie beleuchtet die Menschen, die hinter abstrakten Institutionen und Billionen an Kapital stehen, ihr Erfolgsgeheimnis, ihre privilegierte Existenz und die Auswirkungen auf unser Finanzsystem und damit auch auf die Zukunft unserer Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. Erstmals überhaupt gibt Sandra Navidi damit einen Einblick in die sonst hermetisch abgeriegelte Machtelite.

McCarthy's Bar

mein ganz persönliches Irland


Author: Pete McCarthy

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783492240413


Page: 387

View: 3316

Der Gesang der Nachtigall


Author: Lucy Strange

Publisher: Königskinder

ISBN: 3646920475

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 336

View: 3454

England 1919. Seitdem sie und ihre Familie nach Hope House gezogen sind, ist die zwölfjährige Henry ganz auf sich allein gestellt. Mama ist krank, Vater arbeitet außer Landes und Nanny Jane muss sich um Baby Piglet kümmern. Sich selbst und ihren Büchern überlassen, beginnt Henry, ihre neue Umgebung zu erkunden: das große Haus mit seinem vergessenen Dachboden, das geheimnisvolle Licht, das jenseits des Garten durch die Bäume schimmert, und die geisterhaften Schatten, die niemand außer ihr zu sehen scheint. Und auch niemand außer ihr scheint zu merken, in welcher Gefahr ihre Familie schwebt ...

Wenn es verletzt, ist es keine Liebe

Die Gesetzmäßigkeiten erfüllter Partnerschaft


Author: Charles Spezzano

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783442217229

Category: Interpersonal relations

Page: 410

View: 728