Letting Go and New Beginnings

A Mother's Poetic Journey


Author: Margaret Dubay Mikus, Ph.d.

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9781456482077


Page: 184

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"Letting Go and New Beginnings: A Mother's Poetic Journey" is a compelling, personal story told through insightful, accessible poetry and evocative photographs in support of parents whose teens are leaving home. Intended to encourage family understanding, heal rifts, and ease the pain of separation, it gives voice to a swirling complexity of emotions. Sharing these sometimes funny, sometimes bittersweet poems may help family relationships grow closer, deeper, and richer. You may also become more aware of how your parents felt in letting you go.International Book Award Finalist, (E-Book Autobiography/ Biography/ Memoir)Global E-Book Awards Honorable Mention, (Parenting/ Family Non-Fiction)"It's the story of loving and letting go, the bittersweet feeling all parents feel, all people feel when our cherished ones start to move on. I found the poems to be beautiful and timely-mirroring the transition I find myself in now-letting go, new beginnings. I also love how the imagery of the photographs expresses and compliments the intentions of the poems."-Karen Gottlieb"...very reflective and takes some of us back on our own journey, yet inspirational for those about to embark on the journey. There was a section 'to my daughter' that I clipped for my daughter to read. I also found myself laughing out loud as I read some parts. Well done!"-Lena Dobbs-Johnson"Margaret's poems are always personal, yet universal, in that any sensitive reader will be able to identify with the thoughts they embody ... lyrical ... concise and still as elaborate as prose .... This particular anthology focuses on letting go of your children 'when their hours are no longer woven into the fabric of your days.' [She] not just gives voice to feelings that are often repressed, but sincerely seeks to heal. Above all this is a labor of love from a...loving mother, adorned with words from the heart and simple photographs that complement the words beautifully. I highly recommend this book... to all sensitive readers who are working on letting go in any way."-Pramod UdayA Poem From "Letting Go and New Beginnings":2/24/08After You LeftConstantlyI am watching out for you.Even when I am not watching,I am watching.I cannot say why this is trueor when it began,it feels like forevermy love.So do me a great favorand become...not less carefreenor less careless,nor even more careful,for being full of careis not it exactly.Be more aware of your choices,more in tune with your inner wisdom.For you are wise dear one.And if I am selfishand want you to stay with mewhen it is clearly time to go,forgive... and go.Call me when you arrive.I will be waiting.Margaret Dubay Mikus(c) 2008

New Beginnings

Letting go of the past to prepare for the future


Author: Anrie van den Berg

Publisher: Balboa Press

ISBN: 1504334809

Category: Poetry

Page: 110

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New Beginnings is a chapbook of poems that will inspire the courage to let go of the past, live in the unknown, and take advantage of what one already has to create new beginnings. Sometimes life will take us on all sorts of twists and turns that we would never have imagined. The poems reveal the emotional rollercoaster that is love—the highs and lows; the longing and desperation; and finally the hope and courage. In the end, all that matters is that we embrace the opportunities and experiences of love in our lives to achieve our fullest potential.

Leadership and Management in Integrated Services


Author: Judy McKimm,Kay Phillips

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 1844455807

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

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Government drivers promote integrated health and social care services for children and adults yet the field is immensely complex, with the involvement of multiple agencies, professionals and other stakeholders. This book will help students and new practitioners make sense of this rapidly changing scene. It provides an overview and introduction to core leadership and management principles, the key management structures and organisations that comprise integrated services. It also considers some of the differences and dilemmas arising from the range of professions and organisations involved in delivering integrated services.

A New Beginning


Author: Anna Aguilar

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781477166895

Category: Poetry

Page: 142

View: 6032

I have found that writing was my therapy to ease the pain or confusion or even joy that I couldnt express to others. I closed myself to others about my feelings for a very long time, so writing was my escape to avoid being judged. The paper never judged me, so I vented as much as I could. I found my joy in writing in middle school, but I decided to document my poems around my freshman year of high school. This book is of about ten years of my personal feelings, experiences or just inspiration. For the first time Im allowing people to come into my personal world, exposing myself in a way Ive never thought I ever would.

New Beginnings

Ten Teachings for Making the Rest of Your Life the Best of Your Life


Author: Sandy C. Newbigging

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1844099083

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 176

View: 2548

Offering the ultimate fresh start, this inspiring exploration invites readers to create a positive and powerful platform for making wanted changes. Examining 10 essential life lessons for making the law of attraction a living reality, focus is placed on recognizing that each sacred moment can be a new beginning. Providing more than 40 practical exercises for being present, feeling calm, attracting desires, and living healthier and wealthier, Sandy Newbigging gives clearly structured, timeless advice on how to appreciate life as it is right now so that one’s intentions are not motivated by fear, but by love.

Journeys Into Radiance


Author: Mira El,Mira El Lindsey

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595005578

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 200

View: 8274

Journeys into Radiance is a compilation of messages that were telepathically received from the realms of light where the angels and the Ascended Masters dwell. The messages were received in a group setting where people came together to meditate and commune with the celestial realms. The focus of this activity was to be in service to God and the Divine Plan for planet earth. The information received was recorded and later transcribed for this book. All of those present could feel the infusion of Grace and Light that accompanies this work. It is hoped that all of those that read this book will receive of that Grace.

Let Go Now

Embracing Detachment


Author: Karen Casey

Publisher: ReadHowYouWant.com

ISBN: 145961674X

Category: Psychology

Page: 460

View: 4747

Explains how to let go of trying to control other people in order to solve problems and describes how to be more open to showing genuine love and empathy toward others.

A New Beginning

A Survival Guide for Parents of College Freshmen


Author: Kaye Bernard McGarry

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780966120103

Category: College freshmen

Page: 44

View: 3400

Kaye McGarry has written just the book to help parents of college freshmen and prospective parents of college freshmen understand the college transition process. Her book "A New Beginning...A Survival Guide for Parents of College Freshmen" gives parents help, advice and inspiration as they "let go" and cross that bridge towards a new beginning for their life as well as the lives of their students. This is a delightful book that will surely bring peace of mind to those parents, who after reading it, will begin to change from 'governing their kids' to 'talking with their young adults. They will understand the challenges and opportunities both they and their students will face in this process and learn how to show support to their students in helpful and meaningful ways.

Fearless Living and Loving

Christian Hope for the Sick and Their Caregivers


Author: John A. Love

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490846808

Category: Religion

Page: 286

View: 2082

Fearless Living and Loving guides readers through a journey of self-discovery. Its uplifting stories offer a new way to perceive the world, and its timeless lessons empower Christians to make positive, life-changing choices. As we endure hardships, questions arise. Has God given up on me? How can I gain more courage and strength? How can I find lasting inner peace? Fearless Living and Loving explores these concerns as it presents the transforming ministry of Christ in a way that everyone can understand. Jesus affirmed that, as our love grows, we are better equipped to overcome adversity. And as our faith grows, we are able to let go of worry and doubt. In times of sickness or decline, people want to feel safe and loved. In times of pain or distress, people seek to learn more about life’s meaning and purpose. And in times of loss or sadness, people strive to maintain hope. These existential truths are found in every part of the world. Yet, by inviting God’s love into our hearts, we can be ready for life’s biggest challenges. And by embracing the Light of Christ, we can live and love without fear. Praise for Fearless Living and Loving: “Heart-warming, healing, and inspirational. I look at my life in a completely different way.” —Melinda Crowley, licensed caregiver “I’ve found my center again. A real gem!” —JoAnne Dole, registered nurse “Uplifting lessons which help us find peace in every moment.” —Dr. Susan Berner, physician “Comfort at a time when my life was turned upside down.” —Mary Newman, massage therapist “Insightful and thought-provoking. A powerful presentation of Christ’s teachings!” —Rev. Julie Keene, pastor “Complex issues explained so that everyone can grasp them. A great gift!” —Tomek Ossoski, transitional care administrator

A Broad Place

An Autobiography


Author: Jürgen Moltmann

Publisher: Hymns Ancient and Modern Ltd

ISBN: 9780334041276

Category: Theologians

Page: 406

View: 1620

Among the most acclaimed and accomplished theologians of the last 100 years, Jurgen Moltmann is also one of the most popular. This autobiography will certainly be widely read in the churches and the academy and will shed light on the intellectual development of this enormously influential theologian. He has marked the history of theology after the Second World War in Europe and North America like no other. He is the most widely read, quoted, and translated theologian of our time. Now, after Jurgen Moltmann has celebrated his eightieth birthday, he looks back on a life engaged in and forging a Christian response to the tumult and opportunities of our time. In his autobiography Jurgen Moltmann tells his life story, from the Hamburg youth in the "alternative" parental home up to the present moment, and he reflects on the journey of his own theological development and creativity. A wide-ranging document alert to the deeper currents of his time and ours, A Broad Place is an entertaining reconsideration of a life full of intense experience and new beginnings.

Star Trek: The Original Series: Foul Deeds Will Rise


Author: Greg Cox

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1476783268

Category: Fiction

Page: 384

View: 966

An all-new Star Trek novel, set in the popular and blockbuster Original Series movie era! 2288. The U.S.S Enterprise-A is on a vital peacekeeping mission in a remote solar system beyond the boundaries of the Federation, where two warring planets—Pavak and Oyolo—are attempting to end years of bitter conflict. Crucial peace talks are being conducted aboard the Enterprise, even as Starfleet weapons inspectors oversee the disarmament process. Losses and atrocities on both sides have left plenty of hard feelings behind, so Captain James T. Kirk has his work cut out for him, even as he unexpectedly runs into a disturbing figure from his past: Lenore Karidian. Twenty years ago, the deadly daughter of Kodos the Executioner tried to kill Kirk, but she has since been declared sane and rehabilitated. Kirk wants to give her the benefit of the doubt and a second chance at life, but when a mysterious assassination threatens the already fragile peace process, all clues point toward Lenore–and the future of two worlds hangs in the balance. ™, ®, & © 2014 CBS Studios, Inc. STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

What was God Thinking?!

I wanted to know...so I asked. A heart-warming dialog for the journey back to love.


Author: Sandy Alemian

Publisher: BalboaPress

ISBN: 9781452501451

Category: Self-Help

Page: 186

View: 8458

It began with one question... A response came... An intimate dialog followed. No concern was too silly. No challenge was too big. This engaging book captures it all. What was God thinking?! picks up a dialog that Sandy began in her first book, Congratulations... It's an Angel, where she shared the clarity and understanding she received after asking heartfelt questions of God, following the loss of her one month old daughter. As this beautiful, healing and thought-provoking conversation unfolds, Sandy shares, not only her challenges, but those of so many, around the themes of loss, relationships, finances, fear, truth and self-esteem. The more she questions, the more profoundly the answers come, and Sandy herself, is in awe as the journey back to love is revealed and simple truths about why we're here, the purpose of life, and the possibilities of peace on earth become the pages of this book. What was God thinking?! is a dialog of inspiration for anyone who's ever wondered.

Global Cosmopolitans

The Creative Edge of Difference


Author: L. Brimm

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 0230289797

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 252

View: 7928

As globalization creates the need for leaders who transcend national borders, this book provides an insider's view of what makes them special. This is the first book to present a framework for understanding this fast-growing and influential group and it provides tools for readers to discover their own inner competitive edge.

Caught in a Web of Lies


Author: Kairy M. Garcia

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479791369

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 63

View: 4565

Caught in a Web of Lies is a book based on a true story. Th e story relates a life situation of love, lies and betrayal with spiritual insight in the midst of it. Kurt was right when he said in his message that I was crazy for him and loved him deeply. However, I was not mentally crazy to allow him to hurt me any longer and continue playing his demented game of betrayal.

57 SF Activities for Facilitators and Consultants

Putting Solutions Focus Into Action


Author: Peter Rohrig,Jenny Clarke

Publisher: Solutions Books

ISBN: 9780954974961

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 318

View: 1141

A collection of Solution Focused activities for workshops and team events. It helps readers to maximise the effectiveness of their workshops, team meetings and projects, use creative stimulating activities with confidence and precision, and create even more ideas and processes for their own situations.


The Poems


Author: Carolyn Marie

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1456712845

Category: Poetry

Page: 132

View: 3765

Damaged, is a whirlwind of emotions in this poetic following of the young author's life. As one who has lived her life with Bipolar Disorder, Carolyn Marie captures audiences with her bold expression of life lessons. Each poem describes everyday, and not-so-everyday, trials and tribulations that end as a way to psychologically grow as a human being. Marie truly lets herself go in her work.

The New York Stories


Author: John O'Hara

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 069813625X

Category: Fiction

Page: 400

View: 555

Collected for the first time, the New York stories of John O'Hara, "among the greatest short story writers in English, or in any other language" (Brendan Gill, Here at The New Yorker) Collected for the first time, here are the New York stories of one of the twentieth century’s definitive chroniclers of the city—the speakeasies and highballs, social climbers and cinema stars, mistresses and powerbrokers, unsparingly observed by a popular American master of realism. Spanning his four-decade career, these more than thirty refreshingly frank, sparely written stories are among John O’Hara’s finest work, exploring the materialist aspirations and sexual exploits of flawed, prodigally human characters and showcasing the snappy dialogue, telling details and ironic narrative twists that made him the most-published short story writer in the history of the New Yorker. For more than seventy years, Penguin has been the leading publisher of classic literature in the English-speaking world. With more than 1,700 titles, Penguin Classics represents a global bookshelf of the best works throughout history and across genres and disciplines. Readers trust the series to provide authoritative texts enhanced by introductions and notes by distinguished scholars and contemporary authors, as well as up-to-date translations by award-winning translators. From the Trade Paperback edition.

The Uncensored Truth Bible for New Beginnings


Author: N.A

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1455515426

Category: Bibles

Page: 1248

View: 7712

As the pastor of Central Christian Church in Las Vegas, Jud Wilhite encounters new Christians every single day. One of the greatest needs new believers have is a resource for understanding the Christian faith and the Bible in a straightforward and applicable guide. The Uncensored Truth Bible for New Beginnings fills that need and show an uncompromising commitment to God's Word and the extent of His grace: the radical, amazing, overwhelming favor and forgiveness of God available to all. The New Living Translation is Jud's preferred Bible translation because he believes it is the easiest for new believers to understand. This fastest growing Bible translation is the work of 90 Bible scholars over a seven-year period and is known for accurately communicating the meaning of the original ancient Hebrew and Greek texts in clear and concise language. Jud hopes The Uncensored Truth Bible for New Beginnings will help you apply the gift of God's words to your life along with some thoughts to help you understand it more quickly and deeply. He gives you tools and resources to help navigate the deep waters of this living document. As you dig into God's words, the encouragement and truth you receive will literally change your life and the world! Key Features Include: A 32-page Introduction in which Jud provides 6 helpful articles on how to understand the Bible, overviews of the Old and New Testaments, and faith as a lifelong journey Book Introductions, including the author, key people and verses, themes, and the date it was written for each book of the Bible 9 Major Uncensored Truth Sections, which guide readers to understand the core beliefs of Christianity-God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, salvation, church, living the Christian life, angels and demons, Jesus' return, and heaven and hell Callout Passages of Scripture that have meant the most to Jud for different reasons in various seasons of life And featuring the reliable and easy-to-read New Living Translation

Release To Grow

Letting Go Opens The Door To A New Beginning


Author: Gwengale J. Parker, M. DIV.

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1496967534

Category: Religion

Page: 134

View: 1007

Reverend Gwengale J. Parker is a woman of God. She attended various Georgia colleges where she obtained a BA in business administration and accounting, and a master’s degree in divinity. She is an ordained minister of the gospel of the Baptist faith. She is the wife of Charles Parker, the mother of Marcus, Crystal, and DeWayne, and the grandmother of Crystal, D’Asia, and Elyse. The author does not see or understand the importance of credentials gained on this earth. Therefore, she describes herself as a servant of God, all about doing her heavenly Father’s will. She enjoys preaching and teaching the Word of God. She strives to take Christians out of a building called church and put the church where God intended it to be: in the hearts of men.

Divorce and New Beginnings

An Authoritative Guide To Recovery and Growth, Solo Parenting, and Stepfamilies


Author: Genevieve Clapp

Publisher: Wiley


Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 400

View: 9569

Divorce & New Beginnings Written by Genevieve Clapp, PhD, Divorce and New Beginnings is a comprehensive parent’s guide to weathering the storm of divorce and building a rewarding new life for you and your children, whether you remain single or remarry and create a stepfamily. While Dr. Clapp is an expert in her own right, rather than focusing on her own professional experience, she has drawn on the insights gained from countless parents and children studied by family researchers, and on the collective wisdom of the leading professionals in the field. Offering practical guidance on the crucial legal and financial issues and professional advice on how to handle — and often avoid — the problems that frequently arise in divorce, solo parenting, and living in a step-family, Divorce and New Beginnings is your complete nuts-and-bolts guide. It provides checklists that help you to set and realize your goals more efficiently and to monitor your progress. Packed with case studies that illustrate common experiences and effective coping strategies, this practical guide takes you step by step through divorce and its aftermath and offers a firm foundation on which to build successful new beginnings.