Learning Visual Basic .NET


Author: Jesse Liberty

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9780596552176

Category: Computers

Page: 322

View: 861

Most Visual Basic .NET books are written for experienced object-oriented programmers, but many programmers jumping on the .NET bandwagon are coming from non-object-oriented languages, such as Visual Basic 6.0 or from script programming, such as JavaScript. These programmers, and those who are adopting VB.NET as their first programming language, have been out of luck when it comes to finding a high-quality introduction to the language that helps them get started.That's why Jesse Liberty, author of the best-selling books Programming C# and Programming ASP.NET, has written an entry-level guide to Visual Basic .NET. Written in a warm and friendly manner, this book assumes no prior programming experience, and provides an easy introduction to Microsoft's most popular .NET language.Learning Visual Basic .NET is a complete introduction to VB.NET and object-oriented programming. This book will help you build a solid foundation in .NET, and show how to apply your skills by using hundreds of examples to help you become productive quickly. Learning Visual Basic .NET introduces fundamentals like Visual Studio .NET, a tool set for building Windows and Web applications. You'll learn about the syntax and structure of the Visual Basic .NET language, including operators, classes and interfaces, structs, arrays, and strings. Liberty then demonstrates how to develop various kinds of applications--including those that work with databases--and web services.By the time you've finished Learning Visual Basic .NET, you'll be ready to move on to a more advanced programming guide that will help you create large-scale web and Windows applications.Whether you have a little object-oriented programming experience or you are new to programming altogether, Visual Basic .NET will set you firmly on your way to mastering the essentials of the VB.NET language.

Visual Basic.Net Weekend Crash Course


Author: Richard Mansfield

Publisher: Wiley

ISBN: 9780764548246

Category: Computers

Page: 384

View: 9452

Learn Visual Basic .NET fast! With Visual Basic .NET Weekend Crash Course, you can get up to speed on designing and developing programs with the newest version of the world's most popular programming language -- in a single weekend! Visual Basic .NET Weekend Crash Course will have VB .NET would-be programmers coding in fifteen hours. Veteran author Richard Mansfield guides you through the Visual Basic .NET language and tools and enables you to create next-generation applications for the Microsoft.NET Platform. People who want to learn Visual Basic .NET quickly and people who know 'traditional' Visual Basic benefit from Richard's expert coverage of topics that include: The new Visual Basic.NET IDE; Labels, Buttons, Boxes, and Dialogs; Images, Pictures, and Shapes; Procedures, Variables, and Scope; Comparison, Math, and Logical operators; Arrays, Looping, and Branching; Bug fixing; Designing, building, and accessing ADO+ databases; Classes and Objects.

Visual Basic.NET by Example


Author: Gabriel Oancea,Robert P. Donald

Publisher: Que Publishing

ISBN: 0789725835

Category: Computers

Page: 950

View: 6018

Demonstrates real world programming tasks using Visual Basic within the .NET platform and discusses topics such as compiling and running applications, data conversion, object-oriented programming, and programming the user interface.

Visual Basic .NET

A Complete Object-oriented Programming Course Including Unified Modelling Language (UML)


Author: Phil Jones

Publisher: Cengage Learning EMEA

ISBN: 9781844800988

Category: Computers

Page: 680

View: 7376

'Phil Jones has written a clear and practical guide that will give you everything you need to become an expert in Visual Basic .NET. I'm impressed with this book: the tutorial sections strike an excellent balance between ease of reading and comprehensive coverage of object-oriented terminology, and the practical exercises are both fun and thought-provoking.' Tim Sneath, .NET Principal Systems Engineer, Microsoft Ltd Phil Jones provides a comprehensive guide on how to code and design object-oriented programs. Complete with revision questions and practical activities, this text will guide you from your very first steps through to complete mastery of Visual Basic .NET. Written by a much-respected author in the field, this book has been designed for flexible use, both by readers who are new to Visual Basic and those who, though familiar with previous versions, need to grapple with new object-oriented techniques. Whether you are working alone or studying on a computer course, Visual Basic .NET will provide you with an accessible and authoritative guide.

Visual Basic .NET

A Laboratory Course


Author: Nell B. Dale,Michael McMillan

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning

ISBN: 9780763718237

Category: Computers

Page: 269

View: 7750

Visual Basic .NET: A Laboratory Course teaches the reader how to program in Visual Basic from an object-oriented viewpoint, which is important because of the object-oriented flavor of VB.NET. The emphasis of this book is not on the fancy users interface tricks you can perform with VB.NET, but on the fundamentals of writing correct and efficient VB programs. The book provides a number of example programs that illustrate the concepts developed in the text, and the exercises at the end of each chapter help to reinforce the expository material from the chapter.Visual Basic is arguably the most popular computer programming language for application development in the United States and around the world today. Visual Basic is also an excellent language to teach as a "first" computer language because of its easy-to-learn syntax and flexibility. This book treats Visual Basic as a serious programming language and not as just another Windows application. One concern that is frequently voiced when discussing the differences between Visual Basic and C++ is the level of object-oriented programming supported by Visual Basic. With the upcoming release of VB.net, the language will support all the major features of object-oriented programming-encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism.

Learn Microsoft Visual Basic.NET in a Weekend


Author: Jay Miller,Lloyd Work

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 9781931841955

Category: Computers

Page: 346

View: 4807

Covers such concepts as writing and debugging a program, working with toolbox controls, design structures, managing data, modules, adding animation, creating base classes, and ADO.NET.

Learn VB .NET Through Game Programming


Author: Matthew Tagliaferri

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430208082

Category: Computers

Page: 408

View: 8272

This is a fun book that teaches fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming using games as example applications.

Excel 2007 VBA-Programmierung für Dummies


Author: John Walkenbach

Publisher: Wiley-VCH

ISBN: 9783527704118

Category: Computers

Page: 385

View: 2273

Um noch mehr aus Excel herauszuholen, empfiehlt sich die VBA-Programmierung, mit der Sie Excel auf Ihre Bedürfnisse zuschneiden können. John Walkenbach zeigt Ihnen in "Excel 2007 VBA-Programmierung für Dummies", wie Sie Excel-Berechnungen mit VBA automatisieren. Er erklärt Ihnen zunächst die notwendigen VBA-Grundlagen und wichtigsten Werkzeuge sowie VBA-Abläufe des VBA-Editors. Außerdem erhalten Sie eine Übersicht über die wichtigsten Bestandteile und Begriffe, die für die VBA-Programmierung in Excel relevant sind, und Sie erfahren, wie Sie Programmierfehler ausfindig machen und beheben.

Learning Visual Basic.NET Through Applications


Author: Clayton E. Crooks

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 9781584502425

Category: Computers

Page: 439

View: 4584

Explains how to create practical applications through an explanation of the concepts involved and complementary source code, and also discusses migrating to Visual Basic .NET and the basics of Microsoft's .NET Framework.

Beginning VB.NET


Author: Richard Blair,Matthew Reynolds,Jonathan Crossland,Thearon Willis

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0764543849

Category: Computers

Page: 888

View: 8906

What is this book about? Visual Basic .NET is the latest version of the most widely used programming language in the world, popular with professional developers and complete beginners alike. This book will teach you Visual Basic .NET from first principles. You′ll quickly and easily learn how to write Visual Basic .NET code and create attractive windows and forms for the users of your applications. To get you started on the road to professional development, you′ll also learn about object–oriented programming, creating your own controls, working with databases, creating menus, and working with graphics. This second edition has been thoroughly tested on the full release version of .NET. The book is written in the proven Wrox beginning style with clear explanations and plenty of code samples. Every new concept is explained thoroughly with Try It Out examples and there are end–of–chapter questions to test yourself. What does this book cover? In this book, you will learn how to Install Visual Basic .NET Write Visual Basic .NET code Understand what the .NET Framework is and why it′s important Control the flow through your application with loops and branching structures Create useful windows and screens Create your own menus Gain a complete understanding of object–oriented programming Work with graphics Create your own controls Access databases with ADO.NET Create applications for the Web Who is this book for? This book is aimed at readers who wish to learn to program using Visual Basic .NET. It assumes you have no prior experience of programming, but moves at a fast enough pace to be interesting if you have programmed in another language.

Learn to Program with Visual Basic 2010 Express


Author: John Smiley

Publisher: Lulu.com

ISBN: 0982734905

Category: Computers

Page: 476

View: 3095

An Introductory text on Visual Basic using the freely downloadable Visual Basic 2010 Express Edition. The easiest technical book you'll ever read. Open it up and see for yourself. Join Professor Smiley's Visual Basic.Net class as he teaches essential skills in programming, coding and more. Using a student-instructor conversational format, this book starts at the very beginning with crucial programming fundamentals. You'll quickly learn how to identify customer needs so you can create an application that achieves programming objectives---just like experienced programmers. By identifying clear client goals, you'll learn important programming basics---like how computers view input and execute output based on the information they are given---then use those skills to develop real-world applications. Participate in this one-of-a-kind classroom experience and see why Professor Smiley is renowned for making learning fun and easy.

Microsoft Visual Basic.NET Step by Step


Author: Michael Halvorson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780735613744

Category: Computers

Page: 624

View: 8816

Covers such concepts as writing and debugging a program, working with toolbox controls, design structures, managing data, modules, adding animation, creating base classes, and ADO.NET.

Karl Moore's Visual Basic .NET

The Tutorials


Author: Karl Moore

Publisher: Apress

ISBN: 1430211539

Category: Computers

Page: 600

View: 9780

This is a quick and easy, and even fun, tutorial for beginner VB.NET programmers, especially those learning from scratch or moving from VB6.

Sams Teach Yourself Visual Basic.NET in 21 Days


Author: Duncan Mackenzie,Kent Sharkey

Publisher: Sams Publishing

ISBN: 9780672320668

Category: Computers

Page: 663

View: 8275

Offers a tutorial for creating applications with Visual Basic within the .NET platform, covering topics including user interfaces, object-oriented programming, application deployment, and XML.

The Visual Basic .Net Programming Language


Author: Paul Vick

Publisher: Addison-Wesley Professional

ISBN: 9780321169518

Category: Computers

Page: 407

View: 6927

Praise for The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language "There is no substitute to getting the inside scoop directly from a book written by the father of a programming language such as Bjarne Stroustrup for C++, James Gosling for Java and Alan Cooper for the original version of Visual Basic. Paul Vick, the father of Visual Basic .NET, explains the whys and hows of this exciting new language better than any other human being on the planet." --Ted Pattison, Barracuda.NET "The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language includes nuances that in all my use and study of VB .NET, I haven''t seen discussed anywhere else. For example, I learned that you can use the Imports statement to import an Enum name, so that you needn''t refer to the enum in all its uses. In addition, I learned that the dictionary lookup operator, ''!'', works in VB .NET--I thought this one had been retired. In any case, if you''re searching for a book that covers all the language syntax issues, and more, Paul Vick''s book is a great place to look." --Ken Getz, Senior Consultant, MCW Technologies, LLC "This book is an excellent stepping stone for Visual Basic developers wanting to get their toes wet in the .NET waters. Paul''s presentation of the core topics all VB developers should tackle first is clear, concise, and unlike other books in the genre, does not overwhelm the reader. The VB6 vs. VB.NET task-oriented approach guides you through the new language and OO features, and then moves to basic threading and other CLR topics--as well as to the key points in the COM to .NET transition--in a well thought-out sequence. If you''ve been holding out on VB .NET, this is a great book to get you started." --Klaus H. Probst, Sr. Consultant/Architect, Spherion Technology Services, Microsoft MVP "There is no shortage of VB .NET books in the market, but this is the only book straight from the creators. While that is an excellent reason in itself for reading this book, it is the brevity and clarity of the content, along with the examples, that makes this book a must-have." --Amit Kalani, Developer "Overall, I liked this book and it definitely benefited me. I learned new things I didn''t see anywhere else and I''ll certainly put these to good use in the future. Paul''s book makes a great reference manual for intermediate and advanced VB .NET developers." --Philip Williams, System Engineer, LDC Direct "This book contains a lot of great information I have seen nowhere else and addresses issues that other books do not." --Ethan Roberts, .NET Architect, General Casualty "This book is full of useful information and provides a good historical background for the Visual Basic .NET Language." --Dave Vitter, Technical Lead Developer and author of Designing Visual Basic .NET Applications (Coriolis, 2001) The definitive Microsoft Visual Basic .NET reference--authored by Visual Basic .NET''s lead architect If you want to leverage all of VB .NET''s immense power, get this book. It''s the definitive VB .NET reference and tutorial, and the first Visual Basic book written by one of VB .NET''s lead architects. No other book offers this much behind-the-scenes insight about why VB .NET works the way it does, how it evolved, and how you can make the most of it. The Visual Basic .NET Programming Language is a superb learning tool for new VB .NET programmers and a must-have reference for developers at every level. Paul Vick presents precise language descriptions, essential reference materials, practical insights, and hundreds of code samples, straight from Microsoft''s VB .NET design team. Just some of the features include: A history and overview of Visual Basic''s evolution into VB .NET Complete coverage of the language syntax Transitioning from COM to the CLR and leveraging the .NET platform Runtime functions Taking full advantage of VB .NET''s object-oriented features Notes on style, design, and compatibility throughout the text Notes for the advanced user throughout the text Vick exposes VB .NET''s most powerful capabilities with unprecedented depth and clarity, and packs this book with information you simply won''t find anywhere else. Whether you''re an experienced VB .NET programmer, upgrading from earlier versions of Visual Basic, or coming to Visual Basic and .NET for the first time, you''ll find this book indispensable.

Programming Visual Basic .NET


Author: Jesse Liberty

Publisher: "O'Reilly Media, Inc."

ISBN: 9780596004385

Category: Computers

Page: 541

View: 3505

Completely revised, this edition is an essential guide for VB programmers looking to make the change to the .NET programming environment.

Learning to Program with VISUAL BASIC.Net


Author: Patrick G. McKeown

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Incorporated


Category: Computers

Page: 523

View: 5373

McKeown and Piercy's book shows how to write code with VisualBasic.Net, and gives readers the tools they need to gain afundamental understanding of traditional programming logic,concepts, and techniques. Their unique approach enables readers totake the programming skills they've learned and apply them to othercomputer languages. * New coverage of the .net platform. * Includes a copy of a limited version of VB.net. * Covers basic programming logic as well as the features of the VBinterface.

A Programmer's Introduction to Visual Basic .NET


Author: Craig Utley

Publisher: Sams Publishing

ISBN: 9780672322648

Category: Computers

Page: 343

View: 7632

Topics in this comprehensive guide include: why should users move to Visual Basic.NET; major VB.NET changes; building classes and assemblies with VB.NET; building Windows services with VB.NET; and upgrading VB6 Projects to VB.NET .