Landscapes of Gran Canaria

A Countryside Guide


Author: Noel Rochford

Publisher: A & C Black


Category: Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

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A travel guide to Gran Canaria offering 50 long and short walks, four car tours and 30 picnic suggestions. It includes a fold-out touring map.

Landscapes of Gran Canaria


Author: N.A

Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc

ISBN: 0935161589

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Catering to both French and Dutch sensibilities (with a lot of American influences), this island is great for those who want a European or American vacation in a tropical location. The wealth of casinos, night spots and restaurants make this a no-brainer for Cruise Passengers andaI Like Travelers. There are a few top-end resorts and a lot of French bistros to delight incurable romantics. And, with the array of watersports at Orient Beach, the zoo and the Butterfly Farm, theafamiliesawill find it easy to plan outings for the kids. The duty-free havens of Phillipsburg and Marigot are enough to send shoppersainto absolute ecstasy. Orient Beach, with its colorful umbrellas and lounges lined up in rows and the topless sunbathers languishing in the tropical breezes, is reminiscent of the French Riviera.aAnse Marcel, with its collection of luxury hotels, is a beautiful harbor area with a tidy marina and a pretty beach.aGrand Caseais one of the gastronomic centers of the Caribbean, with more quality French restaurants per square mile than youOCOll find anywhere outside of Paris. The beaches around the southwestern edge of the island rival any found in the Leewards for powdery sand and gentle waves. And there is always plenty to do, as numerous companies offer all sorts of watersports and touring adventures. So if you want an island where you have access to everything the Caribbean offers - including beautiful beaches, glitzy casinos, great restaurants and a wide variety of activities - this is your place. Everything you need to know about where to stay, where to dine, and how to have fun is here. With color photos on every page."

Alternative Tourism on Gran Canaria

The diversification of tourism products as an alternative to mass tourism


Author: Franziska Herms


ISBN: 383249281X

Category: Business & Economics

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Inhaltsangabe:Abstract: When thinking about the island of Gran Canaria hardly anyone has the image of endless green and yellow flushing mountains, little traditional colourful villages, undiscovered wine-cellars and hidden cultural treasures in mind. But this may change in the future, as Gran Canaria is on its way to a new tourism development, in search for alternative tourism. In recent years, there has been a rapid rise in interest for alternative forms of tourism, which are frequently presented as alternatives to traditional mass tourism. Factors responsible for the enhanced awareness include a greater awareness of the environmental impacts of tourism, a growing demand from tourists for new experiences and economic development policies. Today leisure and tourism are more than just elements in social life, but also indicate the individual's position in society. People are looking for sporting challenges like biking, climbing or rafting, or want to collect experience of life inside foreign cultures. On Gran Canaria alternative tourism expresses the alternative to the island s mass tourism. Nearly three million visitors have arrived annually on the island, but within the last years these numbers are decreasing constantly. An action out of this development was the implementation of a diversification policy, while focusing on other tourism resources Gran Canaria can present. The island offers much more than only sandy-white beaches and crystal clear water all year long. These new tourism products focus on the natural resources of the island in its interior, where the original life of indigenous people still can be witnessed. Products like rural tourism, activity tourism or golf tourism are becoming here more and more importance. Until now, only La Gomera and El Hierro are known for their alternative vacation offers within the Canary Islands. But this may change, as the island opens its doors for a new type of traveller trough a very diverse tourist offer than the island was known for since years. There have been many ups and downs in the tourism development of the island in the last years, but it seems like if the island learned from its mistakes in the past and found a different way for its future tourist development. A new age of tourism is about to come for Gran Canaria. The objective of this paper is to introduce the reader to the term alternative tourism by portraying the particularities of this kind of tourism and show off the [...]

Canary Islands

A Cultural History


Author: Juan Cruz Ruiz

Publisher: Gerald Duckworth & Co

ISBN: 0715652354

Category: History

Page: 304

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Over 13 million visitors travel to the Canary Islands every year – more than 4.5m of them from Britain – to see their famous black and white sand beaches and enjoy attractions like the Carnival. Traditional tour guides give straightforward advice on what to do and where to go, but in this remarkable cultural history, the celebrated journalist and Canary Islands native Juan Cruz Ruiz offers something much more, for travellers and interested readers looking for an intimate exploration of this rich archipelago. Reading The Canary Islands is like travelling with a personal tour guide: one who will tell you in exquisite language about the original inhabitants of the Canaries, the history of the islands (including their conquest by Spain), and what life was like for residents of the Canaries before tourism. Ruiz explores their geography, food and art and introduces the reader to the Canario people and their life stories. The Canary Islands is a poetic, joyful look at the islands and the islanders, as well as a unique guide to unusual Canary Islands destinations, can't-miss food and wine, and the history, mythology and ecology of this cherished destination.

The Canary Islands

Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuertaventura & Lanzarote


Author: Kelly Lipscomb

Publisher: Hunter Publishing, Inc

ISBN: 1556509987

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In most cases travelers begin their trip here on one of the two most popular islands and, if they want, use the ferry boats to reach the smaller islands for short day-excursions. While Gran Canaria and Tenerife offer the widest array of tourist entertainment and accommodations, each has beautiful and largely unspoiled natural areas just a short drive from the developed centers of activity. Scuba diving is popular in places around the islands, as is surfing and windsurfing. And each offers an extensive and varied network of hiking paths which are most frequented and best maintained within and around the four national parks. Naturalists found in the Canary Islands a botanical paradise, a haven for over 600 native species, including the mythical dragon tree, a variety of endemic birds and one species of giant lizard capable of growing up to six feet long. Today, with four of Spain's 12 national parks on the islands accounting for some 35% of their total land mass, sustaining this wondrous natural environment is a reasonable ambition despite the steady growth of tourism. With peninsular Spain over 1,500 watery km (930 miles) to the north, a look and feel quite distinct from the motherland becomes quickly apparent once you're standing on the tierra firma of the Canary Islands. The steady, year-round spring temperatures - which can come as a godsend while the rest of Spain endures its tempestuous swelters and freezes with no happy medium in sight - make exploring the wilder spaces as comfortable as a snooze on one of the hundreds of beaches. If natural, the beaches will be volcano dark and hot to the soles of sensitive feet or, if manmade, cool with Saharan sand like that of Tenerife's crowded Playa de las Americas. The many landscapes of the islands are a mix of rare and otherworldly scenery in settings that range from lush volcanic highlands to arid, semi-desert flats. Though scientists have put forth a plausible explanation concerning the origin of these islands, ancient myths linger on and add a certain element of intrigue to the Canaries. Ancient Greek poets and philosophers associated them with the mythical Elysian Fields, the Garden of the Hesperides, and the lost continent of Atlantis - fantastical, Edenesque realms somewhere beyond the Pillars of Hercules (now recognized as the Strait of Gibraltar on Spain's southern coast). Every detail is here for the traveler - where to stay, where to eat, entertainment, activities of all kinds, from hiking to canoeing, concerts to festivals. An extensive section on what you need to know when traveling to Spain in general, plus a language and Spanish vocabulary chapter is included. A great new resource. -- Travel + Leisure. The perfect companion for planning. -- Rutgers Magazine. These useful travel guides are highly recommended... -- Library Journal

Anderson's Travel Companion

A Guide to the Best Non-fiction and Fiction for Travelling


Author: Sarah Anderson

Publisher: Scolar Press

ISBN: 9781859280133

Category: Travel

Page: 552

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For those who want to find out about and read the literature of the countries of their choice, this reference is the author's personal selection, covering guidebooks, books about food, history, art and architecture, religion, outdoor activities, illustrated books, autobiographies and biographies, no

Discover Entdecke Découvrir Gran Canaria



Author: Heinz Duthel

Publisher: neobooks

ISBN: 374273475X

Category: Fiction

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Discover Entdecke Découvrir Gran Canaria Travelogue Canary Islands Las Palmas Santa Cruz de Tenerife Gran Canaria Airport Port of Las Palmas Agüimes, Las Palmas Artenara, Las Palmas Arucas, Las Palmas Firgas, Las Palmas Gáldar, Las Palmas Ingenio, Las Palmas Mogán, Las Palmas Moya, Las Palmas San Bartolomé de Tirajana La Aldea de San Nicolás Santa Brígida, Las Palmas Santa Lucía de Tirajana Santa María de Guía de Gran Canaria Tejeda Telde Teror Valleseco, Las Palmas Valsequillo de Gran Canaria Vega de San Mateo, Las Palmas Province of Las Palmas Agaete Man and the Biosphere Programme UNESCO Palmitos Park San Agustin, Las Palmas Alonso Fernández de Lugo Playa del Inglés Sonnenland Maspalomas Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria Puerto de Mogán Roque Nublo El Dedo de Dios Tropical Storm Delta (2005) Virgen del Pino Carnival Arguineguín Canary Islands Network for Protected Natural Areas Nature reserve Protected area Majorca

Landscapes and Landforms of Spain


Author: Francisco Gutiérrez,Mateo Gutiérrez

Publisher: Springer Science & Business

ISBN: 9401786283

Category: Science

Page: 348

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The Landscapes and Landforms of Spain provides an informative and inviting overview of the geology and geomorphology of Spain. It incorporates a diverse range of topics, ranging from the fiery landscapes of the Canary Islands and its volcanic formations to the glacial scenery of the Pyrenees. The book devotes attention to granite landforms, karst terrains, coastal dunes and marshes, as well as to heritage and conservation, with the objective of offering the reader a comprehensive insight into the Spanish geological setting. The book presents readers with the opportunity to explore Spanish landforms in detail through its highly illustrated pages and maps, making this an appealing text on the subject field.

Walking on Gran Canaria

45 day walks including the GR131


Author: Paddy Dillon

Publisher: Cicerone Press Limited

ISBN: 1849659974

Category: Travel

Page: 240

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The guidebook describes 45 day walks across eight areas of Gran Canaria, including Las Palmas in the north to Playa del Ingles in the south. Also included is a five-day coast-to-coast route on the GR131, an island-hopping long-distance trail stretching across all seven of the Canary Islands. There are walks suitable for those of all abilities, ranging in landscape from coastal clifftops to the dramatic volcanic mountains inland. Walks venture through villages and towns, and up to the summits of the highest peaks on Gran Canaria. Each walk gives information on access (predominantly using the island's good bus services), details of places offering food and drink, and notes on the interesting features passed along the way. The book also provides lots of background information on geology, wildlife, plants and flowers as well as practical information on accommodation, currency and language.

An Archaeology of the Margins

Colonialism, Amazighity and Heritage Management in the Canary Islands


Author: A. José Farrujia de la Rosa

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 146149396X

Category: Social Science

Page: 119

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This book analyses the problematics of archaeological heritage management in the Canary Islands, which are echoed in other parts of the world where the indigenous heritage is under-represented. The present-day management of Canarian archaeological heritage has a very specific and unusual context given that the archipelago is located on the fringes of Europe, belonging to Spain and therefore to the European Unión, but geographically and in terms of early history being part of Africa. From a theoretical perspective, then, the proposed book analyzes issues such as the effects of colonialism and eurocentrism on the management of the archaeological heritage. It also examines the evolutionist and historico-cultural models used to analyze past societies and, ultimately, used to create identities that influence archaeological heritage management itself. From a practical point of view, the book presents a proposal for enhancing the archaeological heritage of the Canary Islands through the creation of archaeological parks (providing some concrete examples in the case of the city of La Laguna) and the active involvement of the local community. Parallel to this, the book considers the Canarian Archipelago as part of a problematic that is not unique to this area but is an example of poor indigenous heritage management overall. It demonstrates how the course of history and the politics of the past still have an excessive influence on the way in which the present-day archaeological heritage is interpreted and managed. Therefore, this book provides an almost unique opportunity for uncovering the history of archaeology within the margins of Europe (in fact, in an African region) and exploring colonial and foreign influences. In many ways it is a mirror of archaeological mainstreams and an exercise in (re)thinking the aim and status of present-day archaeology.

Tourism, Leisure and Recreation


Author: Garrett Nagle

Publisher: Nelson Thornes

ISBN: 9780174447054

Category: Leisure

Page: 141

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Offers comprehensive and in depth coverage of the topic for AS and A Level. The book is also a useful resource for GNVQ Tourism and Leisure courses. Additional Information: Tourism, leisure and recreation The impact of tourism in coastal areas Mountains, high ground and rugged relief Sustainable tourism and ecotourism.


The Underrated Hazard


Author: Edward Bryant

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9783540742746

Category: Nature

Page: 330

View: 1848

Tsunamis are underrated as major hazards, mainly due to the misconceptions that they occur infrequently and happen along some distant shoreline. However, evidence for past great tsunami has recently been discovered along apparently aseismic and protected coastlines, such as those of Australia and Western Europe. This is a comprehensive and well illustrated textbook on all aspects of tsunami. It can be used by a student or layperson to gain encyclopedic knowledge about tsunami.

Gran Canaria

The finest coastal and mountain walks. 72 Walks. With GPS tracks


Author: Izabella Gawin

Publisher: Bergverlag Rother GmbH

ISBN: 3763348166

Category: Gran Canaria (Canary Islands)

Page: 240

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Gran Canary not only enjoys a fabulous reputation as a paradise of sunshine and beaches; it can also be described as one of the most versatile hiking islands of the Canary Archipelago. Connoisseurs praise it as a miniature continent because of its diversity of landscapes: shimmering dunes in contrast with luscious subtropical valleys, deep ravines with palm tree oases and glittering reservoirs, next to which are extensive pine tree forests and green slopes with grazing sheep and goats. To the North West cliffs drop down 800 m deep into the ocean, while in the centre of the island serrated, almost 2000 metre high ridges and bizarre rock monoliths emerge, which the Spanish writer Miguel de Unamuno once interpreted as "fossilised storms of fire and lava". This Rother walking guide - following La Palma and Tenerife - is now the third featuring the Canary Islands: excursions to beaches and spectacular cave villages, walks through pine forests and atmospheric ridge paths. Due to the increased significance of hiking tourism, parts of what at times are more than 500 year old rocks have been carefully restored over the last years. These Caminos Reales (royal paths) stretch across the entire island and used to link remote mountain villages with coastal territory. Many proposed tours follow these mainly stone-paved hiking paths and are therefore also ideal for less experienced hikers. Experienced mountain hikers who are not afraid of "dramatic walks" will also find a rich offer of tours. The first comprehensive hiking guide on Gran Canary leaves nothing to desire! Coloured illustrations and excellent hiking maps at an ideal scale of 1:50,000/1:75,000 round off the picture and awaken the curiosity for ever new excursions into the charmingly bizarre world of the mountains.

DK Eyewitness Travel Guide: Canary Islands


Author: Publishing Dk Publishing

Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

ISBN: 1405365137

Category: Travel

Page: 216

View: 1645

Your holiday starts the moment you open the guide ... From sandy beaches to craggy peaks, this new expanded DK Eyewitness Guide shows the Canary Islands at their sun-soaked best. You'll find cutaways and floor plans of all of the major sights and special coverage of the islands unique geography and the wildlife of the archipelago, with its volcanic rock formations and geysers, diverse flora and sea-life. The legends of the islands are also brought to life, including tales of Spanish, Portuguese and Catalan conquests, and the belief that the islands were the lost land of Atlantis. No trip to the Canary Islands would be complete without joining the revellers at one of its glorious carnivals, and with sights, beaches, markets and festivals listed town by town, you won't miss a thing. Experience the islands flavours with information on local produce and classic dishes. With a reliable selection of hotels, bars, restaurants, this is the perfect guide for making the most of the sun, sand and atmosphere of these extraordinary islands. Winner of the Guardian & Observer 'Best Guide Books' Award and Wanderlust Magazine Silver Award for 'Top Guidebook'

Drawing and Reinventing Landscape


Author: Diana Balmori

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118541197

Category: Architecture

Page: 200

View: 1628

How to tackle representation in landscape design Representation is a hot topic in landscape architecture. Whilecomputerization has been a catalyst for change across many fieldsin design, no other design field has experienced such drasticreinvention as has landscape architecture. As the world urbanizesrapidly and our relationship with nature changes, it is vitallyimportant that landscape designers adopt innovative forms ofrepresentation—whether digital, analog, or hybrid. In this book, author Diana Balmori explores notions ofrepresentation in the discipline at large and across time. Shetakes readers from landscape design's roots in seventeenth-centuryFrance and eighteenth-century England through to modern attempts atrepresentation made by contemporary landscape artists. Addresses a central topic in the discipline of landscapearchitecture Features historic works and those by leading contemporarypractitioners, such as Bernard Lassus, Richard Haag, Stig LAndersson, Lawrence Halprin, and Patricia Johanson Written by a renowned practitioner and educator Features 150 full-color images Drawing and Reinventing Landscape, AD Primer is aninformative investigation of beauty in landscape design, offeringinspiring creative perspectives for students and professionals.

Walking in the Canary Islands: Vol 2 East

Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, Lanzarote and Graciosa


Author: Paddy Dillon

Publisher: Cicerone Press

ISBN: 9781852843687

Category: Sports & Recreation

Page: 240

View: 4534

Guidebook covering walks in the Canary Islands, including walking in Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura and Lanzarote, these 50 routes take in a wide variety of landscapes from the coast to the highest mountains. Walks vary from spectacular dune walks to high mountain scrambles. Everywhere there is spectacular volcanic scenery.

Canary Islands


Author: Lucy Corne

Publisher: Bradt Travel Guides

ISBN: 9781841621081

Category: Travel

Page: 342

View: 7951

Bradt's guide to the Canary Islands reveals a side often disregarded by sunshine-seeking holidaymakers. The wealth of information geared towards the independent traveler wishing to explore individual islands distinguishes this guide from the competition. Covering the fascinating cultural history of the seven larger islands, eyes are also opened to the little-explored archipelago of Chinijo, on which there is presently sparse information. Explore beyond the familiar hotels and beaches to discover breathtaking hikes, hidden beaches and gems of the islands that have never before made it on to a map. Invaluable to the visitor who wishes to experience the islanders' way of life, this guide is also a rich resource for any armchair traveler. This guide features: · In-depth chapters on Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, La Palma, La Gomera, El Hierro and Chinijo · Rare insights into the local history and culture, plus anecdotes · Activities such as hiking, biking, local sports · Practical information including transport, accommodations and eating out · Hidden beaches, off the beaten track, to help make any stay memorable