Kicking the Pricks


Author: Derek Jarman

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780879518448

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 300

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Sexuality; life in the sex and drug-filled sixties and seventies; his early work as a painter and designer for Ken Russell's groundbreaking films; and debut as a director.

Kicking the Pricks


Author: N.A

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 9781452915722


Page: 247

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Soon after he started filming "The Last of England" (which had much autobiographical content) in 1986, Derek Jarman started work on this book, which contains diary entries, interviews and notes from the script. He writes of his childhood and his kleptomaniac father, the process through which he came to terms with his homosexuality, his early work as a painter and designer, and his debut as a film director. Serious themes are followed thoughout, as Jarman writes of what he regards as the corruption of the cinema industry, the moral and personal consequences of the AIDS virus, and the down side of Thatcher's Britain.

A Kick Against the Pricks

The Autobiography


Author: David Norris

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1848271379

Category: Civil rights workers

Page: 416

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David Norris is one of Irelandâe(tm)s most popular, colourful and charismatic public figures. Not a man to shy away from controversy, he has spent most of his adult life challenging the establishment, whether as a leading campaigner for gay rights, a passionate conservationist, an unconventional academic and Joycean scholar, a brilliant raconteur, or, since 1987, a fiercely independent Senator and outspoken defender of human rights. Born in the Belgian Congo to an English father, who died when he was six years old, and an Irish mother, who died when he was twenty-one, David has been a Dubliner all his life, and the city of Ulysses remains one of his great passions. He spear-headed the revival of Georgian Dublin, particularly through his campaign to save North Great Georgeâe(tm)s Street, where he has lived for the last thirty-five years. But it is David Norrisâe(tm)s campaign to decriminalize homosexuality that will stand as his major legacy. Over a long sixteen years, he fought a difficult battle to overturn the Victorian law, finally winning a historic victory in the European Court of Human Rights in 1988. Davidâe(tm)s decision to run for President of Ireland in 2011 was not lightly taken, but it proved to be the most bruising period of his life. His popularity and the public affection in which he is held saw him quickly established as the front-runner. However, a sustained and hostile media campaign forced him out of the race; although he re-entered it in the autumn, the momentum had been lost. In these pages, David Norris reveals for the first time the full, no-holds-barred story of his presidential campaign, and of how he recovered from the turmoil. A Kick Against the Pricks is a brilliant, deeply revealing autobiography, a remarkable journey from the margins to the centre of Irish society.


A Man of Grace and Grit


Author: Charles R. Swindoll

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418515507

Category: Religion

Page: 368

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The apostle Paul. The converted terrorist, inspired author, amazing teacher, and patient mentor.This colossal figure strode boldly onto the stage of the first-century world and left an indelible signature of greatness never to be forgotten. His life? Magnificent! And his ministry? Impressive. While assigned sainthood by some today, by his own description he was "the chief of all sinners." No other person in the Bible, aside from Christ Himself, had a more profound influence on his world and ours than Paul. He was a man of real grit, with a firmness of mind and spirit and unyielding courage in the face of personal hardship and danger. Tough, tenacious, and fiercely relentless, Paul pursued his divine mission with unflinching resolve. And God used him mightily to turn the world upside down for Christ in his generation. But Paul's message and his style were also marked by gentle grace. This man, who tormented and killed the saints of God, understood and explained grace better than any of his contemporaries. Why? Because he never got over his own gratitude as a recipient of it. God's super-abounding grace transformed this once-violent aggressor into a humble-but-powerful spokesman for Christ. A man with that much grit desperately needed that much grace. Perhaps that's why Paul's life is such a source of hope for us. If the chief of sinners can be forgiven and become God's chosen vessel, can He not forgive and use us as well? He can, if we too become people of both grace and grit. Paul is the sixth of a multi-volume series exploring Great Lives from God's Word and searching them to find the qualities that made them great. Join us for an exciting, in-depth look at this amazing life, as only Chuck Swindoll can describe it: Paul: A Man of Grace and Grit.

A Rifleman's Diary

Kicking Against the Pricks


Author: Eric Fawbert

Publisher: Trafford Publishing

ISBN: 1425154190

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 270

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In 1940, the author was accepted for RAF flying crew, then changed his mind and opted for the infantry (Why? - see book). As he survived 6 years (4 in the front-lines of N.Africa, Italy and NW Europe) 'without a scratch', he has never regretted the change. Back in Civvy Street after the war, and having voted Churchill out of office, his diaries were relegated to the attic, and brought out only recently as of interest in his old age, and a change from the boredom of TV etc. They did more than relieve boredom however, as they reminded him that his service, although not overtly recognised, was something to be proud of. He decided that an 'easy reading' book would be of interest to his two children and the family name, as well as an opportunity to dispel a number of fallacies of that time, and to give a true insight into the life and thoughts of a ranker 'in the field'. The author believes that most war-books are biased to some extent, occasionally unintended, but often intentionally, so he stresses that this book adheres to the diary entries, written on site at the time, occasionally whilst still 'under fire'. His views tend to be confrontational, but have not been challenged in the course of a private issue. This book is intended for a wider readership.

Kicking Against the Pricks


Author: Elizabeth Kizer

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477142622

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 443

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Wording in the King James version of the Bible speaks of the rods that shepherds have used to urge animals to go in a desired direction. The phrase may also serve as a metaphor for the barbs and punishing pricks against which a person may have to contend while searching for independence and self-actualization. Cultural and gender socialization provide pricks that goad a person to stay in her/his place in society. Born during the Great Depression and then becoming an Army Brat during World War II to emerge as a young mother and ranch wife during Texas long drought and fi nally becoming a college professor, her account covers struggles and transitions the author experienced through several historical periods. Kizer addresses the crises many have faced or will encounter including the effects of divorce, rootlessness, economic constraints, alcoholism, mental illness, suicide, death, and others.

Be Fierce

Stop Harassment and Take Your Power Back


Author: Gretchen Carlson

Publisher: Center Street

ISBN: 1478992158

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

View: 9498

A groundbreaking manifesto from journalist Gretchen Carlson about how women can protect themselves from sexual harassment in the workplace and reclaim their power against abuse or injustice. In BE FIERCE, Gretchen shares her own experiences, as well as powerful and moving stories from women in many different careers and fields who decided they too weren't ready to shut up and sit down. Gretchen became a voice for the voiceless. In this revealing and timely book, Gretchen shares her views on what women can do to empower and protect themselves in the workplace or on a college campus, what to say when someone makes suggestive remarks, how an employer's Human Resources department may not always be your friend, and how forced arbitration clauses in work contracts often serve to protect companies rather than employees. Her groundbreaking message encourages women to stand up and speak up in every aspect of their lives. Gretchen also discusses why this fight will require both women and men working together to ensure that our daughters and sons will have a brighter future. BE FIERCE is a cultural movement and a motivating testament to what we can accomplish if we collectively decide to become warriors in the path for a better future. The time is now. Take back your life, your career, and your dignity. Twitter: @GretchenCarlsonFacebook: @GretchenCarlsonInstagram: @therealgretchencarlson A portion of each book sale will go towards Gretchen's Gift of Courage fund. "Using your voice and speaking your truth is a step toward freedom. Be a 'Fierce' force because that's what it takes to change the world."--Maria Shriver, Emmy and Peabody Award-winning journalist, New York Times bestselling author, and founder of The Women's Alzheimer's Movement

The Poetry of Punk

The Meaning Behind Punk Rock and Hardcore Lyrics


Author: Gerfried Ambrosch

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1351384449

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 186

View: 2990

Punk bands have produced an abundance of poetic texts, some crude, some elaborate, in the form of song lyrics. These lyrics are an ideal means by which to trace the developments and explain the conflicts and schisms that have shaped, and continue to shape, punk culture. They can be described as the community’s collective ‘poetic voice,’ and they come in many different forms. Their themes range from romantic love to emotional distress to radical politics. Some songs are intended to entertain, some to express strong feelings, some to provoke, some to spread awareness, and some to foment unrest. Most have an element of confrontation, of kicking against the pricks. Socially and epistemologically, they play a central role in the scene’s internal discourse, shaping communities and individual identities. The Poetry of Punk is an investigation into the Anglophone punk culture, specifically in the UK and the US, where punk originated in the mid-1970s, its focus being on the song lyrics written and performed by punk rock and hardcore artists.

Modern Nature


Author: Derek Jarman

Publisher: U of Minnesota Press

ISBN: 1452915024

Category: Performing Arts

Page: 314

View: 4910

Originally published: Woodstock, N.Y.: Overlook Press, 1994.

The Doctrine and Covenants of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


Author: Joseph Smith

Publisher: Applewood Books

ISBN: 1429017961

Category: Philosophy

Page: 548

View: 8582

""With our American Philosophy and Religion series, Applewood reissues many primary sources published throughout American history. Through these books, scholars, interpreters, students, and non-academics alike can see the thoughts and beliefs of Americans who came before us.""

Kicking Against the Pricks

An Armchair Guide to Nick Cave


Author: Amy Hanson

Publisher: Helter Skelter Limited

ISBN: 9781900924962

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 192

View: 5744

Complete career retrospective of Nick Cave the most important singer-songwriter since punk.

Unlocking the Idioms

An LDS Perspective on Understanding Scriptural Idioms


Author: George M. Peacock

Publisher: Cedar Fort

ISBN: 1599552418

Category: Religion

Page: 215

View: 2207

Idioms and idiomatic language are as real to the messages of holy scripture as are prophecies and parables. Idioms are words and phrases that express more than the actual words themselves. They paint mental or emotional images that bring events or feelings to the present quickly and with intensity. Like a cultural shorthand, they can describe things without using lengthy explanations.On the other hand, idioms can be meaningless and misleading if the reader has no experience with the culture and language from which the idioms originated. Mistranslation and cultural differences both contribute to the misinterpretation of many scriptural idioms. Phrases such as gird up your loins and salt of the earth will lose their intended effect if they are taken only literally.In these pages, George M. Peacock explains exactly what idioms are, how to identify them, and how learning their meaning can add to your understanding of the scriptures and their messages. Unlocking the Idioms will help bring you insight and knowledge as you feast upon the words of the Lord.

At Your Own Risk

A Saint's Testament


Author: Derek Jarman

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1473559022

Category: Art

Page: 176

View: 7338

Spanning his entire life and divided into decades from the forties to the nineties, this book brings together Jarman's poetry, prose, memoirs, photographs and film transcripts and includes newspaper extracts on aspects of gay culture. The result is a rounded portrait of homosexuality through the twentieth century seen through a fiercely personal perspective. At Your Own Risk is angry, entertaining and humane, both a powerful argument against homophobia and a wild celebration of an individual's sexuality and freedom.

The Ministry of Hope

A Novel


Author: Roy A. K. Heath

Publisher: Marion Boyars Publishers


Category: Fiction

Page: 320

View: 8128

Kwaku has new hope of success in Georgetown until he finds himself "a lowly servant of the corrupt minister who steals his ideas and sends him on demeaning errands designed to further the minister's financial scams, sexual peccadillos and political intrigues."--Jacket.

Samuel Beckett's 'More Pricks Than Kicks'

In A Strait Of Two Wills


Author: John Pilling

Publisher: A&C Black

ISBN: 1441159479

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 260

View: 6828

An in-depth study of Samuel Beckett's first published book of fiction.

Confessions of a Learner Parent

Parenting like a boss. (An inexperienced, slightly ineffectual boss.)


Author: Sam Avery

Publisher: Seven Dials

ISBN: 1409175642

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

View: 3511

'I always wanted kids - but then again, I always wanted a loft conversion. Both are pretty easy to put off as they're very expensive and tend to wreck your house.' Stand-up comedian Sam Avery (aka the Learner Parent) started his award-winning blog when his twin boys were born. A million nappies, Peppa Pig episodes and a lot less sleep later, he shares all the lows, highs and hilarious in-betweens of his experiences of first-time parenthood in this, his highly anticipated first book. Sam's honest, messy and laugh-out-loud account of trying for a baby (which transpired to be babIES) and figuring out what to do with them once they arrived - right up to the toddler years of talking, walking and tantrum-ing - will have you crying with laughter between your own nappy changes and nursery runs.

Impact Devotional Series

Adding Fuel to Your Faith


Author: Anthony P. Acampora

Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers

ISBN: 1498283586

Category: Religion

Page: 46

View: 2616

Anthony Acampora knows firsthand the power of Spirit-fueled compassion and the incredible impact the Word of God can have on a broken life. Through Christ he has overcome tremendous suffering and loss. The same kind of straightforward love and counsel he received he now offers to you through The Impact Devotional Series. Anthony also brings to bear years of experience as a chaplain, biblical counselor, ministry director, and spiritual growth consultant in this powerful volume of devotionals meant to be read, not sequentially, but as the Holy Spirit leads you. Let Anthony come alongside you, as he has so many others, to give you hope, encouragement, and determination to face today's trials by the power of the one who leads us through all troubles victoriously--Jesus Christ.