It's Not About You--It's About God


Author: Rebecca Florence Osaigbovo

Publisher: InterVarsity Press

ISBN: 9780830878635

Category: Religion

Page: N.A

View: 9009

It can hurt to hear someone tell it like it is. But sometimes you need to get the truth, straight up. And the truth is that it's not about you--it's about God. Maybe you have relied on your own strength for far too long. You haven't been able to count on other people, so you just do your own thing. But God has bigger plans for you. God wants to use you to change the world. Rebecca Osaigbovo, conference speaker and author of Chosen Vessels, shows how black women can stand up to Satan's lies and face tough problems, not in your own strength but by finding God's strength in the midst of your weaknesses. She says this to women who want to be the keys to change in their homes, churches and communities: "If you want things to be different, then stop going your own way and follow God's lead. Lean not on your own understanding, and he'll make your paths straight."

It's Not About You

A Little Story About What Matters Most In Business


Author: John David Mann,Bob Burg

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0670921971

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 144

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'A manifesto for twenty-first-century leadership packaged in a fun and engaging story. Buy this book and get it in the hands of everyone in your company' Darren Hardy, publisher, Success magazine Ben is a young manager who has been charged with persuading 500 employees to agree to a merger. Facing an impossible battle, he seeks the advice of an old friend, who introduces him to eccentric Aunt Elle. In the week leading up to the crucial employee vote, Aunt Elle teaches Ben about the power of influence and positive persuasion. Ben also meets with the company's top executives, coming back with a new leadership lesson each time. Ben finally learns the critical principle so many people in power fail to grasp: it's not about me, it's about you. Written with a light touch and filled with practical advice, this book will resonate with all who aspire to influential leadership.

It's not about you. So Get over it.


Author: Sharon Muggivan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 145689403X

Category: Reference

Page: 90

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This book has the potential to change lives, resolve anger and resentment therefore giving you the chance to be truly happy. Understanding why people behave the way they do can open your world to forgiveness and free you from the past. The key to happiness is in understanding what makes us do the things we do. “It’s All About Me” explains human nature to a tee. Everything we do, say and think is based on our own fi lter system. Our own beliefs, values and life experience create our unique fi lter system. If you understand that one simple concept “it’s all about me” then you will open your mind and your heart to allow people to be people. You will understand and make peace with your past concepts of what has happened to you. This book is truly liberati ng. You can’t change the people around you but you can change how you respond to the people and situati ons you encounter on a daily basis.

It's Not about You


Author: Wayne Holness

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595390943

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 272

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IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU, is a book about relationships that deals with deception, lust, greed, bad judgment, sad and happy endings. It's mainly about people and love, how they win and how much they lose.

It's Not About You at Work!

It's Business - It's Not Personal


Author: Sharon Muggivan

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 9781462849383

Category: Self-Help

Page: 114

View: 1265

If you're reading this book, then you need help with your workplace relationships. Your current thoughts and ideas about the work place may be causing you stress and frustration. That's the old you. The new you will find this book an absolute godsend if you have the courage to truly look at yourself and the situations around you. You will either love or hate this book. It is thought-provoking and confronting. I believe it's an "in your face" look at people and human nature at work. The reason I say love or hate it is because it depends on how honest you are and whether or not you can accept that if I push your buttons, I am offering you a chance to grow and learn about yourself. If you push your buttons, I am offering you a chance to grow and learn about yourself. I am offering you a chance to grow and learn about yourself. If you push my buttons, then you give me the opportunity to learn about myself. It's all about you. That concept will be explained in depth over the next few chapters.

It's Not about You, It's about Them

Job Search Today


Author: C. Bruce Flanagan

Publisher: Dog Ear Publishing

ISBN: 160844337X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 108

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There is no real "silver bullet" to find a job. If there were, all you would need would be an order blank, and not a handbook. The job search is about you, but the application of the job search is about them. Throughout this book, you will see the phrase "It is not about you, it is about them." You are a worthy person and should be doing a job that is your passion. However, that is not why companies and organizations hire people. People are hired because they have the skills that companies can use to either make a profit or complete their mission. Whether profit, nonprofit, or government position, the skill the company needs and that you offer must match to be assured consideration for the job. A job search is the hardest work for the poorest pay of any job you will ever do. If you are not spending as many hours in your job search as you spent doing your previous job, you will probably not find a job you will enjoy on the same level that you were accustomed to. C. Bruce Flanagan is the lead consultant for LEJ Unlimited. After a career as a nation-leading salesman of custom media, he launched a consulting career for job seekers. He has11 years of job search experience. He was president of Business and Profession Exchange (BPE), Central Indiana's leading networking group. With Bruce's leadership, BPE received publicity on multiple television stations, including a personal appearance by Bruce on Gerry Dick's television program, Inside INdiana Business. BPE was also the subject of a lead story in The Indianapolis Business Journal.

It's Not About You, Mrs. Firecracker

A Love Letter About the True Meaning of the Fourth of July


Author: Soraya Diase Coffelt

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1683503287

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 36

View: 4515

The Fourth of July is a very special American holiday and celebration. Families and friends spend fun time together and at night, beautiful fireworks are displayed for everyone to enjoy. But what actually happened on that day that causes us to remember and celebrate it for many hundreds of years? This wonderfully illustrated children’s book explains what brave Americans did to declare their freedom and equality, and identifies who was the source of guidance through it all.

It's Not About You, Mr. Easter Bunny

A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Easter


Author: Soraya Diase Coffelt

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1683500644

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 36

View: 4039

Easter is a favorite holiday for children around the world. Chocolate bunnies, stuffed rabbits, colored eggs, and fuzzy baby chicks fill Easter baskets as children eagerly anticipate the traditional Easter egg hunt and the Easter Bunny. Have you ever wondered where this celebration began? How did these traditions first start, and how have they changed over the years since their origin in ancient times? The answers may surprise you! It's Not About You Mr. Easter Bunny provides an opportunity to share history, traditions and discussions in a fun way mixed with colorful illustrations perfect for young readers. It gives unique insight into this very important holiday.

It's Not About You Mr. Santa Claus

A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Christmas


Author: Soraya Diase Coffelt

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1630472611

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 34

View: 4734

A child in a letter to Santa retells the nativity story.

This Is Not About You


Author: Courtney Ohlmann

Publisher: BookBaby

ISBN: 1543964613

Category: Poetry

Page: 216

View: 4960

This book is raw, unfiltered emotion. I wrote this book as a catharsis, never intending for it to be published until the people with whom I shared it told me I should. This book is what I call a 'diary of fragments,' meaning it is exactly how I was feeling at that moment. Throughout this book, I deal with what I thought was love, what I know was heartbreak, mental illness, and a slew of other trials and tribulations in the best way that I knew how--writing.

Free of Me

Why Life Is Better When It's Not about You


Author: Sharon Hodde Miller

Publisher: Baker Books

ISBN: 149340945X

Category: Religion

Page: 208

View: 570

We live in a culture that's all about self, becoming the best "me" I can be instead of becoming like Jesus. This me-centered message affects every area of our lives--our friendships, our marriages, even our faith--and it breaks each one in different ways. The self-focused life robs our joy, shrinks our souls, and is the reason we never quite break free of insecurity. In this book, Sharon Hodde Miller invites us into a bigger, Jesus-centered vision--one that restores our freedom and inspires us to live for more. She helps readers - identify the secret source of insecurity - understand how self-focus sabotages seven areas of our lives - learn four practical steps for focusing on God and others - experience freedom from the burden of self-focus Anyone yearning for a purpose bigger than "project me" will cherish this paradigm-shifting message of true fulfillment.

It's Not about You, It's about Bacon

Relationship Marketing in a Social Media World


Author: Brian Basilico

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781489567048

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 302

View: 4292

The author presents his insights on how to use the Internet and social media to market a business and gives advice on how to use face-to-face and social networking techniques to grow a brand and a business.

It’S Not About You


Author: T. Collins

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1512708240

Category: Religion

Page: 204

View: 9365

Its Not About You sets before evangelical Christians a threefold challenge: take stock of ones life; assess the depth of commitment to promoting oneself at Gods expense; and follow Jesus Christ completely in faithful obedience. T. Collins, an experienced teacher and international medical missionary, draws upon background as a physician and an author to diagnose the human condition of idolatry, in which individuals place themselves and their desires ahead of God and his will for their lives. The discussion emerging from this diagnostic work will draw in readers with its reasoned use of Scripture, its inclusive depictions of the human condition, and its passionate appeals for Christians to turn their lives over to Jesus Christ. Spanning three sectionsIts Not About a Lot of Things, Its Not about Your Blessings, and Making It Not About Usthe twenty-five chapters in Its Not About You offers readers a rigorous and comprehensive assessment of their lives, culminating with a call to discipleship. As the last chapter notes, Contrary to what our society would like to believe, theres only one way to follow Jesuscompletely. If you have found your life lacking focus and purpose, if you doubted that endlessly chasing the worlds bright and shiny trinkets was the ultimate point of living, and if you have found Jesus call to follow him beguiling you to respond, then Its Not About You will serve as your guide to replacing your own self with God at the center of your life.

It's Not About You, Mrs. Turkey

A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Thanksgiving


Author: Soraya Diase Coffelt

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1630477435

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 1491

“It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey” is a unique tool for parents, grandparents and teachers to share both the historical and religious background of the holiday with young readers. The fun and colorful illustrations give children the opportunity to see clothing styles of the past as they learn the importance of courage, sharing, friendship and giving thanks.

It's Not About You, Except When It Is

A Field Manual For Parents of Addicted Children


Author: Barbara Victoria

Publisher: Central Recovery Press, LLC

ISBN: 1937612023

Category: Self-Help

Page: 200

View: 2757

Straight-talking self-preservation tools and techniques for parents of addicts in or out of recovery.

It's Not about Me; It's about You


Author: Nelda Cantu Garcia

Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform

ISBN: 9781533019554


Page: 102

View: 7234

What if you had struggled nearly your entire life with poverty, loss, and personal torment? Would you turn your back on God, assuming He had done the same, or would you push onward, strengthened by your faith in His love? It's Not about Me, It's about You is author Nelda Cantu Garcia's personal tale of hardships and triumph. Born into a God-fearing family, but also into poverty, Garcia miraculously survived taunting, bullying, and three near-death experiences with her faith in God, and in herself, intact. Equally miraculous was her path to fulfilling her dream of becoming a teacher despite the odds being stacked against her. Even in the face of losing people she held dear, Garcia retains her sense of hope, her optimism, and her unshakable belief that God is in control. Through her story and the lessons she learned in adversity, Garcia hopes to share God's light. She explores her own commitment to live positively, to thrive, and to nurture those around her and will inspire you to follow a similar path.

It's Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin

A Love Letter About the True Meaning of Halloween


Author: Soraya Diase Coffelt

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

ISBN: 1630477427

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 6763

“It’s Not About You Mr. Pumpkin” is a unique tool for parents, grandparents and teachers to share both the historical and religious background of the holiday with young readers. The fun and colorful illustrations give children the opportunity to see styles of the past as they learn the origins and true story behind this holiday.

Why is this just happening to us?.... It?s not!!!


Author: Calvin Olson

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 1491872942

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 110

View: 6152

Please join Calvin as he brings you along the journey he and his family took. Calvin greatly values his family's privacy and feelings and states so in his book. You will find, the book is not about him or his family, it's about YOU! Calvin and his family's experience was bad enough that he decided it was time to do something good with it. He has written this book in the hopes that he can help even just one family get through their troubles. You will find a tremendous amount of facts and solutions from his experience. Calvin has even put an e mail address in the book for those who are extremely desperate to talk to someone who has been where they are. And, now, we invite you to join Calvin and his family on their incredible journey that will help you and your family get through these trying times. Good luck to you and use the experience that Calvin is sharing with you.

Talking About Death Won’t Kill You

The Essential Guide to End-of-Life Conversations


Author: Dr. Kathy Kortes-Miller

Publisher: ECW Press

ISBN: 1773051768

Category: Self-Help

Page: 280

View: 2165

This practical handbook will equip readers with the tools to have meaningful conversations about death and dying Death is a part of life. We used to understand this, and in the past, loved ones generally died at home with family around them. But in just a few generations, death has become a medical event, and we have lost the ability to make this last part of life more personal and meaningful. Today people want to regain control over health-care decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Talking About Death Won’t Kill You is the essential handbook to help Canadians navigate personal and medical decisions for the best quality of life for the end of our lives. Noted palliative-care educator and researcher Kathy Kortes-Miller shows readers how to identify and reframe limiting beliefs about dying with humor and compassion. With robust resource lists, Kortes-Miller addresses advance care plans for ourselves and our loved ones how to have conversations about end-of-life wishes with loved ones how to talk to children about death how to build a compassionate workplace practical strategies to support our colleagues how to talk to health-care practitioners how to manage challenging family dynamics as someone is dying what is involved in medical assistance in dying (MAID) Far from morbid, these conversations are full of meaning and life — and the relief that comes from knowing what your loved ones want, and what you want for yourself.

God Is Plural

Sermons for an Emerging Church


Author: Paul Veliyathil

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 9781440195778

Category: Religion

Page: 344

View: 5445

If the God who spoke to Moses on Mount Sinai 3000 years ago, does not speak to Mr. Mosley in Miami Beach in 2009, we have a theological problem. This book is the result of a deep conviction that to be effective in the 21st century, a preacher must focus one eye on the Bible and the other on the mass media. This collection of 52 sermons invites the reader to awaken to a new level of consciousness about his innate identity as a spiritual being and to affi rm the divinity in others. The author beautifully blends his personal stories with the stories of God and challenges you to look beyond what you see, to experience God with your sixth sense, treat every place as holy ground and to love your neighbor as an extension of your own self. Thought provoking and non traditional, these sermons are relevant beyond the walls of churches and chapels