A New Beginning Love Blooms in Kentucky


Author: Sherryll "Carnline" Rule

Publisher: Page Publishing Inc

ISBN: 1683485122

Category: Fiction

Page: 374

View: 3091

A new beginning for both Black Moon and Lizzy awaits their future. Secrets of their past will be revealed, which will change their lives forever. Their struggles to be together will be filled with troubles, trials, and tribulations, which will finally end in long-awaited triumphs for the two. Their commitment of love and faith will prove that all things do work together for good if you love the Lord!

Awful Visitors

It's a new beginning!


Author: Sandun Mendis

Publisher: Booktango

ISBN: 1468951327

Category: Poetry

Page: 1

View: 3890

"Awful Visitors" is a collection of kids? and nature poems of Sandun Mendis' poetry collection and also his third book to publish as an eBook. He has written these poems including his imaginations, personal experiences, inspirations, and using other interesting incidents, in a simple language for everyone to enjoy.

A New Beginning

Book 4 of the Lupton Saga


Author: Pat Dinda

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493104918

Category: Fiction

Page: 422

View: 6968

A New Beginning continues with the life of Pat Lupton as he embarks on a new journey.He begins to head up a Rehab and Detox Clinic in Stowell, Texas and faces many challenges along the way. In addition to dealing with the wants and needs of clients who are detoxifying their system, there is someone trying to sabotage the operation. As he continues through the first year of operation, he becomes increasingly concerned about who the saboteur is and what hes going to do next.

A New Beginning


Author: Alyss Morgan

Publisher: Dorrance Publishing

ISBN: 1434917819

Category: Fiction

Page: 84

View: 9051

It was the year 1773. Anne Spencer and her siblings set their foot in Boston during the latter years of American colonial era. They belong to one of the aristocratic families in England. However, after the death of their parents in a carriage accident, it was learned that their father incurred a considerable amount of debt, the payment of which left them penniless. As if the bad luck wasn’t enough, her fiancé broke their engagement, shattering Anne’s dream of having a good home with a good husband and wonderful children. They were forced to live in the slums of London and Anne and Tim hardly make ends meet. Coming to America was a way to start all over again. Anne had heard good things in the colony and was determined to give her two brothers and sister a good future. She had been raised well and was trained to manage the household and properties by her mother, qualities which she had shown in America where she immediately established a good name, being a hardworking barmaid. But that reputation will soon vanish when she refused the advances of an English officer, who in turn spread rumors that she was a woman of loose conduct. She lost her job and her dream until Theo, a man who had seen her real character, offered her marriage that would redeem her name and give her and her siblings a comfortable life. Theo had been a lonely man after the death of his wife. He was childless and was looking for an heir. The times had been frightful when the Americans demanded freedom from England. Amid those turbulent years, their love for each other strengthens, and their dream of raising children in a place where equality was of utmost importance came true.

A New Beginning


Author: John Dutch

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595241530

Category: Fiction

Page: 396

View: 2051

Anderson Woodbury, a new graduate Ph D, has just realized his impossible dream and become engaged to marry April Brooker, a wealthy former professional tennis player. But almost at once he is challenged to give up his long-time ambition of becoming a Sports Psychologist to work in his grandfather's factory. And April is faced with Anderson's refusal to use any of her savings for their future together. Pressure mounts as family and friends make increasing demands on the two strong-willed professionals. Confronting one critical life decision after another, they fight to balance their dreams and responsibilities. Anderson and April must draw on all their faith, love and moral strength as each knows that the wrong choice at any point will destroy whatever chance of happiness they have.Other titles in this series include: Games of Consequence Playing Advantage April and AndersonOther Books by John Dutch include: April Brooker April Brooker: The Tournament April Brooker and Emily McLean April Brooker: The FamilySunshine When I Need a Hand On Hard Times, and other stories

Medicine Bow...a New Beginning


Author: Sally Campbell Repass

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1477284184

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 166

View: 7413

MEDICINE BOW... A NEW BEGINNING The beautiful, Dr. Miranda Sterling, moved to Medicine Bow, Wyoming, one year after the death of her husband, Mardi Carson. She was to become the town Veterinarian. Mardi had been the love of her life and she thought she would never be able to love again. She didn't know what God had in store for her. Each year the town had a 'WESTERN DAY' at the local community center. Her friend, Karen Heath, introduced her to some of the local people whom she hadn't met. First, there was Morgan, a Harley Davidson rider, who was irresistible with his boyish grin. Ethan, the Sheriff of Carbon County, with his charming ways made a big impression on Miranda. Last, there was Eli, the rancher, who had ridden in on a horse, just as if he was from the old west days. When Karen introduced them, he looked at her with cold eyes of steel. Who had hurt this man so badly to turn him into the cold man he was? Three men...each one so different from the other. Would they ever cross Miranda's path again?

A New Beginning

Book No. 7 of the Wolde Family Saga


Author: Bill Conner

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1493151509

Category: Fiction

Page: 738

View: 6634

PART ONE ---New York City Without a word, Nathan handed the cablegram to his son. Roy took it and walked away a few steps. He opened the envelope as he walked, dreading with every step, what he believed the cable would say; the Baron had died. The others watched quietly as he read, hardly breathing. The cable fell to the ground; Roy’s shoulders sagged, and he began to sob mightily. After a few minutes, he straightened his shoulders, shook himself like a wet dog, then turned to the others. “All right gentlemen, I assume you all read what grandfather said; Tell Roy to stay the course, and that is exactly what we’re going to do. Michael, where do we go from here?” “Offhand, Roy, I’d say Kentucky, but it’s your decision; except I don’t think you ought to be the one to go. How about you, Uncle Nathan?” “I think you’re right; Roy needs to stay right here and look after MacTavish Enterprises like he’s supposed to. I had planned to go wherever we went, if Roy did, but since he’ll staying here, I reckon I’ll go on to Virginia and rest a while. I guess that leaves you, Oliver.” “Uncle Robert felt I owed him something,” Oliver said, “if I intended to take my rightful place in the clan; so he asked me to be the head of this new MacTavish division in this country. He’d been told there was a lot of open land and few settlers out west, and that’s where I should go. Also, I‘d be able to pay for land with gold without too many questions. I agreed with that, and said I‘d do it. David is all eager to go, so I guess that’s what we’ll do.” PART TWO --- THE OLSENS It was late in the day, August Twenty-first, eighteen fifty-six, and a perfect evening for fishing. A nice cool breeze barely ruffled the leaves on the trees providing shade for a man sitting beneath them in a strange looking chair; ostensibly, trying to catch his supper. Oliver Olsen, once a sailor, now an adventurer; a banker; a farmer; a trader of livestock; a buyer of land; a builder; an entrepreneur extraordinaire; a man who wore many hats; was a man lost in retrospect. He found this happening more often lately, and if someone asked him why, would most likely answer, “I’m trying to figure out how it all came about.” Suddenly, he was aware someone was jerking on his arm. He looked around and saw it was his two year old grandson, David Junior. His mother, Penny, was standing right behind the boy. “Grandpa,” Penny said. “I don’t see any fish; you’ve been sleeping again, haven’t you?” “I suppose you could say that,” he replied, “either that, or someone’s been standing beside me telling that same old story again. It don’t get any better with the telling. I’d sure like to hear something from David, wouldn’t you? It’s been three months since we heard from him and the boys.”

An Intentional Life

Musings of a Secular Monastic


Author: Andrew Fitz-Gibbon

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479723703

Category: Religion

Page: 229

View: 2371

Author Andrew Fitz-Gibbon writes: These musings are something of a window on my spiritual and philosophical journey. The journey did not begin recently, nor does it end with the last of these reflections. These serve as but a glimpse into my personal odyssey. Though these reflections are not in any way polished philosophy nor systematic theology, the careful reader will be able to piece together what I think about metaphysics (what is the case), epistemology (how we know what we think we know), ethics (how we ought to live) and aesthetics (what is beautiful and why). I comment also on understandings of God, Christ, Christianity, the Buddha, Daoism, and interfaith dialogue.

It's a New Beginning

How to Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks


Author: Willie Alfonso

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781511945387


Page: 118

View: 6965

Have you lost hope for a new beginning? If you believe your life is beyond saving-this book is for you. Willie Alfonso writes about his dramatic childhood story of growing up Brooklyn. He shares why he should be dead, dying of AIDS somewhere, or doing life in jail. His epic story with unbelievable comeback proportions will inspire the doubters, the skeptics, or anyone who has lost all hope for the future. Readers in It's A New Beginning will be be challenged by Willie's story to see: + Hope in the midst of devastating circumstances. + How to forgive the unforgivable + How even the worst setbacks can be turned into comebacks. Read one of the most powerful comeback stories of all time! Dig into It's A New Beginning: How to Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks to find hope for your new beginning. What are you waiting for? During my entire career as a New York Yankee, I have had the privilege of knowing Pastor Willie Alfonso. I am eternally grateful for the wisdom I received from him over the years. Now in his new book, the rest of the world can experience the life and the ministry of a man who has been such a blessing to me. I know a good closer when I see one. This book will close the old chapters in your life, and set you up for a new beginning. -Mariano Rivera, #42 Retired Relief Pitcher, New York Yankees Our backgrounds and stories sound very similar, but we have been placed in different arenas. It's A New Beginning: How to Turn Setbacks Into Comebacks captures the way God can take Willie Alfonso from a forgotten, broken child and turn him into a man that influences some of the biggest names in sports history. His story will encourage those who are experiencing setbacks, as well as spur on others to never give up on the ones with the tough exterior. -Nicky Cruz, Evangelist and Author Chaplain Willie Alfonso's story is nothing short of a miracle! Read it and you'll be inspired to a new level of faith. - Jim Cymbala, Senior Pastor, The Brooklyn Tabernacle

A New Beginning

How Gastric Bypass Surgery Saved My Life — at the Age of 18


Author: Lee Joel Tiru

Publisher: Author House

ISBN: 9781463464844

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 124

View: 6187

In A New Beginning, Lee Joel Tiru courageously opens his heart and mind to the emotional and physical challenges he faced as a morbidly obese youngster and teenager. While it is no longer uncommon for one to admit to being fat, it is quite rare for one to lay oneself open, so the reader can sense his heartache and desperation and share equally in his joys and triumphs. Lee Tiru knows whereof he speaks; he offers a textbook example of how to set a course for changing ones life and for reaching and exceeding powerful life goals. He does not beat the reader perhaps equally obese as he once was over the head to change, but lays out reasonable challenges nonetheless to leave the reader with hope that there is life beyond misery. His words are applicable to any of lifes difficulties: set a goal and persevere, always mindful of victory.

Praying for a Whole New World

Gospel Sermons for Advent/Christmas/Epiphany, Cycle C


Author: William G. Carter

Publisher: CSS Publishing

ISBN: 0788017284

Category: Religion

Page: 124

View: 6699

William G. Carter's sermons and articles have appeared in Journal for Preachers, Presbyterian Survey, Preaching, Lectionary Homiletics, The Christian Ministry, and Best Sermons 7. In 1999, he was selected to preach on The Protestant Hour. The senior pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, Carter is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary who also serves on the seminary's board of trustees.


How to Survive a Global Crisis


Author: Dan Martin

Publisher: Dan Martin

ISBN: 142765185X

Category: Self-protective behavior

Page: 302

View: 8375

Will the world, as we know it, end in our time? It's the intention of this book to teach you what you'll need to know IF it does. Spiritual/scientific predictions, asteroid impacts, pandemics, economical/governmental collapse, solar flares, electrical grid failure, climate change, epic floods, WW3, Planet-X, peak oil, super tsunamis, alien invasions, how the government's preparing; this book has it all, and teaches how you and your family can survive it all. A complete self-help guide not only for the end times, but any global crises, of which we seem to be having plenty of lately. Written by a retired Boeing Aerospace Technician who lived six years 100% self-sufficient and cut-off from society; Dan Martin presents eye-opening views of humanity; and his insights into possible future events are breath-taking, to say the least. The book makes you wonder, is the end closer than we think? Are any of us really prepared?

Three Girls and a New Beginning


Author: Rachel Schurig

Publisher: Rachel Schurig


Category: Fiction

Page: 338

View: 2189

Catch up with Ginny, Jen, and Annie as they navigate marriage, friendship, work, and babies! Best friends for years, Ginny, Jen, and Annie are certain that nothing will ever come between them. And now that they’ve all found happily-ever-afters with the men in their lives, everything should be perfect. But life has a way of messing with even the best-laid plans. In Three Girls and a New Beginning, each friend will have new issues to grapple with. When those issues threaten the foundation of their friendship, will the girls be strong enough to pull through? Or will it take a tragedy none of them ever expected to remind them of who their true family really is? Three Girls and a New Beginning is a story about friendship, family, and figuring out what comes next!

Leave a Mark

The Complete Guide to Pursuing Your Dream and Fulfilling Your Destiny


Author: Troy Blain Borden

Publisher: WestBow Press

ISBN: 1490858296

Category: Self-Help

Page: 206

View: 3288

If youre searching for your destiny and arent sure what it is or how to get there, Leave A Mark will guide you through the process of discovering your destiny and pursuing a dream that will enable you to fulfill your destiny. Leave A Mark contains a study guide with thought-provoking questions presented in progressive phases. As you answer each question youll discover lifes deeper meaning and your own truly unique purpose. Learn how easy it is to pursue your dream and leave a mark, while becoming the person you really want to be. Leave A Mark is a Christian perspective on life in which God provides the perfect example of a destiny and dream, as well as an amazing master plan in which you can play a role. Leave A Mark is your source for definitive answers. So relax and enjoy reading it. Youre about to uncover your hidden purpose and experience a dynamic hope for the future.

Louise: A New Beginning


Author: Diana Nixon

Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc

ISBN: 1365142051

Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 4629

Life is not always easy. Especially when you are in love with the man whose life is so much different from yours. Power, money, respect – these are the things that a girl raised in an orphanage can only dream about. But sometimes, love is the only power that you need to get whatever you wish for... Louise Woods had always been a fighter. She had known since childhood that everything has a price. But freedom was the only thing that she could never have. Living in a world of lies and betrayal, will she sacrifice her love to become finally free? Or will she let her heart win? A new journey full of passion and forbidden dreams; it’s a new dance, it’s a new life. “We will start it all from the very beginning, from the very first kiss...”

A Matter of Time/A New Beginning (Storycuts)


Author: Elvi Rhodes

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448125510

Category: Fiction

Page: 27

View: 7677

In 'A Matter of Time', Martin has inherited a house from his late aunt in New York, and his girlfriend Linda has moved over there with him. She finds herself feeling very lost, though, and wondering why she is there. She loves Martin, but will her new surroundings ever feel like home? In 'A New Beginning', Primrose is becoming bored of the tedium of farm life. She knows she will miss it - the farm and its surrounding hills and river have been her home for the past twenty-four years. But she is convinced that the bright lights and buzz of London is what she needs now for her new start in life. But a new friendship in the Yorkshire Dales forces her to reconsider whether a new beginning really means moving away. Part of the Storycuts series, these two short stories were previously published in the collection Summer Promise and Other Stories.

Sticking It to Cancer


Author: Joana Montenegro

Publisher: AuthorHouse

ISBN: 1467869643

Category: Self-Help

Page: 116

View: 1556

I know they say going through cancer treatment is a journey. It's not a journey. Journey sounds like a road trip...It's more like being shoved into a rocket ship and blasted off into space. It's frightening, it's disorienting, you'll never be the same person ever again, it's even a little bit funny at times. And it's the greatest lesson in courage, strength and thankfulness. This book is the story of my ride in that rocket ship.

If You Fall...

It's a New Beginning


Author: Karen Darke

Publisher: John Hunt Publishing

ISBN: 9781905047888

Category: Religion

Page: 198

View: 8514

Paralympian for Team GB London 2012 Cycling A few years ago Karen Darke was on a rock-climbing expedition on sea cliffs in Scotland. She fell, and was paralysed. This is her true story of exploration, not just of the world of mountains, but of the inner struggle she faces after her disaster to come back to terms with life. Out of her disability comes a strength to embrace the challenge and transform it into an opportunity to learn and grow. Despite the challenges of combining wheels with wilderness, Karen escapes the world of concrete for the inspiration and peace of mountains and the natural environment, in an evermore daring series of adventures by hand-cycle, ski and kayak. This is a real-life adventure story that will take you from the brink of death to hand-cycling the heights of the Himalayas, from bold expeditions to the rusty knife of a Brazilian spirit surgeon. This story will fill you with inspiration and energy, and help your ability to respond positively, to overcome adversity. It offers hope and belief to anyone facing challenges in life. A life-impacting read, it will motivate you to strive for your personal goals and dreams. Karen Darke is currently preparing for the para-cycling event at London Paralympics 2012. Read more about her latest exploits on her blog at http://www.karendarke.com/blog/view/fake_it_til_you_make_it and in her Channel4TV profile at http://paralympics.channel4.com/the-athletes/athleteid=16392/index.html

Faith in the Fast Lane

Spiritual Pit Stops from the World of Racing


Author: Ken Owen

Publisher: Harvest House Publishers

ISBN: 9780736910354

Category: Religion

Page: 137

View: 3217

Race cars, hot rods, motorcycles, BMX--racing has captured the heart of America. Ken Owen, president of Racers For Christ, draws on his love of fast-paced action and years ministering to professional drivers and their crews to create devotions that reveal God's wisdom, grace, and provision through the...- joy of car ownership- exhilaration of tracks and open roads- deep satisfaction of relationshipsFrom pit stops for maintenance and spiritual renewal to roaring under the checkered flag for the win and an opportunity to glorify God, readers will experience the excitement of racing and discover the freedom found in Christ.