Integrity LP

The Courage to Face the Demands of Reality


Author: Henry Cloud

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0061121266

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 386

View: 651

Integrity -- more than simple honesty, it's the key to success. A person with integrity has the ability to pull everything together, to make it all happen no matter how challenging the circumstances. Drawing on experiences from his work, Dr. Henry Cloud, a clinical psychologist and nationally syndicated radio host, shows how our character can keep us from achieving all we want to (or could) be. In Integrity, Dr. Cloud explores the six qualities of character that define integrity, and how people with integrity: Are able to connect with others and build trust Are oriented toward reality Finish well Embrace the negative Are oriented toward increase Have an understanding of the transcendent Success is not related to only talent or brains. The real factor, Cloud demonstrates, is the makeup of the person. All of us can grow in the kinds of real character that brings about fruitful relationships and achievement of purpose, mission, and goals. Integrity is not something that you either have or don't, but instead is an exciting growth path that all of us can engage in and enjoy.



Author: Stephen L. Carter

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0060928077

Category: Philosophy

Page: 288

View: 9328

Why do we care more about winning than about playing by the rules? Integrity - all of us are in favor of it, but nobody seems to know how to make sure that we get it. From presidential candidates to crusading journalists to the lords of collegiate sports, everybody promises to deliver integrity, yet all too often, the promises go unfulfilled. Stephen Carter examines why the virtue of integrity holds such sway over the American political imagination. By weaving together insights from philosophy, theology, history and law, along with examples drawn from current events and a dose of personal experience, Carter offers a vision of integrity that has implications for everything from marriage and politics to professional football. He discusses the difficulties involved in trying to legislate integrity as well as the possibilities for teaching it. As the Cleveland Plain Dealer said, "In a measured and sensible voice, Carter attempts to document some of the paradoxes and pathologies that result from pervasive ethical realism... If the modern drift into relativism has left us in a cultural and political morass, Carter suggests that the assumption of personal integrity is the way out."


Doing the Right Thing for the Right Reason


Author: Barbara Killinger

Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP

ISBN: 0773582800


Page: 221

View: 3102

Drawing on her clinical practice and pioneering efforts in workaholism Dr Killinger describes the personality traits and psychological, philosophical, historical, and familial influences that help develop and maintain integrity. She also looks at how integrity is undermined and lost as a result of obsession, narcissism, and workaholism. Richly illustrated with personal stories, Integrity offers a positive "how to" perspective on safeguarding personal and professional integrity and on encouraging our children to develop this vital character trait. Killinger concludes that integrity is not possible without compassion and makes it clear that doing the right thing includes doing it for the right reason.


Good People, Bad Choices, and Life Lessons from the White House


Author: Egil Krogh,Matt Krogh

Publisher: PublicAffairs

ISBN: 0786733039

Category: Political Science

Page: 304

View: 8625

In 1971, Egil "Bud" Krogh was summoned to a closed-door meeting by John Ehrlichman, his mentor and key confidant of President Richard Nixon, in a secluded office in the Western White House. Krogh thought he was walking into a meeting to discuss the drug control program launched on his most recent trip to South Vietnam. Instead, he was handed a file and the responsibility for the SIU, Special Investigations Unit, later to become notorious as "The Plumbers." The unit was to investigate the leaks of top-secret government documents, particularly the Pentagon Papers, to the press. The president considered this task critical to national security. Nixon said he wanted the unit headed up by a "real son of a bitch." He got the studious, zealous, and loyal-to-a-fault Bud Krogh instead. In that instant, Krogh was handed the job that would lead to one of the most famous conspiracies in presidential history and the demise of the Nixon administration. Integrity is Krogh's memoir of his experiences—of what really went on behind closed doors, of how a good man can lose his moral compass, of how exercising power without integrity can destroy a life. It also tells the moving story of how he turned his life back around. For anyone interested in the ethical challenges of leadership, or of professional life, Integrity is thought-provoking and inspiring reading.


Do You Have It?


Author: Dennis AuBuchon

Publisher: iUniverse

ISBN: 0595294421

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Page: 223

View: 4470

In today's fast paced business world sometimes important things are forgotten. Integrity is one of those things. People often forget how important integrity is in business, education, and life in general. This book covers the subject of integrity by identifying its place and meaning in society. The subjects covered in this book include character, honesty, and truthfulness, among others. Also discussed are social and moral integrity and how they impact us daily. Applying integrity to society, along with business ethics in place in society will provide a unique perspective not addressed in other publications. This book provides a common ground on which to measure individuals and organizations on the subject of integrity. Integrity in society today is constantly in the news. Let this book provide the criteria to you, the reader, to measure the integrity of others. Do you have personal integrity, and does the company or organization you work for have integrity? Read the book and draw your own conclusion. Because when it comes to business, and life, the most important issue is integrity...DO YOU HAVE IT?

Winning with integrity

getting what you're worth without selling your soul


Author: Leigh Steinberg,Michael D'Orso

Publisher: Times Books

ISBN: 9780812932430

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 239

View: 4459

An incisive and inspirational guide to the art of negotiation in business and life by a noted sports agent and attorney explains how to achieve success while living by a strict code of personal and professional ethics. Reprint. 35,000 first printing. Tour.


The Core of Leadership


Author: Biju Michael,Richard J. Lochrie

Publisher: Tate Publishing

ISBN: 1615660992

Category: Self-Help

Page: 316

View: 2011

What is leadership? Can it be explained with a simple dictionary definition? In "Integrity: The Core of Leadership," authors Biju Michael and Richard Lochrie endeavor to explain a concept inherent to humanity as a whole: leadership. Is leadership merely the ability to convince others to do your will? Or is it something more, something that serves a higher purpose and greater good? Through meticulous research and interviews with many people currently in positions of leadership, the authors explore the diverse use of the word 'leader' throughout the course of history. Though people as different as Abraham Lincoln and Adolf Hitler have been considered 'leaders, ' one thing separates the truly great leaders from all the rest: integrity. Ultimately, only leadership with integrity, based on a relationship between the leader and those who follow him in a quest to achieve the common good, can bring a bright future for all. What are the most dangerous pitfalls in the path of leadership? What are the support systems available for leaders at the top of the ladder? How can you lead to leave a positive legacy? Succinct discussions with examples from the lives of real leaders provided in the book will help leadership teams to work together to achieve meaning and true success in their individual and organizational lives. 'In "Integrity: The Core of Leadership," authors Biju Michael and Richard Lochrie mingle their research with the practical wisdom of twenty-eight prominent leaders of industry, religion, politics, sports, medicine, and entrepreneurship to trace guidelines for leaders. It is an indispensable book for every leader embarked on leaving a positive legacy.' - Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman, Keller Williams Realty



Author: D. Min Th D. Ph. D. George Stover Jr

Publisher: Xulon Press

ISBN: 1619965305

Category: Philosophy

Page: 282

View: 3831

Does America really know what integrity is? In this book, Dr. Stover addresses the critical need for integrity in every personal and societal entity. He looks at how a common set of values will support the very fabric of our civilization and how its absence will lead to the ultimate fall of a local, national or world community. Dr. George Stover is founder of Wellspring Ministries - Churches & Missions, Inc. and founding Pastor of Wellspring Church of All Nations in Las Vegas, Nevada. He is also President of Wellspring Bible Institute and the Wellspring Ministerial Fellowship. Pastor Stover has held various positions with the Full Gospel Fellowship of Churches & Ministers since 1984 including a term as the Vice-President of the Southwest Region. He holds a Doctor of Ministry with Logos Christian College, Jacksonville, Florida, a Doctor of Theology and a Doctor of Philosophy from Southern Bible Institute & Seminary, Augusta, Georgia and has authored several books and a multitude of teaching materials. George is an international power evangelism crusade speaker and leadership trainer. His practical approach to often misunderstood subjects brings enlightenment and liberation to those with an ear to hear.



Author: Ashish Raichur

Publisher: All Peoples Church


Category: Bibles

Page: 37

View: 3041

It is really sad when we see dishonesty, unrighteousness and a lack of integrity among God’s people—us—because at least we should know better. We should know how to walk in integrity, honesty, purity and righteousness, because we read the Word of God and all that it teaches about these things.

Management Ethics

Integrity at Work


Author: Joseph A. Petrick,John F. Quinn

Publisher: SAGE

ISBN: 9780803957978

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 399

View: 1074

This book provides the theoretical rationale, conceptual framework and practical tools necessary for building and sustaining managerial and organizational integrity over time. Individual chapters are devoted to ethical planning, leadership and control. Also included are 28 mini-cases relate to various functional areas of management including finance, marketing, human resource management, law, technology, operations, public policy and the environment.

Ethics and Integrity of Governance

Perspectives Across Frontiers


Author: L. W. Huberts,Jeroen Maesschalck,Carole L. Jurkiewicz

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 1848441371

Category: Political Science

Page: 275

View: 7620

The book is a welcome contribution to the literature on ethics as it provides a broader horizon of investigation than most familiar works in recent years. Jamil E. Jreisat, International Journal of Public Administration This book provides critical, up-to-date reviews on the field of ethics and integrity of governance, along with fresh future perspectives. Focusing on Europe and the US, it addresses the key dimensions of public service values, the integrity and rationality of governance, ethics management, and the ethics of governance politics. In each of these four areas, leading international scholars tackle the main issues and controversies facing the world today. The final chapter synthesizes these views and provides an ambitious and critical outline for future work in the field of ethics and integrity of governance. Emanating from the much heralded transatlantic dialogue , this study integrates both the European and American perspectives into a common voice for action. Ethics and Integrity of Governance will appeal to academics, researchers and practitioners in the areas of leadership and organisation, public policy and public administration, and public values and ethics.



Author: Anna Borgeryd

Publisher: New Internationalist

ISBN: 1780262353

Category: Man-woman relationships

Page: 512

View: 6345

Vera is a nurse from Sweden who, while delivering a baby in the Columbian jungle, meets indigenous people with a wholly different outlook on life. A traumatic experience forces her home, where the quest to put her life back together becomes tied up with her search for a more sustainable world. She meets the womanzing heir to a company specializing in luxury travel. Could such opposites really attract? And could they actually work together to find a fix for an economic system on the brink of disaster?

Teaching with Integrity

The Ethics of Higher Education Practice


Author: Bruce Macfarlane

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415335096

Category: Education

Page: 184

View: 4139

This is a book about the ethics of teaching in the context of higher education. While many books focus on the broader socially ethical topics of widening participation and promoting equal opportunities, this unique book concentrates specifically on the lecturer's professional responsibilities. It covers the real-life, messy, everyday moral dilemmas that confront university teachers when dealing with students and colleagues - whether arising from facilitated discussion in the classroom, deciding whether it is fair to extend a deadline, investigating suspected plagiarism or dealing with complaints. Bruce Macfarlane analyses the pros and cons of prescriptive professional codes of practice employed by many universities and proposes the active development of professional virtues over bureaucratic recommendations. The material is presented in a scholarly, yet accessible style, and case examples are used throughout to encourage a practical, reflective approach. Teaching With Integrity seeks to bridge the pedagogic gap currently separating the debate about teaching and learning in higher education from the broader social and ethical environment in which it takes place.

Integrity in the Public and Private Domains


Author: Alan Montefiore,David Vines

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134679386

Category: Philosophy

Page: 356

View: 496

Integrity in the Private and Public Domains explores the issue of public and private integrity in politics, the media, health, science, fund-raising, the economy and the public sector. Over twenty essays by well-known figures such as Amelie Rorty, David Vines, the late Hugo Gryn, Alan Montefiore and Hilary Lawson present a compelling insight into debates over integrity today. A key chapter of the book concerns the highly publicised donation to Oxford University by Gert-Rudolf Flick, an issue which attracted wide media attention by raising questions of fund-raising and the holocaust.

Intimacy Or Integrity

Philosophy and Cultural Difference


Author: Thomas P. Kasulis

Publisher: University of Hawaii Press

ISBN: 9780824825591

Category: Philosophy

Page: 183

View: 8262

How can I know something? How can I convince someone of the rightness of my position? How does reality function? What is artistic creativity? What is the role of the state? It is well known that people from various cultures give dissimilar answers to such philosophical questions. After three decades in the cross-cultural study of ideas and values, Thomas Kasulis found that culture influences not only the answers to these questions, but often how one arrives at the answers. In generalizing cultural difference, Kasulis identifies two kinds of orientation: intimacy and integrity. Both determine how we think about relations among people and among things, and each is reasonable, effective, and consistent. Yet the two are so incompatible in their basic assumptions that they cannot successfully engage each other. Cultural difference extends beyond nations. Cultural identities crystallize in relation to religion, occupation, race, gender, class. Rather than attempt to transcend cultural difference, Kasulis urges a deeper awareness of its roots by moving beyond mere cultural relativism toward a cultural bi-orientationality that will allow us to adapt ourselves to different cultural contexts as the situation demands. Wonderfully clear and unburdened by jargon, Intimacy or Integrity is accessible to readers from a variety of perspectives and backgrounds. By analyzing the synergy between thought and culture, it increases our understanding of cultural difference and guides us in developing strategies for dealing with orientations different from our own.

Integrity and Change

Mental Health in the Market Place


Author: Eileen Smith

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134768354

Category: Psychology

Page: 216

View: 2730

Integrity and Change: Mental Health in the Market Place examines how workers in the caring professions might preserve their integrity and ability to reflect and act purposefully in the face of such rapid and extensive change.

Selling with Integrity

Reinventing Sales Through Collaboration, Respect, and Serving


Author: Sharon Drew Morgen

Publisher: Berrett-Koehler Publishers

ISBN: 9781576750179

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 243

View: 2765

Explores the paradigm-shifting "Morgen buying facilitation method" and explains how to improve sales through the recognition and support of buyers' buying patterns

Where in the World Is Integrity?

The Challenge of Doing What Is Right


Author: Bruce B. Roberts,Craig D. Rice,Joe E. Smith

Publisher: Augsburg Books

ISBN: 9781451405323

Category: Self-Help

Page: 189

View: 5829

The authors share heartening stories of integrity as seen and told by ordinary people, and they encourage people to notice the many acts of integrity around them and then discuss with others what they have observed.