Cars Inside and Out


Author: Chris Oxlade

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781435829398

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 30

View: 4192

Describes the structure and mechanics of automobiles, including how an engine works, what components generate an easier ride, and how electric and fuel cell cars differ from those with combustible engines.

Trucks Inside and Out


Author: Chris Oxlade

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781435829404

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 30

View: 5384

Presents information about the exterior and interior of trucks, describing their structure, engine, tranmission, steering, brakes, wheels, and suspension, along with facts about special vehicles.

Airplanes Inside and Out


Author: Chris Oxlade

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781435829411

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 32

View: 3348

Describes the different parts of an airplane, and how each part works.

Inside and Out

Women, Prison, and Therapy


Author: Elaine J. Leeder

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1136864377

Category: Psychology

Page: 326

View: 9050

A critical perspective on the treatment of incarcerated women—and their children Inside and Out: Women, Prison, and Therapy challenges conventional thinking about the therapeutic issues facing female prisoners and their children. Therapists, counselors, scholars, and activists examine the injustices of the criminal justice system and the roles feminist therapists can play in deconstructing and demystifying the lives of women prisoners by becoming more involved in clinical work. Inside and Out: Women, Prison, and Therapy examines this growing problem from a feminist perspective, debunking stereotypes about women perpetrators with a thorough examination of gender-responsive treatment of women in a variety of settings. This unique book includes a macro analysis of gender and criminality; an assessment of violence and the abuse of women; parenting and the impact of incarceration on children; treatment approaches developed specifically for women prisoners; and an outline of what women need when leaving prison life. The book also examines crucial issues facing women prisoners, including sexual abuse and assault, substance abuse, mental and physical health concerns, human rights, violence, discrimination, and the unique problems of women prisoners of color. Topics addressed in Inside and Out: Women, Prison, and Therapy include: designing and delivering gender-responsive programs for women developing therapeutic measures to correct and normalize marginalized women mistreatment of women prisoners in the United States domestic violence and its connection to criminalization counseling sexually abused women motherhood, crime, and prison the effects of incarceration on children and families women, addiction, and incarceration using drama therapy with incarcerated women feminist support groups transitioning after release from prison and much more Inside and Out: Women, Prison, and Therapy is a vital professional resource for therapists and counselors who work with female prisoners and their families.

Beautiful Inside and Out

Conquering Thyroid Disease with a Healthy, Happy, ',Thyroid Sexy', Life


Author: Gena Lee Nolin,Mary Shomon

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 1451687230

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 336

View: 3933

Baywatch star Gena Lee Nolin shares her story of undergoing and overcoming two decades of misdiagnosed thyroid disease and shows how the estimated sixty million Americans suffering from thyroid disease can learn to live healthy, happy, and beautiful lives. The most comprehensive, user-friendly handbook available for anyone suffering from thyroid disease: everything you need to know to reclaim the happy, healthy, wonderful life you deserve! Gena Lee Nolin, a star of the hit TV series Baywatch, was the picture of perfect health. Then suddenly she was plagued by a baffling array of symptoms: exhaustion, brain fog, bloating, depression, hair loss, and debilitating changes in energy, weight, and mood, culminating in lifethreatening symptoms during her pregnancy. Like millions of American women, Nolin was struggling with undiagnosed thyroid disease. Thyroid problems leave women feeling anything but beautiful, and often they find themselves stigmatized by friends, family, the media—even doctors. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Collaborating with New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized thyroid patient advocate Mary Shomon, Nolin uses her own story to deliver practical information vital for anyone struggling with thyroid issues. Readers will learn how to get diagnosed accurately and treated effectively, how to lose weight, balance hormones, solve beauty challenges, and regain their self-confidence. Full of practical checklists, questionnaires, and advice from America’s leading experts in thyroid and hormonal health, here is a heartfelt, helpful guide for women who are ready to feel strong, sexy, and beautiful again.

Motorcycles Inside and Out


Author: Chris Oxlade

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group

ISBN: 9781435829428

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 30

View: 7676

Introduces the motorcycle, including its different parts, how it functions, and the safety precautions to operating a motorcycle.

English Inside and Out

The Places of Literary Criticism


Author: Susan Kamholtz Gubar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134567863

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 144

View: 6000

First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Love inside and out

A Pride and Prejudice alternative


Author: Moira Bianchi

Publisher: Moira Bianchi - Hot Rio Chick


Category: Fiction

Page: N.A

View: 6668

A good humored Pride and Prejudice ‘what if‘. At the Hunsford Parsonage, by chance Darcy overhears a fateful discussion between Elizabeth and a newlywed Charlotte. Most intrigued by learning the fetching Miss Bennett is being blackmailed, he immediately claims the task of protecting her honor but learns he’s not her only protector...

Bronze Inside and Out

A Biographical Memoir of Bob Scriver


Author: Mary Strachan Scriver

Publisher: University of Calgary Press

ISBN: 1552382273

Category: Art

Page: 371

View: 2916

"More than any other book that I can think of, Bronze Inside and Out puts a human face on Western art - indeed, all art. It invites us to ponder the very nature of the creative process." - From the foreword by Brian W. Dippie, University of Victoria Bronze Inside and Out: A Biographical Memoir of Bob Scriver is a literary biography of sculptor Bob Scriver, written by his wife, Mary Strachan Scriver. Bob Scriver is best known for his work in bronze and for his pivotal role in the rise of "cowboy art." Living and working on the Montana Blackfeet Reservation, Scriver created a bronze foundry, a museum, and a studio - an atelier based on classical methods, but with local Blackfeet artisans. His importance in the still-developing genre of "western art" cannot be overstated. Mary Strachan Scriver lived and worked with Bob Scriver for over a decade and was instrumental in his rise to international acclaim. Working alongside her husband, she became intimately familiar with the man, his work, and his process. Her frank, uncensored, and highly entertaining biography reveals details that give the reader a unique picture of Scriver both as man and as artist. Bronze Inside and Out also provides a fascinating look into the practice of bronze casting, cleverly structuring the story of Bob Scriver's life according to the steps in this complicated and temperamental process.

Denver Inside and Out


Author: Jeanne E. Colorado Historical Society

Publisher: University Press of Colorado

ISBN: 094257656X

Category: History

Page: 132

View: 6642

Denver turned 150 just a few years ago--not too shabby for a city so down on its luck in 1868 that Cheyenne boosters deemed it "too dead to bury." Still, most of the city's history is a recent memory: Denver's entire story spans just two human lifetimes. In Denver Inside and Out, eleven authors illustrate how pioneers built enduring educational, medical, and transportation systems; how Denver's social and political climate contributed to the elevation of women; how Denver residents wrestled with-and exploited-the city's natural features; and how diverse cultural groups became an essential part of the city's fabric. By showing how the city rose far above its humble roots, the authors illuminate the many ways that Denver residents have never stopped imagining a great city. Published in time for the opening of the new History Colorado Center in Denver in 2012, Denver Inside and Out hints at some of the social, economic, legal, and environmental issues that Denverites will have to consider over the next 150 years. Finalist for the 2012 Colorado Book Awards

Free Inside and Out


Author: Marilyn Meberg,Luci Swindoll

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418554650

Category: Religion

Page: 240

View: 9394

In Free Inside and Out, Marilyn Meberg and Luci Swindoll remind you that God's grace is your source of freedom, and that you can claim that freedom right now, no matter what your circumstances. Two very different women offer insights on what freedom really means and show you how to: find freedom by getting to know and like yourself escape from the prison of past pain, personal flaws, and old wounds understand the free gift of grace God has given you love and honor others while honoring yourself with healthy boundaries exchange the bondage of legalism for the liberty of grace make choices that will help you live a life of love, laughter, and personal fulfillment From dealing with debt and personal doubts to expressing yourself in delightful new ways, Free Inside and Out offers practical wisdom and witty insight from two of Women of Faith's® most beloved speakers.

English Inside and Out

The Places of Literary Criticism


Author: Susan Gubar,Jonathan Kamholtz

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415906685

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 138

View: 7300

A collection of essays in which a group of academic literary critics take a close look at the current state of the discipline and envisage its future. Topics include current controversies within Afro-American and feminist criticism, and the influence of cultural and gay studies.

Beautiful, Inside and Out


Author: Larry Hammersley

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press Inc

ISBN: 1612173128

Category: Fiction

Page: 42

View: 9785

Full-figured Bess Simpson despairs -- so many men on campus are turned off by "fat chicks." Only one has caught her eye, but he's always with the petite drum major. Bolstered by an encouraging best friend, Bess finds her math ability comes in handy -- the man of her dreams needs a tutor. Art Fuller wants to be a metallurgical engineer, but he must pass the Differential Equations class, and math is not his strong point. To make matters worse, the help session leader is no help, and dating the daughter of the department head isn't getting him anywhere but henpecked, especially when he turns to Bess for some assistance. Will Bess impress him beyond the subject at hand? Or is he unable to recognize her true value?

Volcanoes Inside and Out


Author: D.M. Souza

Publisher: Millbrook Press

ISBN: 082256355X

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 48

View: 1186

Why does a volcano erupt? How many different kinds of volcanoes are there? Once believed to be the work of a fire god named Vulcan, volcanoes have long fascinated people. Looking at three different types of volcanoes—composite, cinder cone, and shield—uncover how and why these magnificent and deadly mountains change the earth for the better, and for the worse.

Abdominal Training: Inside and Out


Author: George A. James

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1479727032

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 182

View: 5914

About The Author George James currently resides in the DC Metro Area with his wife Carol, dog, and fish. He has been involved in the fitness industry for 12 years as a personal trainer and group exercise coordinator. Published works include health articles for Infuse, a young adult Christian magazine, Milo, and two books entitled Can God Smile and A Father and Son Book of Poetry and Prose. Besides emphasizing a strong abdominal wall, he has also participated in weightlifting, powerlifting, and all around lifting competitions since 1996. George was a graduate of Slippery Rock University with an exercise science degree, and has various certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, Kettlebell Athletics, and the United States Olympic Training Center. He also serves as a third class petty officer corpsman reservist and currently does drill at Andrews Air force Base in Maryland. In his spare time he enjoys dancing with his wife, walking his dog, exercising, reading, fishing, shooting his 9mm beretta, and being a positive influence in the universe.

The Earth Inside and Out

Some Major Contributions to Geology in the Twentieth Century


Author: David Roger Oldroyd

Publisher: Geological Society of London

ISBN: 9781862390966

Category: Science

Page: 369

View: 1519

Consciousness Inside and Out: Phenomenology, Neuroscience, and the Nature of Experience


Author: Richard Brown

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9400760019

Category: Philosophy

Page: 457

View: 599

This volume is product of the third online consciousness conference, held at in February and March 2011. Chapters range over epistemological issues in the science and philosophy of perception, what neuroscience can do to help us solve philosophical issues in the philosophy of mind, what the true nature of black and white vision, pain, auditory, olfactory, or multi-modal experiences are, to higher-order theories of consciousness, synesthesia, among others. Each chapter includes a target article, commentaries, and in most cases, a final response from the author. Though wide-ranging all of the papers aim to understand consciousness both from the inside, as we experience it, and from the outside as we encounter it in our science. The Online Consciousness Conference, founded and organized by Richard Brown, is dedicated to the rigorous study of consciousness and mind. The goal is to bring philosophers, scientists, and interested lay persons together in an online venue to promote high-level discussion and exchanging of views, ideas and data related to the scientific and philosophical study of consciousness.