The Illusion of Choice

How the Market Economy Shapes Our Destiny


Author: Andrew Bard Schmookler

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 9780791412657

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 349

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It is sensitive to those values pertaining to what can be bought and sold but is blind to others - such as the integrity of the natural world and the quality of human relationships - that cannot be turned into commodities. It is impervious to the costs of tearing apart the larger wholes - families, communities, the biosphere - that are vital to the quality of our lives. While these shortcomings are known to mainstream economics, their vital importance has not been recognized because economics takes too static a perspective. Systematic errors wreak damage over time. The Illusion of Choice, by putting our economic lives in a social evolutionary perspective, illuminates the defects of the market ideology that defends the uncontrolled play of market forces. On the basis of that analysis, this work also provides the outlines of a program by which we can make the market system a better instrument of the full range of human values

Illusions of Choice

The Hidden Hand of Astrology Behind Us Presidential Elections


Author: M. K. Weale

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780998991900


Page: N.A

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The real truth as to: -Why Trump won -Who could have beaten Trump - How the Global Elite use astrology to achieve their goals -Secret astrological keys built into the Presidential Election cycle Astrological principles of the constellations and planets provide the timing and energetic impulses to trigger events, candidates, parties, primaries, and US election outcomes with amazing forecast accuracy. US presidential races are examined between 1952 and 2016 using astrology, history, and candidate data that indicate the powerful cosmic energies at work in the "Will of the People."

Illusions of Choice

The F-111 and the Problem of Weapons Acquisition Reform


Author: Robert F. Coulam

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780691075839

Category: F-111 (Fighter planes)

Page: 432

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The Description for this book, Illusions of Choice: The F-111 and the Problem of Weapons Acquisition Reform, will be forthcoming.

The Illusion of Choice


Author: Kirsten J. Stonnell

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781515345848


Page: 296

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In The Illusion of Choice, Joy Fells is a gifted singer and music professor. She's a loving mother and a beloved wife. She should be happy but she is overwhelmed by her emotions; emotions that control her choices, choices that leave her floundering and unsure of where she belongs. Each choice has led her to the one moment she will always regret, the greatest secret she will ever harbor; a secret that threatens to destroy her. As the lies eat away at her, she is forced to confront the memory of the men she has loved and the wounds and betrayals each of those loves have left on her soul. As she finally reveals her secret, she realizes how immense the price is that she will have to pay for her lies.


Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen


Author: Anna Lappe,Bryant Terry

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1440628254

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 352

View: 7300

In the past few years, organic food has moved out of the patchouli-scented aisles of hippie food co-ops and into three-quarters of conventional grocery stores. Concurrent with this growth has been increased consumer awareness of the social and health-related issues around organic eating, independent farming, and food production. Combining a straight-to-the-point exposé about organic foods (organic doesn't mean fresh, natural, or independently produced) and the how-to's of creating an affordable, easy-touse organic kitchen, Grub brings organics home to urban dwellers. It gives the reader compelling arguments for buying organic food, revealing the pesticide industry's influence on government regulation and the extent of its pollution in our waterways and bodies. With an inviting recipe section, Grub also offers the millionsof people who buy organics fresh ideas and easy ways to cook with them. Grub's recipes, twenty-four meals oriented around the seasons, appeal to eighteen- to forty-year-olds who are looking for fun and simple meals. In addition, the book features resource lists (including music playlists to cook by), unusual and illuminating graphics, and every variety of do-it yourself tip sheets, charts, and checklists.

Intrinsic Motivation and Self-Determination in Human Behavior


Author: Edward L. Deci,Richard M. Ryan

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 1489922717

Category: Psychology

Page: 372

View: 6380

Early in this century, most empirically oriented psychologists believed that all motivation was based in the physiology of a set of non-nervous system tissue needs. The theories of that era reflected this belief and used it in an attempt to explain an increasing number of phenomena. It was not until the 1950s that it became irrefutably clear that much of human motivation is based not in these drives, but rather in a set of innate psychological needs. Their physiological basis is less understood; and as concepts, these needs lend themselves more easily to psycho logical than to physiological theorizing. The convergence of evidence from a variety of scholarly efforts suggests that there are three such needs: self-determination, competence, and interpersonal relatedness. This book is primarily about self-determination and competence (with particular emphasis on the former), and about the processes and structures that relate to these needs. The need for interpersonal relat edness, while no less important, remains to be explored, and the findings from those explorations will need to be integrated with the present theory to develop a broad, organismic theory of human motivation. Thus far, we have articulated self-determination theory, which is offered as a working theory-a theory in the making. To stimulate the research that will allow it to evolve further, we have stated self-determination theory in the form of minitheories that relate to more circumscribed domains, and we have developed paradigms for testing predictions from the various minitheories.

Sleights of Mind

What the neuroscience of magic reveals about our brains


Author: Sandra Blakeslee,Stephen L. Macknik,Susana Martinez-Conde

Publisher: Profile Books

ISBN: 1847652956

Category: Psychology

Page: 304

View: 3343

What can magic tell us about ourselves and our daily lives? If you subtly change the subject during an uncomfortable conversation, did you know you're using attentional 'misdirection', a core technique of magic? And if you've ever bought an expensive item you'd sworn never to buy, you were probably unaware that the salesperson was, like an accomplished magician, a master at creating the 'illusion of choice'. Leading neuroscientists Stephen Macknik and Susana Martinez-Conde meet with magicians from all over the world to explain how the magician's art sheds light on consciousness, memory, attention, and belief. As the founders of the new discipline of NeuroMagic, they combine cutting-edge scientific research with startling insights into the tricks of the magic trade. By understanding how magic manipulates the processes in our brains, we can better understand how we work - in fields from law and education to marketing, health and psychology - for good and for ill.

A Course in Miracles


Author: N.A


ISBN: 0981597165

Category: Self-Help

Page: 664

View: 4909

This volume contains the original "Course in Miracles" text, as well as the "Course for Miracles for Teachers" and "The 360 Lessons."

Pamphlet Architecture 14: Mosquitoes


Author: Ken Kaplan,Ted Krueger

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press

ISBN: 9781878271839

Category: Architecture

Page: 79

View: 5559

Pamphlet Architecture was begun in 1977 by William Stout and Steven Holl as an independent vehicle for dialogue among architects, and has become a popular venue for publishing the works and thoughts of a younger generation of architects. Small in scale, low in price, but large in impact, these books present and disseminate new and innovative theories. The modest format of the books in the Pamphlet Architecture Series belies the importance and magnitude of the ideas within.

Nursing Theories

Conceptual and Philosophical Foundations, Second Edition


Author: Hesook Suzie Kim, PhD, RN,Ingrid Kollak, PhD, RN

Publisher: Springer Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780826140067

Category: Medical

Page: 309

View: 812

Designated a Doody's Core Title! This second edition is the perfect companion to original theoretical works in nursing for a better understanding of both the theories themselves and the essential questions about nursing theory development. Rather than being a nursing theory survey, the text provides the reader with a deeper understanding of nursing theories through examining them in their conceptual and philosophical contexts. This is a work of international collaboration, with distinguished nurse scholars from the United States, Germany, and Norway, organized around major themes in nursing and health care into which information on specific nursing theories is integrated. It is designed for advanced nursing students, educators, and others interested in nursing theory and concepts. For Further Information, Please Click Here! Please note that this website is in German!

Illusions of Prosperity

America's Working Families in an Age of Economic Insecurity


Author: Joel Blau

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 0195146069

Category: Political Science

Page: 272

View: 984

"Blau not only charts how the American government's embrace of laissez-faire ideology has wreaked havoc...he tells us what can be done to undo the damage. Must reading for anyon who cares about what's happening to the average American."--Charles Noble, Professor of Political Science, CSU Long Beach

To Relieve the Pain

Demystifying Addiction


Author: Daniel Linder

Publisher: RelationshipVision

ISBN: 096395654X

Category: Psychology

Page: 84

View: 3946

Demystifying Addiction presents a Relational model, picking up where the Medical model left off. The disease was defined as a 'pathological dependence, ' but was never viewed in terms of being a (pathological) relationship, or as the result of non-emotionally nourishing relationships. The "pathological dependency" is a pathological relationship, one in which there is a beginning, progressive emotional involvement and a synergistic interplay between dependence and denial. It accounts for etiology, identifies pre-existing conditions, brings forth a phenomenological or experiential perspective, all of which have profound treatment implications.

奇迹课程电子书 简体中英对照版


Author: 若水 译

Publisher: 奇迹资讯中心

ISBN: 9868154081

Category: Education

Page: 2314

View: 7593

========== 勘误敬请参照奇迹中文部网站。网站刊登勘误后,一周内电子书将自动更新。 ========== 《奇迹课程》新译本,乃是根据作者海伦·舒曼博士所委托的「心灵平安基金会」2007年所出版的「全集」,也是原译者若水女士在「教」「学」本课程十年之後再次出发的精心译作。 全书分为三册: 第一册:〈正文〉; 第二册:〈学员练习手册〉; 第三册:〈教师指南〉丶〈词汇解析〉以及〈补编〉的「心理治疗」与「颂祷」二文。 新译本网罗了《奇迹课程》所有的正式文献,使奇迹读者从此再无沧海遗珠之憾。 〈正文〉提出整个思想体系中的基本概念。〈学员练习手册〉共有三百六十五课,以一年为期,一天一课。〈教师指南〉乃是答覆奇迹学员最常提出的问题。〈补编〉则是海伦.舒曼博士晚年的笔录,根据奇迹理念延伸而出的补充教材。 详细简介请看这里:

Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare

A Catalyst for Cost Savings and Improved Productivity


Author: A. Michael LaPenna

Publisher: CRC Press

ISBN: 9781420092455

Category: Medical

Page: 278

View: 1687

Workplace Clinics and Employer Managed Healthcare: A Catalyst for Cost Savings and Improved Productivity is not another diatribe on the national healthcare problem. Instead, it is a book about what is possible. Mike LaPenna shares with readers the actual experiences of those self-funded employers who are moving healthcare access on-site and directly managing all aspects of their own healthcare delivery system. With the candor he is known for, LaPenna: Examines both the big issues and the nuts and bolts concerns that companies and their employees face Demonstrates the importance of employee participation in the planning Covers when and how to work with hospitals, pharmacies and other vendors Much is made about turning healthcare delivery into a system that incentivizes wellness rather than profits from illness. This is the one path that assures such an outcome. There are no manuals to help your company achieve this goal, only the lessons to be learned from those who have walked the path. This book shares those lessons with you.

Making Care Work

Employed Mothers in the New Childcare Market


Author: Lynet Uttal

Publisher: Rutgers University Press

ISBN: 9780813531113

Category: Social Science

Page: 203

View: 7940

As ever more women work outside the home, ever more families employ childcare workers. In the absence of government regulations or social models that clearly define the childcare provider's role, mothers worry about the quality of care their children are getting. By connecting the personal level of mothers' daily experiences to the larger political, economic, and ideological context of childcare, Lynet Uttal describes and explains how mothers rely on their relationship with the providers to monitor and influence the quality of care their children receive. Whereas other studies have emphasized how mothers undervalue and exploit providers, this book paints a more nuanced picture, arguing that the ties between adults who share in the care of children creates neither heroes nor victims. This ethnography reveals that mothers are often reluctant to discuss their concerns with their childcare providers. Uttal shows how mothers walk a fine line between wanting to believe in the quality of care they have chosen, and the fact that they might have made a mistake. Catalyzed by their worries about the quality of care, mothers develop complex relationships with the women--and most are women--who look after their children.

Through A Glass Darkly

The Social Sciences Look at the Neoliberal University


Author: Margaret Thornton

Publisher: ANU Press

ISBN: 1925022145

Category: Education

Page: 356

View: 2980

This collection of essays arose from a workshop held in Canberra in 2013 under the auspices of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia to consider the impact of the encroachment of the market on public universities. While the UK tripled fees in 2013 and determined that the teaching of the social sciences and the humanities would no longer be publicly funded, it was feared that Australia would go further and deregulate fees altogether. In the best tradition of the social sciences, the contributors have assumed the role of critic and conscience of society to present penetrating analyses of the ramifications of the corporatisation of the university as neoliberalism continues to occupy the ascendant position in the political firmament. The dramatis personae in these analyses are students, academics, managers and political mandarins with the gendered character of corporatisation an important sub-theme.

The Political Novel

Re-Imagining the Twentieth Century


Author: Stuart A. Scheingold

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA

ISBN: 1441178627

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 272

View: 809

This book reveals how novels of political estrangement have drawn on cultural narratives to capture the zeitgeist of the 20th century and the disillusionment of modernism.

Public Choice III


Author: Dennis C. Mueller

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521894753

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 768

View: 8734

Contents - 1. Introduction; Part I. Origins of the State - 2. The reason for collective choice - allocative efficiency; 3. The reason for collective choice - redistribution; Part II. Public Choice in a Direct Democracy - 4. The choice of voting rule; 5. Majority rule - positive properties; 6. Majority rule - normative properties; 7. Simple alternatives to majority rule; 8. Complicated alternatives to majority rule; 9. Exit, voice and disloyalty; Part III. Public Choice in a Representative Democracy - 10. Federalism; 11. Two-party competition - deterministic voting; 12. Two-party competition - probabilistic voting; 13. Multiparty systems; 14. The paradox of voting; 15. Rent seeking; 16. Bureaucracy; 17. Legislatures and bureaucracies; 18. Dictatorship; Part IV. Applications and Testing - 19. Political competition and macroeconomic performance; 20. Interest groups, campaign contributions and lobbying; 21. The size of government; 22. Government size and economic performance; Part V. Normative public choice - 23. Social welfare functions; 24. The impossibility of a social ordering; 25. A just social contract; 26. The constitution as a utilitarian contract; 27. Liberal rights and social choices; Part VI. What Have We Learned? - 28. Has public choice contributed anything to the study of politics?; 29. Allocation, redistribution, and public choice.

Sold on Language

How Advertisers Talk to You and What This Says About You


Author: Julie Sedivy,Greg Carlson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 9781119996088

Category: Psychology

Page: 330

View: 6091

As citizens of capitalist, free-market societies, we tend to celebrate choice and competition. However, in the 21st century, as we have gained more and more choices, we have also become greater targets for persuasive messages from advertisers who want to make those choices for us. In Sold on Language, noted language scientists Julie Sedivy and Greg Carlson examine how rampant competition shapes the ways in which commercial and political advertisers speak to us. In an environment saturated with information, advertising messages attempt to compress as much persuasive power into as small a linguistic space as possible. These messages, the authors reveal, might take the form of a brand name whose sound evokes a certain impression, a turn of phrase that gently applies peer pressure, or a subtle accent that zeroes in on a target audience. As more and more techniques of persuasion are aimed squarely at the corner of our mind which automatically takes in information without conscious thought or deliberation, does 'endless choice' actually mean the end of true choice? Sold on Language offers thought-provoking insights into the choices we make as consumers and citizens – and the choices that are increasingly being made for us. Click here for more discussion and debate on the authors’ blog: [Wiley disclaims all responsibility and liability for the content of any third-party websites that can be linked to from this website. Users assume sole responsibility for accessing third-party websites and the use of any content appearing on such websites. Any views expressed in such websites are the views of the authors of the content appearing on those websites and not the views of Wiley or its affiliates, nor do they in any way represent an endorsement by Wiley or its affiliates.]