I'm Glad I Did


Author: Cynthia Weil

Publisher: Soho Press

ISBN: 1616953578

Category: Young Adult Fiction

Page: 272

View: 8369

Mad Men meets Nashville in this debut mystery set in 1963, written by Grammy winner and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Cynthia Weil. "I loved everything about I’m Glad I Did... Not just brava, Cynthia. Bravissima!!" —Carole King, multi-Grammy winning singer-songwriter of Tapestry and author of the New York Times bestseller A Natural Woman New York City, summer of 1963: JJ Green is a born songwriter—a major problem, since her family thinks the music business is a cesspool of lowlifes and hustlers. Defying them, she secretly takes an internship at the Brill Building, the epicenter of a new sound called rock and roll. When she finds a writing partner in Luke Silver, a boy with mesmerizing green eyes, JJ believes she is living her dream. They’ll even be cutting their first demo with legendary singer Dulcie Brown. But soon JJ’s dream is shattered by tragedy, and she must navigate a web of troubled pasts, hidden identities, and tangled secrets—before it snares her, too. From the Hardcover edition.

Memoirs of Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, Baronet

With Selections from His Correspondence


Author: Thomas Fowell Buxton

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108020259

Category: History

Page: 620

View: 7321

The first biography of noted social reformer and abolitionist Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton, published in 1848 by his son.

The Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman in the Year 2011


Author: Bola Essien-Nelson

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469197227

Category: Religion

Page: 395

View: 1354

The Diary of a Desperate Naija Woman in the Year 2011 is collection of random blogs written by Bola Essien-Nelson giving the reader an insight into her daily life. It captures, in her own unique conversational manner, the soars and dips, the losses and the victories, the whoops of joy and the frustrated cries of defeat, and pain of an ordinary woman desperately chasing after her extraordinary God. Bola hopes that, as you read this book, the words you encounter will make you smile a little, laugh out loud a lot, and maybe even tear up on occasion as you realise that you are not alone and that many of lifes experiences are universal. She hopes that you will read and come to a deeper understanding of the incredibly intense love God has for you and that this realisation will birth a new hunger in your belly to chase after God and to do so desperately.

What I Did on My Summer Vacation...

The Guy Diet\Light My Fire\No Reservations


Author: Thea Devine,Debbi Rawlins,Samantha Hunter

Publisher: Harlequin

ISBN: 1426818947

Category: Fiction

Page: 224

View: 4449

The mercury's soaring—and so are the body temperatures of three lucky couples: The Guy Diet by Thea Devine Disillusioned food columnist Lo Cavallero only wants her men "lite." But what will happen when dishy newsman Jed Costigan tries to convince her that he's more than just a scrumptious morsel? Light My Fire by Debbi Rawlins Jordan Samms has a mountain to climb-led by supersexy wilderness guide Zach Wilde. Before long, they're lighting each other's fire every night. But will the flames stay smokin' hot or blaze out of control! No Reservations by Samantha Hunter Edie Stevens is shocked when berhottie property owner Joel Roberts appears at her vacation cottage because of a mix-up with the dates. Seems they'll steer clear of one another…yeah, but how will they handle the sizzling chemistry?

Beltaro, the Book of Izra


Author: Carolyn M. Martin

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1469140896

Category: Fiction

Page: 596

View: 3842

not provided

Tall Tales


Author: Stan Davis

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1465375252

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 199

View: 9569

After publishing fourteen professional books, Stan wrote Tall Tales to leave a legacy for subsequent generations, as a human annuity, as a mark of his post-retirement work, and as a way of taking stock. Its done in four genresmemoir, essay, fi ction and poetry-and grouped by theme, with sections on his personal life, work life, his thoughts on religion, ten fi ctional tales, and two intermezzi with some poems. Thats it. Have fun.

Wissenschaftlicher Briefwechsel mit Bohr, Einstein, Heisenberg u.a. / Scientific Correspondence with Bohr, Einstein, Heisenberg, a.o.

Band III/Volume III: 1940–1949


Author: Wolfgang Pauli

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3540788026

Category: Science

Page: 1076

View: 5536

Das vorliegende Werk enth{lt wichtiges Quellenmaterial zur Geschichte der Elementarteilchen- und Quantenfeldtheorie aus den 40er Jahren. Die Briefe sind chronologisch eingeordnet und kommentiert. Umfangreiche Verzeichnisse erleichtern den Zugang zu dem reichhaltigen Informationsmaterial, das die Sch|pfer dieser Disziplin w{hrend ihrer Entstehungsperiode miteinander austauschten. F}r jeden, der sich ernsthaft mit der Geschichte der modernen Physik auseinandersetzen will, eine unumg{ngliches Standardwerk.

Twin-Pack Love - Liebe im Doppelpack


Author: Yvonne Hergane

Publisher: Langenscheidt

ISBN: 3468691505

Category: Juvenile Fiction

Page: 160

View: 815

Elaine und Laura haben es gut: Wenn sich eine vor etwas drücken will, schickt sie einfach ihre Zwillingsschwester. Bisher sind sie damit gut gefahren. Doch dann verlieben sich beide in Luca. Aber welche der Schwestern hat es ihm angetan? Hier geht es nicht um Grammatik pauken und ewig lange Vokabellisten. Hier geht es um Spaß und Romantik! Eine Lovestory in der Sprachkombi Englisch und Deutsch aus der Reihe „Girls in Love": Spannende Storys von Jugendbuchautoren geschrieben auf Deutsch erzählte Geschichten mit englischen Dialogen kurze Kapitel für den schnellen Erfolg keine langen Vokabellisten, sondern kleine Übersetzungsboxen, wenn mal ein unbekanntes Wort auftaucht Erfahren Sie mehr über unsere zweisprachigen Lektüren!

Mistakes, Promises, Lies and Betrayal

The Sibling Chronicles


Author: Mrs. GiGi Mac

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1483602885

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 91

View: 7172

How did I get here? Is this part of the plan or am I on candied camera. Im waiting on someone top pop out and say you have been PUNKED.. In my world where I live at you cant fall asleep in your car because a drunk cop may shot you. You have to sit outside with your kids or they may see a gay dude running around naked on wet. Throwing shitty pads on top of cars and rubbing his privates on the ground. In my world cps has more power than the feds. In my world your friends get shot for having an opinion and a voice. Our system has some times unknowingly thrown an innocent person in jail. Then theres times when they throw bogus charges on you. If you let them they will try in beat you down mentally or physically. To a point where you cant take it any more and you either give up or fight harder to survive. Our great leaders who really wanted to make a change got shot, set up or sent to jail for life. So tell me how I got here divorced after 17 years of marriage and 4 kids. In the process I loose a 3 bedroom house with a two car garage a backyard and four dogs. How did I get here with a man that lives such a mysterious life that I dont even know if hes married, just have a lot of women, or on crack. If not all of them put together. He just doesnt know that I am tired of his senior citizen excuses. Oh baby Im tired, my back hurt, my high blood pressure. I just be sitting there like damn I know your tongue work. Oh yea I forgot to tell you my fourth childs father Wilbert is bought fifty years old. My first three childrens father, Lawrence is the same age as me but he act kind of, well we gone call it special, sometimes. The crazy thing about it is the more you let a man chase you, and play by your rules and not his, the more they love and respect you. The moment you make it all about them they loose interest. Love is crazy it affects your heart and your brain. I keep waiting for someone to wake me up. I just found out my mom only has two weeks to live according to the doctor. Shes been having cancer for the past fifteen years but only found out seven years ago because of a car wreck. Its only the grace of god shes still here for this long. Every day she gets weaker and weaker. It breaks my heart to see her like this. Lord please be with my family we just lost an uncle.



Author: Calle J. Brookes

Publisher: Lost River Lit Publishing


Category: Billionaires

Page: 300

View: 3025

He knew what it was like to be a commodity, bought and sold by those who should have protected him. Billionaire Davis Lucas did his best to stop the people like the ones who hurt him. He had it all now, but he'd never forgotten what it was like to have nothing, and to be a victim. He'd worked for eight years to keep others from being victimized, too. Dr. Payton Asher was the kind of woman only a worthy man dreamed about. She was good, innocent, and beautiful. She had no business showing up at his home well past the time good girls should be in bed... Payton stumbled right in to Luc's dark secret, leaving him no choice but to protect her at any cost. Even if the greatest cost was to his heart...

The Children Shall Be Blameless


Author: W. Jack Savage

Publisher: Xlibris Corporation

ISBN: 1477111522

Category: Fiction

Page: 410

View: 9210

Some men seem to have all the luck. Others dream of only finding a little. Richard Smiths world was the orphanage. It was the only one he knew. All of the other worlds for children, of mothers and fathers and a place called home, he learned from the tears of those who had lost theirs only to wind up in his. From the way they grieved, he knew it must have been something pretty great. Once he had two sisters, they said. One had died and the other went to a place called Iowa with an uncle. He was left behind. He grew up to put most of it behind him and in his search for a family of his own, thought that he had. But an electrical shock opened some door to his early childhood he couldnt seem to get closed again. Each discovery posed more questions until finally there was only one other person he needed to see. It would be a three-day road trip, or so he thought

And I'm Glad

An Oral History of Edisto Island


Author: N.A

Publisher: Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 9780738517612

Category: History

Page: 192

View: 3552

And I'm Glad: An Oral History of Edisto Island explores the island's history through the eyes and in the voices of two Edisto farmers, Sam Gadsden and Bubberson Brown, who grew up, labored, raised families, and made their lives on the island. These narratives, tracing the arrival of the first black pioneers, the subsequent slave culture during the 1800s, the difficulties of Reconstruction, to the Edisto of the twentieth century, document both the African-American legacy of the island and the personal struggles of two black men. Overcoming the unpredictability of the Lowcountry's weather, such as the historic Hurricane of 1893 and subsequent storms, the hardships of Depression-era America, and the double standards of a pre-Civil Rights South, Gadsden and Brown detail triumphant lives full of service, hard work, good humor, and faith.

Church Boy

Franklin, Kirk


Author: Kirk Franklin

Publisher: Thomas Nelson

ISBN: 1418558117

Category: Biography & Autobiography

Page: 260

View: 765

When he fell from a darkened stage in November 1996, Kirk Franklin could easily have been killed. That ten-foot plunge might have ended the career of one of America's most exciting young prodigies. But thanks to his dramatic recovery, the fall added not only a new dimension to his story but it brought Kirk Franklin to the attention of millions who otherwise might never have heard the name. Today Kirk Franklin is bigger than ever. His recordings have topped the charts, selling more copies in less time than any gospel musician in history. He has won every award gospel music has to offer but his own success is the last thing on his mind. This is the story of a young man from the poor side of town. He was taunted and teased as a child, but his faith and his remarkable musical talent helped him overcome the odds. In these pages Kirk Franklin reveals the real source of his strength. "What motivates me," he says, "is the knowledge that God has redeemed me from the pain and the hurts and the sin of my past and given me a new joy I can't even explain. It's not just for show," he says. "It's the truth, and that's what I want to express."