How to Succeed at Assessment Centres


Author: Kathleen Houston,Eileen Cunningham

Publisher: Macmillan International Higher Education

ISBN: 1137469323

Category: Education

Page: 280

View: 1146

Many employers now invite candidates to an assessment day. This book guides you through each step of the process, from getting selected and preparing for psychometric tests to group exercises and interviews. Featuring practical exercises and advice from both employers and graduates, it's an invaluable resource for opening the door to your career.

How to Succeed at an Assessment Centre


Author: Harry Tolley,Robert Wood

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 9780749444211

Category: Assessment centers (Personnel management procedure)

Page: 182

View: 9948

When applying for a new job or a promotion alot of people have to face the rigours of an assessment centre. Many organizations, in both the public and private sectors, now use these extended forms of assessment for selection purposes. Candidates often fail to do themselves justice as they are unaware of the different types of assessment tasks they may have to undertake. This fully revised and expanded new edition provides ideal preparation for assessment events and there is expert advice on all the key issues such as: how the assessments are conducted, how to behave - both in formal and informal situations and how to prepare for the different forms of assessment. It looks in detail at each of these different assessments, from group exercises and psychometric tests to panel interviews and role play exercises. There are plenty of practice questions with answers and explanations, and new material on personality and emotional intelligence questionnaires. How to Succeed at an Assessment Centre is essential preparation for this daunting selection process and it will help to improve anyone's chances of success.

How to Succeed at Assessment Centres


Author: Mary Wilson

Publisher: Trotman, Limited

ISBN: 9780856603495

Category: Assessment centers (Personnel management procedure)

Page: 38

View: 2070

Assessment centres are set up by organizations looking to recruit graduates. This book answers a range of questions such as: what are the reasons for assessment centres; what skills and characteristics are they looking for; what are the main types of tests; what are the dos and don'ts?

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Das Gallup-Prinzip für individuelle Entwicklung und erfolgreiche Führung


Author: Marcus Buckingham,Donald O. Clifton

Publisher: Campus Verlag

ISBN: 3593502526

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 8781

Stärken der Mitarbeiter stärken, anstatt ihre Schwächen bekämpfen - das ist es, was Unternehmen erfolgreich macht. Denn wer täglich das tun darf, was er am besten kann, arbeitet am effektivsten. Damit individuelle Stärken einfach identifiziert und gefördert werden können, haben die Autoren den Strengths- Finder entwickelt. Dieser Selbsttest ermittelt die fünf größten persönlichen Stärken. In diesem Bestseller erhalten Führungskräfte und Mitarbeiter fundierte Informationen, wie diese "Top Five" im Arbeitsalltag am besten eingesetzt werden können - für mehr Zufriedenheit, Motivation und Erfolg im Job.

How to Pass the Police Selection System

Practice for the Psychometric Tests and Succeed at the Assessment Centres


Author: Harry Tolley,Billy Hodge,Catherine Tolley

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 0749459050

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 176

View: 6330

Many would-be entrants to the police service are unsuccessful because at some point in the assessment system they fail to demonstrate their full potential. Failure may be the result of a variety of factors such as: stress and anxiety; being unable to cope with the psychometric tests; having to perform in front of other people while being observed and evaluated. If you are applying to join a police force in England or Wales, How to Pass the Police Selection System will help you to do your very best in every part of the assessment and achieve your goal. It provides essential guidance on all aspects of the selection process, including: entry requirements and competencies; completion of the application form; the assessment centre; psychometric tests; role-play and written exercises; the assessment centre interview and the job-related fitness test, making it the most comprehensive guide to the new police recruitment procedures available.

How to Succeed at University

An Essential Guide to Academic Skills and Personal Development


Author: Bob Smale,Julie Fowlie

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited

ISBN: 9781412947176

Category: Reference

Page: 272

View: 7246

How to Succeed at University is a uniquely comprehensive study skills and personal development guide, incorporating coverage of personal skills, academic skills, and job search skills within the framework of personal development planning. All the key skills are covered, with a strong focus on the importance of the continuing personal development process and the ultimate goal of employability.

How to Succeed at Interviews


Author: Rob Yeung

Publisher: How to Books Limited

ISBN: 9781845284428

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 220

View: 6281

The new edition of this best-selling book tells you how to: Give impressive answers to over 200 interview questions Deal with interview nerves and project total confidence Pass psychometric tests, competency-based questions, and assessment centres Avoid the traps that interviewers lay for unwary job seekers Turn every interview question to your advantage REVIEWS: 'Clearly written and to the point.' Sunday Times 'Yeung's book is clearly written and to the point - to be interviewed without having read it is an opportunity missed.' Sunday Times '...the type of book that one may not wish to share with others who are job seeking in competition with oneself.' S. Lewis, Coventry 'An invaluable source of information for job hunters preparing for interviews, tests and assessment centres.' Jonathan Turpin, Chief Executive, '...packed with useful observations and tips for the job seekers of all ages.' Roddy Gow, Chairman, Odgers, Ray & Berndston 'This is an excellent book; good it!' V. Tilbury, Cranfield University AUTHOR BIOG: Business psychologist Dr Rob Yeung trains interviewers and designs assessment centres. Appearing regularly on television he has also presented BBC TV's How To get Your Dream Job. CONTENTS: About the author Preface 1. Doing your homework 2. Making a strong impact 3. Handling nerves and building confidence 4. Dealing with commonly-asked questions 5. Talking about your personal qualities 6. Responding to competency-based questions 7. Handling weird, wonderful and wrongful questions 8. Answering questions about different stages of your career and life 9. Asking the right questions 10. Succeeding with psychometric tests, assessment centres and panels 11. Ending on a high note 12. Signing on the dotted line Appendix Index of Questions Index of questions by topics General Index.

You're Hired! Assessment centres

essential advice for peak performance


Author: Ceri Roderick

Publisher: Trotman, Limited

ISBN: 9781844553785

Category: Assessment centers (Personnel management procedure)

Page: 169

View: 4565

You've applied for a job or graduate recruitment scheme and now have to make it through the assessment centre selection process. You're going head-to-head with many other impressive – and competitive - candidates for the job so need to stand out as the winning applicant. Scared and nervous, how to you perform your best on the day? Find out how inside to deliver your peak performance at an assessment centre. Packed with sample questions and practise examples, you can prepare for every test you'll face at the assessment centre to enhance your chance at success. Full of insider advice from the people who prepare assessment centre tests, discover how to boost your scores and impress employers with your performance. Notoriously rigorous (and gruelling), assessment centres offer you a great opportunity to show off your skills and competencies - as long as you are prepared and confident. From work simulations, role plays and group exercises to presentations, interviews and psychometric tests, in order to succeed you need to be ready for a wide variety of assessment exercises. You're Hired! Assessment Centres prepares you for this and more - find out how to: -Enhance your performance at an assessment centre -Boost your confidence in role playing and interviews -Impress assessors with your skills and competencies -Deliver great presentations -Excel in group exercises Large companies use assessment centres to help them whittle down job applicants and assess your suitability to their organisation. Whether you're looking for your first graduate job or have to face an assessment centre as part of the recruitment process, make sure you impress and perform to the best of your ability. You're Hired! Assessment Centres is written by psychologists who specialise in recruitment. Experts in designing and delivering assessment programmes, they have created selection and interview systems for some of the world's most prestigious employers; from law firms to major accountancy firms and from pharmaceuticals businesses to high street retailers. The You're Hired! series shows job hunters how to research, apply for and land the job of their dreams. Each book is filled with tips, advice and useful exercises to help prepare for every stage of the job search. Other books in the You're Hired! series include... You're Hired! CV You're Hired! Interview You're Hired! Interview Answers You're Hired! Psychometric Tests You're Hired! CVs, Interviews & Psychometric Tests

Assessment Centre Success

Your Ultimate Resource of Practice Exercises and Sample Questions to Help you Ace the Activities, Beat the Competition and Impress Employers


Author: Tony Weightman

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 0749483148

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 248

View: 1771

Assessment Centre Success is your road map to mastering the skills, exercises and challenges that you'll be faced with when trying to secure that prized job offer. An Assessment Centre can be daunting: you are likely to face a full day of challenging exercises, tests and skilled competitors. However, with the right level of practice and preparation, you will be able to confidently tackle whatever employers may throw at you. Written by experienced Assessment Centre planner, Tony Weightman, Assessment Centre Success contains a bank of practice exercises and insider tips to help you succeed. Individual exercises are covered, including how to deliver good presentations, reports, interviews and analysis under pressure as well as group exercises such as problem solving and team presentations. Expert guidance on how to demonstrate the key skills employers are looking for helps you understand how to show yourself in the best possible light under challenging circumstances: including leadership, team work, industry knowledge, keeping calm under pressure, decision making, analytical skills, confidence and communication skills.

Making the Most of Your Placement


Author: John Neugebauer,Jane Evans-Brain

Publisher: SAGE Publications Limited


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 184

View: 389

This study guide is an invaluable resource for any student doing a work placement as part of their degree. The text provides practical and thorough advice to help students select, prepare, and navigate through their first experience of organizational life.

How to Pass the UK's National Firefighter Selection Process

Everything You Need to Succeed in the National Assessments


Author: Mike Bryon

Publisher: Kogan Page Publishers

ISBN: 074946206X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 344

View: 3532

Competition to join the fire service is fierce, with 40 applicants for every position, candidates are struggling to earn one of the few places available. If you want to get ahead of the crowd and realise your ambition to be a firefighter, it is vital to be prepared before entering the selection process. This updated third edition of How to Pass the UK's National Firefighter Selection Process fully complies with the national assessment structure and contains hundreds of practice psychometric test questions and answers to help you assess your skills and improve your score. Packed with reliable and practical advice to help you succeed in the tests and assessment you will face, it deals with every stage of the process including the application form, the written test, the interview, team exercises and physical tests. Now including fault diagnosis and spatial recognition tests and answers as well as practical advice on how to improve your prospects and provide evidence that you are committed to equal opportunities and diversity, How to Pass the UK's National Firefighter Selection Process is the only guide you will need to get you successfully through the application process.

Women in Charge


Author: Marisa Silvestri

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1134001266

Category: Social Science

Page: 224

View: 8858

This book is concerned with the gendered world of police leadership at a time when calls are being made for a different kind of police leader to guide the organisation through the twenty-first century. Drawing on in-depth interviews carried out with senior policewomen across a range of police forces in England and Wales, Women in Charge is the first book to provide a detailed study of women in police leadership. The work challenges existing conceptualisations and theorisations of police culture for the study of police leaders, demonstrating the various ways in which police cultures are shaped by both rank and gender. Women in police leadership face a different kind of gendered environment than their non-managerial counterparts, one in which a 'smart macho' culture of police management dominates. At the same time this book investigates the extent to which senior policewomen are involved in developing new styles and conceptualisations of leadership. It argues that women are involved in promoting a different kind of police leadership, using more consultative and holistic styles - styles not traditionally associated with the police organisation.

The Ultimate Career Coach

Everything you need to know to succeed at work


Author: Ken Langdon,Elisabeth Wilson,John Middleton

Publisher: Infinite Ideas

ISBN: 1905940742

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 494

View: 1812

The ultimate career coach is an inspirational guide to getting to the top at work, and staying there. Packed with advice to help readers achieve career success and enjoy their working lives, The ultimate career coach covers everything a career-minded professional needs to know about getting ahead at work and staying on top. Topics include ways to get your dream job, how to network like a pro, how to use influencing methods to achieve success at work, how to balance work and home life, tips for managing stress levels, methods for thinking like a business leader and 140 other ideas to ensure high performance. Simply brilliant.

How 2 Become a Train Driver


Author: Richard McMunn

Publisher: How2Become Ltd

ISBN: 1907558004

Category: Locomotive engineers

Page: 200

View: 4823

This professional and comprehensive book covers every aspect of the trainee train driver selection process and is packed full of insider tips and advice brought to you by rail recruitment staff.

Brilliant Interview


Author: Ros Jay

Publisher: Pearson UK

ISBN: 0273743961

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 216

View: 5846

Congratulations- you’ve got the interview. Now how will you get the job? Brilliant Interviewwill equip you with all the insights and practice you need to be the most successful interviewee around Most people will have to do a job interview at some point in their lives. Interviews can be nerve-racking and it’s really easy to make mistakes. However, your performance can have a huge impact on your career so it’s vital that you get your interview technique right. Brilliant Interviewwill show you how to present yourself as the best candidate, with plenty of tips and advice from the experts to tell you what they want to see and what impresses them the most. This new edition has been completely revised and updated throughout. New material now includes: ­ A new section for graduates going to their first interview. ­ New information on perceptions of piercings and body art plus more detailed advice on handshakes. ­ More information on body language in interviews ­ More up-to-date advice on telephone interviews.

Human Resources Management in Canada


Author: Gary Dessler,Sutherland, Gini,Cole, Nina D. (Nina Dawn)

Publisher: Scarborough, Ont. : Prentice-Hall Canada

ISBN: 9780139075285

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 744

View: 1340

Appropriate for Human Resource Management and Personnel courses. This comprehensive review of essential HRM concepts and techniques is complemented by the authors' highly readable style. The text provides extensive coverage of all essential HRM topics such as job analysis, recruitment, selection, orientation, training, compensation and benefits, performance appraisal, health and safety, and union-management relations.