How to Draw and Paint Anatomy

Creating Life-Like Humans and Realistic Animals


Author: The Editors of Imaginefx Magazine,Editors of How to Draw & Paint Anatomy

Publisher: Fox Chapel Publishing Company Incorporated

ISBN: 9781565237162

Category: Art

Page: 112

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Understanding anatomy is the foundation of all great art, and this superb collection of workshops from some of the finest artists around the world will enable you to bring your art to life. Art students, professional illustrators, and creative amateurs alike will find inspiration and encouragement to develop their core skills and embrace innovative digital techniques with this book and companion CD.


Anatomie für Künstler


Author: Michel Lauricella

Publisher: Stiebner Verlag GmbH

ISBN: 3830730217

Category: Art

Page: 320

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Mit der Darstellung des menschlichen Körpers beschäftigen sich bildende Künstler seit jeher. Michel Lauricella stellt in diesem Buch seine sowohl künstlerische wie systematische Methode zum Zeichnen des menschlichen Körpers vor - mit Zeichentechniken vom Écorché bis zur Skizze vom lebenden Modell. Auf über 1000 Abbildungen zeigt er den menschlichen Körper aus ganz neuen Perspektiven - vom Knochenbau bis zur Muskulatur, vom anatomischen Detail bis zum Körper in Bewegung. Ein reichhaltiges, faszinierendes Skizzenbuch, das zum ständigen Begleiter werden kann.

Animal Painting and Anatomy


Author: W. Frank Calderon

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486142450

Category: Art

Page: 352

View: 1907

Useful information on important anatomical features, directions on how to handle subjects, and how to express their forms and postures. 224 illustrations.

Der Akt

Anatomie für Künstler


Author: Sarah Simblet

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783831026234


Page: 255

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Drawing and Painting Hands & Feet


Author: Robert E. Fairley

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780823014668

Category: Art

Page: 128

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Portrait and figure studies need convincing hands and feet to really come alive, but they can be hard to get right.Drawing and Painting Hands and Feetis the only book published that demonstrates, step by step, how to tackle these notorious trouble spots, the most difficult parts of the anatomy for any artist to draw. First, readers are led through a unique series of helpful drawings and diagrams that illustrate the interactions between the bones, muscles, and skin of the hands and feet. Next, an extensive array of sketchbook exercises, practical examples, and hands-on diagrams help build up confidence and expertise for more detailed artistic studies. Finally, eight step-by-step illustrations detail surefire ways to paint convincing hands and feet with pastels, watercolor, acrylics, and oils. “...deserves a place on library shelves...Fairley's book concentrates on those troublesome extremities—hands and feet. Sketchbook exercises are followed by eight detailed painting demonstrations in watercolor, oil, and other media. Fairley then continues on to portraits in which variations in age, skin tone, composition, mood, and movement are integrated...highly recommended for serious artists and comprehensive library collections.”—Library Journal, July 2001

Complete Anatomy and Figure Drawing


Author: John Raynes

Publisher: Anova Books

ISBN: 9780713490367

Category: Art

Page: 144

View: 6918

Leading painter John Raynes' new book brings clarity to the anatomy of the human body in relation to the way we draw and paint it. He brings his hallmark technical detail and accessibility to the subject of which he is a leading exponent. An essential book for reference and inspiration, the book provides insight into drawing real people, not just the anatomically 'correct' shapes. All shapes and sizes are covered, from overweight and underweight to heavily pregnant. It shows how an understanding of anatomical form is vital to drawing all types of figures. John also encourages you to be more creative in your figure work. The comprehensive companion is illustrated with over 200 illustrations, many step-by-step, and is divided into four sections : 1. Anatomy: skeleton and muscles. Anatomical drawings to fully explain the body's structure 2. Living Anatomy: surface form. How to use anatomical information to create surface form drawings 3. Figure Drawing: the key aspects. Covers shape, weight, balance and dynamics, structure, light and shade, movement (all with step by steps) 4. Drawing Real People. Covers clothing, character and idiosyncratic shape (all with step by steps) 5. Creativity with the Human Form. Playing with light and shade and creative composition


How To Draw And Paint The Figure With Impact


Author: Sharon Pinsker

Publisher: David & Charles

ISBN: 9780715325971

Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 1888

A complete practical guide to all aspects of drawing and painting the human figure, from basic anatomy through to creative illustration. Basic anatomy and musculature are covered, through to adding clothing, character and movement and working figures into full compositions in a variety of styles and media.

Comics machen


Author: Scott McCloud

Publisher: CARLSEN Verlag

ISBN: 3551786496

Category: Comics & Graphic Novels

Page: 272

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Nach dem sich Scott McCloud in seinen ersten beiden Büchern »Comics richtig lesen« und »Comics neu erfinden« der Theorie und der Zukunft des Mediums Comic gewidmet hat, wendet er sich nun den praktischen Dingen zu. »Comics machen« schildert in gewohnt profunder und amüsanter Weise den Prozess des Comic-Schaffens. Hier lernt man alles über... - die Wahl des richtigen Bildausschnitts, um eine klare und stringente Geschichte zu erzählen. - die Aufteilung einer Seite, um den besten Lesefluss zu ermöglichen. - die gelungene Komposition von Texten und Bildern. - die Schaffung neuer und interessanter Figuren. - den Gebrauch von Körpersprache, Gestik und Mimik, um den Figuren Leben einzuhauchen. - die Schaffung vielfältiger und glaubhafter Welten, in denen die Leser sich verlieren können. - die richtigen Zeichenwerkzeuge. - die verschiedenen Comicstile und Genres. Dieses Buch ist ein umfassender Wegweiser für alle, die selbst Comics machen wollen. Ganz gleich ob sie für Comics, Manga oder Graphic Novels schwärmen, ob sie zeichnen, Geschichten schreiben oder beides verbinden wollen.

Drawing and Painting Insects


Author: Andrew Tyzack

Publisher: Crowood

ISBN: 1847976255

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 224

View: 5296

Drawing and Painting Insects is a beautiful and inspiring guide. Whatever your experience, whether new to the subject or a seasoned entomologist, this book will help you capture the beauty of insects by helping you understand their structure and appreciate their behaviour, movement, colour and habitat. Advice on finding insects to draw and paint, including how to raise your own insect models; Guide to the anatomy and life cycles of the insect for the artist; Step-by-step demonstrations of drawings, looking at perspective, tonal values and mark-making techniques; Examples of watercolour and oil paintings representing insects in precise, scientific renditions through to more creative interpretations; Introduction to other uses of insect illustration, including printmaking, sculpture, leather and glass; Illustrated with examples and insights from leading artists. A beautiful and inspiring guide to drawing and painting insects, of inspiration to botanical artists, natural historians, wildlife artists and biologists. Gives advice on finding insects to draw and paint, understanding their structure, appreciating their behaviour, movement, colour, habitat and much more. Superbly illustrated with examples and insights from leading artists - 541 colour illustrations in total. Andrew Tyzack is a graduate from the Royal College of Art and is well known for his painting of beekeepers and engravings of bees.

Drawing and Painting Birds


Author: Tim Wootton

Publisher: Crowood

ISBN: 1785000535

Category: Crafts & Hobbies

Page: 160

View: 7008

Birds are much admired, revered and envied. They have featured in art for many thousands of years and our fascination with them continues. They do though pose a challenge to paint and are not always the most cooperative of models. This practical book explains in detail how to go about drawing and painting birds. By understanding their anatomy and recognising their type, the artist can learn a shorthand way to capture movement and attitude. With technique and colour mastered, style develops and a special scene can be captured uniquely forever. In this book, Tim Wootton explains bird types and how identifying specific similarities can help the artist; advises on painting in the field, using photographs and working in the studio; describes how to paint plumage and birds in flight; demonstrates how to compose a painting with emphasis on the birds' habitat; and gives insights into painting birds from 30 leading artists, as well as illustrations of their work, including John Busby, Robert Bateman and Charles Tuncliffe. Beautifully illustrated with 423 colour illustrations.

How to paint & draw people


Author: Samuel Marshall

Publisher: Crescent


Category: Art

Page: 64

View: 6942

A comprehensive manual covers all aspects of figure drawing from the selection and analysis of a subject to the use of different media and techniques

How to Draw and Paint Fantasy Combat

A Step-By-Step Guide to Epic Combat Scenes


Author: Matt Stawicki

Publisher: Barrons Educational Series Incorporated

ISBN: 9781438003467

Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 7091

Offers step-by-step instructions for drawing and painting realistic fantasy-themed combat scenes, and discusses essential tools and techniques.

Human Anatomy

An Artist's Step-by-step Guide to Techniques and Materials


Author: James Horton

Publisher: New Holland Pub Limited

ISBN: 9781843300571

Category: Art

Page: 80

View: 4391

Experiment with a range of drawing materials, from chalks and charcoal to watercolors and oils, allowing each medium to enhance your work. Understand the body’s structure and how it moves. Develop your skills with a series of exciting projects, including arms, torso and legs, heads, the male and female body, a female reclining, an athlete, and a dancer.

Drawing: Basic Anatomy and Figure Drawing

Learn to draw the human figure


Author: Ken Goldman

Publisher: Walter Foster Publishing

ISBN: 9781560109471

Category: Art

Page: 32

View: 8346

The human form has captivated artists for ages, but its unique and subtle characteristics can pose quite a challenge to even more experienced artists. In this beginner's guide, fine artist Ken Goldman offers the perfect introduction to the fundamentals of human anatomy as applied to figure drawing. You will find clear instructions and beautiful drawings that make it easy to understand basic anatomical principles. The author also explores how to apply this knowledge to drawing, showing through several step-by-step demonstrations how to develop shadows and highlights that define form in a figure drawing. Basic Anatomy and Figure Drawing is a valuable resource for artists of all skill levels, and a guide that will be referenced time and again.

Drawing Human Anatomy


Author: Giovanni Civardi

Publisher: Search Press(UK)

ISBN: 9781782216056

Category: Art

Page: 80

View: 4468

A beautifully visual and informative guide to drawing the human form from the bestselling and renowned Italian life-drawer Giovanni Civardi. From the bestselling, world-renowned life-drawer Giovanni Civardi comes this latest edition of the concise guide to drawing the human form. To become a successful artist in figure drawing, it is essential to understand the inner workings of the human body; but the complex nature of our anatomy makes the process of learning to draw it often daunting. In Drawing Human Anatomy, Giovanni Civardi breaks down the numerous components that make up our bodies into easy, absorbable chunks - from the skin right down to the skeleton. Beginning with easy-to-follow summaries on the makeup of human anatomy, along with advice on how to depict the human figure on paper, the book delves straight into our inner mechanics to get you started on your drawing journey right away. In addition, each muscle and skeletal structure is accompanied by a clear diagram indicating its location on the body, and a drawing of the form in Giovanni's much-loved drawing style. With dozens of illustrations explaining the relationships between our bones and muscles, and with a wide range of body positions covered - front and back, and rest and motion - this is an exceptional, practical guide to producing anatomically correct drawings for artists of all abilities.

How to Draw and Paint the Nude


Author: Sarah Hoggett,Vincent Milne

Publisher: Southwater Pub

ISBN: 9781844767977

Category: Art

Page: 128

View: 1486

Learn how to draw the human figure through example, with over 400 photographs and 15 practical exercises, each designed to help you develop your skills.