Guide to Networking Essentials


Author: Greg Tomsho

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1111312524

Category: Computers

Page: 688

View: 7211

GUIDE TO NETWORKING ESSENTIALS provides students with both the knowledge and hands-on skills necessary to work with network operating systems in a network administration environment. By focusing on troubleshooting and not on an exam, this book offers a comprehensive introduction to Networking and to advances in software, wireless and network security. Labs are directly integrated in each chapter to allow for a hands-on experience in the classroom. Updated content reflects the latest networking technology and operating systems including Windows 7/Server 2008 and Linux. Proven pedagogy and comprehensive, non-exam-focused format provides a compelling introduction to network administration. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

A Guide to Networking Essentials


Author: Ed Tittel,David Johnson

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780619015527

Category: Computer networks

Page: 496

View: 5458

In 14 clear, concise chapters, this book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date roadmap for understanding networking today. With its thorough coverage of network designs, architectures, standards, and protocols, this text enables you to harness the power of rapidly changing networking technologies.

Guide to Networking Essentials, Loose-Leaf Version


Author: Greg Tomsho

Publisher: Mindtap Course List

ISBN: 9780357118337

Category: Computers

Page: 638

View: 5047

Packed with hands-on learning tools, Tomsho's GUIDE TO NETWORKING ESSENTIALS, Eighth Edition, equips you with the knowledge and skills to work with network infrastructure devices and network operating systems in a small to medium-size network environment. Focusing on troubleshooting and computer networking technologies, it delivers a comprehensive introduction to network protocols and network devices, including wireless and cybersecurity technologies. It reflects the latest networking technologies and operating systems, covers new Ethernet standards, includes an Internet of Things (IoT) chapter and adds certification mapping to the Microsoft Technology Associate (MTA Exam 98-366) in Networking Fundamentals. Maximizing your success, virtual labs and the MindTap digital learning solution give you ample opportunities to put what you learn into practice and prep for the certification test.

Networking Essentials Study Guide


Author: James Chellis,Charles Perkins,Charles Lincoln Perkins,Matthew Strebe

Publisher: Sybex

ISBN: 9780782126952

Category: Computers

Page: 683

View: 7776

Accompanied by a CD that contains sample exam questions, this guide features the most compelling exam prep material available, including: electronic flashcards; testing engine; easy-to-understand text; and more.

Networking Essentials

A CompTIA Network+ N10-007 Textbook


Author: Jeffrey S. Beasley,Piyasat Nilkaew

Publisher: Pearson IT Certification

ISBN: 013486610X

Category: Computers

Page: 768

View: 5584

Thoroughly updated to reflect the CompTIA Network+ N10-007 exam, Networking Essentials, Fifth Edition is a practical, up-to-date, and hands-on guide to the basics of networking. Written from the viewpoint of a working network administrator, it requires absolutely no experience with either network concepts or day-to-day network management. Networking Essentials, Fifth Edition guides readers from an entry-level knowledge in computer networks to advanced concepts in Ethernet and TCP/IP networks; routing protocols and router configuration; local, campus, and wide area network configuration; network security; wireless networking; optical networks; Voice over IP; the network server; and Linux networking. This edition contains additional coverage of switch security, troubleshooting IP networks, authorization and access control, best practices for disaster recovery, network infrastructure configuration and management, data traffic network analysis, network security, and VoIP. It also covers approximately 250 new terms now addressed by CompTIA’s N10-007 exam. Clear goals are outlined for each chapter, and every concept is introduced in easy-to-understand language that explains how and why networking technologies are used. Each chapter is packed with real-world examples and practical exercises that reinforce all concepts and guide you through using them to configure, analyze, and fix networks. KEY PEDAGOGICAL FEATURES NET-CHALLENGE SIMULATION SOFTWARE provides hands-on experience with entering router and switch commands, setting up functions, and configuring interfaces and protocols WIRESHARK NETWORK PROTOCOL ANALYZER presents techniques and examples of data traffic analysis throughout PROVEN TOOLS FOR MORE EFFECTIVE LEARNING AND NETWORK+ PREP, including chapter outlines, summaries, and Network+ objectives WORKING EXAMPLES IN EVERY CHAPTER to reinforce key concepts and promote mastery KEY TERM DEFINITIONS, LISTINGS, AND EXTENSIVE GLOSSARY to help you master the language of networking QUESTIONS, PROBLEMS, AND CRITICAL THINKING QUESTIONS to help you deepen your understanding

Computer Networking Essentials


Author: Debra Littlejohn Shinder

Publisher: Cisco Press

ISBN: 9781587130380

Category: Computers

Page: 735

View: 7537

An essential guide to understanding networking theory, implementation, and interoperability Excellent preparation for generic or vendor-specific networking certification programs Written in a user-friendly manner accessible to readers who may need an introduction to networking terms Introduction to two popular real-world networking models: the Department of Defense (DoD) model and the Open System Interconnection (OSI) model Includes latest technologies such as laser, infrared, and satellite/ microwave communications Coverage of common server operating systems, including Windows NT(r), Windows(r) 2000, NetWare, UNIX, and Linux Security coverage provides basic cryptography concepts, public and private key encryption, firewalls and proxies, and internal security measures Computer Networking Essentials, written by educator, trainer, and technical author Debra Littlejohn Shinder, starts with an introduction to networking concepts. You will learn computer networking terminology and history, and then dive into the technical concepts involved in sharing data across a computer network. A survey of networking hardware and software will show you how the hardware components, the server and client operating systems, and the networking protocols work together to make that data sharing possible. Several "specialty" areas of networking are explored, including security, remote access, virtual private networking (VPN), and network monitoring and troubleshooting. Written at a level that requires little computer experience, Computer Networking Essentials incorporates elements from a variety of popular introductory networking courses into a comprehensive all-in-one guidebook. It is an excellent preparation for the Network+ program, Microsoft's Networking Essentials core course, Novell's Networking Fundamentals, and the Cisco Systems CCNA certification.

Guide to Network Support and Troubleshooting


Author: Greg Tomsho

Publisher: Course Technology Ptr

ISBN: 9780619035518

Category: Computers

Page: 486

View: 1784

Text covers supporting and maintaining heterogeneous networking environments. Includes coverage of troubleshooting peer-to-peer and server-based networks, as well as hardware and transport layer problems.

Networking Bible


Author: Barrie Sosinsky

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0470543426

Category: Computers

Page: 912

View: 5155

Everything you need to set up and maintain large or small networks Barrie Sosinsky Networking Bible Create a secure network for home or enterprise Learn basic building blocks and standards Set up for broadcasting, streaming, and more The book you need to succeed! Your A-Z guide to networking essentials Whether you're setting up a global infrastructure or just networking two computers at home, understanding of every part of the process is crucial to the ultimate success of your system. This comprehensive book is your complete, step-by-step guide to networking—from different architectures and hardware to security, diagnostics, Web services, and much more. Packed with practical, professional techniques and the very latest information, this is the go-to resource you need to succeed. Demystify the basics: network stacks, bus architectures, mapping, and bandwidth Get up to speed on servers, interfaces, routers, and other necessary hardware Explore LANs, WANs, Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, and other types of networks Set up domains, directory services, file services, caching, and mail protocols Enable broadcasting, multicasting, and streaming media Deploy VPNs, firewalls, encryption, and other security methods Perform diagnostics and troubleshoot your systems

MCSE Networking Essentials For Dummies


Author: Robert Aschermann

Publisher: For Dummies

ISBN: 9780764506147

Category: Computers

Page: 353

View: 5347

Welcome to the best approach to certification. Author Robert Aschermann, a Microsoft Certified Trainer, has plans to help you fight the good fight in acing your Networking Essentials certification exam (70-058). MCSE Networking Essentials For Dummies, 2nd Edition, is the guide you need to help minimize your study time and maximize your test-taking skills en route to a certification victory. Packed with hundreds of test questions, this book prepares you in all areas of the test, including Networking Standards and Deployment; Selecting, Installing, and Troubleshooting Hardware and Media; and Installing and Troubleshooting Network Clients and Servers. The book's bonus CD-ROM offers excellent practice with the ...For Dummies test engine, yet still keeps things fun with the QuickLearn® sci-fi study game. There?s even an aid for a last minute DummiesCram®, with our concise cheat sheet, giving you a quick, portable networking overview. As if the For Dummies expertise wasn't enough, all information has also been reviewed by Sento Corporation for 100 percent accuracy, and any technical updates will be posted to our 100% Tech Check Page. Walk into the your exams with the confidence of knowing that you had the most accurate information available. Covers: Exam 070-058

MCTS Guide to Configuring Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure Exam # 70-643


Author: John Tucker,Darrel Nerove,Greg Tomsho,Matt Tomsho,Jack Hogue

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1423902378

Category: Computers

Page: 467

View: 5758

MCTS GUIDE TO MICROSOFT WINDOWS SERVER 2008 APPLICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE CONFIGURATION (Exam #70-643) 1st edition uses a clear and concise presentation of concepts for configuring a Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure. By using guidance, recommendations and best practices along with hands-on activities and realistic case scenarios students grasp the application of knowledge and skills needed to deploy and configure an organization’s infrastructure. The accompanying student lab manual, available separately, facilitates learning of these complex concepts. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

MCTS Guide to Configuring Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory (Exam #70-640)


Author: Greg Tomsho

Publisher: Cengage Learning

ISBN: 1423902351

Category: Computers

Page: 720

View: 1821

MCTS Guide to MicrosoftWindows Server 2008 Active Directory Configuration prepares students to develop the skills needed to manage a Windows Server 2008 system and to prepare to pass the MCTS 70-640 certification exam. While the focus of topics is on the configuration of Active Directory and related services, coverage of Windows foundational topics such as the file system and networking are also included. Extensive coverage begins with an introduction to Windows Server 2008 and goes on to active directory design, account management, group policy management and configuration, certificate services, AD LDS, AD RMS, AD FS, server core, Windows Hyper-V virtualization, and server management. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.



Author: Andrew S. Tanenbaum

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9783827370112

Category: Computer networks

Page: 875

View: 5575

Microsoft Windows Networking Essentials


Author: Darril Gibson

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1118016858

Category: Computers

Page: 372

View: 8955

The core concepts and technologies of Windows networking Networking can be a complex topic, especially for those new tothe field of IT. This focused, full-color book takes a uniqueapproach to teaching Windows networking to beginners by strippingdown a network to its bare basics, thereby making each topic clearand easy to understand. Focusing on the new Microsoft TechnologyAssociate (MTA) program, this book pares down to just theessentials, showing beginners how to gain a solid foundation forunderstanding networking concepts upon which more advanced topicsand technologies can be built. This straightforward guide begins each chapter by laying out alist of topics to be discussed, followed by a concise discussion ofthe core networking skills you need to have to gain a strong handleon the subject matter. Chapters conclude with review questions andsuggested labs so you can measure your level of understanding ofthe chapter's content. Serves as an ideal resource for gaining a solid understandingof fundamental networking concepts and skills Offers a straightforward and direct approach to networkingbasics and covers network management tools, TCP/IP, the nameresolution process, and network protocols and topologies Reviews all the topics you need to know for taking the MTA98-366 exam Provides an overview of networking components, discussesconnecting computers to a network, and looks at connecting networkswith routers If you're new to IT and interested in entering the IT workforce,then Microsoft Windows Networking Essentials is essentialreading.

MCSE--networking Essentials Study Guide


Author: James Chellis,Charles L. Perkins,Charles Perkins,Matthew Strebe

Publisher: Sybex

ISBN: 9780782119718

Category: Computers

Page: 628

View: 8356

edia, standards, protocols, architectures, security and network-support tools, this book is written in accordance with Microsoft'ws Independent Courseware Vendor program guidelines. The CD contains information resources and a sample testing program.

The Essential Guide to Networking


Author: James Edward Keogh

Publisher: Prentice Hall

ISBN: 9780130305480

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 407

View: 7233

A simple overview of networking fundamentals written for the nontechnical users describes the function and use of LANs, WANs, intranets, extranets, DSL, cable modems, security, reliability, and technological trends.


Networking Essentials


Author: Glenn Berg

Publisher: New Riders Pub

ISBN: 9781562059194

Category: Computers

Page: 614

View: 2282

This updated exam guide helps MCSE candidates maximize their study time when preparing for the Networking Essentials exam. The exclusive Test Engine on the CD-ROM provides readers with a testing situation similar to what they find on the actual exam.

TCP IP - Netzwerk-Administration


Author: Craig Hunt

Publisher: O'Reilly Verlag DE

ISBN: 9783897211797

Category: TCP/IP (Computer network protocol)

Page: 776

View: 8803

Geh nie alleine essen!

Und andere Geheimnisse rund um Networking und Erfolg


Author: Keith Ferrazzi

Publisher: books4success

ISBN: 3941493345

Category: Self-Help

Page: 387

View: 5698

Wollen Sie im Leben vorankommen? Wollen Sie auf der Karriereleiter empor klettern? Das Geheimnis dafür liegt laut Networking-Guru Keith Ferrazzi darin, sich mit anderen Menschen zusammenzutun. Ferrazzi erkannte schon früh, dass sich sehr erfolgreiche Menschen von der breiten Masse in puncto Networking in einem Punkt unterscheiden: Sie nutzen die Macht von "Vitamin B" so, dass jeder dabei gewinnt. In "Geh nie alleine essen!" zeigt Ferrazzi die Schritte, die er benutzt, um mit den Tausenden von Menschen in seinem Adressbuch in Kontakt zu bleiben. Es sind Kollegen, Freunde und Partner - Menschen, denen er geholfen hat und Menschen, die ihm geholfen haben. Ferrazzis Art des Networkings basiert auf Großzügigkeit - er hilft seinen Freunden, miteinander in Kontakt zu kommen. Er unterscheidet stark zwischen dem echten Aufbau von Beziehungen und dem hektischen Visitenkartentausch, den viele heute als Networking bezeichnen. Schließlich destilliert er sein System in anwendbare und erprobte Prinzipien.

CompTIA Network+


Author: Markus Kammermann

Publisher: MITP-Verlags GmbH & Co. KG

ISBN: 3826694376


Page: 492

View: 9554

Dieses Buch verfolgt zwei Ziele: dem Leser die Welt der Netzwerke zu erklären und ihn auf die entsprechende Zertifizierung seiner Fähigkeiten als CompTIA Network+-Techniker vorzubereiten. Entsprechend den in der Prüfung (N10-005) genannten Domains gliedert sich das Buch in die Themenbereiche: Netzwerktechnologien, Netzwerkmedien und Topologien, Netzwerkgeräte, Netzwerkmanagement, Netzwerk-Tools sowie Netzwerksicherheit.