Gender and Agency

Reconfiguring the Subject in Feminist and Social Theory


Author: Lois McNay

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 0745667872

Category: Social Science

Page: 196

View: 6389

This book reassesses theories of agency and gender identity against the backdrop of changing relations between men and women in contemporary societies. McNay argues that recent thought on the formation of the modern subject offers a one-sided or negative account of agency, which underplays the creative dimension present in the responses of individuals to changing social relations. An understanding of this creative element is central to a theory of autonomous agency, and also to an explanation of the ways in which women and men negotiate changes within gender relations. In exploring the implications of this idea of agency for a theory of gender identity, McNay brings together the work of leading feminist theorists - such as Judith Butler and Nancy Fraser - with the work of key continental social theorists. In particular, she examines the work of Pierre Bourdieu, Paul Ricoeur and Cornelius Castoriadis, each of whom has explored different aspects of the idea of the creativity of action. McNay argues that their thought has interesting implications for feminist ideas of gender, but these have been relatively neglected partly because of the huge influence of the work of Michel Foucault and Jacques Lacan in this area. She argues that, despite its suggestive nature, feminist theory must move away from the ideas of Foucault and Lacan if a more substantive account of agency is to be introduced into ideas of gender identity. This book will appeal to students and scholars in the areas of social theory, gender studies and feminist theory.

Gender and Citizenship

Politics and Agency in France, Britain and Denmark


Author: Birte Siim

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521598439

Category: Political Science

Page: 220

View: 8729

Feminist analysis shows that the prevailing concepts of citizenship often assume a male citizen. How, then, does this affect the agency and participation of women in modern democracies? This insightful book, first published in 2000, presents a systematic comparison of the links between women's social rights and democratic citizenship in three different citizenship models: republican citizenship in France, liberal citizenship in Britain, and social citizenship in Denmark. Birte Siim argues that France still suffers from the contradictions of pro-natalist policy, and that Britain is only just starting to re-conceptualise the male-breadwinner model that is still a dominant feature. In her examination of the dual-breadwinner model in Denmark, Siim presents research about Scandinavian social policy and makes an important and timely contribution to debates in political sociology, social policy and gender studies.

Provoking Agents

Gender and Agency in Theory and Practice


Author: Judith Kegan Gardiner

Publisher: University of Illinois Press

ISBN: 9780252064180

Category: Social Science

Page: 342

View: 1438

"A major contribution in women's studies and in other disciplines dealing with issues of agency. The authors raise issues that are very important . . . and they raise them as they must be raised--by bridging theory and action." -- Kathryn Pine Addelson, author of Moral Passages: Toward a Collectivist Moral Theory Both the women's liberation movement and those who have studied it characterize agency as the capacity to make change in individual consciousness, personal lives, and society. The seventeen contributors to Provoking Agents explore whether--and how--feminist theory, writing, and other social practices can help readers move beyond seeing women as a powerless group to effecting changes in their own lives and, ultimately, becoming social activists. Topics in this multi-disciplinary collection range from maternal surrogacy to writing, from consciousness-raising to AIDS activism, from pornography to local organizing

Gender and Sexual Agency

How Young People Make Choices about Sex


Author: Heather Albanesi

Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield

ISBN: 9780739134986

Category: Psychology

Page: 161

View: 9490

Gender and Sexual Agency considers how heterosexual Latino American, Asian American and white youth negotiate sexual encounters. Written in an approachable style for undergraduates, Albanesi presents intimate portraits of both young men and young women that illustrate how our experience of gender informs our willingness to exercise sexual agency.

Gazing at Welfare, Gender and Agency in Post-socialist Countries


Author: Maija Jäppinen,Meri Kulmala,Aino Saarinen

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443826138

Category: Social Science

Page: 360

View: 3115

The volume presents a new and unique view of welfare in Russia and Eastern European countries from an intersectional perspective of welfare, gender and agency. Since the collapse of socialism, the welfare structures of the post-socialist states have experienced large and rapid changes. The discussions on the reforming welfare models serve as the integrating theme for the volume. The authors discuss past and current developments and make comparisons in time and space–between the early 1990s and late 2000s and between post-socialist and transitional countries. Welfare and political democratization are analyzed on the one hand as structures and processes and on the other hand as cultural meanings and through agency, which all are strongly gendered. Macro-level analyses and in-depth case studies by scholars from different countries and disciplines provide a wide and multilayered picture of welfare developments and gendered practices of social services, caregiving and civic activism, among others. Special attention is given to research methodologies, particularly on fieldwork and micro-level understanding of the related topics. The contributors come from social and political sciences and from both former socialist and “Western” countries – from Russia and Slovenia as well as the US, the UK, Germany and Finland. In their studies, the authors examine various regions of Russia and other post-socialist countries, such as the Czech Republic, Romania, Moldova and Slovenia.

Gender and the Constitution

Equity and Agency in Comparative Constitutional Design


Author: Helen Irving

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1139468758

Category: Law

Page: N.A

View: 4866

We live in an era of constitution-making. New constitutions are appearing in historically unprecedented numbers, following regime change in some countries, or a commitment to modernization in others. No democratic constitution today can fail to recognize or provide for gender equality. Constitution-makers need to understand the gendered character of all constitutions, and to recognize the differential impact on women of constitutional provisions, even where these appear gender-neutral. This book confronts what needs to be considered in writing a constitution when gender equity and agency are goals. It examines principles of constitutionalism, constitutional jurisprudence, and history. Its goal is to establish a framework for a 'gender audit' of both new and existing constitutions. It eschews a simple focus on rights and examines constitutional language, interpretation, structures and distribution of power, rules of citizenship, processes of representation, and the constitutional recognition of international and customary law. It discusses equality rights and reproductive rights as distinct issues for constitutional design.

Gender, Ethnicity and Political Agency

South Asian Women Organizing


Author: Shaminder Takhar

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1135009619

Category: Social Science

Page: 246

View: 9834

This book examines how South Asian women’s collective agency is operationalized through civic organizations in the UK. Drawing on black feminist theory and third world feminism, it shows the complexity of political agency and its relationship to identity and subjectivity, and uses empirical research to demonstrate how women are empowered to resist domination. The historically racialized image of the South Asian woman as lacking in political agency is challenged through their long history of activism on the Indian subcontinent. The creation of "critical spaces" by South Asian women in the diaspora places them as active agents who have successfully influenced social policy on important issues such as forced marriage, domestic violence and sexuality. The engagement with the empirical data demonstrates the significance and impact of race, racism, sexism and religion on the lives of the women. The book brings to the fore the pursuit of equality, rights and justice, including multiculturalism and the often debated emancipatory role of religion.

Gender, Agency and Violence

European Perspectives from Early Modern Times to the Present Day


Author: Dr Ulrike Zitzlsperger

Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing

ISBN: 1443853216

Category: Social Science

Page: 255

View: 9409

Gender, Agency and Violence: European Perspectives from Early Modern Times to the Present Day centres on literary, cinematic and artistic male and female perpetrators of violence and their discourses. This volume takes an interdisciplinary and cross-European approach – covering French, German, English and Italian case-studies from the sixteenth to the twentieth century and allowing for the exploration of recurrent themes. The contributions also facilitate an insight into how the arts and media respond to historical turning points which, time and again, challenge the link between gender, agency and violence for individuals and society alike.

Gender and Change

Agency, Chronology and Periodisation


Author: Alexandra Shepard,Garthine Walker

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons

ISBN: 1405192275

Category: History

Page: 294

View: 9177

Through a collection of essays by leading scholars on women′s history and gender history, Gender and Change: Agency, Chronology and Periodisation questions conventional chronologies while reassessing the relationship between gender, agency, continuity and change. Celebrates 20 years of the publication of the journal Gender & History Reflects the extent to which gender analysis suggests alternatives to conventional periodisation. For example, whether the European Renaissance can be classified as the same period of great cultural advance when viewed from the perspective of women Offers innovative historiographical and theoretical reflection on approaches to gender, agency, and change

On Norms and Agency

Conversations about Gender Equality with Women and Men in 20 Countries


Author: Ana María Muñoz Boudet,Patti Petesch,Carolyn Turk

Publisher: World Bank Publications

ISBN: 082139892X

Category: Social Science

Page: 232

View: 9549

Based on focus groups and interviews with nearly 4,000 women, men, girls, and boys from 20 countries, this book explores areas that are less often studied in gender and development: gender norms and agency. It reveals how little gender norms have changed, how similar they are across countries, and how they are being challenged and contested.

Gender, Agency, and Coercion


Author: S. Madhok,A. Phillips,K. Wilson,Clare Hemmings

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137295619

Category: Social Science

Page: 289

View: 3559

Drawing on recent feminist discussions, this collection critically reassesses ideas about agency, exploring the relationship between agency and coercion in greater depth and across a range of disciplinary perspectives and ethical contexts.

Gender, Agency and Change

Anthropological Perspectives


Author: Victoria Goddard

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 113458573X

Category: Social Science

Page: 304

View: 2520

In response to global change, people create new opportunities and conditions, and in their responses they are influenced by both gender and age. In Gender, Agency and Change the contributors illustrate the complexities involved in the constitution and performance of agency. Such agency may be reflected in strategies of accommodation and adaption that can nevertheless produce new institutional arrangements. Alternatively, they may be directed towards the outright rejection of these processes. The cases examined in this volume explore the ways in which different subjects engage in the reformulation of spaces, roles and identities, redefining the boundaries between, and the content of, the 'public' and the 'private'. The examples also provide an account of how gendered discourses are deployed to convey new meanings, a new sense of place and time, confirming or challenging ideas of 'tradition' and 'modernity'. This collection will be of particular interest to students of anthropology and gender studies.

Women, Gender and Rural Development in China


Author: Tamara Jacka,Sally Sargeson

Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing

ISBN: 085793354X

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 288

View: 418

China's countryside is being transformed by rapid, far-reaching development. This wide-reaching and multidisciplinary book questions whether gender politics are changing in response to this development, and explores how gender politics inform and are reproduced or reconfigured in the languages, knowledge, processes and practices of development in rural China. The contributors - prominent scholars in the fields of political science, sociology, gender, development and Chinese studies - argue that although gender has been elided in recent development policies, women have been singled out as a 'vulnerable group' requiring protection, instruction and 'empowerment' from paternalistic state and NGOs. Nevertheless, development has facilitated the dissemination of gender equality as an ideal and institutional norm, increased the channels through which women can advance claims for equal rights, and expanded the possibilities for agency available to them. Drawing on extensive field research in sites across China, from remote communities in Inner Mongolia and Guizhou to the fringes of expanding cities, the contributors illustrate how different women are bringing their own aspirations for development to bear in the momentous changes occurring in rural China. This compelling and thought-provoking book will be of interest to scholars, students and researchers in the fields of public and social policy, sociology, political economy, anthropology, gender and development.

Agency and Gender in Gaza

Masculinity, Femininity and Family during the Second Intifada


Author: Aitemad Muhanna

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317183649

Category: Social Science

Page: 222

View: 1160

Drawing on rich interview material and adopting a life history approach, this book examines the agency of women living in insecure and uncertain conflict situations. It explores the effects of the Israeli policy of closure against Gaza and the resulting humanitarian crisis in relation to gender relations and gender subjectivity. With attention to the changing roles of men in the household and community as a result of the loss of male employment, the author explores the extension of poor women’s mobility, particularly that of young wives with dependent children, for whom the meaning of agency has shifted from being providers in the domestic sphere to becoming publicly dependent on humanitarian aid. Without conflating women’s agency with resistance to patriarchy, Agency and Gender in Gaza extends the concept of agency to include its subjective and intersubjective elements, shedding light on the recent distortion of the traditional gender order and the reasons for which women resist the masculine power that they have acquired as a result. An empirically grounded examination of the attempt to maintain the meaning of social existence through the preservation of socially constructed images of masculinity and femininity, this book will be of interest to social scientists with interests in gender studies, masculinities and the sociology of the family.

Willful Girls

Gender and Agency in Contemporary Anglo-American and German Fiction


Author: Emily Jeremiah

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer

ISBN: 1640140085

Category: American fiction

Page: 216

View: 1540

Explores the process of "becoming woman" through an analysis of the depiction of girls and young women in contemporary Anglo-American and German literary texts.

Gender in Ancient Cyprus

Narratives of Social Change on a Mediterranean Island


Author: Diane R. Bolger

Publisher: Rowman Altamira

ISBN: 9780759104303

Category: Social Science

Page: 269

View: 9870

Gender in Ancient Cyprus examines some of the fundamental facets of gender as they intersect with the dynamics of social, political, and economic change in Cyprus, beginning with the earliest traces of human habitation on the island to the final phases of the Bronze Age. The book closely analyzes gender as it relates to the domestic space, technology and labor, ritual and social identity, and the roles of children, as well as the practices of modern day Near Eastern archaeology and the roles of women in it. Visit our website for sample chapters!

Gender and Ventriloquism in Victorian and Neo-Victorian Fiction

Passionate Puppets


Author: H. Davies

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137271167

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 219

View: 4801

Is ventriloquism just for dummies? What is at stake in neo-Victorian fiction's desire to 'talk back' to the nineteenth century? This book explores the sexual politics of dialogues between the nineteenth century and contemporary fiction, offering a new insight into the concept of ventriloquism as a textual and metatextual theme in literature.

Culture, Power, and Agency

Gender in Indian Ethnography


Author: Lina Fruzzetti,Sirpa Tenhunen

Publisher: N.A


Category: Feminist theory

Page: 231

View: 3565

Examining The Notions And Meanings Of Gender, Power And Agency, This Book Bridges Theoretical Descussions With Empirical Studies On Agency And Power. The Contributors Ask: Does Agency Empower Women? Do Cultural, Genderbased Alternatives, Openly Or Secretly, Assist Women In Search Of The Freedom To Give Voice To Themselves?

Gender in the Mirror

Cultural Imagery and Women's Agency


Author: Diana T. Meyers

Publisher: Oxford University Press on Demand

ISBN: 9780195140408

Category: Philosophy

Page: 231

View: 6345

In patriarchal cultures, people internalize cultural gender imagery that enshrines procreative heterosexuality and relations of domination and subordination between men and women. Once internalized, i.e. embedded in people's cognitive and emotional infrastructure, this imagery shapes, though it does not determine individual identity.