Gale Directory of Databases


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780787632878

Category: Portable databases

Page: 28

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This is a guide to computer-readable databases available online, in CD-ROM format, or in other magnetic formats. Details include database descriptions, costs, and whom to contact for purchase. The material is indexed alphabetically, and by subject, vendor, and producer.

Gale Directory of Databases

6 Volume Set


Author: Gale Cengage Learning

Publisher: Gale Directory of Databases

ISBN: 9781410326751

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

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Gale Directory of Databases

Cdrom, Diskette, Magnetic Tape, Handheld and Batch Access Database Products


Author: Gale Group,Thomson Gale

Publisher: Gale Cengage

ISBN: 9780787623074


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When you need information about databases fast, you'll find it in this easy-to-use bible of databases. Gale Directory of Databases profiles more than 12,500 databases available worldwide in a variety of formats. Entries include producer name and contact information, description, subject, language, update frequency, geographic coverage, availability and cost. Also available is information on software and system requirements and more. Volume I describes online databases; Volume 2 covers CD-ROM, diskette, magnetic tape, batch access and handheld products. The Directory also covers more than 3,600 producers, 2,400 online services and vendors/distributors, providing name, full contact information, branch offices and a complete list of the database products available.


Neue Wege zum Wissen der Welt


Author: N.A

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3663076792

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 286

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Online-Datenbanken stellen in wenigen Minuten Informationen zur Verfügung, für deren Beschaffung man sonst Tage in Bibliotheken und Archiven verbringen müßte. Das Buch "Online Recherche - Neue Wege zum Wissen der Welt" , jetzt in überarbeiteter und erweiterter Auflage, hilft dem Online-User, dieses Potential optimal zu nutzen. Es wendet sich an Schüler, Studenten und Wissenschaftler, an Bibliothekare, Journalisten, Consultants und Praktiker gleichermaßen.Datenbanken aus unterschiedlichen Fachgebieten werden gezielt vorgestellt. Der Leser erhält einen Überblick über das bestehende Angebot. Insbesondere werden ihm die Zugangswege dargestellt, die die Nutzung des online verfügbaren Datenmaterials sicherstellen.

Social Science Reference Sources

A Practical Guide


Author: Tze-chung Li

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group

ISBN: 9780313304835

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 495

View: 737

Now in its third edition, this essential guide to basic reference sources in the social sciences provides evaluative entries for approximately 1,600 works in anthropology, business, economics, education, geography, history, law, political science, psychology, and sociology. The first part of the book includes chapters on general sources, while the second contains chapters on reference works in particular disciplines. Most titles published before 1980, which appear in the second edition, have been dropped, while a large number of electronic sources, including more than 200 web sites, have been added. In recognition of the proliferation of electronic information resources, the volume provides brief descriptions of the features and search methods of several online vendors.

Reference and Information Services

An Introduction, Fourth Edition


Author: Kay Ann Cassell ,Uma Hiremath

Publisher: American Library Association

ISBN: 083891568X

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 448

View: 7502

Designed to complement every introductory library reference course, this is the perfect text for students and librarians looking to expand their personal reference knowledge, teaching failsafe methods for identifying important materials by matching specific types of questions to the best available sources, regardless of format. Guided by a national advisory board of educators and practitioners, this thoroughly updated text expertly keeps up with new technologies and practices while remaining grounded in the basics of reference work. Chapters on fundamental concepts, major reference sources, and special topics provide a solid foundation; the text also offers fresh insight on core issues, including ethics, readers' advisory, information literacy, and other key aspects of reference librarianship;selecting and evaluating reference materials, with strategies for keeping up to date;assessing and improving reference services;guidance on conducting reference interviews with a range of different library users, including children and young adults;a new discussion of reference as programming;important special reference topics such as Google search, 24/7 reference, and virtual reference; anddelivering reference services across multiple platforms As librarians experience a changing climate for all information services professionals, in this book Cassell and Hiremath provide the tools needed to manage the ebb and flow of changing reference services in today's libraries.

Strategische Datenbanken

Kernelemente computergestützter Infomationssysteme zur Unterstützung des strategischen Controllings


Author: Stefan Hesse

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 364248199X

Category: Computers

Page: 356

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Strategische Datenbanken werden als Kernelemente computergestützter Informationssysteme zur Unterstützung des strategischen Controllings konkretisiert. Die inhaltliche Bestimmung erfolgt anhand einer Betrachtung des strategischen Informationsbedarfs. Die technologischen Anforderungen gehen vom Konzept der Executive Information Systeme aus. Vor diesem Hintergrund werden neuere Datenbanktechnologien (z.B. objektorientierte) hinsichtlich ihrer Eignungspotentiale untersucht. Als wichtige Informationsquellen werden auch externe Online-Datenbanken analysiert. Schließlich wird ein strategisches Datenmodell entworfen und ein erweiterbares Datenbanksystem zur Implementierung einer strategischen Datenbank vorgeschlagen.

Internationale Marketingforschung

Informationsgewinnung für das internationale Marketing


Author: Erich Bauer

Publisher: Oldenbourg Verlag

ISBN: 3486592629

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 504

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Wesentlicher Erfolgsfaktor einer internationalen Unternehmenstätigkeit ist die informationelle Fundierung sowohl der strategischen als auch der operativen internationalen Marketing-Planung, d.h. die Durchführung von internationalen Marketingforschungen. Die 4. Auflage des vorliegenden Werks wurde aktualisiert und erweitert. Diese Veränderungen betreffen insbesondere die Angebots- und Nachfrageseite, aber auch die methodische Seite der internationalen Marketingforschung. Hervorzuheben ist die weiter fortschreitende Konzentration auf der Angebotsseite der internationalen Marketingforschung, die zunehmende Bedeutung eines Offshoring von Marketingforschungsprozessen, die Entwicklung eines internationalen Qualitätsstandards für die Marketingforschung, das Aufkommen von neuen Wettbewerbern für die traditionellen Marktforschungsinstitute sowie der anhaltende Bedeutungszuwachs des Internet als Instrument der Informationsgewinnung in der primär- und sekundärstatistischen Marketingforschung. Das Buch richtet sich an Marktforschungspraktiker in Instituten und Betrieben, aber auch an Master-Studierende mit einem Schwerpunkt in Internationalem Management bzw. Internationalem Marketing.

Electronic Databases and Publishing


Author: Albert Henderson

Publisher: Transaction Publishers

ISBN: 9781412822404

Category: Computers

Page: 253

View: 8208

Contains articles from various issues of Publishing Research Quarterly published between 1995 and 1997. Production statistics accompanied by statements of editorial coverage provide an accurate reflection of output of many of the major disciplinary bibliographic databases. Coverage includes databases that are not strictly bibliographic, such as the CMG database college courses. Databases profiled include databases of the Research Libraries Group, the OCLC Online Union Catalog, and the National Technical Information Service. Other subjects include predicting journal subscription rates, and the health of North America's small and mid-sized book publishers since 1980. Of interest to those in publishing and higher education. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Erfolgreiche Suche in medizinischen Datenbanken

Beispiele aus der Medizin, Pharmakologie, Toxikologie, Chemie, Biologie, Psychiatrie, Psychologie und Soziologie


Author: Josef König,Wolfgang Dorda,Gabriele Erhart

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 3709168910

Category: Medical

Page: 229

View: 9142

Reference Sources in History

An Introductory Guide


Author: Ronald H. Fritze,Brian E. Coutts,Louis Andrew Vyhnanek

Publisher: ABC-CLIO

ISBN: 0874368839

Category: History

Page: 334

View: 9899

Fully annotated and completely updated—the most comprehensive guide to reference books in the field of history. * This guide includes 900+ complete entries for reference works and provides complete bibliographic information for over 400 other works * Descriptive annotations provide guidance to quality reference materials and offer a useful and time-saving alternative to research using the Internet * Topical chapters and detailed index help readers locate the materials they need for research and allow for effective searches of more obscure topics * The guide includes materials of interest for undergraduates, graduate students, academic researchers, and educated general readers

Grundlagen der Rehabilitationswissenschaften

Themen, Strategien und Methoden der Rehabilitationsforschung


Author: Jürgen Bengel,Uwe Koch

Publisher: Springer-Verlag

ISBN: 364257114X

Category: Medical

Page: 581

View: 7615

Die wichtigsten Themenfelder der Rehabilitationsforschung im umfassenden Überblick: - Einführung in die Grundlagen der Reha-Wissenschaft. - Praktische "Gebrauchsanleitung" für Planung, Durchführung und Auswertung von Projekten. Das Buch stellt Forschungspraxis erstmals an konkreten Rehabilitationsthemen dar und ist damit richtungweisend für die Standortbestimmung und klinische Weiterentwicklung des Gebiets.

Online Retrieval

A Dialogue of Theory and Practice


Author: Geraldene Walker,Joseph Janes

Publisher: Libraries Unlimited

ISBN: 9781563086571

Category: Computers

Page: 312

View: 3044

This comprehensive introduction gives basic how-to information on the use of online systems, discusses topics for which there are no accepted paradigms, and presents alternative points of view within a framework of previous research. Expanding on their immensely popular and critically acclaimed first edition, the authors have added extensive new material addressing Internet search and retrieval techniques as well as the more traditional Dialog and Lexis-Nexis services.

How to Fix Copyright


Author: William Patry

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0199912912

Category: Law

Page: 336

View: 1898

Do copyright laws directly cause people to create works they otherwise wouldn't create? Do those laws directly put substantial amounts of money into authors' pockets? Does culture depend on copyright? Are copyright laws a key driver of competitiveness and of the knowledge economy? These are the key questions William Patry addresses in How to Fix Copyright. We all share the goals of increasing creative works, ensuring authors can make a decent living, furthering culture and competitiveness and ensuring that knowledge is widely shared, but what role does copyright law actually play in making these things come true in the real world? Simply believing in lofty goals isn't enough. If we want our goals to come true, we must go beyond believing in them; we must ensure they come true, through empirical testing and adjustment. Patry argues that laws must be consistent with prevailing markets and technologies because technologies play a large (although not exclusive) role in creating consumer demand; markets then satisfy that demand. Patry discusses how copyright laws arose out of eighteenth-century markets and technology, the most important characteristic of which was artificial scarcity. Artificial scarcity was created by the existence of a small number gatekeepers, by relatively high barriers to entry, and by analog limitations on copying. Markets and technologies change, in a symbiotic way, Patry asserts. New technologies create new demand, requiring new business models. The new markets created by the Internet and digital tools are the greatest ever: Barriers to entry are low, costs of production and distribution are low, the reach is global, and large sums of money can be made off of a multitude of small transactions. Along with these new technologies and markets comes the democratization of creation; digital abundance is replacing analog artificial scarcity. The task of policymakers is to remake our copyright laws to fit our times: our copyright laws, based on the eighteenth century concept of physical copies, gatekeepers, and artificial scarcity, must be replaced with laws based on access not ownership of physical goods, creation by the masses and not by the few, and global rather than regional markets. Patry's view is that of a traditionalist who believes in the goals of copyright but insists that laws must match the times rather than fight against the present and the future.

Lexikon Buch - Bibliothek - Neue Medien


Author: Dietmar Strauch,Margarete Rehm

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter

ISBN: 3110921219

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 472

View: 2594

This encyclopaedia explains all the current specialist terminology from the fields of book studies, librarianship, information and documentation as well as 'new media'. The first edition has been updated and considerably enlarged in order to cover the latest developments, particularly in 'new media'. Among the areas concerned are the internet, automatic indexing methods, abstracting and electronic developments in librarianship such as virtual libraries and digital libraries. The encyclopaedia is both a useful introduction and a textbook for librarians, documentalists and information scientists.