Fashion and Lifestyle Photography

Secrets of perfect fashion & lifestyle photography


Author: Dixie Dixon

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1781575533

Category: Photography

Page: 192

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Succeed in the commercial world and become a stand-out fashion & lifestyle photographer. "If you are interested in pursuing fashion and lifestyle photography, this book, from this rising young star of the field, is a must." - Joe McNally Only a few years ago, fashion photography used to be a stuffy world for a tiny elite. Now an explosion in social media and lifestyle advertising has created opportunities for a whole new breed of professional photographer. Fashion and Lifestyle Photography is based on the talks Dixie Dixon, a Nikon Brand Ambassador, has given to crowds at major international trade shows. Expanding on the subject in the book, she reveals how to succeed in this exciting marketplace, covering key topics such as: · Professional case studies · Behind the scenes · Lighting diagrams & gear · How to build your career From finding your vision, to building your dream team, this book will provide you with the essential gear and know-how to capture the looks of the media world that leap off the page or screen. "Dixie Dixon is a truly wonderful, vibrant young talent in the field of fashion and lifestyle photography. In this book, she takes you on a lively, complete tour of not only how to make compelling, beautiful photographs, but also how to grow a business, develop a signature look, make your own breaks, gather clients and keep them, use social media well, and assemble a great support team. And that's the short list. This book is full of gems about the seemingly small details that are essential to success." - Joe McNally

Männer fotografieren

Der Shooting-Ratgeber für Posing, Licht und Aufnahmetechniken


Author: Jeff Rojas

Publisher: dpunkt.verlag

ISBN: 3960880405

Category: Photography

Page: 256

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Männer wollen anders fotografiert werden als Frauen. In anderen Posen, in anderem Styling, in anderem Licht. Dies ist das erste Buch, das Ihnen zeigt, wie – für private oder Business-Porträts, für Werbe- oder Fashion-Fotografie. Der New Yorker Mode-Fotograf Jeff Rojas gibt Ihnen systematische und einfache Lösungen für Styling und Posing sowie für die Nachbearbeitung an die Hand, mit denen Sie die Erscheinung und Persönlichkeit Ihrer männlichen Models optimal zum Tragen bringen. Rojas macht Sie zunächst mit den fotografischen Anforderungen der verschiedenen Gesichts- und Körpertypen vertraut. Er erläutert, wie Sie durch die richtige Wahl von Haltung, Licht und Objektiv die gewünschte Bildwirkung erreichen, indem Sie bestimmte Züge betonen und mögliche Problemzonen wie hohe Stirn, Hautunregelmäßigkeiten, Bauch oder Doppelkinn zurücknehmen. Rojas zeigt, wie Sie Ihr Model im Stehen, Sitzen und Liegen posen und seine Kleidung so arrangieren, dass sie perfekt sitzt. Schließlich lernen Sie ausführlich und am Beispiel konkreter Setups, wie Sie Ihr Model ins richtige Licht rücken – angefangen bei der benötigten Hardware über verschiedene Arten von Porträts bis hin zum professionellen Lichtsetzen für Mode- und Werbefotos.

Fashion and Psychoanalysis

Styling the Self


Author: Alison Bancroft

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 0857721283

Category: Social Science

Page: 256

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There is an increasing trend within both the study of visual culture and fashion itself to restore fashion to an aesthetic role - one that moves beyond its commercial success as a global industry and places fashion within a nexus of art, the body, and femininity. This emphasis aims to separate fashion from mere clothing, and illustrate its cultural power as an integral aspect of modern life. In this innovative new book, Alison Bancroft re-examines significant moments in twentieth-century fashion history through the focal lens of psychoanalytic theory. Her discussion centres on studies of fashion photography, haute couture, queer dressing, and fashion/art in an attempt to shed new light on these key issues. According to Bancroft, problems of subjectivity are played out through fashion, in the public arena, and not just in the dark, unknowable unconscious mind. The question of what can be said, and what can only be experienced, and how these two issues may be reconciled, become questions that fashion addresses on an almost daily basis. Psychoanalysis has been profoundly influential in the arts, thanks to its capacity to add layers of meaning to things that, without it, would remain obtuse and intractable. It has proved crucial to the development of film studies, art theory and literary criticism. What it has not yet been brought into dialogue with in great depth is fashion. By interpreting fashion within a psychoanalytic frame, Bancroft illustrates how fashion articulates some of the essential, and sometimes frightening, truths about the body, femininity and the self.

Basics Photography 02: Lighting


Author: David Präkel

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 2940447551

Category: Photography

Page: 192

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Understanding light is fundamental to good photography. How any image is lit will change how the viewer sees and interprets the content. The second edition of Lighting teaches the theory and background of how light works, the different types of light and the rules it obeys. The book gives guidance on how to measure, control and use light for the best photographic exposure. With new images and case studies, this edition encourages a bolder and more innovative approach to the use of light in photography.

Lighting Design for Commercial Portrait Photography

Fashion and Beauty, Lookbooks, Production Stills, Magazine Covers


Author: Jennifer Emery

Publisher: Amherst Media

ISBN: 1608958965

Category: Photography

Page: 128

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Effective commercial portraiture is heavily reliant on clean, crisp lighting looks that emphasize color, contrast, contours, and texture to allow viewers of magazines, newspapers, television, and movies to view a product or model/celebrity in a precise and predetermined way that suits the overall marketing campaign and leaves viewers with a specific, conscripted feeling about the product /person being shown. Crafting this type of polished lighting requires absolute proficiency with the tools of the trade, from flash, to beauty lights, to softboxes, to gobos and gels. It also requires thinking outside the box to create lighting with a “hook”—a certain quality that binds the look to the brand identity and can be carried out repeatedly across several advertising campaigns. Whether you are producing album cover art, lingerie shoots for an intimates catalog, or production stills for television shows or movies, Jennifer Emery will give you the technical and creative skill set you need to thrive artistically, work efficiently with models and set designers, and win repeat clients. Beginning with essential strategies for finding and casting talent, paying/trading with that talent, and creating an open dialogue throughout the directorial stages, Jennifer builds a solid foundation from which the artistic concept can spring forth. In the following chapters, she presents text and images that will instruct readers on creating numerous looks/projects, including: (1) Beauty lighting for beauty/cosmetics ads (2) High-Key Lighting for a magazine cover shoot, (3) Lighting groups for a movie/TV poster, (4) Sculpting light for boudoir/lingerie/swimsuit/nude photograph, (5) Working with speedlights/flash for editorial fashion and lifestyle shoots, and (6) Lighting exterior locations for high fashion and fashion editorial work. Armed with these skills, photographers will be able to approach any commercial lighting job with a repertoire of skills, an ability to overcome challenges, and the confidence needed to nail the shot every time.

Digital Fashion Photography


Author: Chris Tarantino,Ken Tan,Alistair Cowin

Publisher: Muska/Lipman

ISBN: 9781592005253

Category: Computers

Page: 246

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Provides step-by-step instructions on the techniques of fashion photography, covering such topics as pre-shoot planning, lighting, working with models, location work, equipment, and post-production tasks.

From the Heart


Author: Chris Craymer

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9788862084529

Category: Photography

Page: 192

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While developing the concept for his latest book, "From the Heart," photographer Chris Craymer was inspired by the idea of not only photographing his subjects, but also interviewing them, to create holistic portraits. Known internationally for his fashion and lifestyle photography, Craymer had never before played the role of interviewer. The ritual and vulnerability of having one's portrait taken forges a trust between photographer and subject, and Craymer found that it was as if a door had been opened during the photography sessions, as the words in the interviews flowed "from the heart." The resulting portraits are unique and intimate: the reader senses Craymer's connection with each of his subjects.

Zeige deinen Style


Author: Aimee Song

Publisher: MVG Verlag

ISBN: 3961210535

Category: Health & Fitness

Page: 208

View: 7643

Bei mehr als 3 Millionen Instagram-Fans weiß Aimee Song offensichtlich ziemlich gut Bescheid, wie man das perfekt Foto bekommt. In ihrem Buch verrät sie nun zum ersten Mal ihre Geheimnisse, wie man einen überwältigenden Feed erschafft und seine Follower-Zahlen nach oben zieht – natürlich immer mit perfektem Style. In diesem innovativen Instagram-Guide zeigt Aimee Song u.a.: ·wie man das perfekte Instagram-Foto macht, ·wie man die eigene Instagram-Story einzigartig macht, ·wie man Style- und Food-Fotos perfekt vorbereitet, ·wie man seine Follower-Zahlen vervielfacht. Setze deinen Stil in Szene zeigt, wie man aus seinen Smartphone-Fotos das Beste herausholt und seine eigene Online-Präsentation perfektioniert.

Markets in Fashion

A Phenomenological Approach


Author: Patrik Aspers

Publisher: Psychology Press

ISBN: 9780415346191

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 240

View: 4624

Interest in contemporary cultural industries has grown in the past decade, as they take on a greater significance in our increasingly consumer-led society. Focusing on the world of fashion photography, this book presents an interdisciplinary approach in which this and other aesthetic markets, such as advertising, modelling, art, music and more, can be viewed. The main thrust of this groundbreaking book, is in developing a theory for these cultural markets, characterized by insecurity, and where status and aesthetic diversity generate order and price differentiation. In these industries, services and products are offered that are a mix of the aesthetic and the economic, and for fashion photographers such as those studied here, it is necessary to carefully position themselves in the market by developing unique photographic styles and separating themselves from competitors. Yet the markets in which these industries operate differ from the type of exchange markets depicted by neoclassical economists, and therefore cannot be considered using such modes of analysis. Instead Aspers conducts his study using empirical phenomenology, an original approach presented here for the first time, which can be easily used in other empirical studies. He draws on original empirical material; participant observation and interviews generated in New York and Stockholm; which bring a depth of analysis and a relevance to this book which academics, researchers and those with a vested interest in such industries will value. Written by one of the world's brightest young economic sociologists, this fascinating book (previously published in Sweden and enthusiastically received) is endorsed by recognized industry authorities. A noteworthy book, it provides a foothold in the burgeoning sub discipline of economic sociology, and a significant analysis of the economics of the fashion photography industry.

British Journal of Photography


Author: Ewen Spencer,Martin Parr,Mike Skinner

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780955084003

Category: Photography

Page: N.A

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1995 Photographer's Market

Where & How to Sell Your Photographs


Author: Michael Willins

Publisher: Writer's Digest Books

ISBN: 9780898796742

Category: Photography

Page: 672

View: 1818

An up-to-date listing of 2,500 American and international buyers of freelance photography includes contact names and addresses, submissions requirements, photo specifications, pay rates, and tips on how to "break in" to the business.

150 Years of Nude Photography


Author: Ulrich Pohlmann,Rudolf Scheutle

Publisher: Kehrer Verlag

ISBN: 9783868280609

Category: Photography

Page: 415

View: 2382

This immense yet selective survey recounts the cultural history of nude photography in six rich chapters as masters from respective periods over the 160-year time frame are brought together. Starting in the early 19th century, where work was visibly inspired by painting and sculpture, the study moves on to Symbolism, Surrealism, abstract art and the male nude.

[email protected] L Girls

Fashion's New Tribe


Author: Marko MacPherson

Publisher: Rizzoli Publications

ISBN: 0847858855

Category: Photography

Page: 273

View: 7805

A must-have book for today's generation of fashion lovers, [email protected] Girls celebrates a new vanguard of female digital media stars-turned-moguls through original one-on-one interviews and photographs that captures the spirit, perspective, and style of these leading fashion and new media influencers. Accessible and fresh, this unique volume celebrates today's pioneering digital media influencers - the leading female bloggers, designers, editors, entrepreneurs, creative directors, models, and activists who are shaping the future of the global fashion, beauty, and media industries.

Pixel Surgeons

Extreme Manipulation of the Figure in Photography


Author: Martin Dawber

Publisher: Mitchell Beazley

ISBN: 9781845331573

Category: Photography

Page: 224

View: 6140

Pixel Surgeons presents the very best of today's styling and illusion in fashion and lifestyle photography. Fifty years ago fashion photography was perceived as the elitist preserve of glossy magazines across the world. Today it is part of 21st century lifestyle. Commuting to and from work, we are subjected to billboards advertising well-known labels. It is now de rigueur for every tabloid to contain a fashion features page. Style magazines - for both men and women - dominate the heaving newsagent's shelves. Media awareness and discriminating aesthetics have provoked a multi-layered language of fashion photography, and digital technology has introduced a level of image manipulation that has further enriched the genre. Today's photographic communicators offer personal visions that grab the viewer by the throat in their attempt to satisfy the market's craving for more and more imaginative imagery. Martin Dawber presents the work of over 30 of the most exceptional new international practitioners of photography, styling, and digital manipulation, exploring their methods and influences.


A Critical Visual Art Magazine


Author: N.A

Publisher: N.A


Category: Art

Page: N.A

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