F is for First State

A Delaware Alphabet


Author: Carol Crane

Publisher: Sleeping Bear Press

ISBN: 1585366439

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 40

View: 6762

As the first state to ratify the United States Constitution, Delaware rightfully earned its nickname of "First State." Though small in size, it is a treasure trove of history (Fort Delaware), inventions (the Victrola), and garden wonders (Winterthur). State symbols such as the Blue Hen Chicken and peach blossom speak to the character and traditions that formed the state. Historian Carol Crane loves looking through the kaleidoscope of the past and has taken many delightful journeys through Delaware. She loves to imagine her Swedish ancestors coming to this country on the Kalmar Nyckel, building log cabins, or starting the first Swedish church in Wilmington. Carol lives with her husband in North Carolina and travels the country speaking at education conferences across the nation."F is for First State" is Carol's 11th book with Sleeping Bear Press. Elizabeth Traynor decided to be an illustrator when she was fifteen years old, while taking art classes at the Delaware Art Museum. She received her BFAin illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. An illustrator as well as an illustration professor, her work can be seen throughout the country, from book covers, newspapers and magazines, to ads and packaging. Elizabeth lives in Massachusetts and California.

The First Glot International State-of-the-Article Book

The Latest in Linguistics


Author: Lisa Cheng,Rint Sybesma

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3110822865

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 417

View: 689

The Glot International State-of-the-Article books constitute the ideal solution for everyone who wants to have a good idea of what the others are doing but does not have time to follow the developments in all other parts of the field on a day to day basis. All articles were previously published in Glot International and have been revised and updated, and special attention was given to the extensive bibliography, which constitutes an important part of each overview article. Among the essays in the first volume are overview articles dealing with VP ellipsis (by Kyle Johnson), Ergativity (by Alana Johns), tone (by San Duanmu), acquisition of phonology (by Paula Fikkert), and semantic change (by Elizabeth Closs Traugott). The second volume offers articles on subjects ranging from the development of grammars (by David Lightfoot) and markedness in phonology (by Keren Rice) to the syntactic representation of linguistic events (by Sara Thomas Rosen), optionality in Optimality syntax (by Gereon Müller) and the nature of coordination (by Ljiljana Progovac).

Refinement Techniques in Software Engineering

First Pernambuco Summer School on Software Engineering, PSSE 2004, Recife, Brazil, November 23-December 5, 2004, Revised Lectures


Author: Ana Cavalcanti,Augusto Sampaio

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3540462538

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 391

View: 370

The Pernambuco School on Software Engineering (PSSE) 2004 was the ?rst in a series of events devoted to the study of advanced computer science and to the promotion of international scienti?c collaboration. The main theme in 2004 was re?nement (or rei?cation). Re?nement describes the veri?able relationship between a speci?cation and its implementation; it also describes the process of discoveringappropriateimplementations,givena speci?cation.Thus,in oneway or another, re?nement is at the heart of the programming process, and so is the major daily activity of everyprofessionalsoftwareengineer. The Summer School and its proceedings were intended to give a detailed tutorial introduction to the scienti?c basis of this activity. These proceedings record the contributions from the invited lecturers. Each chapter is the result of a thorough revision of the initial notes provided to the participants of the school. The revision was inspired by the synergy generated by the opportunity for the lecturers to present and discuss their work among themselves, and with the school’s attendees. The editors have tried to produce a coherent view of the topic by harmonizing these contributions, smoothing out di?erences in notation and approach, and providing links between the lectures. We apologize to the authors for any errors introduced by our extensive editing. Although the chapters are linked in severalways, each one is su?ciently se- contained to be read in isolation. Nevertheless, Chap. 1 should be read ?rst by those interested in an introduction to re?nement.

Generalized Musical Intervals and Transformations


Author: David Lewin

Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA

ISBN: 0199759944

Category: Music

Page: 258

View: 5254

David Lewin's Generalized Musical Intervals and Transformations is recognized as the seminal work paving the way for current studies in mathematical and systematic approaches to music analysis. Lewin, one of the 20th century's most prominent figures in music theory, pushes the boundaries of the study of pitch-structure beyond its conception as a static system for classifying and inter-relating chords and sets. Known by most music theorists as "GMIT", the book is by far the most significant contribution to the field of systematic music theory in the last half-century, generating the framework for the "transformational theory" movement. Appearing almost twenty years after GMIT's initial publication, this Oxford University Press edition features a previously unpublished preface by David Lewin, as well as a foreword by Edward Gollin contextualizing the work's significance for the current field of music theory.

Future Internet - FIS 2008

First Future Internet Symposium Vienna, Austria, September 28-30, 2008 Revised Selected Papers


Author: John Domingue,Paolo Traverso,Dieter Fensel

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642009840

Category: Business & Economics

Page: 185

View: 1596

This book constitutes the thorouhly refereed post-conference proceedings of the First Future Internet Symposium, FIS 2008, held in Vienna, Austria, in September 2008. The 10 revised full papers presented together with 4 invited papers were carefully reviewed and selected from numerous submissions. The papers address novel ideas and current research results related to the future internet infrastructure, user-generated content, content visualization, usability, trust and security, collaborative workflows, the internet of services and service science.

The Oxford Handbook of Aquinas


Author: Brian Davies,Eleonore Stump

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190208791

Category: Religion

Page: 608

View: 7410

Thomas Aquinas (1224/6-1274) lived an active, demanding academic and ecclesiastical life that ended while he was still comparatively young. He nonetheless produced many works, varying in length from a few pages to a few volumes. The present book is an introduction to this influential author and a guide to his thought on almost all the major topics on which he wrote. The book begins with an account of Aquinas's life and works. The next section contains a series of essays that set Aquinas in his intellectual context. They focus on the philosophical sources that are likely to have influenced his thinking, the most prominent of which were certain Greek philosophers (chiefly Aristotle), Latin Christian writers (such as Augustine), and Jewish and Islamic authors (such as Maimonides and Avicenna). The subsequent sections of the book address topics that Aquinas himself discussed. These include metaphysics, the existence and nature of God, ethics and action theory, epistemology, philosophy of mind and human nature, the nature of language, and an array of theological topics, including Trinity, Incarnation, sacraments, resurrection, and the problem of evil, among others. These sections include more than thirty contributions on topics central to Aquinas's own worldview. The final sections of the volume address the development of Aquinas's thought and its historical influence. Any attempt to present the views of a philosopher in an earlier historical period that is meant to foster reflection on that thinker's views needs to be both historically faithful and also philosophically engaged. The present book combines both exposition and evaluation insofar as its contributors have space to engage in both. This Handbook is therefore meant to be useful to someone wanting to learn about Aquinas's philosophy and theology while also looking for help in philosophical interaction with it.

Introduction to Stochastic Processes


Author: Erhan Cinlar

Publisher: Courier Corporation

ISBN: 0486276325

Category: Mathematics

Page: 416

View: 7948

Clear presentation employs methods that recognize computer-related aspects of theory. Topics include expectations and independence, Bernoulli processes and sums of independent random variables, Markov chains, renewal theory, more. 1975 edition.

Introduction to Agricultural Engineering Technology

A Problem Solving Approach


Author: Harry Field,John Solie

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 0387369155

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 391

View: 6514

The third edition of this book exposes the reader to a wide array of engineering principles and their application to agriculture. It presents an array of more or less independent topics to facilitate daily assessments or quizzes, and aims to enhance the students' problem solving ability. Each chapter contains objectives, worked examples and sample problems are included at the end of each chapter. This book was first published in the late 60's by AVI. It remains relevant for post secondary classes in Agricultural Engineering Technology and Agricultural Mechanics, and secondary agriculture teachers.

State-to-State Dynamical Research in the F+H2 Reaction System


Author: Zefeng Ren

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642397565

Category: Science

Page: 77

View: 3403

This thesis addresses two important and also challenging issues in the research of chemical reaction dynamics of F+H2 system. One is to probe the reaction resonance and the other is to determine the extent of the breakdown of the Born-Oppenheimer approximation (BOA) experimentally. The author introduces a state-of-the-art crossed molecular beam-scattering apparatus using a hydrogen atom Rydberg "tagging" time-of-flight method, and presents thorough state-to-state experimental studies to address the above issues. The author also describes the observation of the Feshbach resonance in the F+H2 reaction, a precise measurement of the differential cross section in the F+HD reaction, and validation of a new accurate potential energy surface with spectroscopic accuracy. Moreover, the author determines the reactivity ratio between the ground state F(2P3/2) and the excited state F*(2P1/2) in the F+D2 reaction, and exploits the breakdown of BOA in the low collision energy.

Quantum Triangulations

Moduli Spaces, Strings, and Quantum Computing


Author: Mauro Carfora,Annalisa Marzuoli

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 3642244408

Category: Science

Page: 284

View: 3845

Research on polyhedral manifolds often points to unexpected connections between very distinct aspects of Mathematics and Physics. In particular triangulated manifolds play quite a distinguished role in such settings as Riemann moduli space theory, strings and quantum gravity, topological quantum field theory, condensed matter physics, and critical phenomena. Not only do they provide a natural discrete analogue to the smooth manifolds on which physical theories are typically formulated, but their appearance is rather often a consequence of an underlying structure which naturally calls into play non-trivial aspects of representation theory, of complex analysis and topology in a way which makes manifest the basic geometric structures of the physical interactions involved. Yet, in most of the existing literature, triangulated manifolds are still merely viewed as a convenient discretization of a given physical theory to make it more amenable for numerical treatment. The motivation for these lectures notes is thus to provide an approachable introduction to this topic, emphasizing the conceptual aspects, and probing, through a set of cases studies, the connection between triangulated manifolds and quantum physics to the deepest. This volume addresses applied mathematicians and theoretical physicists working in the field of quantum geometry and its applications.

State Constitutions for the Twenty-first Century, Volume 3

The Agenda of State Constitutional Reform


Author: G. Alan Tarr,Robert F. Williams

Publisher: SUNY Press

ISBN: 0791481980

Category: Law

Page: 380

View: 1308

Nationally recognized experts analyze how states deal with major constitutional issues.

The Irish Welfare State in the Twenty-First Century

Challenges and Change


Author: Mary P. Murphy,Fiona Dukelow

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137571381

Category: Political Science

Page: 337

View: 3754

This book provides a critical and theoretically-informed assessment of the nature and types of structural change occurring in the Irish welfare state in the context of the 2008 economic crisis. Its overarching framework for conceptualising and analysing welfare state change and its political, economic and social implications is based around four crucial questions, namely what welfare is for, who delivers welfare, who pays for welfare, and who benefits. Over the course of ten chapters, the authors examine the answers as they relate to social protection, labour market activation, pensions, finance, water, early child education and care, health, housing and corporate welfare. They also innovatively address the impact of crisis on the welfare state in Northern Ireland. The result is to isolate key drivers of structural welfare reform, and assess how globalisation, financialisation, neo-liberalisation, privatisation, marketisation and new public management have deepened and diversified their impact on the post-crisis Irish welfare state. This in-depth analysis will appeal to sociologists, economists, political scientists and welfare state practitioners interested in the Irish welfare state and more generally in the analysis of welfare state change.

Islamic Movements of Europe

Public Religion and Islamophobia in the Modern World


Author: Frank Peter,Rafael Ortega

Publisher: I.B.Tauris

ISBN: 0857736736

Category: Religion

Page: 416

View: 3790

Islam in Europe' and 'Islamophobia' are subjects of vital global importance which currently preoccupy policy-makers and academics alike. Examining various European Muslim groups and institutions that have branched off from Islamic movements - including the Muslim Brotherhood, Hizb ut-Tahrir and Jama’at-i Islami - this book outlines the configuration of social, political and religious processes that have given rise to new kinds of European Muslim organisations. It considers the relationship of these organisations to their 'parent' movements, their connections with transnational Islamic networks, their impact on European states, the presence of Islam in European education and higher education institutions and the connection between Islamic movements and the perceived surge of 'Islamophobia' in Europe. Featuring the work of more than 40 scholars, this is the comprehensive guide to Islam in Europe and will be essential reading for policy-makers, political commentators and academics working with Islamic groups in Europe.

A General Dictionary of the English Language

One Main Object of Which, Is, to Establish a Plain and Permanent Standard of Pronunciation : to which is Prefixed a Rhetorical Grammar


Author: Thomas Sheridan

Publisher: N.A


Category: English language

Page: N.A

View: 8614

A First Course in Mathematical Analysis


Author: J. C. Burkill

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521294683

Category: Mathematics

Page: 186

View: 3974

This course is intended for students who have acquired a working knowledge of the calculus and are ready for a more systematic treatment which also brings in other limiting processes, such as the summation of infinite series and the expansion of trigonometric functions as power series.

State-Space Search

Algorithms, Complexity, Extensions, and Applications


Author: Weixiong Zhang

Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media

ISBN: 9780387988320

Category: Computers

Page: 201

View: 9678

This book is about problem-solving. In particular it is about heuristic state-space search for combinatorial optimization - one of the fundamental problems of computer science. Its two central themes are the average-case complexity of state-space search algorithms and the applications of the results notably to branch-and-bound techniques. These include best-first search, depth-first branch-and- bound, iterative deepening, recursive best-first search, and constant- space best-first search. Primarily written for researchers in computer science, the author presupposes a basic familiarity with complexity theory. In addition, it is assumed that the reader is familiar with the basic concepts of random variables and recursive functions. Two succesful applications are presented in depth: one is a set of state-space transformation methods which can be used to find approximate solutions qwuickly, and the second is a method called forward estimation for constructing more informative evaluation functions.

The Foreign Policies of the European Union and the United States in North Africa

Diverging or Converging Dynamics?


Author: Francesco Cavatorta,Vincent Durac

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317990145

Category: Political Science

Page: 136

View: 6480

The war in Iraq seemed to bring to a head underlying differences between the United States and the vast majority of European countries regarding the best means to maintain international peace and stability. The unilateralism of the United States as opposed to the multilateralism of the European Union is seen as a very significant source of potential rivalry between the two actors. This volume examines in detail whether the policies of the United States and the EU are truly diverging with respect to the most pressing issues facing North Africa, or whether, in fact, they are converging in terms of objectives to be achieved and strategies for their implementation. Through a number of papers that include both comparative and case specific studies, this book enables a better understanding of the differences and similarities in EU and US foreign policies and security strategies for the region, a clearer analysis of their respective democracy promotion policies, and a better examination of their respective approach to the ‘Islamist question’ in light of the continued success of such movements. This book was originally published as a special issue of the Journal of North African Studies.

Physical Foundations of Cosmology


Author: P. J. Steinhardt,Viatcheslav F.. Mukhanov,Viatcheslav Mukhanov,Mukhanov Viatcheslav

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 9780521563987

Category: Science

Page: 421

View: 4925

Textbook in cosmology covering established and speculative research for advanced students of physics and astrophysics.