Out from London to the Sea


Author: Rachel Lichtenstein

Publisher: Penguin UK

ISBN: 0141911530

Category: History

Page: 288

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LONGLISTED FOR THE GORDON BURN PRIZE 2017 An immersive, intimate journey into the world of the Thames Estuary and the people who spend their lives there The Thames Estuary is one of the world's great deltas, providing passage in and out of London for millennia. It is silted up with the memories and artefacts of past voyages. It is the habitat for an astonishing range of wildlife. And for the people who live and work on the estuary, it is a way of life unlike any other - one most would not trade for anything, despites its dangers. Rachel Lichtenstein has travelled the length and breadth of the estuary many times and in many vessels, from hardy tug boats to stately pleasure cruisers to an inflatable dinghy. And during these crossing she has gathered an extraordinary chorus of voices: mudlarkers and fishermen, radio pirates and champion racers, the men who risk their lives out on the water and the women who wait on the shore. From the acclaimed author of Brick Lane and Rodinsky's Room, Estuary is a thoughtful and intimate portrait of a profoundly British place. With a clear eye and a sharp ear, Rachel Lichtenstein captures the essence of a community and an environment, examining how each has shaped and continues to shape the other.

History of the Manchester Ship Canal from its Inception to its Completion


Author: Bosdin Leech

Publisher: Cambridge University Press

ISBN: 1108071198

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 434

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By the late nineteenth century, charges imposed on Manchester companies for the use of Liverpool's docks and the connecting railway had created an atmosphere of resentment within the business community. The Manchester Ship Canal was to play a major part in the city's regeneration following the depression of the 1870s, but it took a lengthy battle for the scheme to gain the backing of Parliament and for construction to begin in 1887. In this two-volume work of 1907, Sir Bosdin Leech (1836-1912) traces the canal's conception, planning and construction. Volume 1 discusses the historical and economic factors that led to the creation of the waterway, as well as the bitter political fight to make it a reality. The work includes a large amount of illustrative content, enhancing the light shed on the landscape and notable personalities of Manchester at that time.


A Primary Source Cultural Guide


Author: Graham Faiella

Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc

ISBN: 9781404229112

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 128

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England's royalty, eating habits, customs, and fairs are all discussed in this book, as well as the country's history, geography, and climate. Photographs escort the reader through the country's festivals at Cheltenham, Notting Hill, and the Chelsea Flower Show. A home to many people throughout the centuries, including the Celts, Saxons, and Normans, England's multifaceted past that has affected and absorbed aspects of so many cultures is also discussed using detailed maps, images of historical leaders, and biographies of famous Britons.

The English Monster


Author: Lloyd Shepherd

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0857205382

Category: Fiction

Page: 416

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In the east end of Regency London, two families lie butchered. Residents of the notorious Ratcliffe Highway, the victims bear the mark of unprecedented brutality. Panic sweeps the country as its public cries for justice. But these murders stem from an older horror, its source a sea voyage two centuries old. In a ship owned by Queen Elizabeth herself, a young man embarks on England's first venture into a new trade: human souls. As a nation's sins ripen and bloom, to be harvested in a bloody frenzy on the twisted streets of Regency Wapping, an English Monster is born. 'A story as rich in ideas as it is in intrigue' Independent on Sunday 'Brilliantly imagined … Evokes such creations as Shardlake and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell'Sun

Discharge of Sewage from Sea Outfalls

Proceedings of an International Symposium Held at Church House, London, 27 August to 2 September 1974


Author: A. L. H. Gameson

Publisher: Elsevier

ISBN: 1483157946

Category: Technology & Engineering

Page: 470

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Supplement to Progress in Water Technology: Discharge of Sewage from Sea Outfalls is a proceeding of an international symposium held at Church House, London on 27 August to 2 September 1974. Said symposium is concerned with the pollution and dangers to health of sewage discharged from sea outfalls. The book discusses the discharge of sewage from sea outfalls and the problems associated with it according to location: the North Sea, the Mediterranean, the United States, Hong Kong, and the Baltic. Also covered in the book are the effects of pollutants, heavy metals, and microorganisms on the marine environment; how pollutants can be used as an indicator of pollution; and means of the elimination of pollutants. The text is recommended to sanitation engineers, port authorities, marine biologists, and officials concerned with aquatic resources and residential areas along coastlines.

Hitlers Wehrmacht 1935-1945


Author: Rolf-Dieter Müller

Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG

ISBN: 3486854704

Category: History

Page: 224

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Die kurze Episode der "Wehrmacht" hat zu einer ungeheuren militärischen Kraftentfaltung des Deutschen Reiches geführt, zu überwältigenden Siegen und katastrophalen Niederlagen, zugleich zur Mitverantwortung für eine verbrecherische Kriegführung, wie sie in der deutschen Geschichte ohne Beispiel ist. Der Band bietet zunächst einen Überblick über die Wehrmacht im Dritten Reich, ihre Führungsprinzipien, Gliederung, Ausrüstung, Ausbildung und Fronterfahrung. Im zweiten Teil wird erkennbar, wie sich die militarisierte "Volksgemeinschaft" der Deutschen im Zweiten Weltkrieg unter dem Druck der totalen Mobilmachung veränderte. Der dritte Teil analysiert die militärische Kriegführung vom "Blitzkrieg" bis zum Untergang von Reich und Wehrmacht. Der Ausblick auf den Umgang mit diesem schwierigen Erbe in der Bundesrepublik zeigt, wie tief der Bruch in der deutschen Militärgeschichte gewesen ist.

Sentenced to Cross the Raging Sea

The Story of Sam Johnson, Victim of Oldham's Bankside Riot of 1834


Author: Ross Johnson

Publisher: Wild and Woolley

ISBN: 0646440039

Category: Aboriginal Australians

Page: 328

View: 8267

In many North of England towns, like Manchester and Oldham, violence was never far below the surface during the disturbed times of the Industrial Revolution in the early 19th century, with cotton mill owners pitted against their operatives and worker against worker. Sam Johnson was a 17-year- old cotton spinner apprenticed to his father at Greenbank Mill when three over-zealous Oldham constables raided a union meeting and arrested two union men. The end result was a huge riot involving thousands of Oldham workers and a partly successful attempt to demolish the Bankside Mill on Manchester Street and adjacent workers' homes. One onlooker was shot dead. The subsequent random arrests when the militia arrived and regained control resulted in five of the rioters, including Sam Johnson, being sentenced to death by hanging at the Lancaster Assizes of 1834. These sentences were commuted to transportation for life. This thoroughly researched true story describes the life of Sam Johnson, convict no. 13841, from the Chatham hulks to the transport ship, to Botany Bay, the Hyde Park Barracks in Sydney, his later assignment to his Scottish master Archibald Macleod, his travels over the Australian Alps with his sheep and cattle to pioneer in Gippsland in 1844. It traces his emancipation, marriage and life in Gippsland following a successful petition and Queen's Pardon after he served his 20-year sentence. The book includes previously unpublished material from the handwritten notes of an Oldham reporter present at the riot reproduced by kind permission of Oldham Local Studies and Archives.

Die Schlange von Essex


Author: Sarah Perry


ISBN: 3732549305

Category: Fiction

Page: 492

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London 1893. Als Cora Seaborne vom Gerücht hört, der mythische Lindwurm von Essex sei zurückgekehrt und fordere die ersten Menschenleben, macht sie sich auf den Weg in den Küstenort Aldwinter. Cora, eine Anhängerin der provokanten Thesen Charles Darwins, vermutet hinter dem Sagengeschöpf eine bislang unbekannte Tierart. Auch der Vikar von Aldwinter, William Ransome, glaubt den Gerüchten nicht, und versucht, seine Gemeinde zu beruhigen. Zwischen Cora und Will entspinnt sich eine besondere Beziehung und obwohl sie in rein gar nichts einer Meinung sind, fühlen sie sich unausweichlich zueinander hingezogen. Anmutig und intelligent erzählt dieser Roman - noch vor allem anderen - von der Liebe und den unzähligen Verkleidungen, in denen sie uns gegenübertritt.

Rusty Goes to London


Author: Ruskin Bond

Publisher: Penguin Books India

ISBN: 9780143335955


Page: 239

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Rusty Travels Abroad To Fulfil His Dream Of Becoming A Writer Rusty Goes To London Is The Fourth Book In Puffin'S New Series Of The Complete Escapades Of Rusty; This Is The First Time That All The Rusty Stories Are Available In Chronological Order. In His Early Twenties Now, Rusty Finally Severs Ties With Dehra And Books A Passage To England, With The Dream Of Writing And Selling His Novel Abroad. First In His Aunt'S House In Jersey, And Then In Rented Lodgings In London, He Works As A Clerk By Day And Writes Away In The Evenings. Eventually The Novel Is Finished And Rusty Even Finds A Publisher. But This, He Discovers, Does Not Mean That His Book Will See The Light Of Day Soon ... While In London, Rusty Has Myriad Adventures, Each More Incredible Than The Last. Strolling Down Baker Street, He Runs Into Sherlock Holmes, Who Gives Him A Few Lessons In Investigative Techniques. At The Victoria And Albert Museum, He Is Accosted By Rudyard Kipling. And Then, Of Course, There Is The Strange Incident At The Chinese Quarter, The Calypso Christmas In His Lodgings, And The Story Of The Vietnamese Girl Vu-Phuong. After Three Years Abroad, However, Rusty Realizes That He Wants To Make India His Permanent Home; All He Really Needs Is A Room Of His Own To Live And Write In, As The Vibrant World That He Has Known And Loved All Along Unfolds Outside. Returning To Dehra, He Renews Some Acquaintances And Makes A Few New Ones, And Settles Into His Role As Full-Time Author. Full Of Interesting Stories And Memorable Characters, Rusty Goes To London Is A Book That Will Delight All Of Ruskin Bond'S Young Fans.

Dirty Old London

The Victorian Fight Against Filth


Author: Lee Jackson

Publisher: Yale University Press

ISBN: 0300210221

Category: History

Page: 304

View: 5380

In Victorian London, filth was everywhere: horse traffic filled the streets with dung, household rubbish went uncollected, cesspools brimmed with "night soil," graveyards teemed with rotting corpses, the air itself was choked with smoke. In this intimately visceral book, Lee Jackson guides us through the underbelly of the Victorian metropolis, introducing us to the men and women who struggled to stem a rising tide of pollution and dirt, and the forces that opposed them. Through thematic chapters, Jackson describes how Victorian reformers met with both triumph and disaster. Full of individual stories and overlooked details—from the dustmen who grew rich from recycling, to the peculiar history of the public toilet—this riveting book gives us a fresh insight into the minutiae of daily life and the wider challenges posed by the unprecedented growth of the Victorian capital.

The Sea and Civilization

A Maritime History of the World


Author: Lincoln Paine

Publisher: Atlantic Books Ltd

ISBN: 1782393579

Category: History

Page: 300

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A monumental, wholly accessible work of scholarship that retells human history through the story of mankind's relationship with the sea. An accomplishment of both great sweep and illuminating detail, The Sea and Civilization is a stunning work of history that reveals in breathtaking depth how people first came into contact with one another by ocean and river, and how goods, languages, religions, and entire cultures spread across and along the world's waterways. Lincoln Paine takes us back to the origins of long-distance migration by sea with our ancestors' first forays from Africa and Eurasia to Australia and the Americas. He demonstrates the critical role of maritime trade to the civilizations of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley. He reacquaints us with the great seafaring cultures of antiquity like those of the Phoenicians and Greeks, as well as those of India, Southeast and East Asia who parlayed their navigational skills, shipbuilding techniques, and commercial acumen to establish vibrant overseas colonies and trade routes in the centuries leading up to the age of European overseas expansion. His narrative traces subsequent developments in commercial and naval shipping through the post-Cold War era. Above all, Paine makes clear how the rise and fall of civilizations can be traced to the sea.

1918 - Die Welt im Fieber

Wie die Spanische Grippe die Gesellschaft veränderte


Author: Laura Spinney

Publisher: Carl Hanser Verlag GmbH Co KG

ISBN: 3446259589

Category: History

Page: 384

View: 2728

Der Erste Weltkrieg geht zu Ende, und eine weitere Katastrophe fordert viele Millionen Tote: die Spanische Grippe. Binnen weniger Wochen erkrankt ein Drittel der Weltbevölkerung. Trotzdem sind die Auswirkungen auf Gesellschaft, Politik und Kultur weitgehend unbekannt. Ob in Europa, Asien oder Afrika, an vielen Orten brachte die Grippe die Machtverhältnisse ins Wanken, womöglich beeinflusste sie die Verhandlung des Versailler Vertrags und verursachte Modernisierungsbewegungen. Anhand von Schicksalen auf der ganzen Welt öffnet Laura Spinney das Panorama dieser Epoche. Sie füllt eine klaffende Lücke in der Geschichtsschreibung und erlaubt einen völlig neuen Blick auf das Schicksalsjahr 1918.

Macnamara's Irish Colony and the United States Taking of California in 1846


Author: John Fox

Publisher: McFarland

ISBN: 9780786406876

Category: History

Page: 230

View: 8028

Images of Irish immigration often bring to mind Ellis Island and crowded Eastern ports. If Eugene Macnamara's planned Irish Colony in California had succeeded, however, we might have a very different view of the Irish in America. In 1844, Eugene Macnamara, an Irish priest with a shadowy history, began promoting his plan to create an Irish colony in California. With the first of the Potato Famines a year later, many Irish farmers had to seek a new life, and California seemed to be the answer. In both Washington and Mexico, Macnamara and his plan were viewed as suspicious, even dangerous, yet once the U.S. war with Mexico gained California for the United States, the priest and his plan were largely forgotten. Both period documents and new discoveries are used to flesh out the story of the California colonization project and the mysterious figure behind it. With illustrations, maps, and index, this book is a valuable resource for understanding American, Mexican, and Irish history--and a fascinating glimpse of the ways in which the past might have been different.

The Child Garden


Author: Geoff Ryman

Publisher: Hachette UK

ISBN: 1473212138

Category: Fiction

Page: 392

View: 5202

In a semi-tropical London, surrounded by paddy-fields, the people feed off the sun like plants, the young are raised in Child Gardens and educated by viruses, and the Consensus oversees the country, 'treating' non-conformism. Information, culture, law and politics are biological functions. But Milena is different: she is resistant to viruses and an incredible musician, one of the most extraordinary women of her age. This is her story and that of her friends, like Lucy the immortal tumour and Joseph the Postman whose mind is an information storehouse for others, and Rolfa, genetically engineered as a Polar Bear, whose beautiful singing voice first awakens Milena to the power of music.

The Bumper Book of London

Everything You Need to Know About London and More...


Author: Becky Jones,Clare Lewis

Publisher: Frances Lincoln

ISBN: 1781011036

Category: Juvenile Nonfiction

Page: 280

View: 8962

DIV This entertaining and informative book includes every fact, figure, statistic and hidden secret of London that will be of interest to children. Mixing history with literature, listings with trivia, it opens windows on all areas of London's rich past and present. Here children will learn about London's art and architecture, landmarks, hidden places, ghosts, pearly kings and queens, festivals, street names, games, traditions, markets, football teams, and much, much more. Discover the oldest, the tallest, the silliest, the scariest and the smallest things in London. Shop till you drop at the Queen's favourite stores. Delve into London's murky past, see where notorious criminals were hanged, drawn and quartered, pirates were strung out to rot, heads were mounted on spikes and prisoners were tortured. Peer down London's oldest loo, chant with the crowds at London's first football club, and walk under the River Thames without getting wet. The Bumper Book of London will satisfy every child's appetite for facts and figures - as well as providing fodder for desperate parents who have run out of answers. /div

A Complete Guide to the Lakes

Comprising Minute Directions for the Tourist, with Mr. Wordsworth's Description of the Scenery of the Country, &c. and Three Letters on the Geology of the Lake District, by the Late Professor Sedgwick ... Edited by the Publishers


Author: John Hudson (of Kendal.)

Publisher: N.A


Category: Geology

Page: 259

View: 6030

The Companion Guide to London


Author: David Piper,Fionnuala Jervis

Publisher: Companion Guides

ISBN: 9781900639361

Category: Travel

Page: 450

View: 9252

Has strong claims to be among the best guidebooks ever written. SUNDAY TELEGRAPH Calls our attention to everything beautiful, historic or curious left in the heart of London. SUNDAY TIMES

Facing It


Author: Valerie Angel

Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd

ISBN: 190651075X

Category: Ocean travel

Page: 204

View: 3459

Loosely based on the Global Challenge yacht race, this title presents a fictional account of personal development, conflict, and adventure.