Erotic Infidelities

Love and Enchantment in Angela Carter's the Bloody Chamber


Author: Kimberly J. Lau,Bryce (CRT) Schimanski

Publisher: N.A

ISBN: 9780814339336

Category: Fiction

Page: 198

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In the thirty-five years since the publication of The Bloody Chamber, Angela Carter’s reimagined fairy tales have inspired an impressive body of criticism. Yet none has addressed the ways her fairy tales grapple with and seek to overcome the near impossibility of heterosexual love and desire under patriarchy. In Erotic Infidelities: Love and Enchantment in Angela Carter’s The Bloody Chamber, author Kimberly J. Lau argues that the strangeness of Carter’s fairy-tale enchantments—the moments when love or erotic desire escape the deeply familiar, habitual structures and ideologies that contain them—show the momentary, fleeting possibilities for heterosexual love and desire. Lau begins by situating her reading of The Bloody Chamber—as individual stories and as a collection—within and against the critical literature, especially that which addresses Carter’s relationship to psychoanalytic theory and issues of language and desire. In chapter 2, she illustrates Carter’s construction of gender and language as labyrinthine structures—complex cultural edifices constructed and augmented over time. She moves on to consider Carter’s "feline stories" in chapter 3—"The Courtship of Mr. Lyon," "The Tiger’s Bride," and "Puss-in-Boots"—as an initial move away from the labyrinthine structures and toward an alternate erotics. In chapter 4, she reads "The Erl-King" and "The Snow Child" as another pair of mirrored tales, while chapter 5 elaborates on the pedophilic and necrophiliac fantasies of a pornographic culture, introduced in the previous chapter with the Count’s desire for the Snow Child. In chapter 6, Lau situates Carter’s three concluding stories—the wolf trilogy—within the context of feminist psychoanalytic understandings of infidelity as that which destabilizes patriarchal hegemonies and constructs. Lau argues that Carter’s "erotic infidelities" work against our culturally determined expectations and longings and usher us into welcome new enchantments. Situated at the intersection of feminist, psychoanalytic, literary, and fairy-tale studies, readers interested in a variety of scholarly disciplines as well as scholars of Carter’s tales will enjoy Lau’s look at enduring questions of gender, sexuality, and desire.

The State of Affairs

Rethinking Infidelity


Author: Esther Perel

Publisher: HarperCollins

ISBN: 0062322605

Category: Psychology

Page: 336

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Iconic couples’ therapist and bestselling author of Mating in Captivity Esther Perel returns with a provocative look at relationships through the lens of infidelity. An affair: it can rob a couple of their relationship, their happiness, their very identity. And yet, this extremely common human experience is so poorly understood. What are we to make of this time-honored taboo—universally forbidden yet universally practiced? Why do people cheat—even those in happy marriages? Why does an affair hurt so much? When we say infidelity, what exactly do we mean? Do our romantic expectations of marriage set us up for betrayal? Is there such a thing as an affair-proof marriage? Is it possible to love more than one person at once? Can an affair ever help a marriage? Perel weaves real-life case stories with incisive psychological and cultural analysis in this fast-paced and compelling book. For the past ten years, Perel has traveled the globe and worked with hundreds of couples who have grappled with infidelity. Betrayal hurts, she writes, but it can be healed. An affair can even be the doorway to a new marriage—with the same person. With the right approach, couples can grow and learn from these tumultuous experiences, together or apart. Affairs, she argues, have a lot to teach us about modern relationships—what we expect, what we think we want, and what we feel entitled to. They offer a unique window into our personal and cultural attitudes about love, lust, and commitment. Through examining illicit love from multiple angles, Perel invites readers into an honest, enlightened, and entertaining exploration of modern marriage in its many variations. Fiercely intelligent, The State of Affairs provides a daring framework for understanding the intricacies of love and desire. As Perel observes, “Love is messy; infidelity more so. But it is also a window, like no other, into the crevices of the human heart.”

Poetic Revolutionaries

Intertextuality & Subversion


Author: Marion May Campbell

Publisher: Rodopi

ISBN: 9401210357

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 324

View: 9038

Poetic Revolutionaries is an exploration of the relationship between radical textual practice, social critique and subversion. From an introduction considering recent debates regarding the cultural politics of intertextuality allied to avant-garde practice, the study proceeds to an exploration of texts by a range of writers for whom formal and poetic experimentation is allied to a subversive politics: Jean Genet, Monique Wittig, Angela Carter, Kathy Acker, Kathleen Mary Fallon, Kim Scott and Brian Castro. Drawing on theories of avant-garde practice, intertextuality, parody, representation, and performance such as those of Mikhaïl Bakhtin, Julia Kristeva, Gérard Genette, Margaret A. Rose, Linda Hutcheon, Fredric Jameson, Ross Chambers and Judith Butler, these readings explore how a confluence of writing strategies – covering the structural, narratological, stylistic and scenographic – can work to boost a text’s subversive power.

The Penguin Book of Infidelities



Author: Stephen Brook

Publisher: Viking Press


Category: Fiction

Page: 376

View: 610

Here is a glorious assembly of infidelities, ranged under thematic headings that include Cravings, The Spouse's Shadow, Sex: Real and Imagined, Deception and After the Affair. It also offers a procession of historic affairs of the heart - an anatomy of the frailties and adulteries of the great and the good - from the battlements of Troy through the salons of Europe to today's corridors of power. Writers as diverse as Tolstoy, Hawthorne, Stendhal and Flaubert, along with John Updike, Martin Amis and Joseph Heller, are set alongside less familiar names writing about seduction, secrecy and broken promises. The reader will find scenes of tenderness and of sorrow, of bitterness and of rage, of ecstasy and of farce. The depravities of ancient Rome are compounded by the exuberant lust of the Earl of Rochester's poems. Edith Wharton asks advice of Henry James. Maria Callas falls for Onassis. Famous pairs represented range from Troilus and Cressida to Charles Stewart Parnell and Kitty O'Shea. We learn of the exploits of such famous adulterers as James Boswell, Lord Byron and Cecil Parkinson.

Unnatural Narrative

Impossible Worlds in Fiction and Drama


Author: Jan Alber

Publisher: U of Nebraska Press

ISBN: 0803278683

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 310

View: 339

A talking body part, a character that is simultaneously alive and dead, a shape-changing setting, or time travel: although impossible in the real world, such narrative elements do appear in the storyworlds of novels, short stories, and plays. Impossibilities of narrator, character, time, and space are not only common in today’s world of postmodernist literature but can also be found throughout the history of literature. Examples include the beast fable, the heroic epic, the romance, the eighteenth-century circulation novel, the Gothic novel, the ghost play, the fantasy narrative, and the science-fiction novel, among others. Unnatural Narrative looks at the startling and persistent presence of the impossible or “the unnatural” throughout British and American literary history. Layering the lenses of cognitive narratology, frame theory, and possible-worlds theory, Unnatural Narrative offers a rigorous and engaging new characterization of the unnatural and what it yields for individual readers as well as literary culture. Jan Alber demonstrates compelling interpretations of the unnatural in literature and shows the ways in which such unnatural phenomena become conventional in readers’ minds, altogether expanding our sense of the imaginable and informing new structures and genres of narrative engagement.

Machaut and the Medieval Apprenticeship Tradition

Truth, Fiction and Poetic Craft


Author: Douglas Kelly

Publisher: Boydell & Brewer Ltd

ISBN: 1843843722

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 356

View: 7335

Guillaume de Machaut was celebrated in the later Middle Ages as a supreme poet and composer, and accordingly, his poetry was recommended as a model for aspiring poets. In his 'Voir dit, toute belle', a young, aspiring poet, convinces the Machaut figure to mentor her. This volume examines 'Toute belle' as she masters Machaut's dual arts of poetry and love, focusing on her successful apprenticeship in these arts; it also provides a thorough review of Machaut's art of love and art of poetry in his dits and lyricsm, and the previous scholarship on these topics. It goes on to treat Machaut's legacy among poets who, like 'Toute belle', adapted his poetic craft in new and original ways. A concluding analysis of melodie identifies the synaesthetic pleasure that late medieval poets, including Machaut, offer their readers.

Fairy Tale and Film

Old Tales with a New Spin


Author: S. Short

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 1137020172

Category: History

Page: 218

View: 1693

Sue Short examines how fairy tale tropes have been reworked in contemporary film, identifying familiar themes in a range of genres – including rom coms, crime films and horror – and noting key similarities and differences between the source narratives and their offspring.

Narratology beyond the Human

Storytelling and Animal Life


Author: David Herman

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 0190850418

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 280

View: 7687

To what extent, and in what manner, do storytelling practices accommodate nonhuman subjects and their modalities of experience, and how can contemporary narrative study shed light on interspecies interactions and entanglements? In Narratology beyond the Human, David Herman addresses these questions through a cross-disciplinary approach to post-Darwinian narratives concerned with animals and human-animal relationships. Herman considers the enabling and constraining effects of different narrative media, examining a range of fictional and nonfictional texts disseminated in print, comics and graphic novels, and film. In focusing on techniques such as the use of animal narrators, alternation between human and nonhuman perspectives, the embedding of stories within stories, and others, the book explores how specific strategies for portraying nonhuman agents both emerge from and contribute to broader attitudes toward animal life. Herman argues that existing frameworks for narrative inquiry must be modified to take into account how stories are interwoven with cultural ontologies, or understandings of what sorts of beings populate the world and how they relate to humans. Showing how questions of narrative bear on ideas of species difference and assumptions about animal minds, Narratology beyond the Human underscores our inextricable interconnectedness with other forms of creatural life and suggests that stories can be used to resituate imaginaries of human action in a more-than-human world.



Author: Angela Carter

Publisher: Random House

ISBN: 1448104424

Category: Fiction

Page: 128

View: 2557

WITH AN INTRODUCTION BY AUDREY NIFFENEGGER Love is Angela Carter's fifth novel and was first published in 1971. With surgical precision it charts the destructive emotional war between a young woman, her husband and his disruptive brother as they move through a labyrinth of betrayal, alienation and lost connections. This revised edition has lost none of Angela Carter's haunting power to evoke the ebb of the 1960s, and includes an afterword which describes the progress of the survivors into the anguish of middle age.

Grimm Legacies

The Magic Spell of the Grimms' Folk and Fairy Tales


Author: Jack Zipes

Publisher: Princeton University Press

ISBN: 1400852587

Category: Literary Criticism

Page: 288

View: 3747

In Grimm Legacies, esteemed literary scholar Jack Zipes explores the legacy of the Brothers Grimm in Europe and North America, from the nineteenth century to the present. Zipes reveals how the Grimms came to play a pivotal and unusual role in the evolution of Western folklore and in the history of the most significant cultural genre in the world—the fairy tale. Folklorists Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm sought to discover and preserve a rich abundance of stories emanating from an oral tradition, and encouraged friends, colleagues, and strangers to gather and share these tales. As a result, hundreds of thousands of wonderful folk and fairy tales poured into books throughout Europe and have kept coming. Zipes looks at the transformation of the Grimms' tales into children's literature, the Americanization of the tales, the "Grimm" aspects of contemporary tales, and the tales' utopian impulses. He shows that the Grimms were not the first scholars to turn their attention to folk tales, but were vital in expanding readership and setting the high standards for folk-tale collecting that continue through the current era. Zipes concludes with a look at contemporary adaptations of the tales and raises questions about authenticity, target audience, and consumerism. With erudition and verve, Grimm Legacies examines the lasting universal influence of two brothers and their collected tales on today's storytelling world.

Spanish Agent

An Erotic Spy Thriller


Author: Ernest Pick

Publisher: CreateSpace

ISBN: 9781492287360

Category: Fiction

Page: 302

View: 4962

Holly and Talin meet in a small town in Ohio where they fall in love. The path to marriage, however, is arduous, and littered with several infidelities. Holly works as a real estate agent in town while Talin, unbeknownst to her, is recruited by the CIA. Holly believes that Talin is operating an import-export firm based in Cleveland, Ohio. In fact, he is sent by the CIA to recover a microchip in the south of France which he does successfully. His second significant duty for the firm, however, fails. He is supposed to take custody of a young woman and place her in the hands of the CIA. Instead, she dives into a lake in an effort to escape with Talin in hot pursuit. In the ensuing struggle, The girl, Miriam, drowns. Throughout the novel, Talin travels to and from Salamanca. Spain where it is believed that a plot is about to hatch. Terrorists in an Islamic Center are preparing to explode bombs, some believe in front of the American Embassy in Madrid. Paco, who has been working with Talin, becomes enraged when he is not offered more money for his services, and attempts to join the other side. Instead, Waleed, one of the terrorists, murders him. In revenge, Talin garrots Waleed. An attempt on Talin's life is made in his hotel, but he manages to escape. In the interim, his wife, Holly, has had an affair with one of her clients which she breaks off when the client becomes serious with her. Talin uncovers this breech, but after taking it out on the client and fighting with Holly, he remains in the marriage when she pleads with him to stay. Talin, himself, has found a Scottish woman named Alice Prore appealing, but she wants nothing to do with a married man. Further, she believes that Talin has yet to suffer enough as a man to be worthy of more than her friendship. Holly resorts to another affair, this time with her gynecologist, the affair uncovered by the doctor's wife and relayed to Talin, . This time he decides to divorce Holly. Talin returns to Salamanca where the plot is now taking shape. Aitor, a Spaniard and one time believer, is put off by the terrorists' need to kill thousands of innocents. To buy his loyalty, the terrorists kidnap his daughter and lock her up in the basement of the Center. Aitor decides after much thought to inform on the terrorists. He tells Talin about their plans to explode bombs in front of the American Embassy in Madrid, but this plan turns out to be a decoy, and he accompanies the terrorists as they leave Spain to explode their bombs elsewhere. Thanks to Aitor, the bombs are harmlessly destroyed, the terrorists killed or captured, and Talin is able to free Aitor's daughter from the Islamic Center. Subsequently, he flies to Scotland to spend time with Alice Prore who now believes that Talin would be a suitable companion for her. They leave for her apartment arm in arm.

Aristaenetus, Erotic Letters


Author: N.A

Publisher: Society of Biblical Lit

ISBN: 1589837428

Category: Religion

Page: 184

View: 7800

The first complete English translation of Aristaenetus in nearly three centuries Through allusion and adaption of earlier authors, Aristaenetus recounts tales that are the stuff of comedy, erotic poetry, and ancient novel. Here we read of lovers who use every trope of erotic literature to praise their beloveds in over-the-top speeches. Aristaenetus amazes us with tales of paramours hatching complicated schemes to achieve their desires, while wily go-betweens help smooth their way. He presents us with accounts of unfaithful spouses who barely avoid capture in the midst of hair-raising and amusing infidelities. This sixth century collection is perfect for anyone interested in classical and postclassical literature. Features: English translation and Greek text on facing pages Introduction with history of the text Discussion of intertextual connections with Greco-Roman authors

The Dangerous Passion

Why Jealousy Is as Necessary as Love and Sex


Author: David M. Buss

Publisher: Simon and Schuster

ISBN: 0684867869

Category: Psychology

Page: 272

View: 7378

Why do men and women cheat on each other? How do men really feel when their partners have sex with other men? What worries women more -- men who turn to other women for love or men who simply want sexual variety in their lives? Can the jealousy husbands and wives experience over real or imagined infidelities be cured? Should it be? In this surprising and engaging exploration of men's and women's darker passions, David Buss, acclaimed author of The Evolution of Desire, reveals that both men and women are actually designed for jealousy. Drawing on experiments, surveys, and interviews conducted in thirty-seven countries on six continents, as well as insights from recent discoveries in biology, anthropology, and psychology, Buss discovers that the evolutionary origins of our sexual desires still shape our passions today. According to Buss, more men than women want to have sex with multiple partners. Furthermore, women who cheat on their husbands do so when they are most likely to conceive, but have sex with their spouses when they are least likely to conceive. These findings show that evolutionary tendencies to acquire better genes through different partners still lurk beneath modern sexual behavior. To counteract these desires to stray -- and to strengthen the bonds between partners -- jealousy evolved as an early detection system of infidelity in the ancient and mysterious ritual of mating. Buss takes us on a fascinating journey through many cultures, from pre-historic to the present, to show the profound evolutionary effect jealousy has had on all of us. Only with a healthy balance of jealousy and trust can we be certain of a mate's commitment, devotion, and true love.

Carnal Passions

10 Erotic Short Stories


Author: Kenna Divens

Publisher: Xplicit Press

ISBN: 9781623275532


Page: 142

View: 589

Carnal Passions is the first short story collection from erotica author Kenna Divens. This collection features ten stimulating tales of paranormal encounters, womens erotica, menage meetings, and couple's erotica. Featuring six M/F pairings, two tales of multiple partners, one lesbian story and one gay story, there is plenty of variety for every reader. A Reawakening Cassie is a rigid woman with strong principles, but is married to a man by the name of Kirk who would rather chase loose women around town than sexually please his wife. With a mindset to stop Kirk from his infidelities, Cassie forces him to move to a small town. The Lemonade Steve met his wife Maggie at a party; she was one of the most beautiful women he had ever laid eyes on. Steve knew that he had to make Maggie his. The only problem was that Maggie was a modern day woman who would be hard to train into a submissive house wife, but with some trial and error Steve was able to do just that. The Top Shop At Top Shop, the clothes are the finest in all the land, hand sewn by the finest young tailors. Top Shop however has its secrets: whatever happens at Top Shop stays at Top Shop. Every young man who works there knows his job comes with a price. Lauren And Hardy To the outside world, Lauren and Jacob are an ill-matched pair - she is the fattest girl in town and he is the skinniest guy. No one in town understands the attraction between them. But to Jacob, she is a sex siren, a vixen, and he loves every curve of her very voluptuous body. And Lauren loves the man who makes her feel sexy and beautiful and who so enjoys exploring her body. My Foolish Accountant Ethan is a foolish although extremely sexy accountant. Camilla is Ethan's big-breasted boss that all the men in the company could only dream of. The company's board of directors decide that Ethan is useless, a loss for the company that is costing them too much in expenses. They want him fired, but Camilla has other plans for Ethan's future. Welcome To Hotel Octopus What kind of hotel is called Hotel Octopus anyways? Something is different about this hotel. The walls in every single room are covered in nude, sexually explicit paintings. The menu only has aphrodisiac foods and spirits. And the couple is surprised with a gift package in their room containing condoms, lubes, and other naughty novelties. Naked Fridays Everybody likes Collette and loves what she has been doing for the company, but when she suggests having Naked Fridays as a part of a team-building exercise, her ideas begin to start sounding a little too far out. Vanished In Thin Air Jane was a bright young woman, always excelling at everything she did. But one fine day, she wakes up to a totally different world. Her parents are gone, and she is no longer living in Chicago, and there's no such school as Lincoln Park. Instead, she is in a strange house with a strange man who insists he is Jane's husband. On Cloud Nine How did Leah land on the clouds, not metaphorically, but literally? Who is the lovely man in golden armor and why was he so bent upon giving pleasure to Leah? She is informed that she was selected out of all the women because she is the prettiest, to be the new princess of the land. The Carnal Chess Ivan and Frederick are two world-class chess masters who have competed publicly many times, but this is their first time competing in private. The rules of the game are such: Either King can do whatever they desire with the other players losing pieces. With so much on the line, they might as well immerse themselves with a little deviant pleasure.

The Other Woman


Author: Eric Jerome Dickey

Publisher: Penguin

ISBN: 1101142413

Category: Fiction

Page: 336

View: 2218

Eric Jerome Dickey strides boldly over the minefield that is modern marriage. The central couple's biggest challenge is timing: He works days; she works nights. Instead of growing together, they're rapidly drifting apart, coexisting on stolen phone calls from work, punctuated by occasional bedroom encounters that leave them both feeling even emptier and more alone. When she finds out about his affair-and starts her own-the delicate fabric of their marriage is torn irrevocably asunder. Or is it? In Dickey's expert hands, what begins as a seemingly unforgivable betrayal segues into the sexy and searing story of a man and a woman at a pivotal turning point in their relationship. Only time will tell whether they'll let it all go...or can hold on to the love that drew them together in the first place.

Mating in Captivity

Unlocking Erotic Intelligence


Author: Esther Perel

Publisher: Harper Collins

ISBN: 0060753641

Category: Psychology

Page: 272

View: 8458

One of the world’s most respected voices on erotic intelligence, Esther Perel offers a bold, provocative new take on intimacy and sex. Mating in Captivity invites us to explore the paradoxical union of domesticity and sexual desire, and explains what it takes to bring lust home. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience as a couples therapist, Perel examines the complexities of sustaining desire. Through case studies and lively discussion, Perel demonstrates how more exciting, playful, and even poetic sex is possible in long-term relationships. Wise, witty, and as revelatory as it is straightforward, Mating in Captivity is a sensational book that will transform the way you live and love.

Odysseus and Penelope

an ordinary marriage


Author: Inge Merkel,Renate Latimer

Publisher: Ariadne Pr


Category: Fiction

Page: 392

View: 4141


Why Men and Women Cheat


Author: Kenneth Paul Rosenberg

Publisher: Da Capo Lifelong Books

ISBN: 073822023X

Category: Family & Relationships

Page: 288

View: 6356

What the latest science tells us about the brain's reward systems, love, and sex--and how to prevent an affair from destroying your life How can I prevent an affair from destroying my life? Whether I am the cheater or the betrayed partner, how can I survive, even thrive, in the wake of an affair? Infidelity provides key insights to find your true sexual and romantic potential and advocates honesty, trust, and integrity--the fundamentals of love. People often cheat in a haze of delusion, believing that it will bring them real love, help them have better sex, lift their spirits, and boost their sagging self-esteem; however, very often, cheating wrecks relationships and erodes self-esteem. In Infidelity, one of America's top doctors combines neuroscience, addiction theory, and common sense to explain the three types of cheating: emotional, virtual, and physical; why they're so prevalent; and how to live in accordance with our values when we are drawn to stray. Examining what the latest science tells us about the brain's reward systems, love, and sex, Dr. Kenneth Paul Rosenberg reveals what drives men and women to cheat and what they can do about it. At a time when America's pornography obsession rises to the level of a competing sexual interest, when is porn a problem, and when does it count as infidelity? And since it is not the act of infidelity alone that destroys a couple, how does any couple prevent growing apart? Through concrete rules addressing these and other vital questions, Dr. Rosenberg guides couples on how to prevent cheating, stop it from progressing, and repair the damage caused by an affair.

New Age Capitalism

Making Money East of Eden


Author: Kimberly J. Lau

Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press

ISBN: 1512820016

Category: Social Science

Page: 192

View: 5506

The pursuit of health and wellness has become a fundamental and familiar part of everyday life in America. We are surrounded by an enticing world of products, practices, and promotions assuring health and happiness—cereal boxes claim that their contents can reduce the risk of heart disease, bars of aromatherapy soap seek to wash away our stresses, newspapers celebrate the wonders of the latest superfoods and herbal remedies. No longer confined to the domain of Western medicine, suggestions for healthy living often turn to alternatives originating in distant times and places, in cultures very different from our own. Diets from ancient or remote groups are presented as cures for everything from colds to cancer; exercise regimens based on Eastern philosophies are heralded as paths to physical health and spiritual wellbeing. In New Age Capitalism, Kimberly Lau examines the ideological work that has created this billion-dollar business and allowed "Eastern" and other non-Western traditions to be coopted by Western capitalism. Extending the orientalist logic to the business of health and wellness, American companies have created a lucrative and competitive market for their products, encouraging consumers to believe that they are making the right choices for personal as well as planetary health. In reality, alternative health practices have been commodified for an American public longing not only for health and wellness but also for authenticity, tradition, and a connection to the cultures of an imagined Edenic past. Although consumers might prefer to buy into "authentic" non-Western therapies, New Age Capitalism argues that the market economy makes this goal unattainable.



Author: Elise Paschen

Publisher: Story Line Pr


Category: Poetry

Page: 76

View: 7147