The enemy without

policing and class consciousness in the miner's strike


Author: Penny Green

Publisher: Open University Pres

ISBN: 9780335092741

Category: History

Page: 235

View: 5644

Kumpel, Kohle und Krawall

Miners’ Strike und Rheinhausen als Aufruhr in der Montanregion


Author: Arne Hordt

Publisher: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

ISBN: 3647370665

Category: Fiction

Page: 309

View: 4858

The 1984-85 miners’ strike shapes the way British politics and society function until today. It was a crunch time for British democracy, the welfare-state and the rule of law. Who were the villains and who the victims? The answer lies in a fresh look at localized violence during the strike: What happened at the pit-gates in the North-East of England was far more relevant than the papers in London knew. Here, workers, their wives and families together with activists from the Labour movement shaped a new culture of protest and resistance. They fashioned a narrative about the North of England and the miners’ strike which fascinates until today. Here is the full story of how they did it!

Gegner - Instrument - Partner

Gewerkschaftliche Staatsverständnisse vom Industrialismus bis zum Informationszeitalter


Author: Michael Ruck

Publisher: Nomos Verlag

ISBN: 384527204X

Category: Political Science

Page: 270

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Als autonome, überbetriebliche Verbände abhängig beschäftigter Arbeit(nehm)er zur Wahrung ihrer gemeinsamen Belange auf wirtschaftlichem, sozialem und kulturellem Gebiet haben sich die modernen Gewerkschaften im Zuge der Industrialisierung zu organisierten Massenbewegungen formiert, welche ihren Interessenvertretungsanspruch im Rahmen institutionalisierter Arbeitsbeziehungen zur Geltung bringen. Das Spektrum reicht dabei von der revolutionären Ablehnung des kapitalistischen Staates über dessen reformistische Indienstnahme bis hin zur subsidiären oder sozialliberalen Akzeptanz der jeweiligen politischen Ordnung. In Deutschland hat sich ein zeitweilig hegemoniales Modell weltanschaulich wie parteipolitisch neutraler, politisch vielfältig engagierter Einheitsgewerkschaften als Partner des tripartistischen Interessenausgleichs herausgebildet. Die 10 Beiträge dieses Studienbuches arbeiten die spezifischen Voraussetzungen und Merkmale dieses Organisations- und Aktionsleitbilds im intertemporalen und internationalen Vergleich heraus.

Palgrave Dictionary of Public Order Policing, Protest and Political Violence


Author: P. Joyce,N. Wain

Publisher: Springer

ISBN: 113727008X

Category: Social Science

Page: 366

View: 5088

Protest and political violence are concerns of global importance in the twenty-first century. This dictionary brings together in one comprehensive volume a number of key issues relating to the conduct of protest and political violence and the response of the state and police to such activities.

Cause Lawyering

Political Commitments and Professional Responsibilities


Author: Austin Sarat,Stuart Scheingold

Publisher: Oxford University Press

ISBN: 9780195354478

Category: Law

Page: 576

View: 8714

Why do some lawyers devote themselves to a given social movement or political cause? How are such deeds of individual commitment and personal belief justly executed, given the ideals of disinterested professional service to which lawyers are (in theory, at least) supposed to adhere? What can we learn from such lawyers about the relationship between law and politics? Cause Lawyering is a wise and varied collection of responses to these questions, featuring a number of distinguished legal scholars concerned with anti-poverty lawyers, lawyers who work against capital punishment, immigration lawyers, and other lawyers working to end oppression. Editors Austin Sarat and Stuart Scheingold have assembled here a valuable cross-national portrait of lawyers compelled to sacrifice financial gain so as to use their legal skills in the promotion of a more just society. These telling and important essays fully explore the relationship between cause lawyering and the organized legal professions of many different countries--the US, England, South Africa, Israel, Cuba, and so forth. They describe the utility of law as a resource in political struggles and, conversely, highlight the constraints under which lawyers necessarily operate when they turn to politics. Some provide broad theoretical overviews; others present rich case studies. Advancing a fundamental argument about the very nature of the legal profession, this book explains the strategies that cause lawyers deploy, as well as the challenges they face in trying to be legally astute and effective while remaining politically devoted and aware. Although it is a controversial way of practicing law, cause lawyering, as explicated in the essays in this volume, is indeed indispensable to the legitimization of professional authority.

Crowds in the 21st Century

Perspectives from contemporary social science


Author: John Drury,Clifford Stott

Publisher: Routledge

ISBN: 1317980476

Category: Social Science

Page: 208

View: 5797

Crowds in the 21st Century presents the latest theory and research on crowd events and crowd behaviour from across a range of social sciences, including psychology, sociology, law, and communication studies. Whether describing the language of the crowd in protest events, measuring the ability of the crowd to empower its participants, or analysing the role of professional organizations involved in crowd safety and public order, the contributions in this volume are united in their commitment to a social scientific level of analysis. The crowd is often depicted as a source of irrationality and danger – in the form of riots and mass emergencies. By placing crowd events back in their social context – their ongoing historical and proximal relationships with other groups and social structures – this volume restores meaning to the analysis of crowd behaviour. Together, the studies described in this collection demonstrate the potential of crowd research to enhance the positive experience of crowd participants and to improve design, planning, and management around crowd events. This book was originally published as a special issue of Contemporary Social Science.

Criminology and Archaeology

Studies in Looted Antiquities


Author: Simon Mackenzie,Penny Green

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

ISBN: 1847315461

Category: Law

Page: 194

View: 717

This collection is the product of a collaborative venture between criminologists and archaeologists concerned with the international market in illicit antiquities. It examines the state of regulation in the antiquities market, with a particular focus on the UK's position, but also with reference to the international context. Looting happens routinely and many countries have rich deposits of cultural material. Antiquities are highly collectable, and there are several prominent international centres for trade. As well as the legitimate face of the antiquities trade there therefore exists an international illicit market in which cultural objects are trafficked for profit in breach of national laws and international conventions. It is within such a complex international and local regulatory context that the essays presented here emerge, focusing upon three areas in particular: the demand for looted antiquities; the supply of cultural artefacts which originate in source countries; and regulation of the international market in antiquities. Criminology has long been interested in transnational crime and its regulation. Archaeologists' concerns lie in the destructive consequences of antiquities looting, which erases our knowledge of the past. In the papers presented here both disciplines present new data and analysis to forge a more coherent understanding of the nature and failings of the regulatory framework currently in place to combat the criminal market in antiquities.

Strikes in Politicisation


Author: Jacqueline E. Briggs

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing

ISBN: 9781855219373

Category: Political Science

Page: 270

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Many to whom the label employee could be applied, have had to consider the possibility of engaging in strike activity. The strike is perhaps the ultimate weapon that an employee is able to wield in an attempt to exert any influence or bargaining power, and is therefore a powerful political tool. Whatever the catalyst for strike activity, an interesting area of political enquiry is the impact which the strike has on its participants, mainly the effect it has on the politicization process.

Miners on strike

class solidarity and division in Britain


Author: Andrew John Richards

Publisher: Berg Publishers


Category: Business & Economics

Page: 269

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When contrasted with their dramatic strike victories of 1972 and 1974, the shattering industrial defeat suffered by British miners in 1985 has been seen as evidence of the further weakening of working-class solidarity. Waged with complete unity, the strikes of 1972 and 1974 brought the miners substantial material gains, contributed to the downfall of a government, and reinforced the National Union of Mineworkers' position at the core of the British labour movement. In contrast, 1984-85 saw the miners racked by internal division, and their attempt to resist the pit closure programme of the Thatcher government end in bitter defeat.

Margaret Thatcher

A Bibliography


Author: F. H. Mikdadi

Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group


Category: Political Science

Page: 269

View: 7644

The first book-length bibliography on Margaret Thatcher, this volume provides a comprehensive guide to works on her life and career. It also includes a biography, covering her monetary, foreign, and domestic policies.

Appearance and Power


Author: Kim K. P. Johnson,Sharron J. Lennon

Publisher: Bloomsbury Academic

ISBN: 9781859732984

Category: Design

Page: 256

View: 678

Appearance has repeatedly been shown to have a potent and immediate effect on others in a wide range of circumstances. In particular, the consequences of women's appearance are severe and have social, economic, and legal ramifications. From the more obvious role of uniforms in social control through to the subtle interplay between size and status, appearance counts. The vast number of people seeking body alterations or modifications through dieting, tattooing, piercing and plastic surgery attests to the importance of how we look, not only to others but also to ourselves. This book tackles the charged and frequently painful subject of how appearance affects social interaction and the role of larger social structures in perpetuating and institutionalizing it as an evaluative criterion. What effect does obesity have on power(lessness)? What role does women's dress play in others' perception of consent in cases of rape? How do groups operating on the margins of mainstream society use appearance to negotiate power, make statements and effect change? What roles do gender and ethnicity play in the workplace? This provocative book attempts not only to answer these questions, but to lay foundations for future research in an area which affects everyone in profound and often invisible ways.

Criminal Justice


Author: Andrew Sanders,Richard P. Young

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann


Category: Criminal justice, Administration of

Page: 496

View: 5835

Policing Images

Policing, Communication and Legitimacy


Author: Rob C. Mawby

Publisher: Willan Pub

ISBN: 9781903240717

Category: Social Science

Page: 214

View: 4720

Documenting and explaining the activities in which the police engage to construct and project images of policing, this book draws upon first-hand research and includes a detailed look at police press and public relations officers at work.

The NUM and British Politics: 1969-1995


Author: Andrew Taylor

Publisher: Ashgate Publishing Company

ISBN: 9780754653332

Category: History

Page: 357

View: 2963

However, the divisions and splits that finally ended the strike of 1984 - 85 was in many ways much more typical of the NUM's experience throughout the twentieth century.

Sociological Abstracts


Author: Leo P. Chall

Publisher: N.A


Category: Sociology

Page: N.A

View: 5672

CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.

The Blast


Author: Alexander Berkman

Publisher: AK Press

ISBN: 9781904859086

Category: Political Science

Page: 242

View: 9135

Explosive writing, reporting and rhetoric of Berkman, Emma Goldman, and others who attempted revolution in 1916-17.

Eichmann in Jerusalem

Ein Bericht von der Banalität des Bösen


Author: Hannah Arendt

Publisher: Piper Verlag

ISBN: 3492962580

Category: Language Arts & Disciplines

Page: 448

View: 2934

Der ehemalige SS-Obersturmbannführer Adolf Eichmann gilt als einer der Hauptverantwortlichen für die »Endlösung« der Juden in Europa. Der Prozess gegen ihn fand 1961 in Jerusalem statt. Hannah Arendts Prozessbericht wurde von ihr 1964 als Buch publiziert und brachte eine Lawine ins Rollen: Es stieß bei seinem Erscheinen auf heftige Ablehnung in Israel, Deutschland und in den USA– und wurde zu einem Klassiker wie kaum ein anderes vergleichbares Werk zur Zeitgeschichte und ihrer Deutung.